Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Criterion Of Judgement

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulties of entering certain areas and the danger of " sharper, dangerous" grades and subhanaw taala. They emphasize the need for people to avoid giving too much attention to the situation and pray for their father to see their desired results and avoid negative consequences. The importance of praying for their father to see their desired results and receive reward for their actions is emphasized.
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I'm no longer a bit out of it. So that those

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of us have you admit how bad for those of you who are newly here, this is something we do every after every day, we speak for about five or 10 minutes only so you can relax inshallah, and

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this is a sit down with Allah Allah very used to after the father you turn around and sit, and he would remind the Sahaba about the issues of them. And that's what we try to do here the budget. Allah had that as it was and Dr. O'Shea

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was and to have Boucher, overshadow loco, Allahu Allah.

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Allah round of data that was revealed when the Hong Kong for the hack came. And for some of us, they felt it was tough on them. So Alice Rada revealed this is a lot rather I said that for some of you.

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There are things that you dislike, that you don't like to do, but in that thing, there is higher for you, there is good for you. And he says there is some there are some things to have Boucher, some things that you love to do for shallow Lagoon, but in that thing, there is sharper, there is danger for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah subhanaw taala knows and you do not know, I remind myself I knew

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the truth of this iron, ore iron, because as the

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result of

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that created agenda, he sent jewelry later I said, Go and see what I have done. And I went and saw the agenda, I went around the gym and he came back and he said, gela, this thing you have graded, there is not a human being or gene on the face of the earth, who will not go there, they will all love to go there. So Allah subhanaw taala, then surrounded the agenda was difficulties

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with ducting,

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and then he said, go and preach. So, there is no one there is not a single person who will enter the space that nobody introduces.

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And there are lots of other grades and up and go seats, and even went inside and he said that nobody will enter this place is not possible, nobody can go into this that was so bad. And there is so much of

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silence rather than surrounded with desirable things with all kinds of lust and all kinds of desires and you know, things was enough

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and you can divine Rama

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came back and said nobody will escape from this place.

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And that is why I said that we will enter the agenda only and only by the Russian Allah subhanho that. And once we enter the agenda with the Rwandans rather than in the journal, the Raja will be in keeping with our deeds. Because when he made the statement, it says you will enter Jannah only by Allah. The Sahaba

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asked two questions. Firstly, they say even us, and even me. And then they said if we are going to enter the agenda,

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and why should we do anything?

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If it does not come out, what do you do? I mean, there's no point why should I pray? Why should I? Why should I give sadaqa for what

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he said that is for the project in the agenda. So we'll enter the agenda with Raghava like, why is this differentiation? Why? Why not only is it because Allah subhanaw taala is not compelled to accept our Deen just because we bear we break the hatchet. We are not doing an actor Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala has so many angels, so many mental mirage. He said that every heaven every every sky, every heaven I went to, he said there the there was a sound from the heaven, like a heavy man sitting in a chair.

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That a very heavy burden on a chair that just clicks with the weight is that there's a sound from the heavens. And is that what the sound it says it is the weight of the angels who are in the seven who are some of them are in permanently in repose, some of them and permanently in sudo and they are making does we have Allah subhanaw taala the number of angels is so enormous that the heavens make a sound as if heavy man is sitting in a jet, so much weight of the angels. So Allah Allah does not need our other allies enough

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of in the book to make irrelevant so when we do the weather and that is the reason why

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he taught

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worker Alanna What Did it teach you at the end of Salah before what to do what to do set

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up the ini Salam Taurasi Zalman Garcia

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we just read you just made salah and what who's the who's doing this up

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alone the man who Salah was such that people looked at him in Salah.

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So, Allah

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Allah was

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a threat to the

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they put a condition that is out nobody should break

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it then you do not do not pay outside. They're not saying you should not go and give ban or you should not go in and you know give our no no just Allah He should pray inside his house nobody should say why because when people say that they are Muslim

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for two days that day was outside again. And they came under Zanzibar manga I cannot give you protection anymore because you know, you are violating the agreement. Either I don't need your protection.

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For someone who Salah is of that quality, what is the result was a DJ

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rabine do not

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even know.

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Well I made

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opera style press myself

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after making some Why?

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Because it is the hub of the hub, that the hub the when he does something to please him, he must still ask for him to accept this deed. And not think that because I did this until Allah has no Allah did not accept Allah did not accept any of our deeds. And that is why when we pray and the fact that we do things, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept this, it is not fit for him. It is not fit for him, but we asked him to accept it out of his mercy.

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So what is desire that are reserved for your father

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who likes to sleep one hour in the night? Last night most of us slept for hours some people did not sleep at 100 Allah May Allah accept all divided who likes to do that? Nobody you want to live like this hour late hour.

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But what is the height in this

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sometimes we get trapped. And this is why I always say the the the L miza is a double edged sword.

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Knowledge is a double edged sword

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our l Delta that

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is on the OT 900 is true.

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But because we have this knowledge now what do we do on the even night we sleep

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in it not delay.

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This is not the purpose it

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is not the purpose of it later to cover is on the odd night. But it allows you to say if you worship me on the evening night I will not reward you.

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Is there not a reward for every heart of the Quran that you recite? Is there not reward for every herb of the Quran that you listen to? Is there not reward for every half of the Quran that you read? Is there not reward for standing in Salah just because it is not the hotmix

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now if you sit on that, on that even though you lost all of that,

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it was like Elijah, somebody standing and you are sitting both cannot have the slavery what obviously

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the all of that is lost.

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And then on the day of judgment when we stand there, there will be somebody who got a lot more than us because

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Harlan love Mary got it because he did not have as much as I have. He was too stupid.

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So he prayed all the rights

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and so you get there now in the data you get 10,000 times the data that I got because I'm an island and my is made me leave the bag of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is not the purpose. The purpose of Islam is not to find loopholes to escape the powers that racism is to make us more and more and more closer and closer and closer.

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Every single way of catching some good thing so that we are closed as well. This is a bubble. The bubbles are is not to escape from you know,

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it's getting robot escape.

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And similarly,

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OSHA follows flower

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shop local. We love things, but there is sharing this. We love our friends. We love all sorts of activities. We go here we go there to this place that place

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But there is sharpness. There is a disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala. And it attracts a punishment or loss vanozza. And that's why,

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for the moment,

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the thing is, is what? What is the budget of the woman? What is the desire to the moment is to look at every single thing, every shape, and every heart, everything and every condition to look at it only and only to see, does this place Allah or not.

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There is only one condition life is very simple. Very, very simple.

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There's only one condition, does this please Allah or not? If it pleases Allah we do it. If it does not please Allah, we do not do it. And if we do not know whether it pleases Allah or not with that possibility, I don't know if you don't know find out

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God somebody

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who knows. And then you do accordingly do whatever whatever is the answer to that question.

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A lot of data and I remind myself when you tell us why no data to make it easy for us, to do all that is obedience of him and to help us and save us from all that is disobedience, disobedience of him and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it our cutter that he is pleased with us, and that we enter the agenda with his mercy and we have enough good deeds that increases our agenda until we reach another visit with the company of Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Allah Allah Allah revealed Gary while he was obvious, right?

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