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Muhammad Alshareef
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said I'm on equal I would love it a cat that we will start in five minutes or if we hit 100 People whichever comes first. So far the score is three two in in favor of hitting the number before the top of the hour. Let's see what happens today. synapse is away from

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I stopped doing the riddles do you guys miss the riddles Lina. That's a nice way to start off. I am anti Vax.

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anti anxiety

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what you mean like Mr.

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Mohammed Ali Malik Muslim fazer in Dallas likoma CERAM top fan as smart when it comes to them Habiba from Leicester like Muslim the below I think Muslim

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she's hard Trinidad and Tobago I think Muslim Sami in England is Mina

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I think Muslim and effect in South Africa.

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On my OMYA smart aleck masam

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Seagal in Ottawa attic Mr. Nam mill Gu

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Alina says I get sick from medications I don't trust vaccines. What What prompted you to mention that Lina? I'm interested

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is it something that I said in the in the comment or are just like on your mind? case or Arctic Muslim Simon in Birmingham? I think Mr. Amida like a Muslim Esma in the UK like Madame

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Patricia in Pennsylvania. Renata in Trinidad and Tobago we have Shirzad in Trinidad Tobago as well. And I lo Alikum. Assam in the UK. Have bebas daughters ismat and nusseibeh. Shout outs on a gong phase our Muslim Simon munchie onic Muslim

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in Michigan

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anti anxiety that's right in Arlington sam

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I'm Ron Ehrlichman, Sam Smith halophytic Mr. Nam, we will get started if we hit 100 and it looks like we're going to hit 100 Before the top of the hour yet we hit it. Let's get started.

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Take One i sent out 181 I happen to live it I can't do Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah le or Sami Manuela and my bad. So I was once playing a competition with somebody

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playing a competition and and I said okay, you know Kron competition, and I was about to begin. And and this person that I was playing with, they got really excited.

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They got really excited. And they were anticipating and waiting for the question to begin. And then

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they started breathing in a certain way then and I copied their breathing one technique to kind of get yourself

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in rapport with somebody else's to copy their breathing. So before I started the question, I decided to copy this person's breathing. So this is how they were breathing. They were like this

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and then and then before I even asked the question, I'm like, stop breathing like that. You're gonna look, I even when I just copied the breathing right now, I think I just got a headache. From that kind of breathing. They were hyperventilating, they were hyperventilating. hyperventilating, is when you breathe too fast. And, again, I'm not a doctor, it just lay on on to you on Facebook Live. Yesterday, I was talking about muscles. And for some reason today I'm talking about hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is when you're breathing too fast, and your breathing gets constricted. So I found it really interesting. In yesterday's Facebook Live, we were talking about

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the muscles and that was cool. So he was so here's the cool thing about today we're gonna talk about hyperventilating. And this constriction that happens and we can breed we'll talk about where Allah subhanaw taala mentions that in the Quran and what it's alluded to. So this constriction of the chest is actually compared to kufr. It's actually compared to kufr and anxiety. So you'll see for example, that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that if

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the mayor didn't know when he damn Whoo, yes, sure. So the rule is,

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that whoever ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Sahara wishes to guide he expands their chest towards Islam. And so the comparison of somebody becoming Muslim is their breathing, then opens up and their chest opens up. If you look at the prophets of Allah name and send them when Allah subhanaw taala wanted to remind him of his blessing upon him that he didn't cause you know, the deen that was given to the Prophets of Allah they sent me wasn't meant to cause distress to the prophets of Allah they send them so Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, and M nasura. hooligans are the rock, Allah subhanaw taala says, didn't we expand your chest? Didn't we open your chest and that's an analogy and example of somebody being an apt piece

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and somebody not anxious, not constricted, not hyperventilating, but somebody who is, is taking a deep breath and their chest is open and they're breathing.

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Let me give you another example of that. When Musa they said, I'm really stressful mountains, I can't imagine something more stressful than this. Musa SNM is speaking to Allah, and Allah tells him to go to fit our own, to go to find out who is the tyrant of the day tyrant in history, one of the biggest Hirens go back to him in a hotel ha for he has transgressed. And the first thing that Musa SNM asks the door of all the doors he could make you could say, you know, give me victory give me this give me that.

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Mussolini said I was a sort of pie he says all rubbish roughly soldering the first dollar that he makes to Allah and ask like I will do it but he says rubbish rally Saudi Oh my Lord expand my chest which is so if it's just expanding chest it's not literal, but it means the all the anxiousness the anxiety, let it dissipate let my chest open up and let me breathe peacefully and firmly and do what I need to do. Rubbish rally Saudi UAE silly m&e.

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Allah subhanaw taala let me just give you two more two more

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two more examples of this Allah Subhan Allah Tada

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when the people of Medina were told in a NASA Gemma Willa calm this is in the Quran that you know all these tribes have gathered in in armies and coalition's to destroy to destroy you

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got Gemma Rolla confer show on so the people said so you should be afraid. And so the believers in Medina they function as Adam II mana their Eman actually increased. They had all this pressure all the same things that they shouldn't be anxious about. But their Eman increase while Carlo has been Allah when they are Milwaukee, and they said this is what made them feel that expansiveness and not feel the exam anxiety is saying husband Allah and airmen are lucky that Allah is enough for us when they are going to a kid and he is the best way to kill though a kid is translated but it's like

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a kid somebody will write it in the in the in the translation, or sorry in the comments.

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In another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, While spin one mouse hobo gain

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Wallah doesn't align him Allah subhanaw taala says and be patient and your patient is nothing except from Allah Subhan Allah Tada well tassin Allah him and don't be sad over them. So it's

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it's so what's interesting in all of these situations is that

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I'm gonna make a great a great connection here. Okay, here's the great connection.

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Everybody here is you know, you're sitting here you're listening because you want to follow what Allah Allah data says, somebody gives you some advice. You're like, Yeah, but what is the Quran and Sunnah say, somebody tells you, hey, do this and that you will be successful and you're like, do the prophets I said really do that? Is that what Islam leads us to? So you have this type of attitude? So sadness and anxiety is actually not what Islam guides towards sadness and anxiety is not what Islam guides towards. So sadness and anxiety could be natural. You can have natural sadness, natural anxiety, but Islam guides you towards happiness. Don't be sad, as we saw in the other session,

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there's a there's this emphasis that Islam is about letters and don't be sad letter. Alumnus Rebecca Sadhak

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mans and alagille Quran elite Ashkar and Islam guides towards happiness don't be sad and anti anxiety, anxiety, peace, Allah subhanaw taala says about when people recite the Quran that their hearts become content and they become at peace so Islam so the reason that this is such a huge gem is whenever you're feeling sad, you understand that Allah wants you to be happy

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and if you ever feel anxious Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want you to be anxious now let me give you

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a key and somebody got somebody got the translation the best Disposer of affairs in Guardian Guardian is the inevitable kill Allah is the best guardian in my years, traveling around the world meeting with different people.

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I have this attitude like if you've ever seen people online, there's certain types of personality that don't care about people. I'm that kind of a person. Like I don't care about you.

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I'm that type of person. I don't care about you. And hamdulillah that's helped me because I don't try to please people too much because I don't care about them which it's helped me I'm more like introverted don't like to please be with this and that but let me show you where where this is showed up. So I do what Islam says of SLAM says smile and people say Saddam do this. Okay, great.

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When in my years in Islamic Studies, a lot of people tried to pull me to different groups. So be part of this group Muhammad be part of that group, Muhammad. And then I would always not feel comfortable with that because I'm like, Allah doesn't

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do it. Allah isn't requiring me to put a label on top of my Islam. Allah isn't putting me giving require me to put a label such what kind of Muslim Am I I'm Muslim without labels. And that became my attitude. I would say to the people, you're trying to invite me to be this group in that group. I don't care about you and I don't care what you think about me. So I'm just gonna go with what Allah subhana data sets. So just a Muslim and done deal, okay. Unless you show me that Allah wants me and it's here, it's revealed become part of this subgroup, then you know what, I'm not going to be part of any groups. So the next thing that this also helped me like, because I don't care about people

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just like follow what Islam says yes. Is sometimes we travel Mecca, Medina, and I would be with some people that are really into like wiping rocks, like wiping rocks, like they go to some famous mountain Medina, and they're like, Let's wipe the rocks. And I'm like, Look, I'm just here, because I believe in Allah and His Messenger, I don't care about rocks. If Allah told me to wipe the rock, I will write the rock. But you telling me you know, you personally just came to Medina, you're telling me to write the rock, I don't care about you. And I, I'm just going to stick to what Allah subhanaw taala wants me to do. So that's where he's helped me as well.

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I'm telling you this as well. Because if you just want to follow if you're with me, and you understand, hey, you know what, I'm just here for a long as messenger. I don't really care what you guys think. Then Allah wants you to be happy. Allah wants you to not be anxious. That is what Allah subhanaw taala wants. So if you're feeling sad, you can tell yourself, hey, Allah doesn't want this. This isn't what this isn't what Allah Spano Tata wants let us and let him write. And if you're feeling anxious, hey, Allah subhanaw taala wants you to read the Quran and find that peace and move towards that.

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All right. So in conclusion in sha Allah

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let me let me answer this question. Lisa says, I do care for people very much do you think that's perhaps a difference of, you know, genders?

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Let me tell you, when I say I don't care what I mean by that is I do care. But my intention is for Allah subhanaw taala I don't care because of that person. I care because I want to let us find out to be happy with me, it doesn't mean that I'm not treating them badly. Or that I'm, you know, I'm treating that like I'm being nice to them. Because, like, oh, Allah made me do something. It's like, I will honestly and genuinely take care of them. But at the end of the day, if that person turns around and says, Oh, you've been so nice to meet Muhammad, let's go worship a statue together. And I'm like, oh, you know what, I don't want to offend you. So let me go worship the statue like get

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lost, right? That the action is done if the action the focus is you're focusing on Allah subhana wa Tada then you can

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to get what I'm saying a lot. All right, in conclusion

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in conclusion,

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I like the debate that's going on, does he really care? He must care because he's doing a Facebook Live

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Don't worry yourself the horrors of my intentions, okay? Anxiety is fear of the future.

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Anxiety is fear of the future, or sadness for the past, okay? You get, you either have if you fear the future, then you start getting anxious.

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If you are, something happened in the past that you know you regret and stuff, you start feeling sadness for it. There's a hadith and I'll conclude with this.

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about living in the moment, the prophets of Allah alayhi salam said, that US Baffa either us barter for Latin COVID Messiah, ye them Sita for Latin pulpitis, Allah, prophets of Allah. And as Adam said, if you find yourself in the morning, then don't wait until the evening. And if you find yourself in the evening, don't wait until the morning.

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And we've learned from that about living in the moment is that if there's some identity that needs to get done, do it if there's somebody that maybe you've cut off, don't wait until the evening don't wait until another time, do it now don't always have this thought that I can do it later. That live for the moment hey, if this is my day than I would love my beloved ones, I will do it Allah subhanaw taala commands, and I'd have an amazing day, if this is my last evening. And it's not like an attitude of oh, this is my last evening. I feel so sad. I'm going to die the next day. No, it's more like even if you had even if you felt that it was the last evening of your life Prophet sallallahu

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sallam said if the day of judgment was going to be the next day, then and you have a plant and you want to plant that tree, you should still plant it. Still planted. And that's a really deep Hadith because the believer always has that hope and always like hey, maybe it's not gonna be the last day and you're always planting that doing and living for the moment right then right here right then Allah Tada Hanuman, we are done. Does that go machina? We are going to tomorrow

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in tomorrow's session, in tomorrow's Facebook Live, it's going to happen at 2pm New York Time 2pm which is one hour earlier than this time, one hour earlier and it's going to be a special Facebook Live. We're going to be talking about isolation during Ramadan for the past seven aroma bonds. I have actually spent half of Ramadan for the last seven Ramadan in isolation. I was teaching Visionaire all these years and I've always been in isolation when I do it and inshallah Tada I will teach you and share with you my top seven tips on how to make it a fantastic Ramadan in sha Allah Allah in isolation and we are going to also

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do the official launch of visionair 2020 Tomorrow the BLS says what time California time ca stands for Canada actually. But I think you mean

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whatever time it is in New York I think it's like three hours behind. So it's going to be to 2pm New York time is when we're going to start the Facebook live tomorrow and inshallah Tada

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please calculate accordingly so whatever time it is right now what's the top of the hour so if it's 13 After the hour what's the top of the hour right now one hour before this whatever time you have now

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New York time is going to be 2pm

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Right guys I am done is there any questions? I think somebody had some questions screw you know why I keep posting the don't be sad comment and then just doing a sub because for some reason a lot of you guys are clicking on this when I put don't be sad. We've had more people attend when I put don't be sad as opposed to me putting

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a riddle

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last time for everybody who loved today's session.

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Common from Sarah Yes. I think the type of carries

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referring to is caring of their opinions and their views to actually, you know, it's no it's not really like

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I think it I care about Allah subhanaw taala it I mean in general and theory I'm not saying like, Oh yeah I fear God, this and that. What I'm saying is that if I meet somebody who goes again and I'm being nice and cordial and all this stuff and then they say something against Allah subhanaw taala then my love isn't for that person. My love is for Allah subhanaw taala I don't care about them. That's what I mean. I care about what Allah subhanaw taala thinks and my kindness and goodness obviously it's human, but it's also based on my love for Allah subhanaw taala comes first before this person in front of me that's what I kind of mean if you understand it hamdulillah if you don't

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understand it then let it go

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thank you so much

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there you go Samina

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Alright, that's it. So I want to go tomorrow, one hour earlier. One hour earlier is a special Facebook Live or I'll share with you inshallah Tada how to spend Ramadan in isolation how I spent Ramadan in isolation for all these past years. Does that girl Hayden a Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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