The Perfect Day 6

Wisam Sharieff


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Three things that could bring you joy first, I want to highlight a joy on demand by

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the Google and previous Google engineer. I'd love for you to take a look at the book and realize that we all deserve joy and that joy is available very much in the now. And so if you can start watching things that would surround physical fitness not working out and getting bulky, or getting super thin for for whatever angle is coming at you, working out to the body of Jannah working out to make your body be the version that you want in a perfect day ie in a perfect day. You don't want pain in your joints, you want to wake up, be fresh, not tired. You want to have a healthy diet, what have great vibrance, vitality, there are things that are very much related to your body that you

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want, might want to say, hey, those are all on a list of things that bring me joy are all things that are going to end up benefiting me. Let's do that together.