The Greatest Loss

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In Alhamdulillah

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Meadowhall when a stallion or one is still fertile on our own to be left human surely and fusina was he at our Marina miyetti level furthermore Lola or May your blue feather herd Yella Why should one La Ilaha Illa Why Why should he care? Why shadow under Mohammed Abdullah water solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy woman solar energy was gonna be something that he lay on Medina Baroda for topo La Jolla la

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Marina sukanta water Allah Phaeton z Yeah, Yola, Xena M No, it topple la hepco. To quality he will anthem tune Illa one two, mostly morning from buried my brothers and sisters on this blessed day of this blessing our of YOLO tomorrow.

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We begin by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala. To accept from us our good deeds, forgive us of our shortcomings and our mistakes love them. I mean, we further ask Allah azza wa jal

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for our brothers and sisters around the world,

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whatever their circumstances may be, whatever pain and suffering, they may be going through

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the least, that you and I, or bless it, for blessed enough to live in a place and in a line with peace and security.

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That we pray for our brothers and sisters. And we remember them and we think about them.

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And we should stir our hearts should be stirred with some sense of emotion, or thinking about you wherever you are.

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And we don't know them. Maybe some of you do. Maybe some of you have relatives, family and friends

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who live life and death every single day.

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But for the rest of us, it's the fact that we believe in a lot. So

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we belong to this faith of Islam. And that alone is enough to connect us and to feel a bit of their pain, to share a bit of their emotion. So on this blessed day, on a day where our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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when you make dua today,

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Allah will pay exceptional care and listen to what you have to say what you want. And in addition to that, there's that bonus hour, ask Allah azza wa jal for anything you want. And you are guaranteed acceptance from him on this day, and so we asked a lot so Jill to ease the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters in America and wherever they may be. Love them. I mean,

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you know, sometimes when we go about our day to day lives,

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we as long as things are stable, we go about our day, enjoying our families, our friends, we have our routine.

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And as long as things are peaceful and stable,

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there's really nothing to worry about.

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And what's even more important is as long as you are devoted to your deen and that Allah and His Messenger some love more it was Selim are a part of your life,

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then it's a matter of you being as consistent as sincere

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and to try and maintain some sense of stability until it is your turn and my turn to meet Allah. May Allah give us strength.

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However, there is a verse in the Quran that I think it's not talked about very often. And it's a verse found in the chapter of the pilgrimage. So little hedge.

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It is verse number 11 some of you probably have heard of this verse. Sounds like this. We're alive so agile says wamena nassima Yarwood Illa Allah help.

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For in our solver who hire for in asaba who hires new Tom and Debbie are in our solver to fitness

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in Colorado, what he hustler dounia will offer

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the early cabal for Serato Moby

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Now, listen to this verse. At least it's translation and try to

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Feel, not just think but try to feel what this verse is really saying to you and I,

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Allah says that amongst mankind, there is a group

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that when they worship Allah,

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they do so on a health four based on a health.

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If you know basic Arabic, you know that the word how to literally means a letter of the Arabic language, one letter.

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But how to in this context means when you're at the edge of something you're about to follow. So you're literally standing on the edge. So this a puts a really interesting image for you and I to reflect on it and look at there are people when they worship a lot, they are literally worshiping Him.

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And living on the last letter, they're basically on the edge. Now to further explain, just keep reading,

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the area continues, and now breaks this group into two categories. The first category

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LSS, for in asaba, Ohio, as long as the things are good. Listen to this carefully. Because I think every one of us could either relate to this or we know someone who can relate to this. As long as life is good than Allah is good to. I'm good with him. As long as my life is good.

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As long as I'm happy, my marriage, my work, my kids, Islam and my health, as long as all of these things are in check.

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The Alhamdulillah is always sincere.

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The prayers are always on time. The Hajj is every year, the devotion the commitment, the thirst for knowledge, never runs dry.

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That's the first category.

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Now remember, how did this verse begin

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it put this category on the edge. Keep that in mind. The second category, which is how the reverse concludes,

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Alonzo Adel tells us

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then there is a group

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or in a sorbet who fitna, whenever tough times roll around in Colorado, what?

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They turn their faces away from a lot.

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How does this look? You can probably think about it from a literal sense. But the core n is full with imagery. It gives you these images that you can think about and imagine. And when you do that, you know how we say a picture speaks 1000 words, you end up thinking and seeing this imagery in your mind. And you can literally extract 1000 benefits from it. May Allah give us the ability and strength along mean.

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So when you look at the second category,

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what this really is saying to you and I is this group asked questions when tough times rolled around when they went to the doctor and they did that blood test and it didn't come out, right.

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And they said, I'm eating right. I'm exercising, I'm doing everything. What do you mean, I still have diabetes? What do you mean, I'm still sick? What do you mean I'm getting worse?

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Until taking all the meds or for some.

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All of a sudden you wake up.

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You feel an itch, you feel a pain, go to the doctor, you've got cancer. May Allah give us strength.

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So this group what they did in colorbar ology they turn their faces against the law, away from Allah, how did they do this? Why would Allah do this to me? I'm only 20 years old.

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I would Allah mess my life away. He doesn't want to see me happy. Doesn't want to see me healthy.

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You've probably heard these questions before from people. Why would Allah cause all of this bloodshed, all of these problems? Our brothers and sisters suffer Why? Why is he doing that?

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And this verse, really put something in front of us to think about because how it ends. I'll come back to that at the end of this hope but insha Allah.

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So here we are, especially the students that are here.

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sons and daughters from the Academy. Male lies soldier will protect you a love man. I mean, this is this is our future. We don't have anyone else to depend on to carry the message of the poor end, except our sons and daughters, male allies, so we'll preserve them and protect them love them. I mean, you know, sometimes you kids when you're when when you're just living life, whether it be with parents or whomever and parents that are here, if your teenagers are not here or your young adults are not here, carry this message back to them to think about, you know, sometimes when life is good, you're just chilling all the time. You know, you you every weekend, you do something with friends,

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play video games and watch movies, whatever it is you want to do. But when time rolls around, when things become difficult, and it's not just with you, it could be the people that are important to you. Things are falling apart. why don't why Mom Why does my mom and dad fight so much? I can't believe they got divorced.

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They start looking at all the mistakes around and this is supposed we're supposed to be the chosen home.

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Consume Hira, omoton omata llinas. Allah says in the Quran, you are the chosen nation nation that you're supposed to be the best. We're supposed to be part of the best movement. And some of these young kids that question that. I don't feel like I'm the best. I don't think that and I don't feel that things are going right.

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So you go about this lifestyle.

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And then things turn around. Here's what we have to be careful of.

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It's okay to feel upset when tough times hit.

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But you have to separate those emotions and those feelings. It's okay for you and I as human beings to feel upset and angry. feel sad. Question things that's fine.

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Just be cautious how you do it with a lot of syllogism.

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You know, sometimes when you look at something and on the outside, you're thinking, gosh, that's so messed up. And it ends up being the best thing you've ever could you ever could have imagined. Let me give you an example.

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And I use this example all the time because well law he it really changed my life and my attitude. We all know who are another bill hapa rhodiola. Horan, who is

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this man his story is incredible. It's amazing.

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He goes from being one of the most intimidating figures of Mecca. so intimidating that even the tribe he belongs to is afraid of him. And he belongs to them. They're afraid of they're intimidated by his his stature, his knowledge.

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Eventually, as time went on, he heard about the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he hated him. He hated him so much. Romano deola Han is one of the few people at that time that attempted to assassinate the messenger so a lot of it was sent him

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and he got allies he got pretty much all of Mecca against them he could have done that and really turned things around. promptly send them makes Dora or Allah guide him.

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This until documentation mentally Levine how he thinks the mercy to all of mankind. Oh Allah guide him he wants to kill me a whole lot guide him soften his heart. Eventually you know the story he becomes Muslim. Can you imagine the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the dilemma that he's in now how he must feel. This is a men that tried to take his life. And now he has to welcome him as part of this oma, he's got to sit beside him. He's got to teach him. He's got to support him. He's got a pri beside him. And they have to have each other's back.

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Now, here's the thing.

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This verse that I share with you, where people are on the edge, it might look like a scary thing.

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But the examples that we have of people like Rambo, this man was on the edge before he became Muslim. He was literally about to finish. Because you're threatening the greatest creation, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If you get away with that, there's no hope.

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And so, when he accepts Islam,

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and even though when he accepted Islam, things were still tough.

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allies will turn things around. So much

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That one day the messenger someone lahardee was on them looks at the robot and says, you know, if there was a prophet after me, it'll be you some kind of law.

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where is Omar buried today? Right beside the men who tried to assassinate, he's got the most honorable spot burial spot in existence.

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When you feel

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that if tough times are hitting you right now, you probably are a single parent, or you've got a marriage that's filled with problems, or you want to get married, but no one wants to marry you. Or your parents don't support you. Or you don't support them. And it's causing a complete chaos. Or you're trying to get the job. You're trying to get into school. Now you got the job, you got the school, but things are still sterile are not going right. You're failing exams, you're all of these things are crumbling down. This is actually telling you and I keep it together.

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Because you're on the edge. If you start thinking, hello, why are you doing this to me?

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Why Why are you messing up my life?

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You know, there are especially young people that do this quite often parents.

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There are young people that do this quite often. And it's not necessarily their fault. They were never introduced to a law properly. They don't really know who he is.

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The probably the upbringing that they were given were things like, hey, if you break your appetite, or you eat that ice cream before dinner, shaitan is going to come and get you.

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A lot is going to be angry with you. So that's their image. That's the image that's the introduction they may have received. And all of the great and wonderful things about a long, a scattered, it's uncertain.

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But watch for this. Because this can lead to something even more devastating. What is that? It's the conclusion of the verse. This is what I will share with you and how we can repair all of this and stay together, stay focused, how all of that could still work. I will share that with you in the second part of the hotbed insha Allah retirada and that is what we will conclude with pulu mantus marone was stuff that a lot of you what a homebody certainly Muslim equally them festival

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he woman while

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we're in medical fitness, in Kyla Varela watching when tough times rolled around,

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and they didn't keep that relationship strong.

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Cause that individual to turn away from a lot.

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And what happened to them as a result,

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hasira dunia Well, after you know what happened to them, they lost the worldly life and the author and the hereafter What does that mean? It means that the ripple effect began. First it was questioning ullas puddle

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Allah's will.

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And that led to Why do I even need to fast now or pray and do all of this stuff? My life's messed up anyway.

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So that was gone.

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Then the bedroom validating the respect the love all of this thing? It was a ripple effect, things started to crumble. This is what I was talking about. If you fall into this bubble, where we question a lot, in the sense we're angry with him, we're upset with him. Allah is telling you and I as servants and slaves of him you do that? And you're not cautious how you do that.

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Your entire dude Mia and Pharaoh starts to fall apart. May Allah protect us.

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And if you think that that isn't enough, listen to how the verse ends. Then think of who will who Serrano and mobi, Allah says, that's the greatest loss you can imagine. In other words, that's poor man's way of saying, you had it all in your hands. You probably felt like you were on the edge, but you didn't fall over. You probably thought it can't get any worse. But you were still saying you still knew who he was. There was still at least and mental and emotional connection if you held on to that.

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I would have turned all of this test and this struggle free, I would have turned it around. That's really important. You know, I was telling my students yesterday that

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there was a man who never had time.

00:20:16--> 00:20:26

He never had time for classes for quarter end for Islam for prayer, nothing. He was just always engrossed in work didn't even have time for his family or his children.

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You meet this man, sorry, I don't even have time to talk to you, you text him, you won't get a response. Until one day, this man woke up and felt a pain. And it was an excruciating pain. It was unbearable. So he goes to the doctor. The doctor says,

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That's cancer. It's a tumor. We got to treat this right now. What do you think the man does? Does he say to the doctor, I'm sorry, I don't have time. I mean, how many times I have to go to the doctor. You've got to go literally every day. I don't have that kind of time. No, that didn't happen. The man made time, every single day.

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Then all of a sudden, the message did that he passed by every day and never stopped for prayer. Guess where he slept every day before he reached home.

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You know, confronting death has a powerful impact on how you and I prioritize our time.

00:21:35--> 00:21:50

And so the next time you see and feel and experience real tough times, and you're thinking it can't get any worse than this. This area is actually teaching you and I

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don't give up.

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Because some of the worst human beings to touch the ground. Allah gave them gender

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because they turn their lives around. So May Allah azza wa jal ease, our pains, our sufferings, our struggles. Some of you here have real personal stories and struggle that you can't even talk about. No one knows what you feel like no one knows what you're going through. Your parents probably don't even know your children probably don't even know the closest people in your life. Don't know what you feel like this is saying don't give up on the one that always knows and always is watching and always as Carrie is caring for you. Don't give up on him. Because if you do the edge, it will turn and you will fall. And if that happens, then he can work for Serrano, moonbeam. What a great loss

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indeed. And so we asked to learn so a job to protect our faith, our amen our devotion our sincerity. Yeah, don't be we asked you and plead to you on this blessed day of this blessing our of YOLO. Juma count us amongst the believers that you accept in this world and in the ephedra yo will be ease our pains and our sufferings only you know what I'm going through Oh Allah make it easy for me and give me the strength to overcome Allah whom I mean and with that being said peace and Peace and blessings to our Rasul Allah Allah to rob Beaver, Salah Morelli, command, Amman, so cannibal Ouattara feet and z in the law one mela equateur who use a lunarlon be you hola Nina M and also Laura Lee, who was

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suddenly motor sliema a lot of muscle nerello Mohammed or early Mohammed Kumar select Darla de la Hema while early about our humor in the middle Majeed a lot mufaddal Muslim ina one Muslim at all meaning now will mean at a minimal amount in nikka karimun semiology Buddha Allah Allahu Allah in the known as a local agenda, or malerkotla la Hermann Colin alarma when are also becoming another woman called Robert la Han Colin a woman or a banner ad Tina Fey dounia Hashanah escena orfila harati Hasina okina as of now sapan Auto bicker obesity I'm Maya seafood I was so damn when Allah more sadena will hamdulillah or Bellard Amina