The Perfect Day 7

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AI: Summary © The speaker is sharing a list of things she wants to have in her perfect day, including working on a pull up bar, working on healing balls, working on grip sticks, working on personal hygiene, and working on writing a pages page. She mentions that all these things bring joy and happiness.
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By now, if you've made a list of things in your perfect day that you'd want you'd like to have, rather that bring you joy. So I'm going to share a

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list that I have of my perfect day things that bring me joy. In a week, I'd like to do work on the pull up bar. The pull up bar brings a great deal of happiness to me. I'd like to work with resistance bands, sit in the sauna. Use those healing balls like a lacrosse ball to work out any pain in my body. Work on the grip sticks there. gyroscope. It's a lot of physical, fitness things but things that are just stationary but will help my wrist will help my body open up and grow. I'd love to work on hygiene Did I do a good job of cleaning my teeth personal hygiene or swimming, reading Quran a juice a day, writing a page a day. These are all things written on hate with sound.

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These are things that could bring you joy when you need to