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And again, how to LA since moving to Dallas, I got I got asked this question by at least 10 people. So again, I'm going to rephrase it.

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One of them says, What is your opinion about Dr. So and so not going to mention the name, this doctor apparently denies howdy he relies only on the forum and he is gaining a large following of people what is my opinion about Dr. So and so on?

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me, him

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j, this is the question, what is my verdict on another person, we will divide this into three parts. Number one,

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the issue of one scholar commenting on another scholar by name

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insha, Allah, you will rarely ever hear me mention any person by name. because number one, this goes against the Sunnah of our Prophet system, when he wanted to correct something he would say what is wrong with some people who do this, he would concentrate on the action or the idea and not on the person. And number two, that how do you know this person might change and whatnot, and you are mentioning by name. And if you look at the seal of the Prophet says that if you look at the and you listen to the seat, I've given them the lives of those haba. So many times an issue happens that's a little bit negative. And the narrator doesn't mention the name of the one who does it. Somebody

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said, one of the unsought one of the person have destroyed. The sitter the covering up is the default. Now somebody will say, Obamacare isn't in our religion, we warn against the innovator, we warn against the dangerous person by name. And the response to this is that, perhaps, yes, that there is an exception that can be made. That one you want to warn against somebody who's causing harm to the community. Theoretically, it might be possible to mention his name. But let us look at the reality. As we are all aware, our community is embroiled in controversy after controversy. And what should not become a controversy becomes a controversy. And if you look at the state of affairs,

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especially from lands where their majority of Muslims the oma is divided, generally over very petty issues. And people are warning against others over issues that don't mean they should or they don't necessitate warning. Oh, be careful, that person puts his hand over here rather than here. Be careful, he says amin out loud, be careful the each non xebia hammitt. We just gave him these are all if they love that are classical, that are within the mainstream of Islam. So what has happened is that the average Muslim, who's not into academic Islam, they just have a negative impression of the scholar, the class that all these Maulana sobs imams do, what do they do, they just talk about

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one another. And that that has lost the credibility of the scholarly class amongst many Muslims. And that's not healthy, that's not good. And so the average Muslim has lost not just credibility, but also, you know, the story of the boy who cried wolf all the time, you know, that story that the boy keeps on saying wolf wolf Wolf, until finally one is the real wolf. Nobody listens to him. This is what has happened when one molana or a mom warns against other molana or your mom, nobody cares. Nobody cares, because they're used to it. What you do is you end up preaching to the choir, the only people that actually listened to you are those that wouldn't have listened to the other guy anyway,

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in the first place. You're not actually going to impact a neutral group of people to actually effectively make this person not hurt by that group of people, as well. Maybe once upon a time, if Mr. Mohammed said something, it would have an impact, and everybody would listen to that. But these days, if I said to you don't listen to Dr. x. Many of you would go home and Google Who is this Dr. x? Let me see what he's saying. This is our curiosity. Mind. I'm not saying it's wrong, right. I'm just saying that's the way it is. Some of you might never have heard of Dr. x. But when I say Oh, don't listen to him, he's a deviant. Maybe one third of you will say, I want to know what is this

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guy saying? Such that he has been warned against with the internet with the accessibility, everything is now democratic, democratic knowledge, everything is available. And so

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I feel that it's not wise to mention names, and it is the default in our sooner to not mention names as well. What we see happening is that people who are not qualified to warn against others start to warning against others, and somehow to low end, one of our scholars of the past said if you want

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To become famous, go to hedge. But rather than doing tawaf stuff for a lot of money, do something bad to the well of Zamzam throw something bad into will have Zamzam you will become famous. When you do something negative, you carve a name out for yourself. So what we find is that people who are not qualified, younger, less knowledgeable, less wise, taking on people that might be more qualified, in my humble opinion, and I've seen this in my life for the last 25 years, the best way to quote unquote, refute somebody is to present a positive alternative. You will not build a.wa by tearing down other people's dollars, you will not build character by making fun of and refuting other people

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by name. You want to build, you construct, you talk about the reality and the truth in a positive manner. And another thing as well, that, instead of mentioning the person, far more beneficial is to mention what the idea or the concept because then it will apply universally. It will apply. You know, maybe nobody's heard of Dr. x. Now refute a concept. Dr. X is saying without mentioning Dr. x, but you know, Dr. Y, and Dr. Y has the same concept, then it will be beneficial to you. Maybe Dr. x will repent, no need to mention his name, he'll move on. And I didn't have to mention anything negative about him. And then of course, there's the awkward issue as well. And I want you all to be

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aware of this, because this is the world that we live in one of the principles that our scholars said, Do not listen to contemporaries when they criticize other contemporaries, because shavon comes and gets involved, even in the hearts of the scholars. If you look at some of the great scholars of Islam, they actually had issues and tensions with their co scholars, and later on both of them are venerated, but when they were both alive, they didn't get along very well. And there are many examples of this email medic and urbanists health the famous scholar of Sierra well known massive dispute in public between the two of them. Imam Bahati and Imam Yahya Holly, they were both shoe of

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bahara. And they just had a big fight on the verbal fight until Buhari had to leave. You know, faculty Razia and others of his time Yeah, so many incidents throughout Islamic history. And this is because sometimes, you know, I might warn against somebody in my vicinity, my neighborhood, and deep down inside and Allah knows the near. The goal is not warning against the deviation, the goal is my own popularity. Let me get rid of this guy. So that the, the the the playing field is larger for me. That's why our scholars of Hadith said criticism of contemporaries is disregarded. People who are in similar circles disregard to go to outside that circle, you're asking me somebody may be

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theoretically who might be based in Dallas, theoretically, I'm saying that's not the wisest thing to do. Maybe there's some competition between him Don't come to me and mention names bring concepts. Okay, so that was the first point. I'm not going to mention names generally, very rarely, especially somebody in the past who was a well known deviant, that's something else. Okay. That's his, his record is established, but a living contemporary, it's not my methodology. Number two,

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when you phrase a question, say, Doctor, so and so says something, realize, any time you go to any person, and you say, Doctor, so and so says something, and then the chef gives a response, he is not giving a response to Dr. So and so he's giving a response to whom

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to you. And your filtering of the message, today are among the DM gave a hadith in Rio de Sala hain. And in it a man said, Dr. rasulillah, my relatives do such an such an I do such and such.

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The profitsystem began the response by saying, What did you say I'm gonna do? If the situation is as you have described, then he gives the response.

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You see, when you come to me, and you say, Oh, you know,

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my chef, or my chef, so and so says this? I don't know what that chef says, unless I come through you. And maybe what have you take five words and Miss 10 words? What have you misunderstood what the guy said? And this is something that is well known. I have seen this with my own eyes, people come to some of my teachers that oh, you know, so and so says this? How does the other guy know I have to trust your judgment. So this is another problem. When you mentioned somebody by name, then you mentioned a belief, and then you link the two. I don't know, if Mr. X and this belief are actually connected. I'm trusting you, then my response is going to be based upon your hypothetical situation

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scenario. As we all know, in the famous head Ethan Bahati, the lady came to the process and said, Dr. rasulillah

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You know, she complained three things. One of them. My husband beats me when I pray, my husband does this. My husband does that all of it was valid. What did the process of Did you pronounce verdict, he said called the man. The man came, accusations were given. And the man, the woman was not lying, the wife was not lying. But you see, when you narrate your version of events, you will subconsciously it's not even, it's not even intentional. Half the time. Sometimes it's unintentional. It's not even intentional. Sometimes you will pick and choose what is already preconceived to your narrative, right? The technical term is confirmation bias, you will confirm

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what you already bias is you believe Mr. X says, sooner is not valid. So if he says any phrase, you're going to jump on it, you're going to say, Oh, he said this phrase, but you won't, you won't tell me the phrase after it or the phrase before or the context or other fatawa. So this is another problem that we have to be very, very careful about and a lot so it just says in the Quran, that well is human, the commission an omen Allah, Allah eridu, who, Allah taqwa do not allow the animosity you might have against somebody, do not allow that animosity, to cause you to fall short of being just be just unfair. That is the essence of taqwa. So Allah is reminding us sometimes our

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animosity, our preconceived notions, they cloud our judgment. And so we have to be careful when you say that, you know, Chef, so and so or so and so says this, you go to a third party, the third party doesn't know is basing it on your on your presumption. Lastly, so this is actually I'm not even answering the actual question, you get the point I'm, I'm questioning the question. I'm going even deeper and saying such a question, we need to be a little bit more careful about the issue comes in this particular case, by the way, without mentioning the person's name, but I'm just going to tell you without mentioning his name, that because of a previous issue, I had to do research, actually,

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this person does not deny the sun like this. And so the phrase, I'm just giving you an example, in this case is true. But you don't know the person, the person that was mentioned to me by name. That person I have done my research on him for my own project I was doing. And in fact, what he has done is he's redefined the Sona in his own way, which is not the same as denying the Sunda. So when the questioner comes and says, oh, Doctor, so and so denies the sooner that is very different than the reality of the situation. And the reality is that person in this particular case would have been unmentioned has a different definition of the sooner than we do. The word denying is not valid over

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here. So I will answer overall generically not about Dr. So and So generically.

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Anybody who says listen to me carefully. I know what I'm saying. And I'm being precise, in my words. Anyone who says, I do not have to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. Either. He was seldom, I don't care what he said, I don't have to do it. That person is not a Muslim anymore. It's very simple.

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It is unequivocal. If a person says, I don't care what the prophet says that said, I don't have to follow it.

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This person has rejected Islam, because you cannot have Islam without obedience to the messenger of Islam. It's simple as that. One minute Rasulullah faqad Otto Allah fella, Arabic Allah you know, Allah gives a custom by the robe of Mohammed Sosa Nisa, for Allah wa beaker Allah could have given custom on anything he gave the custom on the robe of Mohammed Salah lies in a by the personal pronoun Rebecca your robe Yasuda Allah, Allah signifying how important that as soon as I swear by your Lord rasulillah law, you know, they do not have a man had you had chemo coffee Mashallah binome until they take you as the heck of the judge in anything that happens between them. And they submit

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to your judgment, without any complaint or issue. Theoretically, the Muslim says, Samir, now what Aparna Now suppose he'd fall short in his actions, that's a sin. We all fall short, we commit a sin, the Stanford alumni Allah forgive me, but to say, I don't have to follow the one whom Allah has sent to you. You have not just rejected that man, you have rejected the lord of that man. So and the and this of course, this these groups, they do exist, but they are very, very small in number. In Pakistan, there was no mention a name here because he's established his record and he's gone. He's not going to change now. What I'm proud of is somebody who passed away in 1955 or so. Right, Mr.

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Purvis annual whatever we call them of the provisional

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Whatever this person I can mention his name because he's established his record. And he's somebody that should be warned against and he's gone. He cannot change his record now is there? he openly said there is no such thing as following the sooner and so his group is called pervasive or they call themselves Khurana Yun, here in America in Tucson, Arizona, there was somebody called Rashad halifa. If you know the famous 19 theory, then theory of 19 which was debunked, he started it in the 1980s. And then eventually, somebody assassinated him because he claimed to be a prophet of Allah. When he denied the sooner then he said you have to follow me instead of pseudo laws. So somebody did

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something that is illegal and should not be done in a non Muslim land and he assassinated him so he died in Tucson, but Rashad halifa established your group it is still around, they're still the masjid I drove by it once when I was in Tucson, and they call themselves the core artists, the horror artists and they do not pray five times a day because they say five times prayer is not in the Koran. How many times do they pray three times? Welcome is salata purify in a hurry was una familia? ln the interpreters to me three times when they stand up to pray there is no Allahu Akbar. In fact, they have How do they pray? You Let Them Menorca was Judo they stand up record sujood and

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as their Salah, they follow the Quran. It's in the Quran, right? This There are also groups in Indonesia and Malaysia there's a group in Kerala in India as well. And they recently last year they reach global news because they had a female led Imam Juma in India in Kerala in India. That's that group the Khurana Yun you haven't heard of it look it up as a very small group. I think one Masjid there, these people exist, but will lie there so miniscule mean it's just one mystery then all of America one Masjid Tucson, Arizona, that for call themself Iranian, anybody who denies that we have to follow the process of them. This person has negated Muhammad Rasulullah. And who told you La

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ilaha illAllah. Other than what Amala Sula, so there are not Muslim. Is that clear? Now we get to the more controversial issue, the more controversial is more common than that is the notion.

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I'm not going to accept this Hadith, or Buhari or Muslim, or whatever book you quote me, because I don't trust that this reflects what our Prophet says, and I'm set. So they don't deny the concept of the sooner they deny the preservation of the sadhana. And that is a huge difference.

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It is a difference between a man and Cofer

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because when somebody says I'm not going to follow this Hadeeth Why ask him why? If he says, I don't care, even if the process of said it, I'm not going to follow it, this is go for Akbar. He is motivated, there is no demand for somebody who says that. If somebody says oh, this cannot be from my profits, I said, Now, in his own mind, what he is doing, he is defending in his mind, the Profit System from this head, Ethan body, let's say, okay, and he says, yo, if the processor was in front of me, and he said this, okay, I'd have to accept that's fine, but I'm not going to trust him. Ahmed Buhari, who came 256 years later. You see the difference between the two right? Now for this case,

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we say this is a deviation of beta. Because you see Islam. As we mentioned, some weeks ago, the processing predicted 73 groups within the oma, this is one of those groups that okay, generally speaking, a group that says we're gonna follow the Sunnah if we know it is the Sunnah, right? This group is within the fold of Islam, because they're not rejecting Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what they're rejecting is the preservation of the sun and we say this is dangerous. We say this is a deviation. We say this is a bidder. We say you are potentially destroying much of Islam. But we have to be fair, it is not kafir, in and of itself. Is that clear? The person any person who

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says the sooner has not been preserved? We say this person

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is a person of a little bit are one of the 72 groups. He is not mainstream, orthodox Sunni, but we cannot say this person is cafard because theoretically, he is saying I want to follow the Sunnah. But he's saying I don't agree this book you quote me is the sooner you see the difference here, right. So this in a nutshell is the response to this question. And also, by the way, my advice to this question and to all of us.

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I understand we need to get verdicts on other people and once in a while is necessary, but make sure we do not make this our friend

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primary concern to put people in boxes and categorize them, or else you will waste your life talking about others and accomplish nothing yourself. Be more concerned about yourself and your contribution to the oma. And if somebody you feel you're not comfortable with, if you don't take from them and remain silent, nobody can criticize you. Nobody can criticize you. But if you open your mouth and you're not qualified and you say thing, perhaps on Judgement day if you were wrong, that person can say give me my hug back. And what will you say in front of Allah to err on the side of caution is better when it comes to mentioning names especially of living people and don't make this your

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primary goal to worry about other people make it your primary goal to you yourself contribute positively to the oma so this I hope I answered the question without actually answering the question insha Allah tala okay.

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in a feed dounia Salah

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Leah hottie Gemma