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Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The importance of positive thinking in Islam is discussed, with speakers emphasizing the need for positive thinking to achieve success and helping others. The success of Islam is highlighted as a way to achieve relief from difficult situations and avoiding hopelessness. The importance of positive thinking is emphasized, along with providing seven tips for staying positive, including focusing on solutions, being creative, being good to people, and not being so negative. The importance of positive expectations and positive deeds is also emphasized, along with the need to improve one's mindset and be positive to achieve their goals.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah the hadith of a sower will lay the cutter of

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a shadow on the hula Illa Illa who will Esma will Hasina? Why shadow Ana Mohammed Abu matsudo Sahib Alma Camila.

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I'm about to fall below the ministry tonopah jeem Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Yeah, Benny Habu for the hacer Sumi Yusuf our E wallet a sumo rohilla in a hula assumere rohilla elanco milk if you don't recall him, maybe you said Allahu Allah he was selling them in vanilla heat. I mean, herson and Iboga okoma para Allah, his salatu salam, honorable scholars, respected brothers, mothers, listeners and viewers. If we look at the world today, pessimism, anxiety, apprehension, worry, grief, fear, and negative thinking has overwhelmed many of us. on a global level, it is words like whoa, murder, terrorism, destruction, recession, and crime that dominate headlines. Individually, people are

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bogged down by negative thinking that results from challenges around the personal lives, they finances, their jobs, their family, their health, or their profile. Now all of these anxieties over time, it adds up. And it kills our optimism. It kills our positivity. If you look at life today, it's so easy to get stuck in the realities of this life to become depressed, and then we lose sight of the bigger picture. There's so much going around us going on around us, there's so much going on around us. Positive, negative, good, bad. And that puts us onto an emotional roller coaster. Your emotions are fluctuating all the time up down because of the revolving circumstances and situations

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that we find ourselves in. Therefore, now, more so than ever before. It is imperative to do a negativity analysis, a pessimism test, to work on our thoughts, our mindset. And therefore my message to you this afternoon is be a positive Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. Why?

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There are many reasons why a Muslim should be positive. I'm going to list for you six or seven, because we don't have time to elaborate on too many. Firstly, the first reason why a Muslim should be positive is because Allah offers us a futuristic vision. Throughout the Quran, Allah reminds us that life is short. Regardless of how difficult the situation is today, it won't last long. The real life is the life of the camera. So focus your thoughts and your goals on the life of the camera. There's a hadith in the Muslim the female Muhammad Rahim Allah it is mentioned that that person who led the most difficult life, that man who lived the most miserable life if he's taken and just

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dipped, dipped into Jenna for one millisecond, and after that it used to be asked Have you ever experienced any difficulty or hardship and say I don't know what is the meaning of difficulty watch after being dipped into Jenna just once Sala reminds us that no matter what you're going through in this life, it's short it's temporary the light real life is the life of the camera. Focus your goals on that. The second reason why Muslims should be positive is because Allah promises as a way out of any difficulty any hardship any situation. In my last three use law in my last three use law, after hardship, they definitely has to be his woman yet that Allah Allahu Maharajah, Allah says if you

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focus on me, if you become conscious of me, I will create for you a solution to every problem. I will provide for you and exit to every difficulty. So be a positive Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. The third reason why Muslims should be positive is that optimism is the attitude of a Muslim. The famous Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam as

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I genuinely mean how amazing is the situation of a believer, you always in a win win situation, something good happens you make sugar, something bad happens you make sour and either way a lot of towards you. So this is good for you in every situation. Hence the attitude of a Muslim is one of optimism. The fourth reason, why Muslims should be positive is that the reaction of a Muslim in every situation is one of gratitude. It is mentioned in the sila that whenever Nabi sallallahu Sallam used to receive good news, he would say Alhamdulillah and whenever he used to receive bad news, he would say Alhamdulillah Allah coolly Hall, Praise be to Allah irrespective of the situation

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or condition. So, the reaction to every situation for a Muslim is one of gratitude and therefore, a Muslim should always be positive. The fifth reason why Muslims should be positive. And perhaps the most important reason is because positive thinking is the Sunnah and the way of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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If we study the Sierra properly and carefully we will realize that the number of Allah was the fountain of optimism. Irrespective of the difficulties and the hardships he was always looking positively for signs and for ways to achieve relief. Then, Allah was such an optimist, that even a staunch enemy like Amara, then there'd be a follow was positive enough not to curse Omar or right of Omar but to make dua that Allah strengthen the hand of Islam by virtue of Omar. So the staunch enemy becomes the man who's sleeping next to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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Khalid bin Walid,

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who inflicted much harm on the Muslims that offered because of his strategy, then Allah lost his anchor, yet to see the mule mutilated body of his beloved uncle. Yet the day when he accepted Islam, Nabi sallallahu Sallam said Khalid, I always saw the potential in you. And I always remained hopeful that an intelligent person like you would eventually accept Islam.

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When nobody said Allah when he was sent them in a MOBA de la mano in the cave of Hira the situation and becomes so delicate. The enemy had come so close, that Abubakar delana whispered into the ears of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam minister Dr. rasulillah if they just look down on their feet, they will see us then they'll be of Allah smiled and said, la has an in Allah hermana. Even in that situation, our neighbor he was a positive Muslim.

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Don't fear don't grieve. Allah is with us. Allah is with us. So be a positive Muslim. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. The sixth reason why we should be positive as Muslims is that Sahaba were positive Sahaba optimistic. Abdullah Al Maktoum meridian was a blind Sahabi. Yet that did not deter him from being involved in in those days, you had no mic system, you to climb on to a high place to sound out the other one. It did not stop him from being the leader of Medina, whenever he said a lot. He said I went out on expeditions. So Sahaba optimistic they were positive. The seventh reason why a Muslim should be positive is because an optimist is an achiever. If you

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want to achieve in life, you have to be positive, you have to be optimistic. Churchill once said, a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. And an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. So if the thoughts in your head are mostly negative, then your outlook on life will be pessimistic, you will magnify and amplify the negative and you will filter out all the positive. So you see the negative bigger than what it is and you see the positive smaller than what it is. You will constantly blame yourself and become depressed, you will automatically anticipate and expect the worst in every situation. And you will see things as

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either good or bad, no middle ground. That's what happens when there's too many negative thoughts that flow in a person's mind. Now an optimist I mentioned he's an achiever, why is an optimist and achiever because of positive thinking. Now what is positive thinking? Sometimes we have this misunderstanding we feel that if you are a positive thinker, then you blind yourself to all negative realities. No. A positive thinker does not mean that you ignore the negatives of life that you ignore the unpleasantness of life. What it means is a positive thinker is that person who approaches a negative situation

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With a positive outlook,

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you approach a negative situation with a positive approach. Let me give you two or three examples quickly, you know, there's a lot of self talk that takes place in the mind. And the mind tends to be negative, and you need to train your mind to be more positive. So the mind will tell you, I've never done this before. I've never done this before. You need to train your mind to say, this is an opportunity for me to learn something new, even if I've never done it before.

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The mind will tell you that this is too complicated. You need to retrain your mind to think that let me tackle it from a different angle. If it's complicated, the mind will tell you I don't have the resources. I don't have the money. train your mind to think that Necessity is the mother of invention.

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I read an interesting stet They say the scientists say listen to this, it's an amazing step. The scientists say that the human can process the human can process 60,000 thoughts in one day?

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The human brain can process 60,000 thoughts in one day, both positive and negative. That's why the code is so apt Listen to this. They say change your thoughts and you can change the world.

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Change your thoughts, and you can change the world. Be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. So I've given you seven reasons as to why Islam wants us to think positively. Let me share with you a few tips on how to be positive. I'm not going to elaborate because time is against us. I'm just going to run through it quickly. The first is focus on solutions, not problems problems are they but be solution oriented. The second is always keep your eye on the bigger picture. The third, be creative in your thinking and be innovative in your methods. The fourth, be good to people irrespective how they treat you. The Quran says it the far

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bill let eosin be the better person Why? It helps you to stay positive. If you repel negativity with negativity, you become positive you become negative. But if you repel negativity, with positivity, you remain positive and you spread positivity. Recently, someone told me that his father told him by if I give you one advice is this. Whenever you meet anyone say something good and positive.

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The first benefit is you will remain positive and you will be happy. The next step don't dwell on the past. Don't dwell on the past learn from the past. So when you think about that, which went wrong, say Allah, Allah has decreed. Don't open the Pandora's box of low if, if this if that no, because that is just going to put you through unnecessary emotional and psychological turmoil. learn from the mistakes of the past. Don't dwell in the past. Don't live in the past focus on the future. The next tip on how to remain positive is tawakkol. Know that Allah is there for you. as Muslims, we have the biggest backstop, you know, to use the youngsters terminology, the greatest support and

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that is Allah. Maintain in your life a balancing act between hope and fear on the one hand, and optimism and reality on the other hand, don't be so optimistic that you're blinded to reality, but don't be so negative that you don't see any opportunity. You know, one very effective tip that I have practiced myself and I found it to be very beneficial. Start your day with empowering do hours supplications learn those applications that make you feel positive. Learn them learn the meaning and recite those two hours every morning. Keep the company of positive people because they positivity will rub off on you. Smile. Smile. Let's start practicing as we talking and listening. When you

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smile, you'll be positive give things for every small thing that you enjoy, say Alhamdulillah look for the positive see the glass is half full, rather than half empty, be patient, never give up. The tide will always turn that is the system of Allah. And there's two tips that I want to share with you before I move on and perhaps the there's two more important tips. If you want to be positive in life if you want to be a positive Muslim, avoid suspicion.

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The Quran says Egypt enable caphyon amin have done Don't worry, what are they saying about me? What are they plotting about me? What are they scattering behind my back?

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You know this is amazing quote that I read. They say what others think of you what others think of you is none of your business.

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what others think of you is none of your business. You focus on your talents on your goals and your objectives on what Allah has put before you that you can achieve what others think that's their business, let them worry about it. And the last tip I want to share with you is always ask yourself

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The question if you find yourself in a difficult situation, if it's depressing you, will this matter five days from now, five weeks from now, five years from now, in the greater scheme of things. Should I be giving so much of attention? And should I believe losing so much of sleep over this matter? I found this last one very effective. Sometimes you have a bad day and it's bogging you down. Ask yourself, five days from now, will it really matter? Whatever has happened today. You see, an optimist is healthier. an optimist lives longer. an optimist is more happy and more content. an optimist becomes a people's magnet, because people flocked to him they like to be in his company. So

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be a positive Muslim be a positive Muslim. Islam wants you to think positively. At the core of positive thinking at the core of being a positive Muslim is a snow bunny Billa having good and positive expectations of Allah, the narration of Abu huraira the Allah one which I recited in my introduction in the house, not one Nebula he talam in Hosni liburd. To have good expectations of Allah is an act of worship. It is the worship of the heart. The reward of your Salah terminates when you make Salaam, the reward of your fast and some terminates at the time of Iftar. But if you have good expectations of Allah, then your heart is constantly in Ibadan worship.

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Allah says and Eindhoven nap dB, I am as my slave expects me to be. So have good expectations of Allah. When should you have good expectations of Allah at all times, but I'll mention a few key moments when it's important to have good expectations of Allah. At the time of difficulty and hardship. Or Robin Zubaydah the alarm, he leaves home on a journey

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and route his son, his most handsome son is trampled by horses and he dies. Then he is diagnosed with gangrene and his leg is amputated. When he comes home, people come to empathize with him and sympathize and say, You left with the sun and with all your limbs, you came back without your son and without one limb. He said, Listen, Allah gave me four limbs, you only took back one. Allah gave me four sons, he only took back one. There are many more times in my life when Allah blessed me as compared to those times in my life and Allah tested me. So have good expectations of Allah at the time of difficulty, even if you fail. Even at the time of failure, it's important to have good

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expectations of Allah. Because failure is a minor setback. It's there to strengthen you. Allah is keeping something for you in reserve that will be far better for you. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Failure is just made to awaken you that Allah is in charge, not you, not your intentions, not your talents, not your ideas and your goals. So even failure should remind us of Allah should make us have good expectations of a lump. The second occasion when you have to have good expectations of Allah is at the time of Dharma and supplication, above a lot of the law under its intermediate would allow us to move in Java, that worship Allah in such a situation that you have

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conviction that Allah will accept this application. When Allah accepts it and how alike Simpson leave that to the wisdom of Allah, but have conviction that it will be accepted. The next occasion on which it is necessary to have a snow bunny. Billa good expectation of Allah is at the time of death. Jabba the alarm line says

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that three days before he passed away, for Sula, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to move ahead to Camilla Who are you Cinnabon Bella here as our gel? Let none of you die unless he has good expectations of Allah.

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When Malik been dinar passed on, someone saw him in a dream and they asked him Malik, how did Allah treat you? He said I had many, many sins, but Allah forgave me by virtue of my good expectations of Allah.

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So be a positive Muslim. That's my message be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah. have positive expectations of Allah even when you sin. Don't give up on yourself because you constantly sin. shaitaan wants you to think that you are so bad that you don't deserve the mercy of Allah. He wants you to become despondent of receiving any goodness from Allah. Of course when we do wrong we should feel guilty. But that guilt should drive us back to Allah fulfill rule Illa flee to Allah run to Allah. Every time you send run back to Allah if you sin repeatedly, then run repeatedly back to Allah. It shaytan wants to see us in * not Allah. Allah

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does not have a grudge against us. Allah is not awaking, for us to slip up or to mess up rather allies waiting to forgive us while law who you read a tuba la comme la saying I'm waiting for you that when you slip up, run back to me so that I can

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forgive you.

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Even if you slip up repeatedly run back to Allah repeatedly because he's a far far is the one who forgives over and over and over again.

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How far is the one who is merciful to those who wronged him? So shaytan doesn't want to only see us in *, he wants us to live a life of * on earth. And the only way to prevent that is by having good expectations of Allah. Be a positive Muslim. Islam wants you to think positively, have positive expectations of Allah. Even when you do a good deed have positive expectations of Allah. We know we can never wish up Allah as you ought to be wishing. We know that our actions are feeble, and they are weak, but even a human appreciates effort. Many times will say at least he tried. If a human can appreciate effort and Allah says in the law, hello God or a general moccasin, Allah does not allow

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the reward of those who do good to be lost.

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Warm if I know been hired in fillet you Pharaoh, any good you do. It will never go unappreciated in the court of Allah. So be a positive Muslim Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah. Let me summarize brothers as I move towards the conclusion today, for the benefit of those who came late and will summarize quickly. We live in a climate of grief, fear, worry, anxiety and stress. We are overwhelmed by many personal and collective challenges. And as a result, we are on an emotional roller coaster and we become very prone to negative thinking and positive pessimism. More so now than ever before. We need to be positive Muslims. We need to realize

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that Islam wants us to think positively. I went through a number of reasons. Why should a Muslim be positive because Allah gives you a futuristic vision that no matter what you're going through in this world, it will be for a short period the real life is the life of Akira focus on that Allah promises your way out in the monastery use Rama tequila, Allah who Maharajah a Muslim is always in a win win situation I genuinely am real movement whether it's goodness or whether it's a test you so sugar you show summer, there's always goodness in it for you. And positivity is a way or it was the way of Nabi sallallahu sallam, no matter what was happening, he always remained positive, he was so

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positive that he had hope in even his worst enemies. Sahaba were positive, positive thinkers achievers, remember that quote I shared with you that if you can change your thoughts, if you can change your thoughts, you can change the world. Then when we went through an entire list of different tips on how to be a positive Muslim, and then I highlighted this core fact that to be a positive thinker, to be a positive Muslim, you have to have a snow bunny Billa you have to have positive expectations of Allah at the time of difficulty at the time of supplication at the time of death. At the time when you sin. And even at the time when you do good deeds, you have to have

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positive expectations of Allah. I want to conclude brothers with the famous story which I made reference to in the verse which are recited in my introduction, the story of use of Ali Salaam.

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After many years of separation, many years of grief over the loss of use of Ali Salaam jacobellis salaam very reluctantly allowed his sons to take Binyamin with them to Egypt to secure an additional ration of food. And when his sons came back, He's worse fears became a reality. They came back without Binyamin and they told their father he has been detained in Egypt on the accusation of theft. Just understand the situation. He loses his favorite son Yusuf. And for many years he's painting and he's grieving, waiting for the return of use of now his sons come back and tell him you've lost a second son. So his difficulty is doubled. Then they tell him your eldest son also

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stayed back because he did not want to leave without Binyamin now it's the third son that is separated his difficulty tripled.

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Yousuf is gone. Binyamin is gone and yehudah is gone. In that moment, what does he say? As Allah who a tn Eb him Jimmy Ha. I have hoped that Allah will bring all my sons to meet together.

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He instructs his sons. Yeah, Benny had Habu Fatah hacer Sumi usofa he go and look for yourself and his brother. What are they assuming rohilla never become despondent of the mercy of Allah. In the hula assumere rohilla Hill welcome welcome. If you're a Muslim can never become despondent of the mercy of Allah. So be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively have positive expectations of Allah. Let me leave you with these thoughts. We are in constant dialogue with ourselves, how and what we think are the most powerful elements that impact our lives. We need to improve our mindset.

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We need to improve our way of thinking. We have to become positive around three things. Firstly, Allah, we need to have a positive view of Allah. Allah wants the best for us. And Allah wants this to achieve in this world as well as in the era. We have to have a positive view of ourselves. We are valuable. We have great potential. Our mistakes do not disqualify us from the mercy of Allah. So we need to have a positive view of Allah and a positive view of ourselves. And lastly, we need to have a positive view of others. Look for the good in others you will find it have a positive view of Allah positive view of yourself in a positive view of others, and they will be a transformation in

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your life. This negative mindset has held us hostage. This negative mindset has crippled our potential. I conclude with the words that I've been repeating, be a positive Muslim, be a positive Muslim. Islam wants us to think positively. Islam wants us to have positive expectations of Allah. May Allah grant us all the tofik was 11 was senemo about Thailand abena Mohammed waka Dhawan and Al Hamdulillah. Horrible and I mean, as always brothers it's an absolute pleasure to come and speak admissible puts in to meet the brothers why become family over the years

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