The Parables of The Quran #19 – Ibrahīm 24 – The Parable of Imān As a Majestic Tree

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was off by a woman with a hammer. But today we're going to be doing surah Ibrahim, verse 24. And this parable is actually my favorite parable of the whole around, we're all allowed to have our favorites. And this parable is a parable that I personally have given no exaggeration, at least two 300 hotels around the world for the last 1015 years. In fact, even here, the first book by game was about this parable. So for sure, you will have heard me speak about this parable multiple times. And it is a profound and beautiful parable. And in fact, even the first phrase of it, Allah azza wa jal is emphasizing that we need to think

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about this parable. It is the only parable that Allah begins with the rhetorical question and I'm telling okay for a lot of Allah, Who, haven't you seen the parable that Allah has given? There is no other parable in the whole Quran that Allah azza wa jal draws attention to like he does this parable, haven't you seen this parable? And at the end of this verse, Allah says, and we give parables to mankind, so that they can think about these parables. So both the beginning and the end of this verse, Allah xojo, is drawing extra attention to this parable. And this is unprecedented. Nowhere in the entire Quran is so much emphasis placed on a parable as this parable and it is, in

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fact, a very profound parable. So we're actually gonna be taking two days to do this parable because you can view it from two different angles. Today we're going to view it from one angle, the idea goes as follows. As I'm telling okay for a lot of Allah who method Haven't you seen the parable that Allah has given what parable Kelly met on pa ye baton kashia Ratan Paiva. Allah has given the parable of the Kelly Mata yerba like a magnificent and beautiful tree. So today we're going to do Tafseer of this parable in one in one paradigm. It's been Abbas said the Kalamata yerba is the Karima of La ilaha illa Allah. The Cali Mata yerba is La ilaha illa Allah so this parable is a

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parable of our Eamon of the kalama of our faith of our religion. So the parable is the parable of a man in a law and the Kadima to eat. And I'm Tara cafergot of allaahu method and kelemen Santa Yuba. What is the Kalamata yerba kashia giora tanto de la ilaha illa Allah is like a beautiful tree. It's a magnificent tree khashayar Ratan Tata yerba what is a tree a tree is a symbol of life. A tree tree is a symbol of life universally all societies and all cultures. The symbol of the tree is the symbol of life. And in fact, even from a biological perspective, what is a tree do the tree is the basic building block of life. The first lesson our children study in biology is that of the tree and

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photosynthesis that's the building block. This is where life begins. The tree takes in carbon dioxide and it gives us back the very oxygen that we breathe, we will not have life without the tree the tree gives us our fire from which we burn our wood and we cook our food the tree gives us our wood from which we live the tree gives us shelter the tree gives us oxygen quite literally we eat and we drink and we breathe and we live because of the tree without the tree. There is no such thing as life on this earth. So to without the Kalima there is no life in the club. Without a Kadima there is no life in the in the cult at all the spirituality will be dead Adam Takei for Allah who method

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and Kadima Tonto Heba, kashia Jorah gentiva It's a beautiful tree, a magnificent tree. It's not an ugly tree. It's a tree that when you look at it, your heart becomes overjoyed. It's a beautiful tree caches, yada yada, all snow has habit, the roots of this tree, they are firm and they're entrenched and they're deep. Aloha sabot. This is not a tree with shallow roots. No, the roots go very deep. And this is the reality of a man that when a man enters the heart, it never leaves after that. And that is why Muslims around the world by and large, they are faithful to their religion. They believe in their religion. All surveys Gallup and poll all of them they indicate that in Muslim majority

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countries belief in God is skyrocketing. I wear surveys in every European country is the exact opposite. 2030 40% believe in God, but in Muslim majority lines hamdulillah there is no comparison 7080 90% in terms of rituals, the Muslims

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practice their faith much more than any other religion. In fact, the most observed ritual on the entire globe is the one we are doing right now, which is the fast of Ramadan. No religion can compete in terms of percentage wise of how many people practice it than the fast of Ramadan, as well as well. The fact that Eman is deep in our hearts, it is also demonstrated in the reality that people convert to our faith. And generally speaking, we do not find people who convert to other faiths, intellectuals and preachers and teachers of all faith traditions, they come to our religion, we find the great minds of Christianity of Judaism of all thoughts, they embrace Islam. And in our

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entire history, we have never had an alum and a half filled and an intellectual who then becomes a Christian or Buddhist or it doesn't happen that way. Yes, right now we have a small problem of our youth leaving the faith but they're becoming agnostics and sin is is the man has not entered their hearts. They were born in Islamic households, but they haven't tasted the sweetness of Iman, those who taste the sweetness of Eman. They never ever leave Islam. And this is a reality Muslims slip, they commit sins, but if they've tasted eemaan they never leave Islam. They never doubt Islam deep down inside, even when they're sinful. They know I'm a sinner, May Allah forgive me that is the

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reality of the mind. And we know this from the hadith of Buhari when Abu sufian was with the emperor of Rome, the heraclius himself the Caesar of Rome when they were having an interview about the profits of the law or the he was selling them. Abu sufian was asked a series of questions. One of them has anybody left the faith of this man and Abu sufian said no it hasn't happened and this was in the makhan era when people are being persecuted people are being tortured never was there a case of a monitored in Makkah, never even though people are being tortured. Because this is the reality of emang or Suharto habits without who half is. Some of the branches of this tree are towering in

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the sky. You see this tree it's not a normal tree. It is towering in the sky. You know like the the redwood forest of California you have these massive trees. The Tree of Eman is taller than that because its branches reach the heavens. its branches go all the way to the clouds. This is the reality of Eman it uplifts you all the way to Jenna. This is the reality of faith that faith is something that is massive. It is something that is demonstrable, you can see it when he man exists in the heart You cannot hide it on the outer limbs like this tree what is going to hide this tree can a skyscraper hide such a tree that is going to the heavens what can block it so to when there is

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a man in the heart It is visible and demonstrated in your actions in your interactions and how you deal with the people you cannot hide your emotion even if you wanted to. If your mind is inside the heart It is going to be shown and it will become a role model just like this trip that is towering in the sky people look up to it it becomes a landmark it becomes a sign so to the movement and the mood today he becomes a role model people look up to him he becomes someone who is worthy of respect and admiration. Well photo half is sum up a man also takes you up like the tree takes you up and that's what Allah says. Allah Allah Dina and woman come those who have a man will be raised up. Well

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Pharaoh Hafiz sama to Kula ha Kula hain me in Europe beha. This trade will give you its fruits. It's different types of fruits throughout the entire year by the permission of its Lord meaning the tree of Eman is evergreen and ever fruitful, the tree of Eman you can always pluck from it to increase your sustenance whatever you need. Another amazing thing or cool is the plural fruits not one fruit. The Tree of the man gives you multiple fruits throughout the year. So when you need sobor the tree of the man will give you suffer when you have to increase your tawakkol your your pain when you're feeling down and lonely the tree of human will cheer you up whatever sustenance you need whatever

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specific type of glucose you need. The Tree of demand will have that fruit that you need and throughout the seasons. You don't have to wait till it is August till it is January to December to Kula ha Kula hain throughout the entire year. Whichever fruit you need the tree of human will provide it for you B is near Rob behalf This is by the permission of its Lord and there are many fruits of the tree of demand. In my longer lectures I go over 25 of the fruits that are mentioned in the Quran of them of course this piece in this world of them of course is happiness of them of course the strength of the man and confidential and your team of them is that we say the column at

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the time of death of them is to be protected from the double cover of them is the protection on the day of judgment and most importantly to enter Jenna and to see Allah subhana wa tada these are of the fruits of the tree of Eman And there are only available from

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The Tree of human you cannot find the fruits of the tree of your man on any other tree. It is unique to this tree to do cooler cooler Hainan pitner on behalf while your bootable law Who am founded in Nazi Lavanya to the Quran, and Allah gives parables to mankind so that they can think about these parables. As I said, this is the only parable in the Quran that Allah begins with the phrase think about this parable and Allah concludes it with the phrase think about this parable so that we can benefit and inshallah tada will continue the same idea, but from a different perspective. Tomorrow was Santa Monica Monica to La Habra. gacha worker, the ganas.

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