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There are people in this world you have never come across them you haven't seen them in your life. They have rights upon you and you have rights upon them. How this works out? We'll find out shortly inshallah. So stay tuned.

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Indeed All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can miss guide, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show, for the sake of Allah, in this show, we are trying to deal and to highlight the beauty of brotherhood in Islam, and the high position

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that Allah granted this very beautiful aspect of Islam, in our life and in the life that comes after it. Today, we are dealing with a very important subject, which is the rights of brotherhood, we know that the Muslims, as a nation, all of them together, they are brothers to one another. And it means that they have rights upon one another, and each one has obligations towards the others. This is the way Allah regulates this relationship. And without that kind of regulation, it will go missing. So this is from the Mr. Wisdom of Allah Subhana home with Allah. Now, to do that, and to establish a universal brotherhood and make this brotherhood, constructive and beneficial for all humanity. Allah

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subhanaw taala directed us to these rites of brotherhood in the Quran and the messenger sallallahu Sallam clarified that clearly, in the Sunnah, with beautiful examples, real examples from himself, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. And the examples of his companions, the ones whom he cultivated the best of generations, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Now, before we go into the detail drives, and they are the general rights, we know that the Muslims all together are brothers to one another, and they have rights to one another. Now, we would like to just have a glimpse, and a brief look into brotherhood, this kind of brotherhood that the Muslims

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have, and its value in their lives. Now we have today, our guests, brother, Abdullah, man, and Brother Mohammed. Now, we have come to know from the verses that we have come across, and the statements of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, about

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this brotherhood, and the universal, strong bond that it creates amongst the Muslim or the members of the Muslim society. And in order to make this brotherhood go in the right direction, it has to have some regulations to control it and make it balanced, so that it becomes constructive becomes or brings about positive results on the society and on the individual. So do you do you have any contributions or any questions with regards to the general brotherhood? What are the general what's the general brotherhood? And what are the specific one? Things like that? These are sometimes things that people mix up? So would you like to tell us what do you think a lot of man general Brotherhood

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is and what specific Brotherhood is in Islam? Oh, do you think that maybe it is something that seems like a puzzle to you?

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I mean, I don't think there is too. Yeah.

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I rather

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take it from you. Okay, so can you all a brotherhood, okay, I'm hammer. Do you have another opinion about the neutrinos? Like, same the Berber with the same brother? Yeah. Okay. This is exactly what it is in Islam. It is the same brotherhood, which we call sometimes the universal brotherhood that we have in Islam. But what I mean by General brotherhood and specific brotherhood, okay. If you travel to Indonesia, for example, you will see Muslims, they are your brothers. They have rights upon you. That true, yeah, it's true. Okay. And in your neighborhood, you have brothers that you mix with you hang around with them all the time. You go with them to pray in the masjid. You go with

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them to college, maybe you go with them to the market. You spend time together.

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You go visit one another. Okay. Do you think there's a difference between the one who's in Indonesia and the one who's in your neighborhood? I think that

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when when someone is closer, there'll be more rights. This is what I mean. Yeah, that's what we mean by specific brotherhood. The reason why, and we will come to know that inshallah, because

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inevitably, he's in your neighborhood, you see him every day. So this incurs more rights upon you than the one person, you don't even know that He exists.

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This is inevitable, and this is the normal case. Now, the messengers allow it, it was sent, as one of the companions described him, that he never left anything that is beneficial for us in this life and then the next, except that he described it to us, and he clarified it to us. This is from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, everything we need, everything, everything that can be beneficial for us, whether from the matters of this life or the matters of the hereafter. They mustn't just allow us a lump sum directed us to the right way of dealing with it. One day, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the rights of the Muslim brother upon his Muslim brother are six. And on other

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occasions, the prophets Allah, Allah mentioned more. Now these are the main one of the main ones, the six ones. First, he started, he said, giving this alarm, giving this alarm. This is the first right of brotherhood. Now this is something the Muslims, I don't think that they abide by that we can see that Salam has become something precious you hardly see two people giving Salaam to one another. What the messengers allow it was a lamp. And through this practice, we can see the beauty of Islam. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that from what Islam is that and to sell them alimentaria foreman laterals that you give Salaam to the one that you know, and the one you don't

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know, I want you to just imagine with me, what do you think if this society, all of it becomes everyone is giving the other one this alarm? Everyone is seeing another one? He knows him? Or he doesn't know him as salaam alaikum. What do you think? For example, Mohammed? What do you think? It would be like? Will it be the same as we have today? Of course not. I think that there'll be more angels in the streets and then yeah, then the usual case but feels like

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for the Muslims on the streets and everywhere. Yeah. Very good Princetonian. Yeah, it brings very good brings mutual love, brings mutual love. Imagine you see if you're walking the street and I'm sure it happened. happened to me many times. I'm walking the streets someone I don't know him. I haven't seen him in my life. And he says Salam Alaikum

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we'll definitely straight away this human nature you will feel some love towards him.

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So imagine the Muslims saying a Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum it becomes a strong society people love one another. Because one day, you know, this is something that Allah put in human beings. One day my bass was sitting with his students, and he saw a man passing by. So he said to his students, he said, This man loves me. He had never seen him in his life. But he said this man loves me. So when they asked him they said a lot because I love him. I saw him I loved him for the sake of Allah. Now if you spread this alarm, it will bring this kind of to Medina Medina is some kind of tranquility and peace that you feel in the heart. Yeah, when you when you are in an atmosphere where you know

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people you are acquainted with them. You feel more comfortable. But if you are among strangers, you don't feel comfortable this DOMA Nina, you feel it among the people that you are acquainted with the ones you have some sort of connection to. So imagine, imagine yourself getting sent out to everyone and everyone giving Salaam Can you imagine our streets, our cities will look like how people. I tell people believe me, people sometimes come to work and they are fed up with transport and with commuting, they're fed up with the bills they have to pay and the rent and all this financial burden. But imagine yourself when you walk in the streets, salaam Aleykum, Selam Aleykum it takes

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away from the agony and pain and the distress that you have. So when you go to work, you come fresh because you already had maybe 100 alarms on the way because this is some kind of energy Yeah, it gives you a feel it spreads also peace, for example, especially between youngsters where there's more fights and where

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and the teams and all this kind of stuff and fights and when when someone comes and says Salaam Alaikum. Manny telling Peace to his butter. Yeah, it makes the pressure go down. Yeah, that's true. That's what makes it makes you have something in common in common. It's thought something in common. It is the best way to make a friendship give Salaam to someone you don't know Salam Alikum you can open open a conversation with him because you have already attracted him towards you. He has some kind of

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feeling towards you? This is why the messengers

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directed the Muslims to give Salaam to the one they know and the one they don't know. There is something that we will get if we do this practice this beautiful etiquette just to give Salaam will have this on the Day of Judgment you know the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day said you will not enter Paradise until you love one another the Oh until you believe until you truly believe. Lenten total ginetta had told me you will not enter Paradise until you truly you have to achieve amen Okay, now someone says How can I achieve you man? Well it's easy to say but how can I achieve it give me something tangible something something I can do something I can put into action straight

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away and benefit from it okay and listen just also made it easy for us. He said well unto me No, we will not be truly believe until you love one another Okay, he's making it more easy Okay, how can we love one another?

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I want to do locum lsj in in Falco

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and he said so I sent him said Should I not tell you about something that if you do it it will spread this mutual love amongst yourselves Subhan Allah the Brazos Adam is making it easy for us he's breaking it down so simple things you can do them you will have love you'll have love you'll achieve email achieve email straight to paradise straight to general inshallah This is our goal and our objective now so the way to Paradise is it started with you will not enter Paradise until you believe and ended with what giving the salon you see a simple actually do give Salaam it's a paradise creates love. And we need the Muslims today are weak because they don't have this mutual

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love. They don't have this mutual love, want to increase it, we give the Salaam and some people have the misconception maybe you heard of this that it's not obligatory to give this alarm but it is obligatory if someone gives you this alarm that you respond that's not true. The messenger sallallahu Sallam is saying just the right of the Muslim upon his fellow Muslim to give the serum so when you see him you have to give him Salaam anyone who doesn't give them what is the what the impression that gives you Mohammed some passes by you doesn't give you

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like he's telling me to back off or something like that. That's it yeah. Okay he's just as if he's looking down upon you. What do you think?

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I think

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he's not being sociable in a way Yeah. And we know and never we said to him I will law one of the great scholars he said that the reason why Salaam should be spread to the one you know and the one you don't know because not giving Salaam is from arrogance you look down upon people why should I give this man sit down and it happens sometimes it gives someone Salaam looks at you. Why are you giving me salon?

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We can see this in the streets you give someone Salah he looks at you. I don't know you What do you missing out this arrogance? So Salaam takes the arrogance. And the feeling of alienation says that sometimes sometimes people have amongst each other. So we can see how that this is Allah has obligated upon us or made it obligatory upon us of the rights of our brothers upon us to give Salaam but it is a credit to us. We are the ones who would benefit from this. Now there's a beautiful etiquette and it is a right so when you see a Muslim brother, you have to give him Salaam This is his word, don't breach this wide. inshallah we'll come across other beautiful etiquettes and

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obligations. But we will have a short break. We'll stop for a few minutes and they will come back. So and we say to our viewers, stay with us.

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Welcome back. Now we have seen how Islam teaches us the things that will strengthen this bond amongst us and improve the society in general and benefit the individual. Now we mentioned the some of the social benefits, the things that are good in conveying the Salama spreading the greeting of Ceylon now with the prophets of Allah saddam had a beautiful Hadith he said, what has arrived is a beautiful hadith of man. Without mo Tom well as Shu Salaam

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Hello janetta

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worship, merciful and feed the poor ones and spread the greeting of Salaam you will enter Paradise with peace. So inshallah we can see that Islam gives us the things that improve the quality of our lives here. And it guides us to the way that inshallah will lead us to paradise. Another, right, right number two, from those that the brothers have upon us, and this is something we have fallen short into. It is if someone gets sick, he falls ill. And you know, imagine yourself you fall ill, and you're at home by yourself, and no one shows up, that you have your brothers that you mix with almost every day. And when you are missing, they don't miss you.

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So when you come back, it comes back, I guess. And I think, from my own experience, this is mainly the case in the West. If you show up, that's fine. If you don't show up, people don't ask about you. They're not concerned about you, whatever happens, happens, then, if you show up with hamdulillah with us, we'll have We'll have fun is what they said. But if you absent no one sees you. They don't ask about you. Maybe Maybe he died, maybe he's ill maybe he needs help. If he's in trouble. People don't care about that. You'd like to have something here. I believe that this even shows that the people are fake. It's not a real friendship. Because what is a friendship, a real friendship, if the

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one that we call friend doesn't show up in bad times, and just show up in good times, and when he wants to have fun or wants to that this is this is not true. And me personally, it is very nice when when you're really sick, and someone asks about you, it helps you show your sickness. And that's true. It helps you it helps you overcome your sickness and the illness. You know, one day I remember there was an old man coming to the local Masjid. And he had no family. A man of wisdom Mashallah can see, you know, the old man, they have some wisdom. And one day he had a heart stroke. He had a stroke. And he went, they took him to the hospital. And he became sort of disabled. So we realized

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people in the West in the local Masjid, they missed him for two days. He hasn't come, this man comes to all the prayers, it come to February it comes to Asia comes to all the praise. Where does he come? There must be something wrong. They kept asking and inquiring until they found out that he was in the hospital. You see if he was in a different over the different people or different people now Muslims, I don't think anyone would really bother to find out where he was. So they found out which hospital he was in, we went out to visit him. And we came in we came to him. He said that was an emotional moment. It really touched my heart. The man was in tears. He looked at us and he started

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hugging. He, he couldn't move really properly. He was moving on one hand, he tried to hug us and he thought he was really in tears. And he was so happy. He was so happy. And he said May Allah reward you, you are my family, you are my children, you are my sons, you are my brothers, you are everything. And he was so happy. And honestly, I feel that moment, I will never forget it. So like I was I can, I can still recall the peace and the happiness that I had in my heart. When I saw him in that state, he was very happy to see us. And even the amenia all the nurses and the doctors in the hospital said, therefore there was some kind of celebrity all these people coming to visit him.

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Yeah, sure. What's wrong with that? And I could see There was an old man next to him on the bed next to him. And he looked really sad. He was a bit ill. But I think what wasn't his illness was that no one was asking about him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us the rights of the Muslims are the only Muslim towards his fellow Muslim. Second one he meant he mentioned is to visit him when he is you know, visit him when he is ill. These are the beautiful feeling that Islam wants us to have to our brothers. And when I asked that old man, he said to me, I haven't seen anyone from my family, even not even friends and brothers, family. So for six months I've been here for by myself.

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So you see how Islam when we show when we call the people to Islam, we want the people to have these values, want them to have a better life. Have you ever been through an experience something like that? And it's notable, as you said, when practicing Muslims, they go in and out in the masjid. And they notice a brother that's not there for some prayers during the day or something like that couple of days. It is very noticeable that we have to ask about them. And usually it happens. I don't have a certain case about that issue. But all the time times someone misses the prayers. So we go ask him, Where is he? what's what's wrong?

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with him, those of the day he is sick for a few days or something like that. But this is an issue. It's like when he misses the prayers, not going to them as we have to visit. Yeah, usually it happens. But as you said that we gather around, and we go over. And it's like, very easy it is the message of the community. It is a community, they have this brotherhood. So this is the foundation for brotherhood, I tell you

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that any friendship, any relationship that is not based upon sincerity to Allah alone, it is invalid. It is fake, as you said, it is fake. Usually it doesn't last, that's what comes through Allah is eternal. That's even less than the hereafter. That's it. That's the difference between a practicing a non practicing very good, that's that's another difference here. People who are practicing, they have these values. People are not practicing, they will follow the ways of the disbelievers. I care about myself. And if you get eldest, your problems, have nothing to do with that. You know that the messengers, forcing them to give the glad tidings to the ones who visit the

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ill brothers. The prophets, Allah seldom said, anyone who visits his ill brother, then he is working within the mercy of Allah, he has entered himself in like an ocean of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And once he sit with that ill person in his room, then he is sitting within the mercy of Allah until he leaves and some other things that prophets Allah said to us, so it's not only about having just a mutual love, it's even about the reward you're going to get. So Islam, we can see when people talk about Muslims as terrorists, Muslims, as once one who have no social life, Muslim people who are strict, and they are fundamentalist. When we look at the Islamic way of life, as we saw in

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the life of the companions, how beautiful was the solidarity they had and the mutual love they had, we can see that Islam softens the character, and elevates and improves the quality of the character and the manners the people have. So it brings happiness by this means. And we can see that the world is full of poor people and people on the other side, we can see people living extravagant lives. Why is that? Because people don't care for one another. In Islam, this doesn't exist. It doesn't exist, the message is lost, Helen said in a beautiful Hadith. And he said there is no Muslim who goes and visit his ill brother during the morning or during the daytime, except that there are 70,000 angels,

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seeking forgiveness for him until the night falls, and anyone who visits his sick or his ill brother during the nighttime or in the evening, then there will be 70,000 angels seeking forgiveness for him until it is morning time Subhan Allah can see and the angels supplication is accepted by our last panel to Allah. So imagine 70,000 angels are seeking forgiveness for you, the one who fulfilled the perfect character of the set, who can you come second after the Prophet solonius dilemma? Was Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him? One day, they must have just all of a sudden said to the companions, who is fasting today? abubaker said I did on fasting, okay, he asked, who followed a

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janaza funeral today, like I said, I did. Okay, who fed a poor person today? Like I said, I did, who visited an ill person today I did. So the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, no one who have combines these things during one day, except that he's from the people of paradise. So these are righteous actions. These are from the rights of brotherhood. And so we can imagine, if we follow these whites, and abide by them, what kind of society we're going to have.

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We won't have poor people, people will have a happy life. And this is what Islam is. As we said, I'm not I am said at the very outset, when we started this program, that anyone who thinks that Islam has come to regulate or directed people only to paradise, then he's mistaken, has come to do that. And to give us a beautiful life here, a beautiful life here. So what do you think would happen, man, if I want you to imagine that people have these, only these two obligations towards our fellow Muslims giving the Salaam and visiting the ones who are ill? What kind of love we would have? What kind of brotherhood First of all, it was, it will make people get closer. Very good. And second of

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all, like you said, she when you visited that person in the hospital, it gave you this impact on yourself. So like you said, it has it has a good thing here and in the hereafter. And the thing about here is that there's an impact. And when you do good, you get to also impact and you feel good. So it's like it

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exchange panel. Ah, that's what what do you think the would be the response of the person when he recovers, and then he sees you in the street. He, he loves you. That's it. He will love you see how then impact is lasting. Imagine yourself ill and somebody comes to visit you and help you in that illness. Then after some time, when you recover, you see him? Imagine you love that person. You're my brother, you would remember the days that we were in need, and he came to help you. Okay, we'll have another right that we have towards our fellow Muslims. It is this for the Muslims in general. And people are heedless mainly about this, to answer the invitation a brother says to you, you come

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to my house for dinner? We apologize. No, no, no, I will have to do this, I'll have to do that. It's an obligation. The messengers are lots of them. From these six, six obligations, if he invites you, you have to answer. So if you have no excuse, and the person is righteous person, a good person, you have to answer. And we know from experience that when you have food with someone else, what happens? Sorry, Mohammed, what happens? If you have food with another person? What kind of does it affect the relationship? How does it influence

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leaves the hot

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it affects the heart. It's not the whole about the stomach issue. It's about the heart very good. It's not about having stomach. It's the love and this human nature. When you eat with somebody else, you have something in common, you share the same feelings with him. So whenever someone calls, you're invited his house, he's a Muslim, it's an obligation to answer unless you're busy, or there's something wrong with him. Okay, so when this is an etiquette that we have to stick to it increases love. Because if I invite you to my house, and they say no, no, I have something to do that turns out to be that you're really free. But you didn't want to come close causes alienation and maybe

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dissension between the brothers. So we can see that Islam is so beautiful. Islam wants us to love one another more and be like one family be like one construction firm because like one brick is hanging to the other. You see that foam construction is how Muslims are interrelated. They are strong. And this is why we want humanity to attain this beauty and this love, we will have to stop now and I hope we will benefit from these beautiful obligations and benefit from them and apply them in our daily life so that we have this mutual love and inshallah our viewers will benefit from that as well. So see you inshallah another episode with a more beneficial and with more benefits from the

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Quran and the Sunnah. And I'll leave you in the protection of our last panel to Allah wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh