The Scholar Whose Dog Was Poisoned

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The segment is a conversation between two speakers discussing their workout and a potential job opportunity. They discuss a story about a teacher who was poisoned by his students and eventually killed his teacher's dog. They also mention a potential job opportunity where the teacher gets poisoned again and they save their life.

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Although he may not show up on your Raji

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well all Allahu Nabi you whom in Tamil ki he a dear Gumo taboo to fee his Sakina to mirabito Mobley Yeah, well white belt the yellow to me Mataranka mousse Lu Renata Neelu Humala ICA in NaVi Valley kala ayatullah coming to Moke meaning

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and we're gonna pause here as Bill Allah and I are being chased by us chainsawed man, so you want to take up that last one yourself? Go ahead. I'll see you in a three by three workout. Great job today everyone was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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I was one line from finishing the page. I'm like, Yeah, they'll figure it out. Once you do one lesson as a grump, as sound like a welcome to hear for the first time go figure it out. I sound like him. I read it once already. Go do it.

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The Grinch? The Quran, toughest teacher gritch.

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Okay, we're going in for three by three. I think people would much rather prefer that over a lot of the Quran teachers and

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if you remember in torchbearer Sheikh Walid that highlighted a scholar who was full of knowledge new Hadith no one knew his rewriters but he hated people. And he had a dog that he would sick on his students. And then they poisoned his students and then he cried and he lost it and killed his dog bro. I mean, I'm sorry John Wick has killed his dog should have gotten like Buck while he was like and then he cried and he said, Okay, I'll teach you like they kind of like subdued

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yikes killed his poor dog. The poison them I don't know. There's a lot in that story there. I'm like, no, this doesn't work. You poison their dogs their teachers dog because they love the knowledge more than their yikes know what I don't understand. It's like the teachers like you killed my dog. You killed my dog bro. You did? Now let me teach you grog Go Go suck on a lemon cool get your own a deep I learned that Ethan I didn't kill my teachers dog like right he's must be like I learned all these without killing me feel me canines.

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Three by three we're doing great. First story the prostitute. Save the dog. Oh first anchor your teacher you're going to hell sheets. Let's not eat Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know

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I thought I feel like oh yeah, you guys want to learn Quran? save one life. You guys get poisoned from in the first place. Okay three by three.