The Perfect Day 14

Wisam Sharieff


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And so as we try to land this concept, I'm trying to settle the perfect day concept for you here. It isn't what you thought it was going to be right? Everything goes perfect. Everything goes my way. Every shot I shoot goes in. That's not a perfect day. And even in your world, now that you think of it, you don't want everything to go your way. But the perfect day is when you're in charge the whole day. When you're in control of maybe it's not an addiction, what about rage? What about anger? What about the guilt, shame and regret that's associated to the post anger feeling? Right? So the addict knows the feeling of after they did their thing, and then they're like, Oh, I feel garbage. What

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about the person who has rage and anger? So, friends, the perfect day is about staying in control, and about having things that will align me and bring me back to a state of peace, a state of joy, and a state of happiness and or in between. So let's try that together. Two more components.