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Az-Zumar 17-31 Tafsir 21-23

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We'll begin from number 21

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see a left sends down good from the sky.

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Did you see it? Okay, what happened after that?

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And then he makes it as angles in the earth. Do you see that

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as soon as the Seneca, who Seneca is from the Sistine Lanka,

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is to insert one thing into the other,

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what does it mean to insert one thing into the other, and it also needs to channel to pass through collectors also to enter upon a path and continue to work on it.

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So, for all the water that comes down from the sky, in the form of snow in the form of you in the form of rain drops, what happens to it, it doesn't just collect in certain areas,

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isn't it, but rather what happens to it, the water begins to flow. And as the flow

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channels into the center

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is the pull off member from birth as is known that I

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and number is the gushing out of water. When the water is gushing down to somewhere, in particular from a spring from a water source.

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Ember is used for a water source a spring,

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Dr. Phil out over here, although he and I both mean springs, but it may also refer to rivers and streams that are flowing. Because the point of view is it the water rushes out of the springs, right? It gushes out, and it forms into water.

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As the water rushes out to springs, it forms into small stream, isn't it until it merges into rivers, and so on and so forth.

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So the water comes down from the sky, and allows the panel data out of his mercy. What does he do, he channeled the water into spring in the wire, so that the water is not just collected in one place. But rather, people can continue to use it in different different places.

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And it's a huge mercy of a mess of data to the water that comes down from the sky is actually absorbed by the earth,

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isn't it.

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Because imagine, if it remained on the surface, how difficult life would become

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imagine, we would always have let's just imagine that the Earth was concrete just like our streets and roads.

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But the cells that Allah has made, the opening there has made it absorbs the water. And as the water is absorbed in what happens it goes deep underground water as it was intended, there are many springs, so the water is stored in the earth. And it is accessible in different different places, in mountains, and also elsewhere.

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Then you need to be here, then he takes out because of that water through that water is that on crops

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that aren't on the surface, they are trying and better is used for crops for plants. And over here that refers to in particular fields of crop. Because when there is water that comes down from the sky, only then we can have our fields isn't it

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and only then this vegetation is useful for us that we can consume it

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around and this better

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than anyone who is different in its color

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into the fact that I was 27 almost kind of dialysis

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engine I'm in a similar era and

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a big similarity most elephant and when

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do you not see the lessons down green from the sky and we produce there by fruits of varying colors. Over here. There are varying colors, different different colors. And remember Iran is not just calories, but it's also

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different types of plants come first which are a source of food for people.

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Then what happens?

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It dries up the same lush green fields. What happens to it, it drives

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them you see the firm Greenfield turning yellow

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Such as her red Jeep,

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he edge is to be agitated to be stirred up

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and her is used for such ground whose grass has withered and it has completely dried up

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understand is such ground, the grass of which has vivid it has completely dried up and your head you it dries up. Why? Because of the change of weather, and also because of lack of rain. And as a result for our homeless for when you see it turning yellow.

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So first, what does that mean?

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The other

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one that is turning yellow.

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And then we mix it into broken pieces.

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happen is to crush something to work something down.

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Hellfire, why, because it will work the people who are inside.

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So all the fire is a such intensity that it crushes anything that comes into it.

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So other

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than those veter what happens to it the drama that you're in, you know, and then the combo down into small pieces

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in the fever because

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indeed in that is surely a reminder for for those people who use your intellect, again, I mentioned those who don't just look at the surface, but to go deep down. They get the crux of the matter, they see okay, what's the point? What do we learn from this, they get the essence they get the gist.

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So radical medical is a strong reminder for for those who use their intellect.

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And a lot of humans are showing this to us every single year, isn't it,

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but as

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lush green, everywhere from trees to grass to different different plants. And albino if you compare the color of the tree, to the color of the grass, or those greens with the shoulders, difference, isn't it.

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And if you look at the variety of the plants that grow, you won't be able to list it.

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You see so much variation.

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And the water is flowing

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in the form of rivers. And this water is a first step purification it's a means of drink for us. And it's also a source of irrigating these plants that we benefit from.

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But we see that the same plants, what happens to them when there's lack of rain, or when there is a change of season? What happens to the same green lush plants.

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What happens

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if they change their color?

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The same green leaves turn orange turn pale, they fall down. People crush them under their feet. And that's it. The grant finished.

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In this is surely a strong reminder for those people who use their intellect.

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What is the strong reminder, that lesson to be learned from this?

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resurrection? Okay.

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The point over here is if you understand the ayah correctly, that the vs ban or lessons rain, it's green. Okay? And what happens when there's normally the same greenery? It turns out, and it's finished. So what's the lesson in that first,

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that if you think about it rain, many times it symbolizes knowledge revelation, isn't it? So when there is knowledge when there is guidance in the life of a person, it's full of life, it's green, it's lush. And when a person takes it away from his eyes, he does on a part of his life. And what happens is life becomes boring, dried up finished.

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Life is temporary. That is the main lesson

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that we learned from this from this example.

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That life is temporary.

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The greenery is not eternal,

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the varying colors. They're not long lasting. They're just there temporarily for some time.

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And for the few days for the few weeks for the few months that they're there. We are so attracted by them that we think nothing ever is going to happen.

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But a lot of panels out assures us that every peak has a decline.

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Every life comes to an end.

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During the yellow,

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lush green trees become completely barren and empty without a single leaf.

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And this has mentioned in many, many places in the Quran, for example in our 20 loss paradigm.

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Now I've never heard the dunya

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Not even when there was enough water for home but you know what the classrooms will rarely will

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know that the life of this world is nothing that amusement

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you look at all the greenery you can very amused by it and diversion distraction. You see it and you get lost in it. You don't want to go home. Just yesterday when we were there, I was setting some people let go, they're like no, no, I don't want to go. We won't go anywhere else. Let's just stay here.

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It's a diversion, and also abandonment. Zina, and also boasting to one another and Competition in increase of wealth and children. This is what life is an example of that.

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Children could fall on about two who

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are homeless for one from a corner football. Like the example of a beam whose resulting plant growth pleases its tellers, those who have worked hard on their fields under guidance, what happens when they see the greenery as a result of the rain, they become very happy, they become delighted by the greenery.

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But then what happens it dries up and you see it turns yellow, and then it becomes cluttered debris, it turns into scattered bits.

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And in the loss of accuracy, as I add one or two minima, one on one inherited vignette in diameter.

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And the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah. And approval, meaning for some, there will be punishment. For others, there will be forgiveness and approval, and what is the will to life except the enjoyment of delusion.

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What is the worldly life except just delusion? You enjoy it. But it demands you. It deceives you because it's not permanent.

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It's temporary.

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And you see any kind of happiness that you receive in dystonia, whether it is in the form of children, whether it is in the form of family, or wealth, or a job, or beauty, health, anything? What happens to it after some time

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it declines.

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It doesn't mean that you forever.

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For example, the same parents who were thrilled at the birth of their child, what happens? The child eventually grows up and he moves out.

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They waited for the day when they could welcome the child in their own house. And then the day comes when he leaves. Isn't it so?

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Welcome. And it goes, you borrow something, you use it and it ends up in the garbage. It goes away. So nothing is eternal. So that's the lesson in this for us. Should we get left in the boonies and forget that which was more important? No.

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We can now forget that which is more important. This is a test that what do you do in the midst of all of this attraction and amusement?

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Do you still remember a lot? Or do you get left in that group?

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Do you get lost in that?

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You know, sometimes you take children to an amusement park and what happens to them, they get so lost in the rights that they forget there is even some that they forget that there is even though parents with them one way or the other, wherever it is where the service, I don't know I'm just with my friends, I'm having fun.

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And when the park is about to close, and they wonder, I think I'm hungry.

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And then they start looking for their family members. But the whole day, they were so busy having fun. They didn't even care about where the rest of the people were. Because they were busy having fun. So, in this is a great lesson for us that this life Yes, it's full of delight.

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It's full of happiness. It's one of many blessings.

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But a person should never become heedless of all

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he should remain grateful to Allah for all of these blessings, he should know the complete list.

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Because ultimately, everything of this dunya is going to decline. Every single thing

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when I have found out you have bigger bilgileri will echo

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everything in this dunya everyone is going to perish

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and will remain on the

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COVID unit because angelelli will echo

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everything is going to get destroyed except in

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eternal. So I'll go for that which is temporary. Why are both for the one who is eternal?

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Why make yourself a servant of that which is temporary. Why not make yourself a servant of the one who is eternal.

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Because if you go for him, then he will give you that which is much better. And if you are after that which is temporary. It will only give you this appointment

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you plant a lovely garden, you spend so much time and what happens one chilly wind

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for a few days only, and what happens then finished your garden destroyed.

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So, if you grow for that which is temporary that which is transitory, it will only bring you disappointment, it will never bring you true happiness.

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But if you turn to Allah, He will bring you to happiness

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FM and show her love will sobre who Islam

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is one whose heart Allah has expanded to accept Islam

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and he is upon alight from his marriage

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FM and the Oh begins with a question a comparison has been made that one is the person whose heart Allah has opened for Islam

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and as a result this person is our nurse by the isn't of his Lord of his word.

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And on the other hand is for

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those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah

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those are the ones in manifester.

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So, on one hand is the one whose heart is open he is on earth and on the other hand is a person who is hard hearted whose heart is not affected

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does not humble does not change

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literally is to slip something lengthwise

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What does it mean to slip something lengthwise and then this word is also used to cut open and spread meat?

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Have you ever tried cutting a big piece of meat what do you do you have to let it lengthwise and as you split it, you spread it okay. And as you spread it, when when it has spread open then you can put it into smaller pieces like for example stick okay.

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So, literally is to slit something lengthwise and then cut open and spread. So, it was close as you notice, what happened it became vast, it became big.

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This is what chart

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which is also used for explaining something exposing something

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because when something is explained what happens the text is actually very brief, but when you explain it, then it becomes a paragraph long one line becomes a page long.

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It was very short, but it became bigger. Why? Because you did it.

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You opened it you started every word you step in every sentence

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is also to explain you may have heard of the word tertiary tertiary explanation.

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So she overhears Shara Hello Sabra who

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opened up his chest?

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What do you mean by this? That Allah opened up his chest? This is not physically okay. This is in the intangible sense in the monetary sense that a lot of panels gotta expand open his heart.

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So that he was able to understand and he was able to wholeheartedly accept the truth.

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Because a person's heart is closed.

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Then what happens? You tell him something, he doesn't get it.

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You tell him something, he doesn't accept it.

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When the heart is opened up, it becomes vast it expands with the understanding of the deen

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a person is able to accept the the lamb heartedly happily, and then he's also able to act upon it.

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You understand? And before that is heartless,

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unaware. unfamiliar, no idea of what the dean is no Nefertiti no interest in the eyes of the

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women the heart was opened up, it became spacious he was able to accept the Quran. He was able to understand the Quran. He was able to act on the Quran. ever face difficulties, he was able to have patience over.

00:19:46--> 00:19:49

fm and shadow Hanna who several hudl is

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so what does she have

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to understand? accept an act

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because of the heart is closed. You don't understand

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When the heart is closed, you don't accept when the heart is closed, you don't act on

00:20:06--> 00:20:14

the FM insha Allah who further over Islam, so, he accepts the religion and his heart is inclined to it, His heart is in it

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for her,

00:20:18--> 00:20:20

and then as a result, he is our nurse.

00:20:24--> 00:20:24

Over here,

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he is,

00:20:30--> 00:20:33

from his word and found his word by the tone of his voice,

00:20:36--> 00:20:39

he is upon life, many whatever he does, is,

00:20:40--> 00:20:54

he is rightly guided, he is in receipt of guidance. So, he has written because note is also useful knowledge, isn't it? So, he has knowledge, he has insight, he can see what others don't see.

00:20:55--> 00:20:58

The other hand is for way more little Casio

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Casio arsia from the art scene, where I saw the pharaohs useful hardness

00:21:08--> 00:21:11

and for the heart, hardness of the heart, what is the mean the hardness of the heart?

00:21:13--> 00:21:18

When the heart does not soften, it does not accept

00:21:19--> 00:21:22

you see rocks, you can break them, but can you melt them?

00:21:24--> 00:21:28

No, you cannot. You can crush them. But can you spread them less you can spread

00:21:29--> 00:21:30

you cannot.

00:21:31--> 00:21:33

This isn't iraq saw so

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00:21:36--> 00:21:42

to the heart hearts in victory lap from the members of their hearts are hard against the record.

00:21:44--> 00:21:49

And it includes the Quran, it includes the mention of influence at the speed of

00:21:53--> 00:21:56

the person but their hearts are affected.

00:21:58--> 00:22:00

But the heart does not soften.

00:22:04--> 00:22:05

Then the killer

00:22:07--> 00:22:08

birthday here.

00:22:10--> 00:22:12

And you see over here has also been understood as because

00:22:14--> 00:22:21

that their hearts are hardened because of the record of Allah, meaning the more they hear it, the harder their hearts become.

00:22:22--> 00:22:35

Does it happen? Does it happen? The more oppressive personal story about the religion, the more averse he becomes? Isn't there are some people who are like that to such people. Allah describes them as those who are in clear

00:22:37--> 00:22:38

to people are being mentioned.

00:22:40--> 00:22:43

Why is the person whose heart Allah has opened up for Islam.

00:22:45--> 00:22:48

So he has knowledge and understanding of the deen.

00:22:49--> 00:22:55

And it's not just that he has knowledge and understanding of the deen. But he is also happy and content with it.

00:22:56--> 00:23:04

He has satisfaction, he has contentment. He is a happy person, because he has wholeheartedly accepted the

00:23:07--> 00:23:09

EU. And then he also has insight.

00:23:10--> 00:23:22

So the person whose heart Allah has opened up for Islam, he is unmoved. by which he is guided in this dunya and also in the hereafter.

00:23:24--> 00:23:35

With the help of the Smurfs, with the help of this light, he is guided were in this dunya and also in the hereafter. What does it mean by this? That in the dunya, he is guided by that light?

00:23:36--> 00:23:37

He has insight

00:23:38--> 00:23:41

and is able to see what others do not see.

00:23:43--> 00:23:51

It doesn't mean that he's the only one who has a mind that other people don't have their minds. No. Other people have their minds but they don't use them the will of this person uses

00:23:52--> 00:23:54

How does he use his mind

00:23:56--> 00:23:58

in the light of what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed.

00:24:00--> 00:24:12

So he doesn't just go for temporary benefit, but he goes for eternal benefit. He knows that this dunya is temporary. So he puts everything in perspective. And then he sets the right goals and he takes the right action.

00:24:13--> 00:24:20

Which is why no matter how dark the environment may be, no matter how difficult the situation may be still What is his objective?

00:24:21--> 00:24:29

the pleasure of a loss pensado What does it show? This person has learned? He can see. He knows what Ray does. He knows what wrong is

00:24:30--> 00:24:37

1000 other people are confused. They don't know what they should be doing. He can see why. Because he has no

00:24:40--> 00:24:50

this isn't the state of confusion what happens. People who have knowledge of the deen even what happens to them don't make big mistakes. When when they're in a state of confusion.

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

Forget they become useless. But the person who's on a massive panel data gives him that they'll see it

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

What happens he can see what others don't see, no matter how unfavorable the circumstances movie, he still takes a right action,

00:25:08--> 00:25:13

because he can see, he has insight, he is enlightened from within.

00:25:14--> 00:25:27

And this is not just limited to the donor, but this will also guide him in the hereafter it will be a means of protection for him, it will be a means of his guide to paradise. For him, I number eight, know him Yes, I

00:25:29--> 00:25:33

will be emailing him, the light will proceed before them and also under right.

00:25:35--> 00:26:13

Because it will happen on the Day of Judgment is that after the hits of the people who are to be sent to her fight, they will be sent and then who be left in the hash, just the believers and the hypocrites. Because there were pockets appear to be believers. And so what will happen is there will be darkness. And each person will have light according to his fate according to his EMA according to his actions, and it will only be limited to him. And with that, nor with that light, he will cross the bridge. Some will be able to pass quickly and they will antigen and others don't have mammals. Some people will be flickering on all

00:26:15--> 00:26:22

and the hypocrites what will they say to the believers that work for us, give us some of your light, we will which you entered in here, but in the

00:26:24--> 00:26:27

only a person's personal life is going to benefit him.

00:26:28--> 00:26:34

So for her either neural network, this node will help this person in Kenya and also in the hereafter.

00:26:35--> 00:26:45

It will be his guidance, showing him what to do showing him what is right, showing him What takes a person to the pleasure and showing him the way to paradise.

00:26:46--> 00:26:52

And on the other hand, is the person whose heart is hard. I'm affected by the Quran.

00:26:53--> 00:27:00

So there are some people who will allow the Paragon was mentioned when the Quran is mentioned the heart expands,

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it opens up even more, it becomes filled with happiness, it becomes filled with joy, it becomes filled with contentment.

00:27:10--> 00:27:15

Why? Because a person finds out okay, I can do better I can do.

00:27:16--> 00:27:19

And on the other hand, when a person is recited,

00:27:20--> 00:27:30

whose heart becomes distressed, he becomes tired. He becomes bored. And you can see it on the face. And he begins to wonder when will this come to an end?

00:27:32--> 00:27:53

So they're eager, they're interested and others, they're just interested. Those who are eager that happens. Allah gives them guidance in this dunya and he will help them in the hereafter as well. And those who are not eager, unless for where you don't want to them that is way Kadima that

00:27:54--> 00:27:56

punishment for the possessors of such as

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00:27:59--> 00:28:00

unaffected they can

00:28:03--> 00:28:04

74 women

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

who come in by the relic

00:28:09--> 00:28:09

of a shadow,

00:28:11--> 00:28:17

then your hearts became hard after that, being like stronger, even harder, harder than rocks.

00:28:20--> 00:28:22

What a person has no interest into the

00:28:24--> 00:28:28

thing is that Allah only offers guidance to the one who wants guidance.

00:28:30--> 00:28:35

And a person who does not want guidance on what happens to him or that does not force it upon him.

00:28:36--> 00:28:39

And the more people present oversee becomes tivity

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

over 125

00:28:45--> 00:28:55

registered, registered him but as for those people whose heart is a disease, this only increases them and evil to their evil.

00:28:56--> 00:29:02

They already have evil and that evil it only increases why when the Quran was read to them.

00:29:04--> 00:29:07

In total unarmed by 122 Wheeler, a Roman kinda made sense that

00:29:09--> 00:29:09

was the

00:29:12--> 00:29:15

command method that Lisa Dakota Jim in her

00:29:17--> 00:29:25

bed and we gave him life and made for him lighter, which to walk among the people. Can he be like the one who was in darkness from which he's never going to come out?

00:29:28--> 00:29:31

Or the equal in comparison, medical

00:29:32--> 00:29:37

one is interested in being eager to know and the other no interest whatsoever

00:29:39--> 00:29:50

is interested when he brings about a change. Definitely not interested. It's the same whether he has to he has not heard, no matter how much you tell him. He's not going to be interested. So there are two types of people

00:29:53--> 00:29:54

who Allah has given.

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

Why? Because they want guidance. And secondly,

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

Are those who don't have to seek

00:30:04--> 00:30:04


00:30:05--> 00:30:10

which is right, even when guidance has offered to them, a reaction

00:30:11--> 00:30:14

aversion and increase in hardness.

00:30:15--> 00:30:22

So this is where we should keep making back to a market or law, open up my heart to the open up my heart to the

00:30:23--> 00:30:43

driver surgery, that open my chest, that whatever you say, I accept it, whatever you say, my heart can take it, and I'm able to act on it. And this can only happen when a person is understood, and able to understand, accept and act on the

00:30:46--> 00:30:47


00:30:49--> 00:30:54

So this is essential for a person to be rightly guided that a person is interested in.

00:30:55--> 00:30:59

And this happens with the tofu cover lot, and also a person's own desire.

00:31:00--> 00:31:02

So for this, we have to make

00:31:06--> 00:31:10

a DC sentence of best statement.

00:31:11--> 00:31:23

There are people who are interested in this business, and others who have no interest when they hear the only increase in their hardness. It's not a problem with the Quran.

00:31:27--> 00:31:29

And Hadees the best speech

00:31:30--> 00:31:38

and the best speech in its style, and its topic in its contents. In its messages, it's the best speech,

00:31:40--> 00:31:42

and also the best speech because no speech is it

00:31:43--> 00:31:45

the speech of Allah.

00:31:49--> 00:32:00

And when you think about it, so many hobbies exists, isn't it. So I'm not talking about the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but I'm talking generally, so many books.

00:32:02--> 00:32:06

So many segments of people, perhaps words of wisdom,

00:32:07--> 00:32:10

but whose speech is the best?

00:32:11--> 00:32:12

The speech that Allah has revealed?

00:32:14--> 00:32:16

Allahu Allah, and in heaven.

00:32:20--> 00:32:22

It's a book, what kind of

00:32:23--> 00:32:24


00:32:25--> 00:32:28

wondering, resembling similar to one another.

00:32:29--> 00:32:32

I like to share this from the machine by her.

00:32:33--> 00:32:36

She that we have done this word earlier as well.

00:32:37--> 00:32:44

But it will be metal shabbiha. And Natasha, this, this is one that resembles the other

00:32:45--> 00:32:47

one that is similar to the other

00:32:52--> 00:32:54

resemble one another.

00:32:56--> 00:33:00

To understand the parts of the Quran, they resemble one another.

00:33:01--> 00:33:06

In other words, this book, it is consistent. It is coherent.

00:33:07--> 00:33:08

It's not contradictory.

00:33:10--> 00:33:15

If you think about it, many of the eyes of the Quran, they are similar in their wording. And there are women

00:33:17--> 00:33:21

that show that the message of the book is the same, it is consistent.

00:33:23--> 00:33:30

The focus of the book is one, the contents are the same, the subjects are the same. So it is from

00:33:32--> 00:33:32

the from Allah.

00:33:34--> 00:33:36

This is as this book was from everything along

00:33:37--> 00:33:42

the way, whether the fee is the less than they would have found a lot of contradiction in this.

00:33:43--> 00:33:48

But the fact that there's no contradiction in the Quran, rather the themes are the same.

00:33:49--> 00:33:56

The topics are similar, the message is the same. There is repetition. What does it true, that it's from philosophy?

00:33:57--> 00:34:21

Because think about it 23 years, it took for the Quran to be revealed. 23 and if a person was writing a book in 23 years without thinking not change, of course, would he not come up with new and new things, of course. But the fact that the Quran is consistent, it is coherent, the message is the same from the beginning to the end.

00:34:22--> 00:34:30

It shows that this is from it's the word of Allah. So with a shared vision, it's resembling one another

00:34:32--> 00:34:33


00:34:34--> 00:34:39

for our own benefit is not to bore us because sometimes we get bored with the same thing I know about it.

00:34:41--> 00:34:44

Now, for example, the story of either medicine or we learned about in the previous soda.

00:34:45--> 00:34:48

Some people might think of this as mentioned so many times.

00:34:49--> 00:34:54

Yes, it has mentioned so many times, but each time it was different, so

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

many different lessons that you learn and depending on the context in which

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

That incident is mentioned, you understand it differently, you understand the new lesson out of it.

00:35:06--> 00:35:09

And at that time you need that reminder. It's relevant.

00:35:12--> 00:35:15

It's coherent, it's consistent. It's not contradictory.

00:35:17--> 00:35:21

And it's also masani. One that is oft repeated

00:35:23--> 00:35:25

is the plural of the word mesna.

00:35:27--> 00:35:30

mesna. And what is mackaninee? devil

00:35:32--> 00:35:39

interrupting this out women must now what's the last word in twos, threes or fours, so much nice.

00:35:42--> 00:35:44

Something has been repeated two times.

00:35:47--> 00:35:50

So, my Fanny, what is it after repeated?

00:35:53--> 00:35:57

Is there any meaning image is repetition.

00:35:58--> 00:36:01

What I mean by this is repetition.

00:36:02--> 00:36:05

That the teachings versus

00:36:06--> 00:36:17

the mystery have, the more erect the process, the the more he was worried all of them that are repeatedly mentioned in the class.