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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. This is a quick update regarding the war in Palestine today is Juma. The ninth of shawal 21st of may 2021, as everyone knows that the ceasefire between the Palestinians and the enemies have started a few hours ago. And most of the Palestinians with their inverse, or a coach or elsewhere claiming, are claiming and now that they are the winners of the war, they are the victors. And actually, many of them, as maybe many of you have seen that they are celebrating the victory on the other side, many of their enemies a claim that they lost the war, some of their analysts claim that they won the war. Now, we need to understand that now, is the

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claim of the Palestinians is correct, or is it just an emotional reaction due to the seas fire, in order to have an objective point of view regarding this conflict, or the regarding this aggression, or war, call it whatever you want to call it, we need to understand that this conflict is not a normal conflict between two powers. It is a war or aggression. That's why many of us are calling it aggression between a powerful,

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powerful army that is supported, unfortunately, by some of the superpowers, and many, many countries all over the world, and a group of defenseless people who are living under occupation in a small territory that is suffering from a blockade for more than two decades, actually, now. So that criteria to judge who won this conflict is totally different from any other criterias used to judge who won who won a war between two powers. It is well known that in liberation movements,

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if the liberation movement proved to the entire world, that they are the still existing and fighting and they are surviving, they say that this in of itself is a victory. And that can be applied on the case of the war between the Palestinians and their enemies, because the Palestinians have proven in front of the entire world, that they are they still there, and they are existing, and they are surviving, and they want to survive, and they want to build their own state. From a political level, we can see that it's, it has lost the war, they clearly and here, I will just mention a few points, because of time, you know, last night, there was a Security Council meeting and Kuwait have issued a

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proposal to condemn the Israeli Aggression against the Palestinians with some other recommendations, and all the members of the Security Council voted for that except the US. On the other side, the US have put forward a proposal

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to condemn the Palestinians and to side with the Israelis and no one voted for that the only country that voted for that was the US itself. This is a great victory from a political perspective. Now, I noticed that so many brothers, they might not consider this as a victory. They might not see that the the point behind this but in reality brothers and sisters with the current international setup, this is considered to be a victory and humiliation for the US and for Israel. And, of course, brothers and sisters, before that was not the situation and now the entire world sees their reality. And many countries, although maybe on a political level, on an official level, they can say nothing

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but that is that he has the right to defend itself. But in reality that is

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A major shift towards the Palestinians against the Israelis. Another point regarding the political victory, the normalization process that has started in

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Trump period a few months ago, or maybe last year, between Israel ILA, and some other countries have failed miserably. And they now it is very unlikely that other Arab countries will join. And even that those countries who have normalize their relationships with Israel, he may be now that normalization will not mean a lot. Just maybe they it is. This normalization might mean just political representation, full stop. It doesn't mean normalization, in terms of trading, and in terms of tourism and other things. And that is a great victory for the Palestinians. Another point regarding the political victory, for the first time, they say, for the first time, they you as

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President Biden, have referred to the Palestinian, the Palestinians, have referred to them as the militias, okay, or the militant groups. Although this is not acceptable. However, they used to refer to the policy unions as that terrorist, but they did not refer to them as such this time, which means a lot from a political perspective. Now, if we want to talk about the victory of Palestinians are from a moral slash spiritual perspective, this is very evident, because now, as we can see, the Palestinians have felt that they can resist and they can continue resisting, and they want to continue resisting, and they believe that it is worth it. And they are not, although they are

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mourning the people, they lost the 2200 plus martyrs, etc. And they lost a lot, many of the buildings, hundreds of the buildings were fully damaged, etc. Yet, and 1000s of people were injured, of course, yet they believe that it is worth it. And they are determined, and they say that they don't mind to lose more, in order to in order to win their freedom and to build their own country, this in of itself,

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is actually a great victory. And their enemies, I can tell you, their enemies will struggle more and more from now on. On the other side, we have seen so many images of Israeli soldiers of the occupying forces, they don't want to continue fighting, they feel that they are fighting for a lost cause. And that in of itself, adds to the victory Palestinians have achieved. Another point regarding the moral victory that Palestinians have achieved is the support, unprecedented support they received from all Muslims all over the world, almost all Muslims all over the world, except the Arab Zionist, and there are very few and now even they they can't talk, even, even some, some some

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Arabs who were against the the the against some, some, some Palestinian groups, they could not say anything, you know, and they try to find a position where from one side they are supporting the Palestinians. And from the other side, they are saying that they are against those groups. And this in of itself is a great victory. Another point which is the Palestinians this time Subhan, Allah managed to move not the the Muslims all over the world, but the Palestinians who are different who are living in different areas,

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whether it's those Palestinians who are living in a lead and other areas that were occupied in 1948. And the Palestinians of the West Bank, and the Holocene is up north in Lebanon, they managed to mobilize them. And this is again, unprecedented and now even

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Palestinians in West Bank who used to be supportive of fat, now they are supporting the Palestinians in Gaza. And they clearly see that the Palestinian Authority is not doing anything for them. It is the Palestinians resistance that is taking the lead. Moreover, the Palestinians it is since in Gaza, and in West Bank, managed to combine between USD and outputs and make making outputs as a central point in the conflict, which is a great victory. And now, this Palestinians, although you might have seen many of them are non practicing, but now they feel the honor of Islam. And they believe that this conflict is not just a conflict over a piece of land, it is a conflict over over a religious

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piece of land over

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if that expression is correct, over outputs. So they now submit more to Islam, and they want to be more Islamic. And this is actually a very strategic

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point or a very strategic achievement. Alhamdulillah. Of course, on financial levels, there are so many losses from the Islamic era. Of course, there are so many losses from the Palestinian side, but as we said, in liberation movements, it is worth it nothing called nothing called is not worth it, except when you surrender. Yes.

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Again, from military perspective, plus senior resistance managed to develop itself and managed to, to know its weak weakness points, and its strength points, and will manage to develop itself more and more. And the Israelis found that they are unable to defend themselves as they were thinking of.

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In summary, brothers and sisters, we should congratulate the Palestinians for these achievements. And we should thank Allah, Allah, Allah that Allah, Allah, Allah helped those oppressed people in Palestine, and help them towards freedom, and helps them towards building their own country and the capital of that country is this religious place, I will put the first dibbler of Muslims and the place of Israel and the place of the Gambia, we should all thank Allah, Allah, Allah and we should remember that victory comes from a law gela Allah only. And we should also remember that Allah, Allah, Allah commanded us to do the maximum that we can do in order to defend ourselves and defend

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our holy places. And Allah, Allah Allah says, Yeah, you know, this Bureau was a bureau What? What duckula Allah come to the hood, as far as any people continue being firm, and is struggling and continue resisting and defending themselves. And on top of that fear Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will grant them victory.