The Perfect Day 12

Wisam Sharieff


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envision not right now don't even don't even see the data expensive. Watch the purse of the bag. Don't surround yourself with the items. Who are you going to be in that perfect day? Because anxieties are going to hit, don't you think? Oh, an urge to go back to the old way the old addiction, the food, the the intoxication, the puff the pole? Don't you think that's going to come back? And don't you also think you're now as soon as you make the intention to start working towards the perfect day? It's going to take a year. It's going to take time. Don't Don't let me put a number on it.

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As soon as you make intention to work towards the perfect day, life comes at you and everything that makes you need the crutch. The the numbing, oh my god, I can't believe my wife got angry at me. I can't believe I got into an argument with my son. I can't believe this happened. Can't believe I missed this prayer. It's gonna happen even more