Haitham al-Haddad – Important message in light of the dire situation in Ghouta – Syria

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the ongoing conflict in the region of alota, where the town is located. They suggest that the conflict is causing people to lose their independence and fear, leading to violence and loss of lives. The speaker also suggests organizing demonstrations and reaching out to people to raise awareness and build up momentum.
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So now how not a human hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah, my dear respected brothers and sisters,

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I think everyone knows the situation in in a sham. And in particular these days, the situation in alota, there is still in water, that land in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned that to the campus of the Muslims will be in that land in the day of malema, the big war that will take place before the end of this life. And that land is considered to be one of the most fertile land in the whole earth. In that land that is described like this, we see one of the biggest massacres that is taking place now. In fact, many of the commentators they compare between what is happening in that land, and what happened by the Russian troops in Grozny in 1999. And they say that the Russians

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are along with the Syrian regime, both of them are using the same Russian tactics, where they wanted to flatten the whole city, it is a small city it is or it is part of Damascus, it is maybe the area of a water shelter or the entire water is like that area of Gaza, around 400 kilometers, and almost half a million people are living there. They are bombarding it in every day and they are killing almost 100 people every day, in the last few days. And their attempt is as we said, is to flatten it in order to expel the entire population from a water because they have put it under seat for the last few years. And they want to get rid of it, it is one of the strongest places that has yet been

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defending itself and has not given up so far. Apart from this, what is happening to the people there there, there, we have heard so many messages from their women, their children, everyone there, they said that they are unable just to to survive due to hunger due to the seeds that they were put under in the last few years. As we have said, My dear respect to the brothers and sisters, I know that the conflict will not be solved overnight, I know that we will not be able to free a hotel or the people of alota. Just by by

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overnight or by addressing this problem. The conflict is so wide is so big is hysterical, etc. But at least we should do something as much as we can. We should raise awareness in order for to this awareness eventually will create will create some pressure on the main players. And something can be done. Don't belittle any amount of pressure that you can do. Don't belittle any amount of awareness that you can raise in order to to build up towards that pressure that can be exercised. This is something that is very important. Do that whether through hotbars whether it's through messages, whether it's through social media use social media, my dear respected brothers and sisters, here we

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are in Britain and in particular, in London, we should organize some demonstrations in front of the Russian government's in in front of the Russian Embassy in front of maybe Downing Street to do something to help our brothers and sisters in a water. This is one thing Alhamdulillah now many organizations have started to raise funds to send it to a water we need to donate as much as we can to help them. Thirdly, my dear respected brothers and sisters, if there is any kind of communication with the people there, we should contact them in order to show them that we are still with them. And we are making dua for them. My dear respected brothers and sisters, we ask Allah, Allah Allah to

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help them and please don't forget to them in your DUA in the middle of the night to make dua for them. And brothers and sisters, don't be devastated. Don't be pessimistic, we need to be optimistic because what is happening is waking us up. And what is happening is making us sure of our noble message the message of Islam and it also it gives us clear confidence that the whole world now they need the real leadership that leads them to to justice and leads them to to protect the innocent people who are being killed everywhere in

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In the world, we ask Allah Allah Allah to save us to save our brothers and sisters in a water. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah to help us so we can help them. So we can elevate this obligation upon us when the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said also a haka now on sort of haka volume and Omar Bluma, aid your brother, whether he is oppressed, or he is an oppressor, and you know, in our culture, they were had believers of like one body, in a minimum, you know, when Allah Allah Allah said in the Quran, feminists Rahmani kumara medulla

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