The Greedy Vs. The Needy

Yassir Fazaga


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You see poverty here every day. And it is so sad to panela so sad to the point where Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah, I seek refuge in You, I do not want to be in that stage. And even Abu Talib used to say, have poverty being a man, I would have killed him.

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Had it been a man, I would have killed it.

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Because of the catastrophes that poverty brings. Do you mean to tell me that a poor person that is just struggling, struggling to make living, struggling just for that day to pass by, and just put some food in his stomach, this person is analyzing, and thinking of the dictators, I'm thinking of the politics and thinking of this and that he's too busy, too miserable to be in that to think that way. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah, I do not want to be in that stage. And it is so sad that nowadays, Muslims are the richest, and they are the poorest. Some people die of obesity, because they eat too much. And others are dying of hunger, because they have nothing to

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And here you have the commands of Allah,

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you know, give, spend, make sure you alleviate the problems and the hardship of other people. Because these are shackles, the guy or the girl is very smart. We wish that she could have gone to school. But guess what, at this point, what happens is that they cannot afford school. Why one time I remember I went to refugee camps in eastern Sudan, and the Eritrean refugee camps. And there were people sitting in the room, and two of them were medical school students. Now being a doctor is a big deal. Maybe not here, but it was a very big deal to be going to medical school back there. So I said, you know, today is a school day, how come you're not going there. And one of them, he put his

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head down and he said, I am too hungry. I cannot understand anything. If I go there.

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He could not go to school because he's I am just too hungry. I cannot go there.

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And the other one was topless. He said, I don't have a shirt to go to school.

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I mean, can you imagine the brains, the potentials that are being lost in our cities, smart, brilliant young boys and girls, that can make a huge, big difference, but their circumstances are not helping them. So the problem is, so don't say Oh Allah, I don't want to be in that position.

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May Allah never put any of us in that position.

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And then also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would and by the way, do not misunderstand me. Islam does not necessarily rebuke poverty for being poverty. But Islam is definitely against poverty, if it is due to the injustice of the way wealth is distributed, or the way greed is going on. If that is why there is poverty, then he has Islam hates and Islam is against it. And if that poverty is again, the result of the laziness of that individual, then again, Islam hates that kind of poverty. Poverty is never celebrated in Islam. You are not a good person, because you are a poor person. Some people misunderstand being you know, a person that is, you know, just very humble does

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not have any money. They think that is the meaning of

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truth in Islam is what do you have the dunya in your hands, but not in your heart? That is how it is. I have it in my hands Masha, Allah the process when we used to say,

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he said the best of wealth is that that belongs to the righteous of men. Now you'll see if he is a righteous man, he should not be wealthy. That's how we were taught. If you are an MRI machine or a pious person, you're supposed to be miskeen. Can't be rich, cannot accept any of that. But these were not the teachings of Islam.