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2017 12 21 LMM at 8pm Revision of Prayer Chapter-3

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I just made out of metal hammer him to let him down. I mean, almost all he was sending him back, I see them hammered.

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So today we'll we will conclude our chapter summary.

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Because it's the longest of all chapters is the most important problem by far, I've chosen to do a sub a summary for it, probably the other chapters, I won't do a summary for me. And we'll just keep on going continuously until we're done the text. But because of that, because the chapter of Salah is very, very important. And it's just it just needs to be revised. I think a few times, make sure everyone understands what we're talking about. And we there's always a lot of questions. So what I did was I put a Google form up on the on the Facebook group. So if you have questions and you want to ask anything, then that's a good place to put up the questions. And I'll either answer those

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questions at the end of the sessions, or give a session specifically for that meaning I'll dedicate assessing just to answer all the questions. It's just easier that way. Because what happened last time, is that we ended up repeating a lot of the questions that were already asked throughout the series, and they were answered in detail and just spent I spent at least I counted, I went through the videos like 20 minutes wasted on questions that we had already answered before. So what we do is I'll just go through where questions you have just put on the put it on the forum and that way it I'll give it I'll dedicate time specifically for it to answer the questions and shoulder so I won't,

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I won't dodge a question. Just the thing is that we're getting I'm not into hypotheticals, I don't think we should be asking too many hypothetical questions, questions that are not going to happen like something that's just not going to go down. Or if it does happen, like the percentage or the possibility of happening there's less than, you know, halfway point 5% or something or a question that was asked before so you just put it on the Google farm and I'll answer inshallah either at the end of sessions or dedicated session specifically for answering those questions within that time Okay, so where we are right now is with regard to grading is variety.

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If you can show a brother a minute just sold them if they have their books where you aren't where they where you are, so they can keep up. jolla

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was allowed to read any so NetOne waka and the prayers of Eid are a pseudonym aka Shafia. Yeah, they are other things for other modality but that's what they say they're they're very heavily there are heavy, highly recommended Sunnah prayer for the CFAA. That's what they are. For other modality. They look at it differently than some of them look at it.

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And some of them see older sooner, but for the Jaffe and Santa Monica right. Well here, like I turn you come through Phil Sabanci what could be haram with the humps and see what could be relatively haram. And how it happens is that we pray to God, we do seven that could be your after the technical haram in the first silica and five after the deck Vera after the movement that could be so altogether you're doing what you're doing eight and six, right? If you're if you're counting, that could be electron and that and that could be of the movement that moves you from decidual up to the pm if you don't count those who took the run, then you're doing 75 in the Salah. Right well

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cooked martini and then the Imam does to cook buzz after. After we do those prayers. That prayer is different with the deputy either sooner, so if you don't do them, your prayer is fine. You don't have to go back and do them again or do anything you can beautiful who that is I know 1587 And during the hotbar he does two couples. It's like Jamal, just saying the same way that he does with Jamal. But he does nine Takbeer in the first one and seven in the in the second husband. How so you'll stand in the middle stand up and the man before he starts going to hamdulillah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,

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Allahu akbar. So it's counted nine times and then the second Akbar when he says you'll stand up, you'll do the same thing seven, seven times. And that's it with the Scheifele you do. Now of course, there are different integrations for them as well. You can't be wrong I mean, Ruby Shamsi and Leila ed in an email enamel, your Salah for for the reading for the end of Ramadan. The you do start to clear from after Muslim of the last day of Ramadan so the moment you leave Ramadan, which is Muslim of the Last Day, the 30th or the 29th, it's only a 29

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day and I'm alone, so we start take a beating from from that point until the Imam starts the cycle a prayer. So that's just for those 12 hours basically, that that could be what happens for the Ramadan, eid and within Alba and the eating habits after Hajj, Khalifa salah, robot, Mitsubishi omiana, also even Korea yami Tertiary, and in Aloha, the tech mirror starts

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from the morning of the ninth day of the Hedgehog, which is alpha from the laughter the fajr prayer of the day of alpha until also of the final day of ionic Dissidia What are you amateurs? Yes, if you remember we said out of a number nine, either hot or humid number is number 10. And then I am at the ship or three days after that 1112 13 So that also of the 13th day of the edge. So 910 11 for nine after the ninth day of their jobs.

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And then the 10th day 1112 and 13 after after awesome

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so that's the first thing that you do after the obligatory prayer so after every prayer are also remarkable if

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you stop and you and you do the and you do that

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in the way that we're accustomed to okay, what's another goofy setting

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so the Eclipse prayer

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so doing sawtooth is a heavily recommended sunnah for in fact if you miss it you don't make up for it so if you miss Serato if you don't make up for it you'll say well I want to come and I got caught up in traffic and now the consumer is over and they pray to sue for Can I do it? No, you don't do it causes it's just it's a momentary thing. It's a momentary thing you do it when you need it when the time is right where you'll suddenly have a sham seen will also feel primary like I think and for this Lunar Eclipse and the solar eclipse we pray to work out the

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money you'll pay a fee Hema Oroku Annie, you'll be happy Hema doulas to do well.

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What you do is you pray to like each record has two record in it. If you remember I explained to you how it's done with Allahu Akbar Bismillah R Rahman Rahim I read it. I read a surah

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Allahu Akbar and Michael Cohen and I spent a long time I do every day 100 I and in the pm and then I do to spear for a good 25 minutes. Then Allahu Akbar, I stand up I read again.

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No, Allahu Akbar, he read again, and then Allahu Akbar, again. And then same Mr. Mohammed and you continue though, that you do that for you that each raka so to raka to rock out with for Rocco. So to raka with for recording 4pm That's, that's how I started because if it's for the gym for the hand, if you do do it regularly, like any other way,

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and then the man for the chef, and they also do the due to hoppers, meaning just like it's almost exactly the same way as Eid or as it's just almost exactly the same way. Okay.

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You see a roofie crucifixion scene where you have roofie who will cover for the show if you read the Kosuth Salah

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secretively or under your breath? You don't read it out loud lest you realize it was before or also and you read the lunar eclipse prayer

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out loud like John Bowlby that's where the chef at the gym. Dude Johanna for both wa salatu is the spa Ms. Nuneaton, moral human enamel, but Toba team will start with sadaqa T will regime in animal Bollini or masala Hardy was a yummy fanatic.

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Now we're gonna talk about the spot prayer. So the drought prayer

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is either a drought No.

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Oh, you

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GHD girlfriend

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is also a sunnah the Imam commands or tells his people to repent, to give sadaqa to give to charity, to Hulu's minimal volume, if you've oppressed anyone to go ask for forgiveness and give back what you took. Almost. If there is animosity between people then you, you you have a treaty or you do so. So you find a way to reform the relationship and to fast three days. So you start fasting so the man will say okay, it's fine, start fasting start from tomorrow. So they'll fast one day, second day, third day to macro, dubium philleo, Mirabai, Thea, DBZ, Latin, and then on the fourth day, they will all go out, they will leave, they will kind of go outside to the outskirts of the of the city that

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they live in, or the village that they're in or wherever they are BCIT Missoula and clothing that are work clothes, so they're not good clothes, not the clothes that you wear it for. For Joomla or for Fallout, you're supposed to wear good clothing for silhouette and work clothing is the clothing that you use when you're going to a job it's not the same clothing because they're usually dirty or less Siani fashionable. So you wear you wear those clothes that are less fashionable for this prayer was the guy that didn't with a lot of wear and everyone goes out with with humility with it with a feel of of need towards Allah subhana wa Tada. We will suddenly be him like I tell you any Kosala T

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Dean and then the man prays to raka with the with his congregation leg the two raka have laid so what does he mean by that? What do you mean what do you mean by like the Torah kind of aid

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in the sense of the technique, right? Yeah, so you do the same way

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so to me I'll go back to home and then he gives a hook but after but no it's a bit different.

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Now what you do when you're home we already do oh we're

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still far if you remember I told you that he'll your home will be there. So you'll you'll take off the clothing and I demonstrated how the clothing is taken off and the down becomes up and left becomes right so you wear your clothing backwards the the of course the clothing that are covering clothing, so like it's something that if you take off your clothes now you can take off and come naked and then turn around

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But you just the clothing that cover clothing you turn them on backwards right? And then the mm gets on the membrane doesn't matter and I totally hopeless discard. It's a very it's a very unique experience. It's much more emotional it's very loud it's very you feel you feel the power of it because the mom does a lot of there's a lot of in the machine I read this for you last time we looked at it I mean, do I owe this stuff it makes a lot of DUA and a lot of repentance where there will be two Ieyasu Allah He SallAllahu Sallam make the DUA that the prophets Allah is Allah made and then the machine recites a number of idea that Imam Shafi had put together from different sources

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from the prophets I had made at different points. I'm not gonna read the whole thing because I read it last time, but what are you supposed to do is you're supposed to make a whole bunch of very emotional talk a lot about repentance, talk a lot about humility about fear for lists of Allah subhanaw taala Nicola da, it's a very it's a very unique experience. If you ever go to a country where drought happens and you do a sorted list then you will Yanni you'll never forget that that's a very it's a hallmark moment okay? We already there says I'm not gonna read the DUA because we read it last time, but he goes on to the and then if, when Allah Subhan Allah says, the rain down when

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the word he wishes me, the river or water starts to run your body just waiting for you to go and take a shower using that water or cleanse yourself without water. Well, you set your ID Well, to do this via when you hear the thunder or you see the lightning. Alright, so that's

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a list of Scott. Now Sorry, I had to hope.

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And this happens during

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wars more often than anything else, right. So this is what happens during wars. I left that there are three ways to do so not to have the prayer of a fear huduma And yeah, Kunal, I do goofy ladies, you have to Kabbalah for the enemy not to be in the direction of Kuebler. So the enemy is over here, and I'm standing over here, and this is the camera so it's a whole different direction for you for a woman enamel cutting, so the Imam will make two two groups

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feel dirty, filthy, what do you want to do? So one group will stand facing the enemy, faced the enemy to make a make out and make a blockade to face the enemy will fail not to fail, but then that's why you felt entirely fulfilled, you will feel cut and hull for who and then one group will be behind that group that is standing in front of the enemy. But you'll suddenly will feel cut in Latin America, to my team Marina FC her so this Imam will pray with that group, one raka group that's not facing the enemy, right. And then when he stands up

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for the second one, and they'll continue, he will continue himself, the Imam, the guys behind him will continue the second block all by themselves.

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To see how to finish the rock out there to rock as well. Tim Lee, what should I do, and then they'll go stand in front of the enemy. And the people who are standing towards the enemy will retreat and come back with that, do you ever to Oakland for your Saliba Catan team when you sell the movie, and then what he will do is the group that came will come and stand behind the Imam and he'll continue his second locker. Right and then they've only done one record. So we will sit down waiting for them to do the second workout. And when they're all finished and seated, he'll do to sleep until to the screen behind him. Okay, so the enemy is over here. So I have a group standing this way facing that

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way towards the enemy. And I'm facing the Qibla right and the people the first group is standing behind me praying, I pray one record, I stand up for the second and I stay standing, they finished their second record, they do to sleep, they go and they take the place of the people who are standing front of the enemy. The people were standing come and they stand behind me I'm still standing up right I haven't moved yet. When they're all behind me standing. I continue to continue as an Imam, my second blocker. Now my second look, I sit down, I don't move anymore, right I stay I stay down because I'm done. But they've only done one record. So those stand up and continue the

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second. I'll wait until they are done. When they're sitting ready behind me for the end. I'll do the streaming they'll send them to stream with me and that's how we do that's if they're against it. So if the enemy is not in the direction of the Qibla now the second situation with Fannie and you're calling if you had to calculate for the enemy to be in the direction of the Qibla formula emammal so fine. Well you're already moving him for either V there said you study them. Ah hoo ha ha Josephine work of a software, hardware house to home very Donavon sogetsu. What a haiku. So if you're turning towards the camera, you have both lines stand towards the enemy. And the man prays. He prays a lot

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about God when group does it. And the other group stays like we all do to be here. So everyone now is standing towards the crypto because that's where the enemy is. Anyway. So I do Allahu Akbar. Everyone behind me does Allahu Akbar everyone one group continues to prayer. Does one walk out with me and the other group is stay standing up, they don't move, they stay standing up. I do what

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I stand up and then I stay standing they in the group that had done the work I will continue to second McFarland their own. They'll finish they'll do the same and then they'll stand up. Right? And then the other group who didn't do the first like are with me will continue now like are with me. I'll finish because I only I've done

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One call already, they haven't they'll stand up and continue the second block and they'll do this limb with them. Is that to kind of confusing? You mentioned something about in the first scenario that the Imam remains seated. So as the remaining seated on for his first and second second, like what he's doing to shepherd, right, the other group has only done one of our QA. So they're gonna stand up and get the second blocker, so he'll just sit and wait until they're done. So like the expanse so the Imam he prayed to him full Roccat

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No, he paid one rock out with the first group and we're like out with the second lap. He continued until he got to the point and he waited for everybody else to line up behind them. And when they were all seated, he just basically did his. So I prayed, I prayed. I stand up now for my second block. I don't move behind me, they started going, they're continuing to pair behind me. They're done. They go to sleep. The other group comes stands behind me ready for prayer? Right? I know they're saying that I'm given I'm told that they're standing I continue my seconds. Now when I sit from my childhood, the group that are praying with me have only done one record. So they have to

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stand up and continue their second locker. So what do I do in the meantime, I just stay seated in my future hood once they're done and I'm told Okay, everyone's done. i You said I'm gonna go I'm gonna do the same thing with me. Are they just some one of the one of them was just going to verbally say yeah, you're allowed to be toast okay, it's fine. It's war. Like, if things get really bad you break prayer and you go fight like if things are this is like during war when it's a time for it when it when it's a truce timer is it's not a time for fighting, but during during combat, you know, which is the next any part of this the third scenario and you're gonna finish in detail hopefully with Dr.

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Milham for it to be in a very very scary moment. And it's the middle of combat but you'll suddenly cave I'm going to hold you pray however you can. Do you don't know what I'll keep us standing or riding on your horse or in your vehicle was stuck a bit of divinity towards the people of Ohio I'm stuck with Allah and not towards the Kubla so you could be carrying your sword or you're and you're fighting and you're reading it and you're reading a sutra and Allah Subhanallah I'm Daniel Jr. Fighting like during prayer, but you have to pray. This has the importance of prayer right? If you're fighting like literally if you're you know Allahu Akbar or semi Elohim and you're hitting it

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you pray even if you have to do it that way you do it you do it no matter what but if there's if the war is in such that we can pray meaning it's then we pray but we don't completely put our guard down there has to be a group have a standing towards the enemy like guarding everyone you can't just everyone is okay everyone pays your ma and then the enemy looks at us and look just really literally no one standing guard and then you come in on either that's not that's not the way to do it. Okay.

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I originally looked at Harrier

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so forbidden

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garments. So for men, it is haram to wear headgear. Of course full How do you we're talking about we're talking about like, or anything that has more than 50% tattooed within it anything less than 50% How do you there's a difference of opinion what to do with the hub and for you to have a gold ring or any any form of gold, low yellow gold, white gold doesn't matter. Gold is haram while you're handling this and it's halal for ladies, we're clean with the heavy work a funeral of a very nice hour and whether we have small amounts of gold or Allah or large amounts of gold, small percentage percentages of gold or large doesn't make a difference in garments. You just don't wear gold, right?

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Gold can be used for other things but not not not not as garments or adornments. Alright, we that kind of battled with Philby embrace them, and we're about to have gotten an okay 10 And joselu Melania con illiberalism ribbon and if you're wearing a clothing that some of it is cotton, or some of it is, what's the other polyester What else is there there's another one let's get down cotton is

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what is get down to toilet containers I forgot to forget the name Subhanallah so if some of your if you're wearing a garment, some of it is silk and some of it is cotton, linen, linen, some of it is linen or cotton that you can wear it as long as as long as the silk is less than 50%. So it's not it's not the majority of the garment that your garment that you're wearing. Okay. We may 18 or back to Asia and what is needed for someone who any who dies any rulings

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for the deceased, how you write deceased

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at the end, all right. Okay.

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There are four things that are obligatory towards someone who is deceased. Let's Lou so for him to be washed and showered with the queen who for him to be put in a coffin was set out to either either you do decide to Janessa for him we're definitely whoever you to put them in the ground like to actually get to get a grade for him. So these are four things that are wajib for a Muslim is it these countries are a bit different they don't see that to be a word Yep. So you could easily die not have enough money and then be cremated or any exposed of but every every Muslim has a right to be buried in the ground and that's something that that this

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St. Patrick's Day care of with Ernie lay it was said Ernie, what are your Salah there are two types of people who you do not shower you know the person and you don't do cytogenet for them and they're Muslims, or shahidul Female marketing machine again. So Shaheed, who died in combat, fighting the enemy, right? different other types of shahada are different sorts of goods. There are different types of Shahada. You don't get the same thing. We're stuck to a lady lamb yester hill of Oregon and a stillbirth. So a fetus that lady gives birth to a baby that does not come out yet screening. So it was a stillbirth. It was when it was born, it was already dead. And that is for religion for

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accepting my my head has a different

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opinion on that. But that those two those two are invalid individuals you don't do wholesale you don't shower them don't do wholesale for them really is pure factory wash and you don't do sausages for them. So so if a lady gives birth to a stillbirth, you don't do Janessa for them but Anisha he doesn't get slotted in as a as well accepted Hanafi or they have a different opinion on that one. Okay, well let's do it may you do with one and when we shower or we purify the disease we do it in odd numbers so I do it once or three times or five times or seven times or nine times well according to what he was thinking he didn't have one Linka for you Don't remind us You didn't go for again in

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English. These are these are fake fragrances that you put in the water as you're washing the deceased tree and camp for again for it because there's a hadith that the prophets I send us those are talked about them. Okay, well, you can find that it can be and and the deceased has put in three white garments. So he's he's wrapped up with three white garments lace up him up on you. So if you have I mean, you don't put shirts or anything that is that has stitches in it or anything that you don't dress them up and clothing and you don't put a turban on. So it's just a piece of white fabric and and the deceased is wrapped in it three times. Okay, well, we'll come back to it. It could be

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where you cut it out about it could be a lot in and what we do is what we're supposed to do you want to do for it. That could be for sorta Janessa that's also a thing as a 14 year old fatty had to abandon you with the 30 after the first year, where you'll suddenly Alan Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by the third year and you do this automatically Brahimi after the second one, where do we make 80 by the 30s and after the third one you make a specific dua for the deceased which you say Allahu Maha webinar Iberica Surah Gemma Rohit dunya Was it him from my boo boo I had both here so we make a dua for them make it after the third one you make this drought this is the dry the memory

00:22:32--> 00:23:07

chef and he prefers but any drought you make is acceptable yeah and if and if you're okay with it being in any language you too so you can just make any dua basically there's a long the text had a long do I read it once before I explained I'm not gonna do it again. But you can look you can use these ideas for for when someone passes away, well over Robbia and after the fourth degree or the final ticket view, you say Hola, Houma La Jolla who went out to dinner but I want you to remember is that do I specifically because we're supposed to say after the fourth that could be when we're doing selective Janessa Allahu Mala to him now. When I left in Nevada who was the theater Lana? Well,

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when we tell him about Rob Yeah, and you do want to sleep after Rob Yeah only the NFU do twice about the gym would you want to sleep on the right after the fourth one? Okay. Well, you know, feel I didn't talk below okay ability when you sell looming cable you'll see here but if

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so, you put him in a grave, where he is facing the Qibla where you sell zebra and you bring we put him in his grave. You start with the head and you bring it down gently. So you bring from the head down from the feet down. Where will he do when the person who was putting leading him down in his great Bismillah he was I mean let you Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you say Bismillah Allah millennials will Allah as soon as the Hadith and a Buddha who is what Allah assume that the Rasulullah the chive Ah she was what I mean that he also will I'm not sure exactly what their their logic was about the wireless unit he also realized with a wooden intermediality I think that's

00:23:59--> 00:24:00

that's what the

00:24:02--> 00:24:07

we have you have almost the prophets I received this man No, I just think it was too low when he put someone down in his grief.

00:24:09--> 00:24:09

Well, your

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recovery and your

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GPA and then he's laid in his grave after the grave has been widened and depth and deepened so you have to make sure the grave is deep enough and wide enough for the for the for the deceased to lay in fully. So that is a Sunday should be a grave that is long enough and deep enough for the person to just under where you stopped the whole club room when I opened it up whether you just sauce and the cover is made up by so it's made it's leveled to the ground. The this is the Shafi is opinion to Jim Hall So you send them you send them when you put some dirt to make it like a computer camera. So you make it just a bit higher than the ground so it's known that it's a grave. Well I opened it he

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will oh just so you don't put you don't make any shrines you don't build this is this is a bad habit that you'll find in a lot of anti Muslim countries where they build huge shrines about upon graves and you don't even know

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There's someone inside it called like being one of them says you were there was a big train and a guy named beshear could have told me I don't think anyone's in here

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today but I truly believe that there's no one in the screen like they call it the the behind the the grievant muscle hobby, but there's probably no one in there. And it's something that kind of got out of hand especially in certain Middle Eastern countries anyways, you're not supposed to build a shrine or anything big and fancy around grief of anyone, whatever, simply because I didn't make it and there's nothing wrong with crying for the deceased and because of the pain of losing the deceased lady no hinwil shopping, without no idea how or no has, when you start, you know, objecting to Allah subhanaw taala saying things that are

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that have Cofer in them or any ensuing continuation of not accepting the judgment of Allah subhanaw taala, whether Shakti Jamesha, PJ was when they used to take just the sheer Berber rip their shirts or rip their you know, their garments out of you know, there's so people actually pay money to to others to do it in certain countries union citizen saying, but then the Arabs were known for it. But back in the day was

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a Yeoman men definitely here and the meaning the condolences happens within three days after the person dies. So if you're living in the in this in the city, you have to do it within three days, you shouldn't do it. After three days, we shouldn't be reminding them of who passed away unless you are someone who's traveling, who's not around and then comes back and finds out someone dies, and you can go and give your condolences, that's fine. But if you're living within the group, you shouldn't do it after three days, three days as far as it goes, what I would defend with pinnatifida covered him in Larry, Hi, John, you don't know put two people in the grave unless there's a need

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mean there's no more space. Or there was still Yeah, I just there's some necessity for you to put two people in the grave. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam did it for some of

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them. Sure.

00:26:41--> 00:26:50

He did it for some some people put in the same grave. I was out of necessity. Okay. And that's the end of the chapter of Uppsala.

00:26:51--> 00:26:57

Where I'm going to do because next week, we're off. Now we will come back and show on Thursday. And after that.

00:26:59--> 00:27:28

I'm going to have a small quiz regarding all the stuff that we talked about. And I'll give it out for anyone who wants it and you can try and write it and see if you want to practice the two chapters that we studied the chapter of Bihar and the chapter of Salah if you just want to, you know, see, see if you understood it and you just want to test yourself and see if you're comprehending everything, then I'll give you the quiz and you can you can write it inshallah. So I'll give you like a week, two weeks to prepare to prepare and go through the either the videos or if you forgot anything, or we want to look into stuff. Are there any questions regarding

00:27:29--> 00:27:34

this chapter that you would like you want to ask me you didn't ask you can ask now guess. What about

00:27:35--> 00:27:59

you have finish your last shot. But instead of sitting down from Boston, you stood up? Should be go back. Some people say no, you complete another tool. That would be considered as No, no, no, no, no, you don't complete anything. You sit down immediately. I say you sit down because they're looking. The second teacher who has not allowed you to talk or us or a Sunday

00:28:00--> 00:28:30

after last question, yeah, so the master shelter the last session is broken. So when we talk about the second first issue hood, saying that you can't sit back if you stand up, you shouldn't sit back down again you stay seated. Because the first is Jehovah is a sunnah with HIV and watching for the Jim hood. So and you're already standing up which is broken, you don't go from broken to something less than it. But in the last Disha hood, the last one. So you're going from broken through the spine actually, because you made the intention of Fort Rucker or if you'd like Arturo, aka, you can't if you pray another guy, you lose your pair.

00:28:31--> 00:28:33

Yeah, so if you pray anything extra right now.

00:28:34--> 00:29:02

Because what when you stood up and said, What was your intention? How are you like, are we going to pray? Two or three or four, whatever it whatever you made the intention for. So if this is the final episode, this is your final like, Ah, so if you pray anything extra, basically, this whole prayer is invalid now. So you come back, you do Tisha hood, and then you do so you just so and then you do testing, no matter how far you are, you should come. Yes. And no matter how far you are, up, where you are about that is that is very Yeah, that's the scenario for that would be that you

00:29:04--> 00:29:16

got to be sure that you have to be 100% sure that that was it. And you were just daydreaming throughout the movements? Maybe But, but that's very rare. Yeah, but But yeah, you have to go back. I was asked the question last time regarding

00:29:18--> 00:29:42

changing the knee of so that you don't you don't change any I looked it up. There's really no you don't change the knee. Or you find one thing that some, some scholars talked about, of changing the knee within a Sunnah prayer from Katya de la Mukluk and that is not really changing the NIA. So I'm praying SONET in fact, you're right. And then I remembered in the middle of my students, they are already appreciated value today.

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

Right. So what do I do? So just I just continue to like, I just continue to like I normally I mean, that is just basically you're praying a sunnah you thought that you didn't pray this and specifically, you find out that you did so you just it's a regular sunnah. Now it just turns into regular sin or any other form of changing Nia you lose your prayer like any other form between Sunday

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

In front of in front of us and you end up losing your hair but if you are praying a sunnah and then you remember that oh you did it or that that's something that's done then you can just turn it into a regular Sunnah prayer which is which is fine. Again the intentions of Sunnah prayers are much more flexible than fuddled. But once you're talking about a font of the prayer going from it or going to it, and you will lose your period automatically, yes. Like, you know, I know the nails are not included, because the hands are not washed. What about nails? No feet, feet are broken of wood. Remember? Dust? or dirt? Yeah, so there's

00:30:37--> 00:30:38

so yeah, so

00:30:39--> 00:30:41

it depends on what's in there.

00:30:43--> 00:30:51

As the finest that is to talk about, yeah. So if there's anything that's an agenda, then yeah, that has to be removed definitely. It was.

00:30:52--> 00:31:12

So give it give or take game but you'll find scholars who will be very strict about it and scholars who will not be strict about as long as water touches the whole foot, then that's that's suffices for the for the majority of opinions at least, but the whole point see this is where this is where my constant comes in for actions like the point of doing will do is making sure that the organs that you are

00:31:14--> 00:31:33

washing are clean at the end. So if at the end they're not clean then maybe maybe we didn't do our thing like maybe it maybe the whole the whole I need the will do it wasn't wasn't done properly. So we may be from a filter perspective, you can say my mind will do is saw that has not been offered like it's not an invaluable tool. However, you didn't actually the little did it serve its purpose, which is what needs to kind of be

00:31:34--> 00:31:40

observed in terms of doing actions that you have to serve the purpose itself, which is cleanliness. Yes.

00:31:42--> 00:31:43

You have a wound

00:31:44--> 00:31:46

yourself on the leg, you're

00:31:47--> 00:31:51

leading your prayers running out right, but

00:31:52--> 00:32:17

there's a lot that you shouldn't have on you for the prayer. So you're bleeding out during prayer during the prayer like before you pray yourself and you've packed up passages that's fine when you've already packed packed the wound and there's some blood maybe stains here and there that's fine because it's it's a lot of what is not really so it's not that you you neglected to wash blood off your clothing is the fact that you actually wounded so that's a different thing like if you're let's say you have a surgery

00:32:18--> 00:32:38

in your knee or on your knee in January and then you need to change the backs every two three days and as always, you know that there's blood under this yeah so you pray anyway that's that's fine is the thing is you remove you move blood and any other digits of blood pus feces or urine on your clothing on your body that are mostly like stains not

00:32:40--> 00:33:10

this is not talking about wounds or you know, being an open wound. The difference of opinion regarding wounds specifically because there's a hadith of the Sahaba praying sometimes when they're bleeding out so so there's different opinions among scholars in terms of what's okay and what's not okay when we're talking about wounds specifically, or wounds of wars but yeah, I need to be more specific but there are differences of opinions on that issue. But then when it comes to any wound and you've already packed it in right but there's some bloodstains like on the the band to yourself that's fine you pray normally and shall hear this

00:33:12--> 00:33:16

point that if you were to put anybody who is not

00:33:17--> 00:33:18

my home yeah

00:33:21--> 00:33:30

yeah so late you're talking about the opposite gender yeah for the Sci Fi Yeah, you lose your will do. So for that wasn't there and the case where

00:33:31--> 00:33:43

yes, this is this is only this is only the Shafi is opinion on the issue. The gym who don't don't share it. Yes. So for that, we're trying to understand the reasoning because I want to Yeah,

00:33:45--> 00:33:55

it's very simple. They saw that the the hottie hottie that talked about the Prophet saw him being touched by his wife to be something specific to him I saw some that's what the HFA argued that written

00:33:57--> 00:33:59

for that, how can they say well, this is

00:34:00--> 00:34:31

what this is for everyone else that's why it's a very it's that's why I didn't go into the argument is a very long, complicated argument that is tangled with all sorts of stuff in with it. So it's not it's not a it's not a couple of words of so for you to understand that argument. You'd have to take some time to study your soul. Go back to your soul 15 understand how they process certain parts of certain pieces of evidence and what they use to talk about hostile Yasuda so I said I'm on my way I'm meaning how you are your way something that you think is specific something that you think is is is general or something that is the open for all

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

inshallah we'll do that once we move to a secondary text like once we take this main face to preliminary text of all them and then we move on to the secondary texts like we take a secondary text and chat video humbly or any method now we will start talking I'll start arguing evidence like I started saying this because you already know the hook them now. Now we'll just talk about okay, why did I start coming in why others have differences of opinion? We'll go into that a bit more. But this is something that Yeah, it'll be along the same thing you can do about like when it comes to data

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

eggs in bores, and I need the INFP and the Maliki have a bit of different look at it and how were the arguments, long arguments? It says, specifically, like, how did you say, Well, this is specifically for them or not. So you look for Cara. And so you look for a different indicators within the Hadith. So there's sometimes different indicators or their wordings, other examples of other Sahaba, who didn't do it. So you look for collateral evidence around within the books of sunnah. And within any within the wordings of the scholars in the Sahaba, trying to find out what other people did. So they found certain evidence of Sahaba making, although after touching their

00:35:37--> 00:35:55

wives, so they said that this is evidence that they didn't. So apparently, the other difference of opinion or the narrations were need to be looked into again. So there's a lot of again, it's a very rich county long argument in terms of understanding why then just, I think I think it's worth your time. And just this is not the need the focus of

00:35:56--> 00:35:58

going through the text of that matter.

00:35:59--> 00:36:31

Or our daily life. Yeah, so So for me, that's why whenever they whenever we're late, we're reading like a sci fi text, when we start reading another text, whenever I read a text, if they are doing something that goes against the gym water, I'll point it out. And I did like if you go, so anything that anytime HIV go against the gym, who and what they're doing, they do something that the GMO does not do, I will point it out, or whenever it's something that is any daily or daily issue makes it difficult for you to go through your day, I will point it out as well. So I pointed that out when we read the write, like, I read that the first time that there's only chivay, you'll see specifically I

00:36:31--> 00:36:46

don't even I don't follow myself, like even as someone who has spent most of getting most of the books that I studied within this, I've aimed at them, but still I don't follow it. I think there's more as a better argument to begin with. And it's just a matter of looking at it just kind of putting evidence together and talking about,

00:36:47--> 00:36:49

I guess, convenience as well, like in terms of

00:36:51--> 00:36:53

okay, yes, right. Back to that point.

00:36:54--> 00:37:34

You also mentioned on the other side of that, where, even though my opinion is that, well, if you do touch excessively in a romantic way, yeah, that would actually invalidate it. Yeah, what point would that so you know, when Xiao Hua went so, so in contact to your, to your spouse, let's use your spouse here, because that's the only the only example that would work. So with your spouse, you'll have physical contact that will not insinuate or not be with the intention of intimacy, you know, it's not it's not you're not trying to, you're not looking for in sexual intimacy or romantic intimacy in any way. And that is what I think doesn't call for will do. But if you go for it, like

00:37:34--> 00:37:59

with, with it with a sexual intention with your wife, then that, let's say you, you start that initiate that for somebody, you have to cut it off, for whatever reason, like a kid wakes up or someone knocks on the door. Now you don't have your will do, which is the point that you say that you don't got to make it we'll do it again. So that's where there's important that makes sense that sometimes Yeah, so that would be the last like, you want to give you a hug. Yes, for the gym room, that's fine. Because that sexual like you're not, you understand what I'm saying? Like

00:38:01--> 00:38:27

so you're not you don't have this sexual intention that you're not giving her a hug or a kiss or with with intention of this. Yeah, Annie, I'm, there's no shadow involved. This is just a courtesy. It's just a formality that people do all the time. Now. I know guys who aren't married, like I don't, I don't know. It's possible, you'll be married seven, eight years into it. It'll be it'll be a formality. That is just normal, just a way of it. There's no shadow involved. If you're a chef, either you don't do it. That's why Shafi dude will make will do and his wife wants to see it bother him, she'll come and touch him

00:38:28--> 00:38:28


00:38:30--> 00:38:41

And it's a way for him to be it for a wife to kind of, you know, by the resident, but that's the Sheffield's way of looking at things. And I think there's no one has a better argument anyway. That makes sense to you. And shall Okay, any other questions?

00:38:42--> 00:38:43

Yes, the right time. Yes.

00:38:46--> 00:38:49

That forbidden time for the proper equality.

00:38:50--> 00:38:54

Especially in regards to the, you know, like this of all time. Yeah. So, like

00:38:56--> 00:39:07

34, so we shouldn't be praying. I'm 12 to 24. Is it 20 minutes or so? Around? 20 minutes? I see. I had a quick discussion with

00:39:08--> 00:39:20

Jamal. Yes, he mentioned that it's normally five minutes or so. And plus, he said that you can always pay wallet repairs. If it is for a reason. It has already happened. For instance, how you're

00:39:21--> 00:39:27

sure. You are coming to the masjid. You already entered the masjid you are offering. That's what the text says.

00:39:29--> 00:40:00

The delay Salah Hasebe. So we're talking about not putting voluntary prayers or not praying a prayer that doesn't have a reason attached to it. And just meaning you want to do voluntary prayer, you just want to pray for Allah subhanaw taala due to luck. So these are the times that you don't do an ISA 20 Just to be on the safe side because when it comes to estimating timing times, back then it was not it is hard to kind of pinpoint exactly how much how much time they meant. So just to be on the safe side, I'm saying 20 minutes. If you're doing 20 minutes, then you're you're well out of the timing. But there are scholars who say five minutes that scholars have even less than

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

And that like they say just one minute before as well, like the sun is coming just before the minute before it actually hits the middle of the sky so you have that opinion as well. So it's a matter of these are matters of difference of opinions. No, it's not a problem. Yeah, at what time yeah, we can always offer something that has happened in the past. Yes. That intention so let's say that you some Allah you Mr. Perry, yesterday, we slept you didn't get furniture or marketing or something like that. So you make up for it doesn't matter what where the sun is. It doesn't matter if it's before Uber or if it's before it's allowed, or if it's after, if it doesn't matter, you pray because you

00:40:30--> 00:40:47

don't know if you're gonna live long enough to make up for it and right time, right? So you held accountable for that. It's just other parents that are just totally voluntary. The Hidden Messages disabled is all fine. You can do that anytime you want. Okay, that is the prominent opinion at least regarding that. Some scholars have different opinions regarding what's okay what's not, okay.

00:40:49--> 00:40:52

Voluntary, very jokey. Just open periods. No.

00:40:53--> 00:40:55

The thing is, no one's ever done that here. Yeah. And he's

00:40:57--> 00:41:26

certainly very fairly. Yeah, it's very rare that someone just prays for the sake of Allah with no, with nothing attached to it. Like there's no attachment whatsoever. So because we don't do that very often, we don't seem to understand what with what with the with the text is trying to say, but when people back in the day, like before, they would pray, just, I'm not doing anything. So I just stand up Allahu Akbar, and I'll pray for the sake of Allah. What is this? Nothing is just for the sake of Allah. I mean, is it sunnah to the Muslim? No, he's okay. I'm really not really, is it? Do you miss a prayer? No, what are you doing? I'm just praying for the sake of Allah that that doesn't happen

00:41:26--> 00:42:03

often today, somebody that used to happen a lot. And this is Texas, St. Just don't do it. Like an open prayer during these times, just these times don't do an involuntary prayer, which is after VBB, you know, between physeal Until the time the sun goes up after Friday until the sun goes up around the length of a spear into the sky 10 to 20 minutes before Zool in between also until dawn goes off, but he hasn't reason to it. You can go ahead and do anytime you want. Yes. Some subtle shock. Like for example, you graduate. Yeah, that's, that has a reason. Oh, yeah, that's that's a reason. Yeah. Again, there are scholars who who detail their answers regarding reasons, like some of them will

00:42:03--> 00:42:04

detail it I'm just telling you.

00:42:06--> 00:42:23

The general opinion in the JVM languages, anything as a reason you're fine. But some schools will detail to say it has to be a thought that you missed or has to be something but like as they come and pray for you. Or you didn't do this too little feature, which is a very important regularly recommended setting the right you prayed asked for you know not?

00:42:25--> 00:42:56

So you'll find you'll find like this division amongst whether you do it or not. I personally don't I leave it to later. But you can do it like the scholars are Yeah, it has a sub Shafi, you'll see that and then others will say no, there's not a good enough sub, this other has to be something compelling, much more compelling, they just assume that because you can make those into later on. If you don't make up for it, you're not gonna hold accountable. But these are sort of a clock, my crew had recommended timing. So so it's a division amongst scholars regarding the usages of these terms. And what what qualifies and what doesn't. HIV, anything that has a cause is qualifies anything, even

00:42:56--> 00:43:21

slightly sugarcoat something like that. So what they will do, so they told us all qualifies for two separate quizzes, one just on purification, and one just not sure, okay? It's not, I'm not gonna grade anyway, just just for your own sake, you can give it to me, I'll see what you did, right and wrong, I'll help you out. But the idea is just for your own sake, if you want to just see if you do understand everything Do you have like the information or not, I'll ask them, like some hard questions here and there and see, if everyone kind of caught up on what was

00:43:23--> 00:43:35

in the book, oh, there's still a lot of sections, but they're not as long see, the sections are much shorter, there's a lot, there's a lot of, it's fine, it's interesting to study this, these type of texts, because you're gonna find a lot of

00:43:37--> 00:44:08

a lot of what's going to come is less relevant than what you've already studied, like what you studied bihon will do and solar, this is very relevant, but other parts are going to be a bit less relevant and a bit less harder to understand. Because if you don't, they don't apply today, as much as they did before. It's gonna be a lot of fun to studies that got together. Because the finance part of this book is very simple. And it talks a lot about what happened back in the day. So sheep and golden dates and stuff like that. So for us, it's all just, you know, dollars in the bank account. So we have to draw parallels and learn how to, you know, what's okay in terms of buying and

00:44:08--> 00:44:10

selling, what's not okay, stuff like that. And there's a lot of

00:44:12--> 00:44:36

rulings regarding slaves in slavery, because that was still prominent at the time. So we'll have to kind of, you know, skim through that quickly or draw parallels to it today. You understand what the idea was behind it, but because there's a lot of rulings that were regarding because slaves were a part of the of the of the fabric of society in Arabia for a long time, it took a number of centuries for them to go and until they did there were rulings that were specific for for them whether male or female.

00:44:37--> 00:44:39

I've one more thing.

00:44:40--> 00:44:50

As an answer to a question, if you are during the show, what do you do what I'm really. So when you come except for the show? How do you set up the affiliate bill very regularly? Do you do the SHA two immediately.

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

So what do you do? I'm guessing what you do on like, what do you pray? So what do you do? So it makes it good. The second situation you're setting up for Tisha

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

When you sit, do you say it out immediately? Would you say

00:45:03--> 00:45:33

the first day or two? And does anyone really just told me in between, and there's a difference of opinion among scholars, you, some of them say that you just start with that yet immediately, which is a more prominent opinion. So that you can say it'll be a fairly first and then a day or two. So there's a difference of opinion here. Yeah. So starting with is is more prominent opinion, you start with that immediately. But just just to kind of put that out there as between? Yeah, I don't, I'm just saying that. I'm just saying that if you do that, then there's a, there's actually the opinions that accommodate that as well. But it's less, it's less prominent is less

00:45:34--> 00:45:35

evidence to support it.

00:45:38--> 00:45:39

What do you do with your hands when you do a club.

00:45:42--> 00:46:16

So you're, for the FAA, you're supposed to hold on, and this was a gem holder, it was a hold on to your kneecaps. So you're supposed to hold on to the kneecaps, it's not really about when which direction, in juice, it's about the direction and also institute this direction. But in terms of an oil cooler, it's more grasping the kneecaps, or the the lower part of the thigh, or even the lower, or the upper part of the leg. So there's three places depending on what membership method you're gonna get, you're gonna study, whether you hold on here, or you hold on to the kneecap, or you hold on hold on down, so it doesn't matter. We'll do like,

00:46:17--> 00:46:30

this way. So you're not really holding on anything like that. So you don't really get the recording done for and recorded or for a request supposed to be done. So you're supposed to be able to straighten out your back parallel to the ground. So if you just if you just put your hands literally impossible, so

00:46:32--> 00:47:07

it doesn't, it doesn't work. But when I hold on, I get to sleep, I got to push my shoulders against slouch my shoulders ahead of it, and then my, my, my, my back becomes straight. You see, so when you hold on. So when you hold on the to your knees, you have the ability to sloped your shoulders forward a bit, and then your your back becomes straight, when it's just about when it's just going like this, you're not actually grasping anything, you don't really straighten out your back. And you're really you're just arch. Right so this is not this is not considered for the prominent, at least the number of for the for most scholars, at least some of them, don't mind it, but for the

00:47:07--> 00:47:09

most of them, they don't this is not record

00:47:11--> 00:47:16

doesn't qualify as record. This is you trying to pick something up from the ground and giving up

00:47:18--> 00:47:21

that record after you have to straighten out your What about the city

00:47:23--> 00:47:52

can you put your hands on like, on your thighs. Again, so this is some of them are early thigh some of them here is the shaft area that you keep it at the lower part of your thigh you don't grasp the beneath the knees, you're not seeing like this, right? This one looks sorta open like this, they left is just straightforward. And then the right is halacha. Right now for us to finish IVs like this, and then the suburb has just left forward, and then you move it, when do you move it for the Jeffy and

00:47:54--> 00:47:55

you mentioned

00:47:56--> 00:48:07

no Illa Allah ilaha IL Allah Aeneas, things like that until until you do sit down, write the HANA via a shadow and

00:48:09--> 00:48:18

in the law, and then you keep it down to the end. And then the Maliki just keep on going back and forth, sideways. And that cannot be that every time we say the word name of Allah or you make a DUA or something, you move it

00:48:19--> 00:48:52

just keeping it the whole time. Yeah, I don't even have free Wi Fi opinions and their own method regarding what to do with the finger. But the prominent one is is is that this is like the more modern one, and I find it to be the better one, to be honest, which is that you move it every time you say the vicar of Allah or you make a DUA, which makes more sense because it gives it gives at least some understanding. Also, what the I've had to do is, you know, has also makes makes sense as well. Anyway, it, there's really very little evidence to support what what you want to do. So whatever you do here is fine. But the thing is that you don't have your hand out like this, the

00:48:52--> 00:49:11

right is not out like this. It's not like that. Right? So it's like you have to it's not you have to again, this is all these are awesome. If you don't do them, they're fine. But you look what absolutely superb. So you make a negative cycle of like a ring, and then you have the index finger forward, then you bring it up in done. Okay. So the hand has to be on and

00:49:13--> 00:49:24

it can be straight. That Molokhia like it to be like this. Like totally, but do you so okay, because there's very little evidence to support this. Like there's not clear any description so you can have a differently

00:49:26--> 00:49:28

I think I heard there 13 different

00:49:30--> 00:49:38

finger. Yeah. Yeah, there's a lot of there's a lot of difference of opinion. Right. And I think Dr. Maliki, they used to say the Sahaba saw

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

and was like the number 60. Yeah, so they have it like this. So then I think you will have it like this. It's like they're carrying like there's a cup inside the molecule tell you imagine you're carrying a small copy like this. But again, there's different because a difference of opinion and a different description is not very clear. So whatever you do is really not that much of a problem but there's really but but having a straight like this for the right hand is

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

Not there's really no none of none of them have all the different opinions that's not one of them. Is it right is always brought in and the left is political.

00:50:11--> 00:50:15

But I might be wrong. Seems like core of

00:50:16--> 00:50:21

European is more Sharpie and outskirt No.

00:50:23--> 00:50:27

No Hurston yes the outskirts of of the Eastern

00:50:28--> 00:50:43

sofa after 90 from after Iran to the east. The Hanafi madhhab is much more prominent, but within Arabia you'll find everything and you'll find it goes all the way back I in Syria that we have tea from someone's key

00:50:44--> 00:50:44


00:50:47--> 00:50:48

or corsi

00:50:49--> 00:51:24

for the majority but so courtesy or key or timetabling a few hidden within America to give them a chauffeur to keep them humbly so you'll find with massage Edward there are scholars of that month who do fit to offer that method. And they are like they can they can count their authenticity back to the Imams of the metal themselves. It's very it's a very beautiful thing like in the domestic self in Damascus itself. There are all from the hip plus the VA hadiah plus the Jaffa reinforces idea you'll find them all the bits as you dive all the way they have have a masjid and have an area under scholars and go you can learn the method from them. You can take the books and everything and

00:51:24--> 00:52:04

go to another one is very, I'm not sure I think I think muscle muscle has that. I think Egypt parts of Egypt have that. But I don't think outside of Egypt in Damascus there's anything like that like in terms of the variety. Now if you look at the Metropole Hungary is very strong in the hijas area, meaning the Gulf countries, not all of them, but most of them HIV, you'll find a lot of Sofia in the below the sham. So Lebanon in the sea she basically basically Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq are a kind of 5050 Hanafi Shafi, so there's a lot 100 Here there as well, like it's very prominent there, Maliki go to the to the west of it, so the Libyans, Algerians and the Moroccans,

00:52:04--> 00:52:36

but you also find there so if any of the things you'll find everything, if you go you'll find a very good population of people, you'll find this idea that you're like, we have a masjid in Syria called Mercy Canada. It's called Massoud Hanabusa, which is called the masterclasses and, and the name of it is a Hanafi guy. Anyways, it's very interesting. It's very interesting place and there's a lot of they get to know a lot of people. And so it's not in those spaces. It's not it used to be a problem in there. There used to be more of a problem to have different with them. It's no longer a problem anymore. There's a lot of closeness and the time. The problem now is different problem that was more

00:52:36--> 00:53:05

theological ideological, it's gonna take us another 400 years and Charlotte to come. So we we start fighting about that as well. But they used to fight over the issues of motherhood. Like when it comes to the moving of the finger, that there's no stories where there's some guy Solomon broke the guy's finger, because he's moving it too much or something like that. Yeah, but there's a story that you'll hear from scholars where a man if you guys bring you find the hunters, Shafi guy and the medic, you gotta go like this. So the guy who sell them and broke his finger, so he's doing today is to fight over McGraw Hill, jurisprudence problems. They take it very, very seriously. It took it

00:53:05--> 00:53:30

took us a number of years or centuries for us to stop doing that, understand that there's more than one way to see things. And we stopped fighting about jurisprudence. Now we're fighting over theology and ideology that will take us I don't know how long it will take us less than that. But we have to come to a point where we stop fighting about that, as well understand that there's more than one way to see things specifically, as long as we agree on the basics on the big questions which most Muslims and Sunni Muslims at least most of the Muslims agree to most of them like, any more than you think.

00:53:31--> 00:54:07

What I think is most problematic is that one method of analysis if someone follows some other music they say that you because that's that's impossible. That used to happen. See, that used to happen in Arabia as well used to happen 600 years ago, that was a thing a shot if you need to marry 100 The lady was a problem was a big problem. Oh, boy, a very big problem. I need I need I know they were even regarded as a man How about the time it was always a big problem. He was a fight a lot on these things. It took it took a while for people to understand that there's more than one way to see these things and that there's no reason for us to differ. But now we're deferring on other stuff within

00:54:07--> 00:54:16

the the the Sunday realm and I don't know Inshallah, yeah, I knew we were capable of bringing forward some some mutual understanding and some open mindedness in terms of these things that we differ upon.

00:54:19--> 00:54:25

Yeah, I know I've seen it before he I've seen something similar to that. I enjoy Okay, he's not gonna knock and shadow you. Yeah.

00:54:28--> 00:54:30

You almost saved me side there, but he could, but he didn't do

00:54:33--> 00:54:59

very well. You mentioned that they put the body down. So usually we have the box for the back leg is fine. No, that's fine. It's fine. These are all again, the ADD. He's also done that have the level of the, the level of priority of the Sunnah is pretty low because there's not that much evidence to support it and there's not much evidence to support that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam specifically wanted us to do that all the time. So the boxes are fine and

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

weigh them down together, it's fine. The issue is just just dignity. The the thing that has to be maintained is dignity of the person who died, meaning that we do it in a dignified way. And we don't.

00:55:10--> 00:55:17

And he's not he's not treated roughly, he's not thrown in. He's not Yeah, he's lowered in a way that's respectful. Because you know, when you pass away, you want people to

00:55:18--> 00:55:52

I don't know, if you maybe don't, but generally speaking, those who love you want you to be respected by your, the way that you're dealt with. I've seen I've seen some bad examples. And yeah, I've seen people die, who don't really have much family. And the way that they were treated is quite like I went to medical school. So in medical school, you have to work on cadavers. So they bring in bodies. Now the body of the bringing is probably for someone who didn't have a family member, not one family member who cared enough to bury this guy. So the way they treat this person is very undignified, like I don't I think that is, it's for it's for science is for knowledge is for the

00:55:52--> 00:56:23

benefit of the social representative people to donate that to science is not a problem. However, now that this person has donated his body for you to learn, then treat it with dignity, like there has to be dignity, there has to be a good arm of this person. While at the end of it, the guy who was just a couple of pieces that was put into a bag and thrown it out, he was very thrown into a hole and he was there was there was a lack of dignity in the way that these were my biggest problem medical school was I couldn't, I couldn't accept the way they were treating the cadavers there was no respect. So I think that with with these things are telling us that is respect. So lowering him

00:56:23--> 00:56:32

from the head down is just when you were lowered from the feet down, it's like you're sliding into something. It's the head down is more dignified. And it's like do you put your kid to bed you don't put the feet first Do you?

00:56:33--> 00:56:51

You know, whenever you take the kid you put the head first and then you're late. So it's a matter of of tenderness, of kindness of respect to the to the deceased. So the box is just as respectful yada yada the law is improperly and it's, it's it's all good and chillness no problem. Okay. Next week, we're off. Revise, I would advise ever