Zakir Naik – Is there any Sign or has anyone Seen After a Person Dies, whether he goes to Heaven or Hell?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of the Day of Judgment and how it is impossible to determine whether a person is going to either die or reach a level of heaven or hell. The concept is discussed in various ways, including the difficulty of being able to determine the exact number of marks a person has received and the potential for mistakes to occur if a person dies. The speaker concludes that the concept is impossible to determine whether a person is going to either die or reach a level of heaven or hell.
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Windows heaven or *, like all we can feel this guy went to heaven, this guy went to *. And if it is that is that anybody seen or felt is is meant to have an event to, like the other will see and come to know. Yes, he went to them and he made mistakes. He went to * he made.

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He went to heaven, He made good thing and he went to heaven. Without question that is there any signs when a person dies, we come to know whether he's going to heaven or *. Normally, we don't know. Because we are not the judge.

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We don't know the inside out of a human being. Do you know what is human beings thinking in his mind? Do you know what I'm thinking in my head? So that the reason we cannot be the judge, the best person is the person who is the Master of the Day of Judgment. That is our great Almighty God. My question is, is the judgment happened on that time to that guy?

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That means he passed away is not alive. He's gone. Though the next time that time is the judgment for him. Are we able to see or Kenny I cannot say that many physical changes might be hands or eyes or something else, which is specialized should actually we can notice whether someone appear for the test. Suppose there are 100 students, you are one of the students correct? No, when you stay for the full year, you come to know this student is intelligent, this student is average this student is v. So, you being one of the students in 100 students you can make an assumption this student will come out first class was correct.

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This student will get second class nastran refill correct? Can you make or not? Can you make assumption by because they have lived for one full year with your colleagues he right exam he get passes?

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Can you make an assumption not assumption that this student will come out first class first because he answers very well. It's not possible. I'm not asking you judgment Can you make assumption means Can you send you can make something Yes. Why? Because that student always answers whenever teacher ask a question that student answers. So, hopefully he will come out first you can make an assumption correct? Yeah, one student average one student never answered fail assumption he writes an examination

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you I view ma he will come out first. But the teacher hasn't corrected without teacher correct and he has come on first can you say that? No, you can assume this person will come out first after a person dies is like a person has given the examination. But untrust the results out you cannot say for sure he has come out first. You can assume if I ask you how many marks you got? Can you say no? You can assume will come out first Can you tell me the exact number of marks he has got 100 then you know what you can see here come on first you know may get 9090 to 95. But you cannot say exactly why? Because the results aren't out. Similarly when a person dies. By looking at his deeds, you can

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assume this is a good human being. He did not rob we believe in one God, he did not associate partners with God inshallah, he will go to heaven. This person Oh used to raw beef to cheat. He never believed in God, he died in worship, he will go to *. But your result will come to know after the day of judgment when the results out. So the Quran says that Almighty God is the Master of the Day of Judgment, all the human beings who have died, they will be raised up again on the Day of Judgment right? From the first human being Adam peace be upon him is the last human being all will be resurrected together and then will the judgment be given so what do you assume? Maybe right maybe

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wrong the exact Marxist therefore when a person dies, you can assume God Willing inshallah, he will go to heaven. God willing inshallah, this person you know used to do ship is to associate partner used to rob he's to rate is to cheat, he will go to it, you can assume.

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Similarly, if God wants to forgive someone, she will never forget. Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 14 Surah Nisa chapter 416. If Allah pleases, he may forgive anything, but the sin of shall give will now forgive. If you associate partners with God, if you do idol worship, God will never forgive you. So I as a person can only say 100% a person will go to * if he has been shipped. If he died as a mushrik. If he died, associating partners with God and not believing in one God alone, then I can say for sure, he will go to *, all the other human beings if he does something, if Almighty God wants to forgive him, he may forgive him, but we don't know now. It only

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comes from the Day of Judgment unanswered question.

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