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And so, the primary answer to the question why did Allah allow bad things to happen? While the primary answer is Allah knows best, Allah is most wise and there is some hidden and divine wisdom behind everything that happens to us. A secondary answer is that Allah put us on this earth to test us.

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If bad things don't happen, what's the test?

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Right? So for people who want life in this world to be only good things, what we are asking for is gentlemen, that's simply what we are what we want our life in this world to just be a series of nice, happy things happening to us one after the other. That's not a thing that's gender. This earth was created to test us and this is mentioned many, many times in the Quran.

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In surah, wolf Allah Subhana, Allah begins the surah by telling us in the very second verse about himself was that the Holocaust moto hayata de la comida Kumar, Allah, he's the one who created death and life to test which of you are best in deeds, in Surah, uncovered at the very beginning, Allah Subhana, Allah tells us a husky Bonanza you.

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This meant I think, you can just say I believe, and go through life without being tested. And he

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tells us, we're the number one there could be shaming of OPI when Julie went up the middle. And while he was anti muslim, a lot for luxury for me, that we will definitely test you. If you understand the Arabic, the word, the W one begins with the Lamb of emphasis and ends with the noodle emphasis. If you're going to translate it literally, it means we will definitely definitely test you. It's a double emphasis, a lot is promising to just us to test us in what a loss of life, loss of wealth, loss of efforts, hunger, via these five things. Every human faces them at some point in their life.

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Every human faces the loss of life. The only people who don't face the loss of life are those who die young.

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The rest of society has to do with it. But the rest of us will have to go through life during those movie love. That's just a fact of life.

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A loss of wealth, everybody at some point in their life feels the pinch, something happens when they lose money, or they lose a job or the new something of value to them. You lost a fruit and here are some of the interpreted fruit to produce the fruit of your efforts. Why are in those days what will happen when a farmer would spend the entire year working on a certain crop of fruit, knowing that's going to make them the profits. And when the end of the accompanies the drought is a plan. They use everything. So it's a lot of efforts, right in our times, you may have a business plan that you've been working on all year long, and then COVID hits the lockdown happens, loss of efforts, right?

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It's going to happen. Fear, Allah has promised to test that field. And this year, we all face fear. Everybody in the world fixed fear. And you see this in the difference in how people react.

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That there are people out there who don't believe in Allah. When the fear came, they're like, how can God do this to us? Why is God allowing this to happen? And what do you believe or say, this is what Allah had promised us a lot of sweetness from. Allah has promised to test us. Why? Because Jenna is not cheap. Paradise is not cheap. You can't get to gender by not doing anything. You have to prove that you're worthy of gender. And the way that we prove that we are worthy of gender is in how we respond to the test of life.

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And in this world, a lot history with two types of he tempts us to death which is nice that which is fun that which is exciting. And he takes us to death which is scary, doesn't use hardened by that which is traumatic. Both of these attacks Allah mentioned in our budget, the word chest invoke context, allowance of a handle and funeral budget. He describes the reactions of the people of Makkah to be tested. Or what's interesting is he uses this word test to refer to two opposite things to someone being blessed with wealth and for somebody be tested with poverty. In both cases, Allah uses the word test a lot of other assays in Surah. A budget unbundling exam is above the level of

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Rama who won the AMA, Ravi Rama. Rama is above the law.

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As for humanity, when or when your Lord test you with blessings and beautiful things and nice things. They say my god loves me, my god honored me. And when the same Lord test you with difficulties, they say Allah has stressed that he's talking about the response of the police.

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They look at money as Allah honoring you. And they looked at poverty as Allah displeasing you. But the point for us in these verses Allah refer to money as what Amala insano. Visa Mbit Allah when he's not testing with money. And when he spoke about properties, there is a marked alarm when he tests him with poverty. So we're both getting money and having poverty for both of these, Allah uses the same verb that Allah, test him, Allah test you and well, he tests you a poverty. So how do we deal with a test of life? Very simple. When things go well, we make sugar. And when things go wrong, we make stubborn and as long as we are making sugar and we are making stubborn, we are moving

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towards gender. And so a lot due to the loss of the love while he was selling a stake in immutable Elise, that the life of a believer is amazing. Because only good things happen to me. When things go wrong and get sober, that is good for him. Everything's go well and he has sugar which is good. And so everything is good for the good evil. And should we go to life is this when things go bad. It is a test from Allah, it is a time for someone. And when things go well, it is a test from Allah, it is a type of trigger. Either way, life is a test. And the test continues until we meet our goal. So we should go to life always prepared to face test because only Allah knows when the test will come. And

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if you're not mentally prepared for it, we may end up failing it may Allah grant us all suffer and sugar makers from those who understand the purpose of life understand the purpose of this work, and make us of those who face our test and pass them and make us from the people that gender was from Tawana.

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In the hamdulillah esta esta pero what we need to work on a window to be that we truly and kusina woman car Dr. Medina Miyagi hit

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me up.

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We said that the way to face the test of life is with Saba. But very often, we don't know how to show Southern or what even Southern means. Now, the beautiful thing about the Arabic language is that a lot of these words that became part of our religion are comprehensive words in multiple layers of meaning. And sovereign is one of these words. So the word sovereign means patience. The word sober means perseverance. The word Southern means persistence. The word sober means self control. The word sober means resistance. The word sober has many layers of meaning. And each layer shows us how to deal with a different test of life. So when you are faced with temptation, when the

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door is open to commit a major sin, and there is nothing stopping you from committing a major sin, sovereign in that situation is self control. To control yourself and stop yourself from committing a major sin is sovereign. It is one of the major types of sovereign and you will get to the world of sovereign in such a situation to wake up for Salah Puja, especially now it's summer when it's extra Hurry, that takes a different type of struggle, the struggle of persisting in good deeds, that no matter how difficult the good deed gets, you are still going to do it. It takes someone to pick up the slack of budget, it takes about two three probably it takes struggle to do good deeds

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consistently every day for the rest of our lives. This is a different type of soccer, it's called persistence, right to persist in good until you meet your Lord.

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And when difficulties happen in life, someone passes away, someone gets sick, someone loses their job, someone loses their money, someone loses everything. The sober in these situations is to have patience. But what is patience?

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How do we face it? What would be a step by step process that if something bad happens, how do we deal with it? Number one, we do not say anything except that.

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That is the number one way of showing stubborn. Nothing comes out of our mouth except what is pleasing to Allah. And we see this in the example of en su La Silla love it. He was when he suddenly he passed away, and tears were coming out of his eyes and this harbor ASIMO. rasulillah you also cry when people pass away? And the Prophet said yes, our Hartsfield said our eyes shed tears, but our tongue only says that which is pleasing to Allah. And so this Hadees teaches us how to have stubborn. It's okay to feel sad. It's okay to cry. But don't let words out of your mouth that are displeasing to Allah. So number one don't see anything that's displeasing to Allah. The second step

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to suffer made to the number one don't watch me in the last module. And we see this internal bacara the same set of verses we mentioned earlier, Allah said we will test you with fear and how

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The loss of life and loss of well professionally for

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Xena, Ziva, Paulina, the lucky winner in ecological key patients to those who have struggled there are described for those who are those who have struggled, those who went calamity strikes is entirely lucky for in the in the raggio. This is in the

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eye This is in the Quran, Allah says that if you say this at the time of calamity, Allah gives you good news. It gives you good news, the good news agenda, you could use some reward, because this is the sooner reaction, the proper reaction, anything that goes on and some of us think that inadi languor Indonesian raggio is something we save when a person passes away. It's actually something you see when anything bad happens, right? It is a car accident in the road, you begin to draw you get the news that you lost your job in designing roads, you own your business closes down in the language and it Roger, would you say this for any calamity, you don't just say it for when someone

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passes away. This is our reaction to every calamity and this is part of saga. Number three. Number three, part of sovereign is that we maintain good thoughts about love. And we remain optimistic about the future, that Allah will grant us a reward for our service. And Allah will grant us something better than what we lost, if not in this world in the network. And so we remain optimistic with our lower and we will make hopefully I will go on and I'll end with a story. A very beautiful story that once Abu Salah Margarita hobby, came home to his wife masala and she told her full of happiness. I heard an amazing thing from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if something bad happens, and you see in the land going down the road you overlook Rodney better than what I lost the allowable answer to

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a few months later, Abu Salah passes away and his wife woman Salama, she makes the door. She says in de la vida de Raji moochie, retain Saba. She's now a single mother with four children including a baby and she's making this dua Allah grant me better than what I lost. And in the mind, she's thinking about who's better than me. He was one of the first people to convert to Islam. He was one of the people who made interest white Jeffersonian wants to Medina, and it shall be Sabina, who's better than Abu Salah Abu Bakar, proposes to she says no, Omar proposes what she says no Rasulullah sallallahu I leave some proposals for her. And she imagines him as you become one of the Maha

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meaning. And the second greatest female hallucinatory day the history of Islam after

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a lot of you pleased what she lost what a metaphor. She was married to one of the greatest Sahaba all kinds of Oussama. And after that she got the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And so from this, we see slavery in the example of masala Raja water, the way she dealt with the calamities of life, remaining hopeful, even when she didn't understand should remain open to a locking grant are better than what she lost. Even if he can understand how they could possibly happen. It happened in a way she would never imagine. And so this is how we have life. We only say what is pleasing to Allah, we see in the language

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we make to our will we hopefully Allah subhanho wa Taala but there's nothing wrong with feeling sad. There's nothing wrong with crying. There's nothing wrong with human emotion, as long as nothing comes on our tongue except that is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah subhanaw taala the sugary bakers are the people of environment of the people of Jeddah, Roberta Adina jr has never been asked asking

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what you know,

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Mama, Robin is at the embassy Poon was Salam ala borsalino 111