Daood Butt – Eid Al-Fitr Day 2021 – Quran Quest Quiz Winner Announcement

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The upcoming video and video contests for the title will be revealed later in the day, and winners will be announced soon. The importance of fasting during quarantine is also emphasized, and winners are announced soon. Top prize winners will be given prizes and winners are announced by the community center of Santa Monica. The competition is ongoing until the top ten winners are announced. The winners are expected to score between eight and ten points, and the prize is for the top five winners. The community center of Santa Monica is organized by a family, and winners are announced by the community center. The competition is ongoing until the top ten winners are announced.
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Should you take me right while we wait for people to come?

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the cameras are in front of you over there you're walking in front of them

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Selam Aleykum rahmatullahi wa barakatuh a Mubarak to all of you doing group

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should we jump around and

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not doing that

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boring family they don't want to do fun things. Now when everybody's looking at we turn the cameras off. So a robotic to everyone.

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Today is the first day of

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least going out sorry guys can't go live maybe you can message them or call them. So today in sha Allah Allah we have a couple of things that we're going to be covering. First of all, we'll just do a quick reminder of read and you know what to do if you haven't already prayed at home and then we'll be announcing the Quran quest quiz winners. So the winners will be announced today in sha Allah, Allah right here live in front of all of you hopefully all of the parts of bins are online and watching Alhamdulillah so keeping in mind that today is the day very a few things that we should focus on for those of you who have not prayed your aids prayer yet very simply, I mean a video went

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out I'm not sure if you received it, but if you didn't, I'll explain it to you now inshallah. So if you haven't prayed your aid prayer, you'll start off by praying to God and pray as if Okay, so if you have your family around you pray it together. If you don't have your family do then you can pray alone in sha Allah to Adam.

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And if you're praying alone, then just pray Good luck I there's no formula there's there's no to listen to your football in the first place. But if you want to stand in front of a mirror and practice well, you can always practice that's perfectly fine. But you know their age prayer is done before the football so you're gonna pray the prayer and it is tuukka and can be done after the sun rise until zool until just before they'll have time, right? So you have to

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Okay, but if you as a family are having connection issues if you as a family wants to

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just give me one second think

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if you and your family are praying together and you're able to deliver a view but it could be something super simple and you don't even need to do the typical jump in Al Hamdulillah Mohammed who understand you who want to still fit one or rubella, that's not part of the drama, The read hotma there it Hooper is simply a hookah. So begin by you know, praising Allah subhanho wa Taala by saying Allah, right say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Isla in llama Allah. Allah. Allah he'll hand right and then carry on from there. Okay.

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And of course there's gonna be a small jealousy you sit down in the middle of giusto five stand up and then carry on your hookah and that's it. Right That's it then you can get up and you know, do your three hugs to each other. If you if you're really missing doing the three hugs to each other. You could do like 12 hugs to all your family members like

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I'm the law. So that's that's pretty much it now, a short message. You can't see anything. No, it's working. Okay, so I think it's just

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humble i think i think it's working fine.

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So a short message with regards to eat. Look, we just finished Ramadan. Right. And throughout the entire month of Ramadan what were we doing we were trying to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as much as possible. We were you know, spending day and night worshiping Allah reciting Quran giving sadaqa messaging friends saying good things, asking people for forgiveness, asking Allah for forgiveness, you know,

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Vicar any anything that was good any sort of hide any good deeds we were trying to do throughout the month of Ramadan. Now that Ramadan has ended, don't stop those good deeds. As in obviously we can't continue praying 20 o'clock every single night throughout the whole year. We can't continue fasting every single day. But remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the truth about fasting six days in Sha one is it

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equal to one year fasting six days a shot well, right is equal to the reward of fasting an entire year. So if you fast six days throughout the month show at any six days

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Yeah, of course after that's why I said after fasting she always has to criticize everything. So after fasting the month of Ramadan Odyssey you fulfill your days of fasting the Miss days of fasting and then you fast the six days of chawan focus on Nima sama Dara cooler, right? It's as though you fasted the entire year as in you get the reward of having fasted an entire year. And all you did was fast six days. So Allah Subhana Allah has put so many rewards for us throughout the year and I know some people will feel sad, right? Some people feel sad that Ramadan is gone, but remember that the rub of Ramadan is the rub of Shawwal and the rub of the tiger and the rub of the ledger as in our

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Lord in Ramadan. does Allah disappear after Ramadan? No, no, just shake on come out after Ramadan. Oh Be careful shape ons out today boys and girls.

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And that's why we need to we need to worship Allah more. Right? We need to make sure that we're worshiping Allah subhana wa tada even more. So my brothers and sisters, you know make sure that you remember Allah subhana wa tada on this day that he does, you know is a day of of joy and happiness all that we have of joy and happiness is because of Allah. So the next clothing that you wear is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the nice food that we're eating is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and you know all the the gifts that you got is from Allah subhana wa tada all the attendees that your parents are going to spoil you with this year as well because I told them to do that last year so

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hopefully they do it again this year and they said this is from download, right this is because of give your kids lots of candy and lots of chocolate not my kids. Please don't give them anything.

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See they don't even care about the candy chocolate. They just want to make sure you call me uncle. I'm not an

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I'm a boy. still young, a teenager no 18 going on. 25

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No, Mr. Doubt I'm the law.

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So that's pretty much it my brothers and sisters with regards to what I wanted to share today on this David Reed, remember that many of the prophets and the messengers of the past they struggled with their nations to try and get them to come closer to Allah. And here you are as a Muslim, and you have the ability to walk around and say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. You see something nice.

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Right? You taste something nice. Hey.

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Allahu Akbar right.

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Now talking about food mother picked up the purple spittle.

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Purple is the best flavor

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Oh, I feel like the grapes in my mouth hamdulillah so Allah Subhana which Allah has blessed us so much. We need to be thankful to Allah azza wa jal now, what do you want to announce today? Something important we were supposed to do? Well, what was it? Oh yeah, a quest you stop that's

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called an inquest. What is that? There's a quiz that you are doing for the middle 10 days, middle 10 days. We did a quiz that who here did a quiz during the middle 10 days of Ramadan. If you did just in the comment section. Just put a number one if you took part in the Quran quest quiz, because I know that was 100 and 196 practice 196 people participated in the Quran quest quiz along with a quote so just put a number one very quickly Allah Hurry up, hurry up, stop eating your food and just put number one good. Shazia wins. She's number one first. Okay. All right. Love whoever else participated. Let's see those number ones. Because you want to be number one. You want to be in

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first place, right? You want to?

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You want? You want? You want What? You want a MacBook Air, you want to win the MacBook Air.

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wants the MacBook Air. You're gonna see the number ones coming out now.

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Oh, maybe I should keep this for myself. This. This is the newest one with the M one chip. Hmm.

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Okay, okay. Okay, let's get on with it.

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I think we should end the livestream now.

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hamdulillah. Okay. So, before we mentioned, you want to say something? Okay, so before we mentioned the winners of the quiz, I'm going to pass it off to my wife, sister to you. on beat the subject.

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Grandma, no, no, no, no, no grandma to some I know, great artists. I'm not grandma. So sister just need to say something. inshallah, listen, I don't know him. I said, I want to I want to care to everyone. I even robotiq a couple of them. And now I'm income. I may Allah subhanaw taala accept all of your efforts. This month. I just wanted to say a quick recap about the grand quest. competition that happened. I just wanted to share a little bit about the inspiration behind it, where it came from and, and why, why I had we had this, we offer this competition every year. So three years ago, four years ago now. I the family and I were in Edmonton and the girls, and I participated in a

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competition there that was similar, they would have five questions every day on, you know, Islam tins. And you had to answer the questions every day for the hold of them alone for 30 days. And then whoever had the most points at the end, participated in like a like a tiebreaker competition to see who would win. And so my daughter and I won that competition and we want a mac book. And I was so inspired by how engaged the community, not just with the masjid, and with each other, but also with the Quran and the Sunnah. And, you know, made us look at our Deen in a way that was fun and engaging. But at the same time you learn, we're learning and benefiting. So that was the inspiration

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behind it. So three years ago, we decided to do it just for 10 days, so hamdulillah that we only do it for 10 days. And so it's just 50 questions altogether rather than the 30 days. And I wanted it to be focused on for very obvious reasons. And so that's sort of where the credit goes to it for the idea and how I'm going to love this year, we had as my husband mentioned, we had 196 participants. So altogether,

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they, you know, some people for some people participating, you know, for the full 10 days, you have a whole range of people who participate. There's those who could have joined in the first day, they answer the five questions, and then they're like, Oh, this is harder than I thought. And then you don't see them for the next nine days. And then you have those with the first day and then they answer the second day's question and the third days questions and then, you know, by the fifth or sixth day, they're like, oh, man, this is a lot of work. A lot of reasons. Search, those of you who did the full 10 days, you know the work that you put in the research that you did, you know, trying

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to find answers and looking through different websites and books and everything. So we have a whole range

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But altogether, there were about 5755 submissions, if you calculate how many people submitted and how many answers that I went through, to score all of your, your answers, and attribute points, all of them.

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The idea behind the questions is simply just to, you know, get you to connect with the portal and, you know, look at it in a different way. And that's what I'm hoping that you took from it the most, if you like, when you one of the juicy questions that I had given, right at the end, the last the entire competition was, which verse of the Quran inspires you the most?

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Which verse inspires you the most, and this to me was the reason why I did this competition. reading through the answers, that of that last day, once I finally got through all, you know, 5750 submissions, and I got to that limit, that's something that took it beyond just your email address, and actually allow sort of connect with you through the Quran on a very personal level. And some of you share some really, really inspirational, very touching stories about verses of Quran that changed your lives versus those that continue to inspire you. And so many of you had very similar verses. They were just wanting to mention a few there was a quite a few of you who mentioned in the

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last reason in for in tomorrow's video slot in the malice view slot, right? You mentioned how this was a verse that continues to be in the back of your mind. Another verse that was very common favorite amongst all of you was Fabio, Allah, it'll become after Caliban. And that sort of ties in with what David was saying about remembering the favors of Allah. And I think they were more than 10 or 15 of you who said, this is your favorite verses of the Quran, because it reminds you to be grateful to Allah and to look at all the small blessings that we have quite a few of you mentioned the verses suitable for Allah, you can live long enough and Allah was Aha, that that was was

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something that inspired you. And there were some very unique choices as well. So Subhanallah

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one thing I would say definitely, well, when it came to scoring, there were a few things that I wanted to just reiterate, whenever you're giving an answer, or whatever you are,

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the biggest thing that separated the winners from the top 25, from those who were, you know, a little bit lower, we're giving your sources. So whenever you're going to put an answer, always give your source which suta did you find this from which verse? Did you find this from? Which book of headache? Did you find this from? Or even which website did you find this from? So that's definitely something that set apart the winners from the losers. I mean, I only know losers, because everybody benefited everybody benefited. Because that's the beauty of a competition like this is that it's connecting you with the Quran. And even if you don't score so many points, you still learn something

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in the end, you still benefited from something and so that's why on personal level, this is part of my Ramadan, I better to do this competition to go through all of the and I learned so much the panelists, sometimes they were questions that, you know, I had researched and found specific answers for and somebody came with an A new answer that I hadn't seen before. And so I learned something new. I feel like from everybody who's done the competition from 196 participants, I feel like I benefited the most from the dealer. And there were a few key things that I wanted to mention as well.

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There were some people who, who were really creative in the way that they answered. You know, you could tell they was somebody who had thought about what they were going to say and they wrote it down. There were some of you who you who were used emojis in your answers, which were really cute. There was one sister who just he or she put emojis everywhere. Whenever it talked about Hellfire, it was a cute little fire emoji. You don't get extra points for Jesus. There were no extra points for emojis. But don't don't think like, oh, people use emojis. So they have an extra points. No, it was about the Brian in the knowledge. He was just that, you know, the extra effort isn't the person was

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engaging, and they were there, you know, enjoying what they were doing. Another thing was one, I don't know if it was a brother or sister, maybe it was a brother, he would always write at the end of his answers. And Allah knows the best. And Allah knows best. And and I loved that. Because, you know, it just sort of showed the humility. And that was something that nobody else did, except that one brother. And then there was another person who there was quite a few of you who wrote, I don't know, as an answer. And I want to just point out that, from a scholars point view, I don't know is sometimes the best answer that you can give. There's so many stories we have spotted the past to

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when they were asked a question and they didn't know, they had the courage to say, I don't know. So you don't get you won't get points for it in the context of this competition. But I just wanted you to know that saying, I don't know when you really don't know the question is honorable. You know, so 100 I just want to mention Okay,

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enough of me rambling on, it was very challenging to go through all of these submissions, but Alhamdulillah

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we do have a top 10. And so that's what we're going to do today, we are going to count down from the top 10 participants and top five will be received prizes. So we're going to do that in sha Allah. And I just wanted to mention that between first place in second place, there was only a two point difference. And from all of the top 10, they all scored either eight up to eight or 33 bonus points. So the maximum score that you could get in this competition after 50 questions was 192 points. So all of our top 10 score, eight bonus points or, or more. And that's what sets them apart from the rest of the group. So do we have an envelope with the winners?

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doo doo doo doo. All right, the envelope has been handed. So we're gonna start counting down from number 10. From the 10th place, we're gonna be doing a countdown 10th place 10th place to sixth place or not to be receiving a gift. Remember, we have super prizes for the top five, the top five winners, but just to let you know who came in the top 10 because you probably came in the top 10 and you're like, oh, man, I was so close. So cool. It's bragging rights. Basically, I was top 10 out of 196 people so so here we go. Let's find out who are the top 10 winners of this year's earn quest quiz.

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Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

00:21:47 --> 00:21:53

And in 10th place this year. We have Mr. salty.

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Marcela, do you know getting

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okay. And in ninth place this year. And again, there's gonna be a few of them where we only have the email address, and that's because of a delay in communication. So ninth place this year is someone whose email addresses abdoul m underscore [email protected]. So I do underscore [email protected] Yeah, you came in ninth grade. By the way, this was this was the brother who always put I believe this was the brother who put always put Allah knows best at the end of his and we should all be saying Allahu Akbar. Here, right? All right, so in eighth place, we have Yusuf Ahmed Allahu Akbar.

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In fact, Yusuf is a half of the Quran and how old is he? He's like, not even worthless. No. 1314 years old. I'm the law. All right, in seventh place. This is a big one. Okay, in seventh place. I know that there's a lot of people who really want to know where this family came in. In seventh place. We have a deal Dasani and Philly.

00:23:13 --> 00:23:17

Sorry, sorry, a deal. This year you came Devon's man.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:48

All right. I just wanted to mention it, it was him and his entire family together. So for a lot of the participants, this is actually how it was they would kind of get together as a family or maybe divide up the questions and each person would tackle one of the questions or work on it together. So it was a way of bringing people together as well. So Mashallah, Good job, everyone. I'm really lucky. Yeah, I ran into a deal. I didn't run into him actually, like physically No, hurry up. There's cameras behind you that you're walking in front of. Okay.

00:23:51 --> 00:24:31

So on the 27th night, I think it was a deal. Half of the deal was with us in the masjid. You probably saw him on the live stream, and he was telling me He's like, man, the quiz this year was a little bit challenging, but the beautiful thing about it was that they did it all as a family. So together as a family, they sat down and did it. I'm hoping that some people did that as well. We saw some we saw some participants who, who their whole family participate but they participate individually. And it's nice when you see a family doing it all together and submitting one submission for the entire family. And then in sixth place we have jumaane shalabi

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delayed reaction, delayed reaction, okay, so now we move off to the top spot. Okay.

00:24:49 --> 00:24:50

Okay, so

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Okay, one at a time. So you hold it facing them, not for you, it's not for you.

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So in

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Fifth place for the quota and quest quiz. What are they winning? They're winning Apple air pods. Okay. These are earphones that you can listen to lectures and the live stream with fifth place we have Huda Chima Allahu Akbar.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:27

Congratulations Movado Koda on your hard dedication for this year's quota.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:29

A student

00:25:30 --> 00:25:32

used to be okay so we're gonna set this aside.

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00:25:36 --> 00:25:45

in fourth place receiving the air pods pro so these are like the newest air pods the cameras are there right? That's just a screen that shows

00:25:46 --> 00:25:52

so air pods pro in fourth place and this is an email address

00:25:54 --> 00:26:06

Hika re [email protected] so I'm going to spell that email address h h ai QA Ri a [email protected] Allahu Akbar

00:26:08 --> 00:26:09


00:26:11 --> 00:26:54

Okay, the big stuffs coming out now guys the big stuff because we're at top three now. So we got this really, really nice iPad. So an iPad, and this is I'm really excited about third place. This is a eighth generation iPad 128 gigabytes. 100 Ulla, here we go in third place, and this is an interesting person I've known this person for years. Pamela I used to, I used to be as a teacher back in the day and now now he's a teacher himself has been in third place half is Gotti or Omar is Huck Han Allah

00:26:58 --> 00:27:10

just became a father. He also just became a father and hamdulillah hamdulillah Masha Allah This is for you. I'm lazy Craig Kelly to give it to you next what is it

00:27:12 --> 00:27:15

you ask them to do something and she's trying to communicate with you

00:27:17 --> 00:27:20

okay, in second place,

00:27:21 --> 00:27:22

second place

00:27:23 --> 00:27:32

also winning an iPad winning an iPad as well right as generation 128 gigabytes

00:27:33 --> 00:27:35

are mean octave

00:27:39 --> 00:27:53

and also just be remember between first places I can place there was only a two point difference so Mashallah really close. So our mean octave you are in second place so close to first out of 196 participants.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:20

Okay, the PS does this So, and Mary though they're not for you, and we have to put it the right way upside down and backwards. So in first place, winning this year's 2021 quarter earn quest quiz from the dynamic community center of Milton, here in Milton, Ontario.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:24

being announced by the esteemed

00:28:25 --> 00:28:37

annoying presenter, the first place prize nicely goes to look at it. Maybe we should make them wait a little bit longer.

00:28:38 --> 00:28:50

Spence, this dispenser is getting this this MacBook this year's MacBook Air first prize goes to Sr maimunah

00:28:54 --> 00:28:57

sR maimunah Achmad you know, she won by one

00:29:00 --> 00:29:17

point so humbling, but I'm really glad to know that it's a sister Mashallah top two were women from the elite. I'm really proud of that. But she scored a 33 bonus points Mashallah so above and beyond So, I'm really really happy about that Mashallah.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:22

You know, the answers were, you know, thought well thought out, they were very well researched.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:34

So hamdulillah So, we see you're going to be coming to receiving an email all of you who are Prize winners will be receiving an email Sr maimunah if you want to, if you're feeling generous, and you want to give it away.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:39

You know, maybe I can keep it now just

00:29:42 --> 00:29:59

so to claim your prizes and show like you look out for an email, top five, and then we're going to be at the masjid for the dragon. So you'll just have to bring your email as proof and come and collect your prizes and go home and open it and start fiddling with it humbly law. So

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

My brothers and sisters, we've gone over the time by a little bit and I need to rush off to the masjid the volunteers and the staff are there getting ready for the drive thru a reminder to all of you once in from 12 o'clock until two o'clock we're having a drive thru or eat celebration at the masjid the goodie bags for the children and sweets and stuff like that.

00:30:21 --> 00:30:52

And so please do drive over I usually say come out but don't come out of your cars, drive over to the masjid. Please listen to the volunteers that are there that are, you know, trying to help out and I will tell them to stay calm and you tell that you tell yourself to stay calm inshallah, we will drive through, celebrate, it's easy to be happy, decorate your cars, you know, just just come out and be happy Alhamdulillah And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless all of all of you and all of us on this day read. Yes.

00:30:53 --> 00:31:31

I have to have the last word. That's kind of how it goes in this living room. I wanted to say that, for those of you asking about the answers, unfortunately, I won't be able to let all 192 96 of you know how you did terms of ranking. But I will be posting the answers to each day's questions on Instagrams ag stories so that you can self evaluate and sort of see what the answers to the questions were those of you who didn't participate, you'll be able to see the questions and the answers, learn something new inshallah and those of you who did participate, you'll be able to sort of correct yourself and sort of see, you know, how you did on your own. Alright, so having said that

00:31:31 --> 00:31:38

now, for the ending of this session, once again, three to one.

00:31:41 --> 00:31:47

We'll see all of you at 12 o'clock in sha Allah is located in Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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