Will Allah really accept my repentance

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam to sell them. My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam. One day, a dear sister came to me and she was crying, very depressed. And she told me that she had sinned a lot in the past, and she wanted to depend, but she didn't know whether the last panel titled except her repentance or not, I said so panel law, if a Lost Planet Allah Himself, the judge, the King of all kings, the one whose hand the dominion of the heavens and earth, if he himself has revealed in the end and said about himself in the law for the Nova Jamia that last panel, Allah forgives all sins, so who am I?

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To tell you something else I said, Of course Allah subhanaw taala will accept your repentance, provided that you will be in Sharla sincere that you will make a commitment never to go back to those sins again, that you will regret what you have done and ask him repeatedly for forgiveness. Allah subhanaw taala in one of the narrations, the Hadith would say, he said, Oh, son of Adam, so long as you call upon me, and ask me I shall forgive you and I shall not mind. So the more the moment you call upon Allah Subhana Allah and ask him for forgiveness. And he's the watcher. He's overwatching your heart he know the condition of your heart, he know your intentions. If you asked

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him sincerely. He said, he shall forgive you and He shall not mind to such an extent that he said in the same narration that if you come to him with sins as big as the entire earth, and you come to him ascribing no partner whatsoever to him, in his worship, he shall inshallah bring you forgiveness equal to those cents upon Allah. Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran, say who will lead the Yakubu tobert on a bed he will want to say it is a last panel to Allah one of his characteristics is that he accept the repentance of his slave wire for honesty at and he pardons any sins that you have done so don't despair. Don't cry over your condition. When you send a last panel to Allah does not need

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mediator you just go to him clearly, purely purify your heart and ask him for forgiveness. In another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, that all three of them will probably topes Pamela, one of the characteristic of Allah subhanaw taala is that he forgives all sins, and he accepts that repentance whenever you repent to him sincerely, Allah subhanaw taala accepts right away and another verse which I found to be very beautiful, it's as if Allah subhanaw taala begging us to repent. He said in the Quran. ln the Alamo, don't they know? And the La Jolla bellotto batana. Abadi, don't they know don't my slave knows that it is a last panel to Allah who accept the

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repentance of his slaves Don't they know? Tell them go tell them that I accept the repentance Subhana Allah, why are you what are you waiting for? If Allah subhanaw taala is waiting for you eagerly to repent, then why are you delaying your repentance? We have some friends who will come to us smoking and the cigarette is in their mouth. And they will tell us pray for me that may Allah subhanaw taala you know, guide me so that I may quit so panela if you are still smoking, do you think a lot of that is gonna forgive you? Do you think that Allah subhanaw taala is going to help you? You have to take the necessary steps First, you have to show sincerity then Allah subhanaw

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taala will accept your repentance, sincere repentance comes through some efforts. That's why Allah Spanish Allah says in the Quran, in the law, the common law you may be emphasizing that Allah is not going to change the condition of any people of any group of people are less than until they change what is within themselves, take the necessary steps toward you know, repentance then Allah subhanaw taala is going to respond to you in sha Allah. And in another verse, which I also found it to be very, very interesting is that some people think that repentance only apply to those who are not Muslims, those who are sinners. But in that verse, Allah subhanaw taala is indicating that

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repentance is for everyone else in the hood and we're tubal Elahi geneon au helmy noon, La La come to Hong and repent to Allah subhanaw taala all together all you who believe all believers so that you may become successful. So don't tell me that hamdulillah Muslim I have taken my Shahada so I rest and you know, sit back, waiting for gentlemen know my brothers and sisters, the best of all creation, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he used to ask forgiveness from Allah and repent to him every day 70 times in another nation 100 times a day. So who are we compared to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who are we so here is a

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verse that says that even believers should repent constantly, because we always you know, we were created with this inclination towards sin. So every day sometimes we slip sometimes we forget we forget. So here is a tool that whenever you slip, repentance is there for even those who believe

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it or not another also interesting verse that will make you inshallah eager to repent to the insha Allah is that when you repent a Lost Planet, Allah loves you. Imagine what Allah loves you imagine when your wife or your husband tells you, I love you, how do you feel? But here's a Lost Planet. Allah said in the law, how you have been, while you have been Matata Helene? Allah subhanaw taala loves those who repent and loves those who are pure, who purify themselves repeatedly, don't you want a las panatela to bestow His love upon you today? If you want So, go and repent tonight. Don't Don't postpone this because shaitan wants you to postpone your repentance until he see you go into

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the grave without repentance. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us a sincere repentance before we meet him in sha Allah. In another very, very interesting verse, Allah subhanaw taala and or an Allah who you read, to wallet to Valley It is Allah subhanho wa Taala who want to you know, accept your repentance, it is Allah who won this he's eager to accept your repentance, so don't waste any more time my brothers and sisters in Islam. This was a short reminder about the beauty of the concept of repentance in Islam. It gives us a very, very high hope that even if we have sinned against Allah Subhana Allah, the doors still open May Allah Spanish Allah grant us a sincere repentance before we

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die. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh