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slogan walking

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humbly logo behind me in salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah Kiyosaki is my operation and thanks belongs to the last pedal to Allah and made the peace and blessing of a lovely upon his servant and final wisdom hamato Lama lady on Sunday

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still follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, there is an A in Nepal and to

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install it and Allah and obviously soloable Allah,

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along with sort of the last year or two saw that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to recite when there's a large gathering of people, he's to take the opportunity to recite them when there's a large gathering of people sort of the Arlo slaughter last year. This is why they're the sword that are recited and solid to write publicly and allowed people listen to them, and select and at the individual body or sell them use to recite them. A solid list is called the periphery and he used to recite them as solid water when he played the waterfall in congregation he used to recite them. For me, there are specific messages within these two songs that were so important that in the

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midst of a lot while he was setting them would take the opportunity when there was a large public gathering of men and woman and he used to recite the swab. Due to the important and universal messages that are found within the swab. candidates have had to lie just share with you one of these messages that he's found in some of the other even though we are adding in some had a lot of the list of all solando sold the last year itself is a very important lesson, but we'll focus on just to add in sooner than Ireland, we also had on the other he basically offers us a path to success. And he teaches us of a path to success. And this is right towards the end of solid Dalarna, in way he

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says a flat Harmon does that get over the cost model before us Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala he directs us to a path of success in just these two.

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And he said that you can understand how and so Pamela how brief the whole app is how summarize the poll is to give you a an opportunity in life to earn success, not only he but also in the in the hereafter for most of head on what data needs to add, he begins them by saying God of heaven does occur. When you see the word God the Word convinced indeed, certainly no doubt about it. When you see the word God, anything that's going to come after is something that you and I cannot doubt. Yeah, and it is more certain than fact, anything that comes after What's this any certainty that Allah Subhana Allah wants to bring forth and what is this, this display of metal muscle powder data

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is saying certain and indeed to he says a flat Harmon does occur, certainly indeed successful is the one who tried engaged in cleansing his knifes of the hammer desica. Now, the word of

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the word Have you flown home obviously, you know, it means to succeed, one earning success. But what kind of success is this because in the Arabic language also in the lab, more than one word exists for the word success. There is the word phazzer as Hibernian met the human fat isn't that successful for why he was or Genesis but again, he did not say Confucianism and doesn't care. There is also fungsi habenero Tila genma faqad funfairs. So what's the difference between ferrous and flat is the difference

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that our flour which is used in this area, it comes from the word flare, and it comes from the noun for lash. We for lack is a farmer alfalah my brother's if you were to look in the life of a farmer, not something deep, just something from the outside. You know that a farmer's life is a lot of difficulty. If you look at him and his relationship with his farm, you find that he wakes up early in the morning, he needs to make sure that the seeds are planted correctly, that each seed gets enough sunlight and enough water. Then as they grow that it has enough support so that it doesn't break or twist or bend. And you need to make sure as far as insects and pests are concerned that you

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know nothing comes near his farm otherwise it destroys his hard work. All of this and he's not making any money at the end of the day. Daddy, this is hard labor hard work. Lots of time and effort. No money at the end of the day.

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If you look at his life, you summarize it in two words, that his life it there's a lot of time and effort put in the farm a lot of time and effort. This is what a Philips life is summarized in two words a lot of time and effort. And you know, he doesn't make money at the end of the day.

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One week goes by two weeks go by no money. But at the end of the season, once he harvests the fruit and whatever it is, and he sells it, that's when he makes money and he makes big money at the end of the season, right? That's that's his day, his Payday is the end of the season for some how to look at your money and finance.

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When we speak of the farmer, you think of two things. This guy puts a lot of time and effort in his farm, and he gets paid the big chicken at the end of the season. Who will this is exactly what the kind of success or loss of habitat is speaking about of the believer, when he says, a flat man doesn't get successful is the one who engaged in purifying and cleansing his knifes, you understand that? The believer reached that success after putting a lot of hard work and effort, after putting a lot of hard work and effort. And just like the farmer, the believer is not expecting any pain in his life. He's not expecting any reward to come very soon for him. If it comes into Baraka from a bar,

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it's a blessing from Allah. But if it doesn't, he's not expecting anything, who are the believer is waiting until the day of judgment and he's expecting his big check right there. Right, which is a gentleman that Allah Subhana Allah gives him but other than the, the, the levels in the paradise we shouldn't let them fill those and so on. I guess all of them moving on, he began a flow, minnow. And he ended by saying with a camaraderie, food and love in Arizona, and fear, though some fear for the Lord. That's a huge pain that comes from a loss of data for the believer on the Day of Judgment. For me, this is this is the type of further So now, I was originally saying certainly, verily, no doubt

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about it. Indeed, successful is the one that we understand that this success that is going to come about and the things that Allah is going to venture off of this now we understand that they're not going to come easy. They need a lot of hard time and effort and work from yourself intense labor. He says mentor second means anyone that in our with the word man, how long have you seen the mercy of Allah in the word man, man means anyone and this is not restricted to any single human being the door is open for everyone, so long as they're still alive and they're still breathing, for the opportunities open for anyone to have this kind of success. This is what man means, as opposed to a

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lovey if allows origin and said a loving then it restricts it into a few few that human beings could have been restricted into besides Allah, his Sahaba at a certain selected others, but a lot of soldiers and man with a difference between men and Alavi, even our loving could have been used there is that man keeps a general it opens the door for each and every single human being, no matter how corrupt he is. for miles origin he says man does that guy, the one who does that game and it does get to cleanse and to purify yourself. The SEC. It has a shutdown on the gift does that get the chapter and the chapter in the Arabic language it always implies emphasis. In other words, Gianni he

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tried and kept on trying and kept on trying to purify his knifes to clean his knifes clean it from what cleaned it from the filth and from the sins that are within. Now you need to understand that the path to success it begins first and foremost allows origin seen by cleansing your knifes? Now you need to ask yourself this that what do you clean when it comes to you cleaning something physically? Do you see Do you clean something that is clean or something that is dirty? What is obviously a clean something that needs cleaning something that is dirty, urine clean, something that's clean, that would be silly. Feed other words the first way and how you earn a purification of

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the knifes is that you and I must acknowledge that the heart and the soul is dirty. And it's full of sins. You need to acknowledge that. Otherwise, if you do not acknowledge that the unit What are you going to clean? There's nothing for you to clean for the first thing that needs to be acknowledged. And the first thing we're learning as a path to success is that you're alive a step must stop. And we have to admit and acknowledge the sins that have been in our lives. Whether Otherwise Otherwise you wouldn't you wouldn't get to the to the second which is beginning the process of Klinsmann. You need to first

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acknowledge like Adam Ali who set up as soon as he came into the scene and eat from that forbidden tree. He says a better bottom that unfortunate. That's the first bit he said the first part of repentance in the first part of the purification is that you acknowledge your sin before a loss of power data and do not justify it. Like if He justified his sin, and he was cursed until the last day. Well, Adam is set up. He did not justify anything.

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I'm in Ohio city, he said Oh Lord, we wrote down songs bottom down food

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And if you do not forgive us and you know mister Your mercy upon us, we are indeed going to be from among aloha city in the losers who you know the losers at the end end up in Jannah

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very important that we understand that the process of the zecca it begins by you at meaningless in Mousavi surah he kills an individual by mistake. And he says after a be in Nirvana, dodaf see fulfilled Li fervor for Allah. He said, Oh my Lord, I have wronged myself and I, in desperate need of your forgiveness. And he said, fulfilling

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while the result was for her father, he forgave him. Anyone you learn from this is when you acknowledge this. And you ask for forgiveness. This equals to Ferrara

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gave him right then and there, right? Even though if you looked at the end, there's a discussion among the old man as to what kind of scene it was. But the bottom line, it was a major sin. He killed he killed the person he killed the soul. Yeah, and it somehow and it was wrong accidentally. But nonetheless, he recognized the need to ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness and a lot of Zoysia and forgive you. If he had not done a sin, Allah wouldn't have said that he forgave him for it. If it was a sin that he had committed, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive him right then and there, because he acknowledged fair, successful indeed is the one who cleansed you snuffs that gap, meaning

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to try to clean it. What we learned from this is that my brothers in Islam you and I will never ever attain a full 100% pure enough's. That's not for you and I, therefore profits for the messengers are neither masumi and free of sin, and so on. But for you and I be a scene does that gap. And we said does that give meaning engaging in the process of purification? Doesn't matter if it's not fully cleansed? As long as you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala in the state that you have tried to cleanse yourself that allows origin has been these people successful? If no one does a successful indeed, he's the one who kept engaging himself in purification. He realized every time that he was in need

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to purify his Nuff said he kept on working on that, but he never attained that pure knifes. Alonzo Hill is not saying that you become successful when your knifes is pure 100% he's saying you earn success the moment you began on this circle on the strength of trying to clean the laughs was the first thing that one is supposed to clean his knifes from is cleansed from a shake in all of its forms from the minor to the hidden but to the majors well to begin with Yanni for those that have committed major sins to clean the knifes from the from a ship well how to do this

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like I'm working on their level I know once he came in the diesel a lot of other you know sell them and he said to me also a lot Teach me often that if I was to say would cleanse me from all types of *, the minor and the hidden you know, the hidden ship gives like a react showing off and boosting one's deeds and so on. And so actually we call the hidden Yeah, and you didn't even know if it exists or not.

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To see Aloma in the hour will be good we should recover from a stolen funeral. columella alum. These two phrases one blot will wipe away any kind of shift that is within the heart among many who began oceanica Anna Anna,

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Anna Anna, once you've said this, and you've made a habit in seeing this in your salon in your in your dryer, you move on down to focusing in the on the scenes in the field from the bad habits that one has your bad habit could be muscle and anger or jealousy from someone or hatred in the heart or envy towards someone. All of these things purification, it all exists in the heart. You need to cleanse it for you need to begin to change the character of yours to clean yourself from your sins. Maybe Maybe your filthy habit is is for example.

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I've been obsessed in this world, the life and what it offers you and not being able to lower your gaze when you pass by a woman and when you pass by things that attract your eye thought, right? All of this is part of the filth, that DNA that DNA basically it dirt is the heart and the dirt is the Duff's and this requires purification and a consistent form of purification. You fall in one sin and you repent from it. You need to repent again. Lending is a continual process of law and does occur. Now in the last which is the after this Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us of two worships that are the most effective worships and the most effective of tools that cleanse the snuffs and purify it

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from its filth and sins. Allows origin says well That girl is smaller

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Be once I got a smaller baby, and he made mention of the name of his Lord that got a small baby he is a reference to a vicar. In other words, Allah Zoysia you see that when one looks at the word does that get purification? How do I earn this purification of the knifes, a lot of soil is teaching us two effective methods, one be the three legs of had avoided. Well, I totally have my brothers in Islam. If you want to look into the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam you will not find anything more effective in cleansing your knifes from since then advocate for solid and solid. And these are the two things that are most of the highlights in the after this. He says that got a

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small be a thicker and thicker would clean the CO Ed when you're just sitting there. So Pamela, it is from the mercy of miles origin that he teaches us this kind of worship, worship that doesn't need mobile. It doesn't need Olson, if one is in the state of Geneva. It doesn't need you to face the Qibla you can be anywhere you can be in any state, you could face any direction. You don't even need to be close. Let's say someone doesn't have his clothes on, for example, all of this. All of this does not affect this worship of Vicar for it at all times anyway you are when you see a vicar it is exempted from the person as long as he says it sincerely and honestly, a vicar would never be some

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alarm. Why don't you send them if you look into it, if when he told us about a ticket, you find that most of the times the reward that is attached to advocate is something along the lines of cleaning so yet, my friend emphasized and he says whoever says so Panama he will be happy 100 times then allows origin would wipe away You seemed even if they were to unmount the food of the ocean. And maybe some low water salami says anyone who says La la la la la la la Mercado

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de 100 times, then one of the benefits of that it wipes away 100 ciat and earns him 100 Hassan ad and it'll be a protection for him from yelling the devils and evil and harm during that day until the afternoon or until that night for you find the thicker, the lost parent and as I said live in Nakuru is ascribed to forgiveness of Saget and

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send them a friend and he teaches us

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and he says about a year delay still fell, you know, so you know, they still look it up and memorize it. If you still don't know, it begins your mahamantra

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until the end,

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this signal is still fall under Minnesota law says that if one says it in the morning,

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and he's certain of it. I must have had a whole lotta Anna would admit him into the paradise if he died before the afternoon. And if you said it in the afternoon and died before the morning a lot of soil admits him into the paradise Australian wine Australian land what is the thing that stops you from entering the paradise directly your sins? Who is there anything other than the sins that is standing between us in the door of the paradise for that means when one says this is the follow up and it guarantees him the paradise one way. In other words he cleans the car. It removes that obstacle that was in his path which was a car so in other words, so you don't use them for earns you

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complete forgiveness of your sins as a result admitted into the paradise for Subhan Allah What a nice Allah Allah wa alayhi wa sallam teaches in a happy feminist fashion and he says Mangala Hainan special. Whoever says when he wakes up in the morning and during this time, so how am I going to have the mirror tamala? We said Whoever says so how to log somebody that wipes away you say yet, but in another narration in the bizarre salami says wolfelt boo boo, we're in Ghana at thirimanne xaba de la that his sins are removed, even if they want to know more than the form of the ocean. Do you know the form of the ocean that white stuff that ends up on the shore after the journey the waves

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come in and out the white stuff that is visible to Bob? Sometimes it's it's enormous. Sometimes it's spread until the end is as far as I can see all of that have since add more is forgiven for the person and the reason?

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He says yeah, and also in an incredible Hadith. He says Subhan Allah He says man,

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there is not a single person on earth, that would say la ilaha illa Allah subhana wa when hamdulillah which are the four most beloved words for Allah subhanho wa Taala Illa goofy Madame de Rue de un Okay, that actually means the same story and same result, except that it would wipe away you see yet even if they were to amount more than the ocean, whenever you saw a lot of water, you know some of the ones that

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he passed by a tree in the Sahaba were with him and he got a stick and he hit on the leaves of the tree and the leaves began to fall.

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Yeah the abundantly the few the leaves felt for them to medicinal marijuana, you know sell them you said in that and hamdulillah was how to La, La La La La La

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La to sell people minzu will come at the circuit water to heavy shadow. He said that these four words would remove and wipe away the sins of a person, just like the leaves of this tree for the sins would go away with the loss of Hannah dad. So what we need to understand is that any sin one commits immediately he should rush to the cruel loss of Hannah data in whatever state he is, well, there's some people, yet he he gets confused. If he commits a sin. He says Allah, later on I'll get up from my sin. I'll clean myself and then I'll engage in some sort of liquid or do I make liquor over love right then and then within that sin of yours, right then and then most of our data he says

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in Surah Surah de la la Mr. He says when Lavina

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that girl will love her stuff. Holy Lord obey Him. He said and those who commit infatuation, Fallujah his major sin, he's drinking alcohol he's committing Zina, he's watching something that is hot any other issues that go along the the meat mentioned and remember a lot right then and there Yeah, maybe I didn't even say the cola then they remember the law it said vecow right then and there as soon as one commits a sin you need to wake yourself and you need to make the most of Hannah data right then and there. There is never a bad time to make liquor there is never a bad time to make liquor other than someone is watching something hullabaloo where you can afford crosses in his mind

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and he says not now when I'm watching something fulfilled doing something fulfilled What am I gonna How am I gonna make liquor

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and there is there is never a bad time to make Vica right then and there you may think of a loss paradata because you die after it and he did not have the chance to sales offer a lot for any we need to learn at all times in all states mobile are not awesome or not whatever it is, one is supposed to engage in declines paradata and the major benefit in that is that the sins are wiped away. And the second effective and powerful tool that wipes away the sad after liquid for some that Fossella he prayed or I can ID from masala masala Mahara. Here's a look. teachers as well. And most of the ahaadeeth mentioned this in this ascribe the reward of forgiveness of sins to solid a felon

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and obese all along while he

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was selected to enter select the myeloma normalized anomaly thermobonded Llama Llama la boca Filipina to Nevada cadet, that one solid, another solid? What does it do? It wipes away the sins so long as the major deeds or major sins are avoided, so long as the major sins are avoided,

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or selected or solitary.

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Well, that makes your prayers selectable. What do you earn between your own forgiveness of cigar as long as you stay away from the major sins? So have a look at that without even realizing there's a hadith that is telling a sonnet one of its effects was that it's cleaning your car during the day as you're waiting for an excellent one of the effects and the V solimar. model. Yeah, and he also teaches about the solar edit removing the car, in an incredible hobbyist of an apple user will use a local law model. We'll use

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Danny a person once he was selling dates in the marketplace.

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And a woman came by and she said to him sell me dates with this one silver coin and this hadith in Sahih. Muslim

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he said sell me dates Yanni with one worth one silver coin, for you said I have better dates at home. Follow me on also your dates in my house for you water she walked off the until they ended up in his house until he only began to kiss her and touch her except that he did not give me dinner with him. Then he went and he felt bad. And he went to a loss of a llama himself. And he said to me

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123 happen via Neelam and other than Jani committing the major Xena and Lehman Dover, Dover, my hands at my disposal for Divisadero he turned away from it, we didn't look at it.

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The man came back again. And he said you're slow ma Lehman, Toma and Lehman tawanda. Sasha is turning away. Obviously nothing is being revealed in this case but

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couldn't make a verdict on his own waiting for it.

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Something to clear up the issue. They kept turning away from him until this man he said in the Hadith had fallen to Anoma. fury Abba wasn't even at the now, he said until volunteer inserted until I was certain that a love would never forgive me. And I am from the people of the Hellfire and he walked off within Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals an AR loss loss of a loved one he was the solitude Akiva Sala topography Nahanni was one of Amina Layla in the Casa de

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la sala immediately called her so happy to follow him go after him, get him he got him he came to me. And he said to him that Omar surgeon had revealed in your case what I'm famous for that pull off a minute late I'm going to select meaning established or solid on the twofold of the day was una familia lane any hours of the night parts of the night in this volatile moldable solid inertia bar of a narrow sort of familiar laid it accommodates for the five fallen prayers what's the result? In Manhasset verily enhancer that what is the hustler that was mentioned in this select meaning in the hustler generally our center more specifically also that you hipness, say the wipe away so yet for

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them So how long have you simples almost a new house Southern Cali is this special for me. He said to him, belly oma do element of embodied. He said this AI is general for you and for my nation and for everyone that comes after you until the day of judgment that commits something similar to that, for some how to love, you find the only incredible house so that its effect in cleansing one from his car in the house and 80 of the yard.

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doesn't go that kind of smaller B for Sunday. These are the two that if you were to hold onto the cruelest paradata was solid, B is the land they are a means in how one is cleansed. But now let me just end with this.

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We know what the path to success is. Very clear loss paradigm highlights it and he emphasizes of it in this area. It's clear to understand any Bedouins in the desert understood what the path to success is, admit acknowledge your Sims. Victrola engage in that was solid be as the lead that cleanses away a cigarette for you.

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So what distracts the people from this path? What distracts the people? How come Jani people would know of this, and then I'll hold on to you. And it doesn't seem to be that people are in need of the success. What has distracted them from holding on to this path until they meet a loss of Hydra Donna, the after it tells you the problem. Barely to hire the doula straight after

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the Zika or the kind of smaller before so learn to feel alone and hire the doula

00:28:01--> 00:28:45

up top means rather, rather you only see rather when someone has chosen a path over another philosophy that says rather to your problem is not that I haven't explained the path to success. The path was recited to them day after day. Right? But what was the problem the problem is furon and higher than dounia that your preferred the world their life over the next will notice that the Crimea is to your own, to your own meaning to prefer to you know when you prefer something? What does that mean? It meaning you acknowledge the two things. Jani Alonzo gel in this area is not speaking about those who disbelieve in the hereafter. He's speaking about people who believed in the

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Hereafter, but they prefer the worldly life over the next. That's what preference means. If I got young if I got this, this is a for me, I got a pin buffer. And I and I, I believe in both of them. They exist right here in there. This is a pin this is a phone. And if I chose this over this, I'd say I prefer the phone over the pin. It doesn't mean I denied the pin. But Luna had the dounia meaning they acknowledge bullfights but you just prefer this over that. Why? You prefer that because it's called the dunya What do you mean something that is at the net or something that is close in hands reach and how long Danny a house martial law on river it's close I can get it now. And I know

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

that a lot of social as promised houses for the believers in the paradise was too far to reach. And common in this life is too quick man I just put my hand on I grab it. I knew there is common in the paradise, but it's too far. I can't reach it now for this is the preference right? So shall he promises on holiday Motherland in the paradise, and we believe in that we believe in the characteristics. We know that this is for the believers have prepared them but they're too far. I need to like gauge around and look around.

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In this life, and earn my satisfaction from that, for such people preferred the world the life over the next, do you believe the novelist and he didn't prefer this is why we after a long while after

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office in the Hereafter is highly limited to things higher, meaning better, while

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longer lasting, forever lasting. Yeah, in other words, everything you do in this life, you're supposed to remember these two things. When you buy something, what a lot of Zoysia offers in the Hereafter is better, and it's long lasting. Well, these are the two things that always when you shop for something, you want to make sure it's good, and it lasts long. This is why Mathurin you buy a better brand, a bit more expensive, because it might last for 10 years, for 11 years, whatever it is, still, as long as it lasts, it won't be everlasting as what a lot of Zoysia offers in the paradise. Thank you.

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And to conclude, the sooner it says in the head that of a sort of an older sort of Ebola Ebola Musa. Indeed, this is in the reminder in the scriptures of the past sort of illusion. What's this? Meaning this reminder that we shared now from heaven to go to Home I've got this is not this is not something in the Sharia homosassa level. This reminder is sort of eluded, it's in the previous scriptures from the first day of law revealed this. And more specifically, some of the Ibrahima Moosa Ibrahim Ali, Sarah Busan, Bousada, you said I'm used to preach the same path to success. Getting my brothers we need to understand that the path to success never changes. From day one, it

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never changed. It will it was always within the Coronavirus paradigm was solid. That was always the path to success and the path to cleansing and purifying the knifes always the path to success. So have you bought Hema who said why specifically these two prophets were mentioned as opposed to the others and accroche are listening were alakija listening as well in a way the common audience of Lhasa masala when Napoleon was recited Ibrahim Ali Salaam and mushy Kuhn Of course they ascribe the legacy to him. So he's saying this into your your scribe your legacy to employ my wherever I was teaching you this? How come you're not true and honest to your father, and to adopt these teachings

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of the sector of the gospel or beef or something? When the and the Jews who did they ascribe delicacy to moosari features low associate is also saying to them, did you find this in the scriptures of Mousavi? Sir? Did you find it that it says that Metallica wasn't gonna smell beef or something? He didn't find out. What's new, the path of success has always been the same and remains the same from the time of Adam adding his salon until the last day We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the ability of making liquor of Allah subhanho wa Taala baskets have had our data to keep us steadfast upon hours upon the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala we ask him some Hana data to make

00:33:05--> 00:33:26

his people of the blind people who benefit from the reminders of the COAB just before I conclude probably one thing I forgot to mention, and that is that a vicar will select not only wipe away the minor sins, but it also wipes away the major sins also wipes away the major sins or this issue. There's a difference of opinion among the

00:33:27--> 00:33:49

loved one is that it also wipes away the the the major sins especially the loss of Hannah Dad, why because of one having in when the recent alarm while he was alive, he says whosoever and he mentions a liquid Jani Nikolay de bubbles pelog orfila, who were in Ghana confirmed Amina xof

00:33:50--> 00:34:34

it is forgiven for him even if he wants to run away from the battlefield. You know, running away from the battlefield in the whole field all room in the world Leo Mazel Tov is a major sin. That's a major sin, when you face the enemy and there's an enemy before you. And then you turn your back and you run away that in Islam is considered a major sin right? May May just said, Why? Why is it a major sin? Why because the fear of of the enemy has overtaken your heart more than the fear of loss of habitat. So you are a major sin. The Hadith in said that if one was to engage in the vicar of Allah, Allah would forgive him even if he turned his back from the enemy and ran away. What does

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

that mean? Meaning even if he committed a major sin, it's understood from this hadith from Mahara that the Coronavirus paradata was solid, B is the lie to Allah they wipe away the minor sins and the major sins by the permission of Allah subhana wa tada we ask him Subhana Allah to cleanse our knifes and to Yanni Amman, Matthew fusa. taqwa was again the whole woman's again automatica our soul a lot more so.

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