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Wisam Sharieff
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So we're here with with some answering questions from his YouTube channel. I'm boom

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bada boom

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I'm the sound effects guy

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obviously with Sam sitting right across from me here so we have a question from Xiamen for him India's a mon Okay, so he his question is this brother was like, I really love your ditch weed and recitation style. He says he loves you. I found that it's very easy for me to memorize. Solos when I listened to your recordings. Would you consider a complete Miss Huff recitation that we could perhaps find here or purchase online? Does Aquila, Brother, please upload a recitation of Surah guff, so let me hand over the microphone. Bada bing, bada boom and I will keep this short as salam. Lalique, Mark de la dear friends, Aman, thank you so much. We're in a really happy mood. So hope you

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don't mind our freeness Zemon portal dot h qlu.org portal dot AQL u dot?

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Yeah, sure. Let me just get it out of here. Here we go. So portal.hulu.org forward slash sample will take you to the sample page. And as a man you shouldn't make dua for something else, brother, because bla bla bla manifested right away. Do I happen man, you made law for me. Now as a man, here you go. We've created this site here to help people memorize. So what will they find right now right now they will only find Surah Fatiha, and the first quarter of Surah Baqarah, our first quarter of the first Jews. So Brother Bilal, and I have completed the 30th and the first Jers. So this page will eventually host all of the first and all of the 30th right now five pages of the 30 of the

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first are up there right now in four different so I will in green, I will review the lesson. I'll read you the lesson, then. So is this like publicly available as it is right there? Yes, this is this is the site all of these are not people thought that these were sample. They're like oh, they're going to put the videos no friend. That is the video that that we're outside and it's going to take me boom to this video and I'm going to watch brother Bilal do Surah Baqarah verse number six through nine, what's your meaning your editing, your editing power. And this is under I'm going back? This is under 7x. Okay, so on that page, I would explain to them exactly what do you mean

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besides seven times and all of that? No, I want you to go check out the site because we put a lot of work into it and brother below me the How to videos, right? Oh, yeah, we actually tell him to go check out Oh, yeah, go check out the new popper checkout.

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That's an internal marketing term, check out the eight a portal.hulu.org forward slash sample or you can go to our launch good.com page and see like, Oh, our launch code is still active till eighth August 12. So while I'm at hudge the launch good will end look us up under launch good.com type in the word memo rise the British spelling ri s and brothers among r i s e r i s e as opposed to the Z. I will see you all soon. And more importantly, I'll take you up on that sort of look I have more importantly, I will take you up on the entire Quran. This is for memorization, but how about today I make the intention to record the entire Quran one eye at a time one. Well, half a line at a time.

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Yeah, but I feel like he's a walk in the beast.

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Let's start with Soraka I'll see you on the other side as we figure this out together friends. I thank you very much and I will only repeat what my sister said. She said when you recite it's easier to remember maybe because it's a foreigners voice maybe because I had to work hard to get it but I do believe it I recited for I'm not Arab. Oh, that's what you mean a foreigner like

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I'm an if an Arab said it, then it might sound natural enough that you would just kind of roll off your shoulders. But when you see, please don't mind when you see a poo reciting to you and your pillow. You're like what how did a pool learn to do that? And it comes with slushies too. So hopefully you guys I'll see you when certain curve as it starts getting recorded. And sure we'll put it up here. But brother Bill has an even better idea for you guys called hear it for the first time. It might be out on YouTube, but I'm gonna leave that up to him when time comes. Maybe you guys will have hear it for the first time for a lot more of the Quran. I'll turn it over to Bill. Thanks a lot

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again the man for the support and for appreciating the recitation a set on YT

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