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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you, around you and from within you. That's how we're going to start it off today. To sort of summarize everyone who's been following all the other shows, today's to start the first vlog, my dad got sick two years ago, he was entered here, went to the hospital, then long term memory care, dementia care. And today,

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he's going home.

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He's going home on hospice care. But I wanted to start the vlog for everyone who's dealing with family members, who are ill long term care. And quite frankly, anyone who just wants to know what's going on in life, and what keeps projects where they are, but why I'm still content with it all. So if you could come along to realize the process of keeping a family member in a long term facility that comes with a lot of baggage. And that that baggage comes with people judging you peeping people making and assumptions of abandonment. And so you do your best, and you stick with that. But I want to be here to be the voice for everyone who's going to deal with long term care and going to deal

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with dealing with some family issues, and then it being publicly judged. But what's important is that we're going to take the first step, and that is, you're going to watch the transition. This is it. We're taking a boo from Parkwood and amazing facility for the last two years. I live right by right close by so it's been an extension of my house for the last two years. And I don't know if I can get a booth to say anything yet. But we are seeing someone who's really declined in his health. And now we're getting the chance to bring him home. I thought this would be our first stop. I hope to speak to everyone soon. Sure. And I'm gonna have to move where I am now so that the nurses can

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get out. Give my regards to dad as he goes.

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And we're just making a quick video to welcome him home. Oh, right. This is it. This is day one that so day one of heading back out of Parkwood Thank you very much. And we've had an amazing staff. And now we're gonna do a great job with All right. We're gonna see him tomorrow. All right, friends, this is this is it. This is in the middle of middle of as you know, today is prophetic dynasty, you could catch it on Facebook, today's classes at one o'clock. Today is don't I'm only moving a vehicle in a very small. Here we go. And now I've parked my vehicle.

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And so everything's real there is there are classes today grand revolutions going on. But a boo, boo is, is not. He's not better, but he's going home. And to me, that's the most powerful thing. Let's do it together. Allahumma or our Lord, the Creator, the source of peace in the universe, please, we ask for inspiration. And the inspiration to me is to be in spirit to return back to that original spirit. It's awesome to be with you all you want to call this vlog one, you want to call this check in no problem at all. To the nine people who are with me live, I can only wish for you a sense of positivity, resonance, connect, look and love as much as you can. Because it is as it is, right? I'm

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not going to tell you to love your dad or mom even more, I'm going to say find out those relationships that you already have. That God has written into the story. You can't break a mom, a sister a brother, you can't remove your cousins. They're written into your script, reach out to them. And for everyone else who's trying to find out where am I headed nest in taking care of my my family member because it's easy to say be a good Muslim do everything serve your parents. But when it comes to this level, what exactly are you doing? So that's my thought just like hello Clayton? Is that sister Fatima? Sister Fatima from hudge possibly if not, while it was Salam wa Rahmatullah

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sister Fatima to everyone guys go like smash your day. Because life is going to happen and I do have classes and I do have to go places and help and life is real. Oh and I'm if Allah wills expecting in a month, so I'm expecting in a month. There's everyone has their story of why it can't work. Crush it today. Be in love with you today and be thankful to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah Wa alaykum wa salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh sister Neha and family and to everyone out there in YouTube land is going to catch this later guys. Let's start let's start keeping it real. I hope to see you every day in this process was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and may you be the

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source for someone else's peace today. Catch up with you soon