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The speaker discusses a program that is designed to teach people to memorize pages of a book and to avoid memorizing everything. They encourage people to practice and learn different instruments to help them achieve their goals. The speaker also mentions a potential goal of reaching a global leader and mentions a potential goal of winning a war.

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Bill Allen, I found out today inshallah we are less than 12 pages approximately from finishing the whole Bakara. And and and then we're going to the whole world with, there's no like charge for this program we're not, we're just putting everything out there for the world. So even if you were like, Yeah, that's even if the best part is what if you don't want to memorize the whole sort of background, you just want this page or whatever, you can go straight to this page, and you don't want some you don't want to hear it for the first time you just want 7x You can pick the page of the lesson and then go exactly then. I think that was amazing. Yeah, someone was like, why don't you

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charge? I was like, Sure it's a million dollars. That's what I should check. Right? It's everyone pay a million dollars, you can have it and otherwise it's, you know, it's from God. So we really, I really believe though, in five, six years, I hope like 500 600 People are like, Yeah, I'm memorizing Surah Baqarah. Like, it's there, I can do it. So then the global minimum wage of Quran will go this much. Because you'll say I know sort of Accra and your kid will be like, so do I. So, like, everyone will know it. And then as a, we're gonna go to the next next next. Inshallah would be great to not only you memorize Quran, but your generation 20,000 A million people memorize the same year, that

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that though, that's my goal.

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I need you for that one, though. Inshallah, when I had this idea in my head, and I just want you to imagine I did think, well, I'm gonna sit there and read every Subak and then read it seven times, and then do it three by three. Like, how is that even possible? And I remember saying that's gonna be like, 8000 hours. Turns out this whole, the whole ground would be 1000. So that's like, totally, first thing is what you think is impossible definitely isn't. And number two, you're sitting inside my dua right now, even if you don't memorize anything, you're literally sitting in my life purpose. So if I haven't served you, well, sorry about that. But I'm serving my life purpose. And hopefully,

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yeah, that just dawned on me in that last moment, almost as if every day of my life brought me here. And I know that's a lot to take in in the middle of an hour lesson, but

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be purposeful, live with purpose. And I don't know how else to tell you, I wouldn't be rather driving a Ferrari or, or with a million dollars sitting but no, this, this feels right to me. So find that thing that's right for you. Hopefully, it's this. And if it's not, just find that thing that gets your wheels going. And I feel the feel like it's better than sitting in a cubicle or, you know, having a job that you hate. So you can go home and watch TV to get over how much the stuff you hate. Right? Why? Why? Why you should be there's nothing to get off of work. Just be like, Oh, I'm done with this amazing thing I love, I should go rest and play with my family and learn instruments

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and languages and serve the community. Work shouldn't bother you. So it's my little two cents to say, do what you love. Because when you find your life purpose, you could do this to a camera, and feel just as alive and amazing. As if you were with people. But we definitely are thankful for our live audience. Brother Julian and family and Islam and Spanish want to reach out to you guys. If you can just look them up. They're definitely a part of what we're doing. And we hope that they're a part of your growth. So they just say that I look at you now you're teaching millions of people. And you will. Yes.

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That's what I'm trying to talk to 100 law right now. I think I'm at like, 40 50,000 people have interacted like not just videos, but I've taken a class. I was it was 27,004 years ago. Yes. So I'm kind of just guessing along but let's say we'll come up to 30,000 I would like to add a zero and then add a 03 100,000 people I believe in the world right now. There are 300,000 people who can't get access to a teacher who can say look, this is this is the 99% sure a teacher would be better but this this is awesome.

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worldwide leader to your learner. Hola. Hola, unique. Malay naman Oh, order a new team Murad LA, y el modelo de la who is Wuhan, our Kiswa to hoon been in our roof to colorful enough soon he loves

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to colorful enough soon it'll allow us

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to door leader to be worthy. While I'm olu doula who will be won the war Allah wa the theme is Luigia Nick