How Do I Prevent Pornography From Reaching My Children

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how children can become infected with pornography and that it can lead to privacy concerns for parents. They recommend having honest conversations about it and being careful with their friend's behavior. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of building friendships for future success.
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How do I prevent pornography from reaching my children?

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It's a very serious question that I'm sure is on everyone's mind, especially as your children get to the age of eight, nine and 10. Yes, you heard me right, eight, nine and 10. This is what many social researchers are telling us is the age that children may become

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susceptible to viewing those kinds of images, not by choice, but sometimes it'll pop up, and it'll pop up at times in online games, it'll pop up on YouTube. And it'll be something that, you know, as they're searching for something in a Google, Google search bar, or one of the search bars for a school project. You know, they they write in a word that, at times may trigger other word searches. Sadly, though, meant much of the time children become accidental viewers, when they find it on someone else's devices that has been viewing it, sadly to say sometimes it's actually parents. And it begins therefore by us purifying ourselves purifying our home, I do recommend that we have very

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honest discussions about it, especially if our children have grown into maturity, they're now 1213 years old. Chances are that people in their school are sending them videos of it. It's not something that might they might search for, but it'll be WhatsApp to them. If they have their own electronic and social devices, chances are that they will have been exposed to it. So you need to have very, very frank conversations about it have very strong filtration systems in your home, have it set up at the router, not just that the desktop or the iPad, or whatever it is that they're using, but as a filter as it comes into their home, monitor their social and online activity. And when I say

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monitor, I mean be invasive, and no child should expect that there have a level of privacy from their parents. And this is something that people who warn us about child abuse always regularly talk about that our children, yes, they need to have their space but it's not unmonitored space. You must be at the forefront of your children's lives interacting with them, not as a command base, but as a friend. So build that love with them. Be honest in your discussions, make sure that they listen to

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information and materials that comes from a variety of sources, not just Islamic sources, but people who will warn them about these kind of online interactions. The very last thing that I say to you is their friends are really the key to the success of their future for Liam. I had so many holiday the words of the prophets lie Selim always ring true. Be careful and look to who your best friends