Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 012A Translation Al-Baqarah 63-73

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Madonna Salli ala Sunil Karim and Martha are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbish Rouhani Saudi were silly Emery white ruler of that Emily Sani of Kahu Kohli Robin as in our email master number 12 Surah Baqarah is number 63 to 73. You will do the translation first. What if and when a hudna we took Misa kakum Your covenant WA and offer now we raised folk ACOEM above you Akula the to the mountain. Who do you all take? Ma What attina Come we gave you all vehicle within strength WA and with guru you all remember ma what fee is in it lol lagoon so that you that the goon you all adopt the Aqua summer, then the will Latham you all turned away men from

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birdie after their Lika that Falola then if not, fog Lu favor grace, Allah He of Allah or Aleikum upon you all, WA and Rama to who His mercy, la condom surely you all were men from Aloha serine the losers, those who suffer loss what end Laqad certainly. or Allah, surely God in fact, I limped home, you all knew Alladhina those who era todo de cross limits their transgressed men come from you all fee in concerning a 70 the seven for Khulna, so we said, law whom do them Qunu you all be filled with the 10 IPs. Horsey in ones who are despised? Fajr Allah her so we made it. Nick Allen and exemplary punishment. Lima for that which Boehner between Yeah, they had its two hands, been a day

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her before it warmer, and that witch hunt for her behind it. Work and mower Illidan and admonition, Linwood again, for those who adopt aqua, for those who are conscious, well and is when Carla he said, Musa Musa alayhis salam likoma he do his people in Indeed, Allah Allah, yet Moodle come he orders you all on that? That were who you all slaughter? Back are rotten. A cow. Oh, no. They said, do that does he do now? You make us or you take us? Who's one mockery. Allah He said, Earl do I seek refuge Billahi in Allah and that Hakuna I become Min from LJ Helene, those who are ignorant Palu. They said, Oh, do you pray you call learner for us? Rebecca your Lord, you begin. He makes clear

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Lennar for us. Ma what? Here? It is. Allah He said, In who? Indeed he. Jaco Liu. He says in her her indeed it Bacala tune a cow lair, not fairly a balloon old winner, and nor be Crone, young, Virgin, are one middle of age Boehner between their Lika that Feffer oluwo. So you all do ma what took maroon you all are ordered. Ha No. They said oh, do you call you pray? Lana for us. Rebecca your Lord. You begin he makes clear. Lana for us. Ma what lo knew her its color. Allah He said in who indeed he Jaco. He says in her indeed it back rotten. A cow Sofra yellow Falcon on bright, pure

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or low knew her its color. The Zulu it pleases and now leading those who look oh no, they said, oh the roof you call you pray. Lana for us, Rebecca your Lord, you obey Him He makes clear Lennar for us. Ma what? Here it is in indeed. Al Baqarah the cows, the Chabahar it looked alike our Lena upon us. Well and in indeed we in if share he willed Allahu Allah La Mota doon surely want to obtain guidance. Allah He said, in a who indeed he your Kulu he says in her her indeed it Boca Raton a cow law not the Loulan subdued to zero it plows Allah the Earth. One A and nor does see it irrigates it waters l Hausser. The agricultural fields or unhealthier the fields Musa limit on sound law not she

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at any blemish any spot fee her in it follow they said and now

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you came Bill help with the truth for so they're who they slaughtered it warmer and not care who they were near EFR loon they do well and if when button to you all killed nevsun assault soul or person fed the tomb then you all blamed each other fee her concerning it. Will Allah Who and Allah Maha Region One who brings out ma what control you all were duck to moon you will hide for corner so we said it booty boo you all strike it be bubbly her with part of it because our Lika thus likewise your he he gives life Allahu Allah al moto to the dead ones war and UD calm he shows you at his signs law law comm so that you all there are pollun You all understand let's listen to the

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Murphy Hello and welcome

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lawn yard

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cause really ought

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come up community 7010 horse

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delving wide call

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on oh

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the phone I mean, he all rolled back a baby

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he all

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big for now.

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Daddy that title match model all

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Begay will be

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on who we are in the head of our softball

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leading follow the rule and out of begging being here in our attention

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to have

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I want to learn

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still help them sell lemonade last year that we

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do we have

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way too much?

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Fi Allah homage

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to more acqualina brivo will be the only guy that he or she

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