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He was telling him about Aleo, a service missionary Jumada and alpha alpha mu Arboga comes to more and more ethically, TISA Tasha, when Sherry December Alpha anywhere Phil Atherton, where she wrote to our soldiers and if you haven't determined Mobarak we have a son he and I sort of lost behind a hotel that anybody can you know, if you manage our limo when you're fit. Elena's alert works really well if you were 5g trophy allele. So even Allah has Magellan, we continue from where we stopped last does, which is a new chapter about St. timesheet you attorney at Bill Hayes. You know the recommendation and

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the love for the Sharia, that he should always give good news and be optimistic and try to be the first

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to tell people go rather than being the one who give them the evil news. So a mama never we quoted from the Quran.

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A lot of verses where Allah subhanaw taala is asking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa selama to give good news to the believers and to the righteous people. I guess we talk about the first and the second. So today we move to the next one, which is the Saint of Allah subhanaw taala which I'm sure will be generated he continues to do. This is a part of Elijah in Surah two facilite where Allah subhanaw taala says in the Lilina CalU or of going Allah who must accommo tetanus Allah human manner eager to alert Hafele well at a zoo, what action will be generated let you continue to argue. Allah subhanaw taala says the believers

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those who are except Allah subhanho wa Taala and put their faith into action, they practice the faith. Allah subhanaw taala says as long as they maintain the estate power upon the truth and the to heed of Allah subhanho wa Taala tetanus to Allah he will Mala aka to Allah to have who will act as and for you to understand this properly and to enjoy this blessing. You should read the Hadith of the life Massoud where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said in Hideko lay Amelie, Amelie, Allegiant had Jeremiah who lubaina who were obeying the first big Allah He cuttable for Yamalube family and in nearly fell flat it says one of you will be doing things according to what

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Allah subhanaw taala you know considered as something that can take him to Jannah meaning a person will be so righteous will be doing the righteous deed what Allah is Martina loves throughout his life had termites who been who have been agenda de la vera until the time there is nothing between him and Jana except one Vera

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and is small.

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And he spot on the earth left for him and a few steps left left for him to get into the paradise.

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The province a lot looser mindset, first we call at Temple. So he spent his life doing the righteous things, you know, doing the righteous deed, but then at the last minute,

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he will be overtaken you know, by that which is written by Allah subhanaw taala of his decree

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for Yeah, I'm going to be clearly now at that last minute he will be doing things that can take him to help fed for the while, Allah subhanaw taala

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will take him to help.

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So bear with me, this person is righteous. And he's doing the righteous thing until the last minute. Then he has been koala he Kitab the cutter says otherwise. You know he's according to what we see he's going to Jana.

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Yeah, because we have a clear explanation from Allah subhanaw taala that if you're doing this you go to Jannah. And this man is doing.

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The prophets Allah is so master, he will be overtaken by that which is written for him by Allah subhanaw taala of his other friends because he Kitab who family the family I had inadequate for Allah Subhana Allah. If you're going to take this hadith, literally, without looking for other law schools to clarify what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meant by this, there is a problem.

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You Allah, that is a problem, because you will be righteous, you'll be doing everything. And then the big fear is there, that at the last minute, something might just appear, and then a person will go to help. Add to that other Hadith that says that Allah hotel already written, you know, he wrote the one that is going to Paradise and the one that is going to help. Everything has been properly documented. Those who are unhealed will go to hell and there will be no change. Allah says Allah Valley, I don't care. Those who are going to Paradise, they will go to Paradise and there'll be no change and

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Law says, well actually, I don't care. He says, If you're going to look at them, without putting all of these Hadees together, especially Hadees of at the line was all the other version which you don't find in an airborne and over here, you will get lost. You end up asking the same question one of the companions as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he says the IRIS will Allah, if this is the case then for female Armand, why do we need to go to the Messiah? Why do we need to pray? Because everyone is written, you know, his place is already decided, you know, why do I come to the masjid wider go and pays a car and all of these things that the prophets Allah has told him, he

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says, No, that was drunk understanding. He said Mailloux for Columbia Salima.

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It says practice the deed get busy doing that which Allah smarter prescribing for new because every single one of us, Allah is making life easy towards that which He created him for.

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So what happens? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi, Surma said, in a haiku lair Manu camellia Helen, Jen, had termite call. This is one we know in the Hadees in the book of bone and Ohia. But there is another narration which is authentic. That says Leia Manu the Amelie Halal Jannetty female Abdullah Enos.

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It says we my Abdullah Enos, according to what appears to us, he's doing righteous deed. But between him and Allah subhanaw taala. Is that the case? No. Between him and Allah subhanaw taala is different phase.

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Yeah, that's why on the day of judgment and before the Day of Judgment, actually at the beginning of the day of judgment, because the multifocal karmic module, if a person dies, his karma begins.

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Yeah, now use your move to the path which takes you to the Day of Judgment.

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From that moment, Allah subhanaw taala takes care of the good ones.

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And the bad ones who are having Subhanallah evil behavior with Allah subhanho wa taala. From that moment, usually the truth is going to be revealed. That's why he says FEMA Yep. Julianus according to what appears to us is doing righteous deed, he's okay. But Allah knows he is not because we Allah subhanaw taala he's a different person.

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So when there's approaching this is when the truth is going to be revealed.

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That's why this man was a man or whatever name he has, you know, who was fighting, you know, according to what we see for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala during the battle who hurt you know, and doing a job that nobody is doing?

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Subhanallah the believers are so happy with him. And then Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi salam, I told them he is going to help

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somebody followed him to see why did the prophets Allah sama said this man is going to help because according to what we see, is going to paradise inshallah.

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But then, after the battle, he was badly injured. It wasn't patient, it took his sword and kill himself

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Subhanallah that man when he saw that he came back to the zoo lice, Allah Azza and said to the Prophet, Ash had a neck Rasul Allah, He said, I bear witness that you are Rasul Allah

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so Allah hula Salah son was surprised because he's already Muslim you know, he asked him why what happened is this young Salah demand that you said he's going to help definitely it happens in the way you mentioned.

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And then he told the prophets Allah some of the stories and elsewhere he killed himself because he's he committed suicide and suicide is the easiest way for a person to make it to help free of charge. And the prophets Allah sama said, no, no going out of it. He said Holly than McCullough Delphia Aveda.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the real meaning of that hadith when he says in the layout with the Amelie al gender, female Yep, do leanness. It says according to what appears to the people that this person is okay. But the reality is not

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even Rajib said

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and also a lot of contemporary scholars also mentioned the same thing. It says well, like it is not the Sunnah of Allah. I really enjoyed this statement of the scholars. It said well, like it is not the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala that a believer will be righteous throughout his life. And then at the last minute, Allah subhanaw taala will let him go. Allah doesn't do that.

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You spend your life pleasing Allah and then at the last minute Allah subhanaw taala neglects you Allah doesn't do this.

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That's why I said if you want to enjoy this if you you have to read those Hadith first.

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You read those Hadees first, and then when you come and read this ayah then you you can see that tells him amount of the care that Allah has more to put on you

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Are you about to leave this life?

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The righteous people, not only Allah subhanaw taala is going to deal with them, but he will send also angels, they will see them right in line.

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It says in the Ludhiana, cholera goon Allah, those who agree that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one to be worshipped

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as the only one who has control over everything, and he's the only one who deserves to be worshipped. So Mr. Mu, they put this faith into practice and action and they maintain the is to come upon these two Tauheed and also at Ambleside. Allah says tetanus zero Allah he will be like, they will be visited by the angels at the last minute of their life.

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What are they going to tell them? Allah to have?

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Well at

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Allah subhanaw taala will ask the angels to tell them later.

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How it will suck, man.

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Don't be afraid of what you're facing. You're heading to Allah subhanaw taala it will give them all the good news that will make them happy.

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You Allah, it will be so happy, we might say to women, let's see if I see that person, you know, been so happy.

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And he's about to go. You might be thinking that yeah, Alhamdulillah he started getting

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health, you know, really, you know, you'll be okay. But that strong happiness that Allah subhanaw taala asked the NGO to give him the good news and he was so happy because he's moving to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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let a half hour lesson and don't be sad,

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for the present. They have children, they have family. They are afraid of something to happen to them, you know, Allah will tell them no, don't be afraid of anything. Not only our country, how to dunya have in Africa. We are you earlier in this dunya and also in Africa. Allah will give them a good news that we will take care of your family members. Don't worry. Just your time is up, move to that place is better for your family members. Don't worry, Allah will take care of them. Allah says Allah will you a son, in the holy Allahu Levina Zilla kita who a to Allah or Sunni

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Allah to call for will at accelo Wherever Shirou will Jannetty let you continue to argue

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and take good news. Take the good news about the Jana that Allah subhanaw taala promise you.

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And there's a reason why Imam never recorded this. This is so Allah asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to give us good news, as long as we hold upon our iman and is to come up on this Iman until the time we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will never neglect us at the last minute. Throughout your life we will be with Allah and during the last minute, you also go into the with Allah. Even Roger when he talks about this, he concluded with a very nice conclusion. It's it fulfilled humility, and how our team mirror office syllabi

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and how our team Mirabeau Asahi, they still memorize this you need it.

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And karate hottie moments, the end

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is usually the reflection of the of the past

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your event, the end is usually the reflection of the past. If you pass this okay, isn't a lie as our gel Allah subhanaw taala will help you to to have a good end.

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It has hustle and bustle he said, lay certain elbow to be facetted I'll be there. As long as you change when level ever to be compelling, the higher

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the focus is not about the beginning is wrong. Because in Islam, Sharia doesn't want you to focus on the past passes already pass. Just try to understand what was the past. If it is something that you need to repent, just repent and move forward.

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For then live in the outset, just somebody

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who he asked how old are you? He said 60 years. He says you should know that since 60 years ago, you have been on a journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the mindset in Allahu Allah, Allah Herradura

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so he was so scared, he told for that when he says Malama What do I do now? Because 60 years, he tried to recall what did he do? He says none nothing except mess.

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And so Hala coluna coronial if you're going to sit down and look at your life, you know the vast majority of it you know that it is not in the way you want and you will not be happy to present it to Allah subhanaw taala so for awhile when he told him these scholars you told him relax

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us in FEMA backing your formula chemical Baba, is it be good in what

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left of your age alone, forgive the past any good illegible life, be good in the present. Allah will forgive the past. Rasul Allah is Allah said, in the hadith of our Buddha, it says When asked in a female bucket of who fear Allah Who mama Alma, Bucky,

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if you are good in that which left and remains in your life, Allah will forgive the past for you and the present also.

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So all that you have to do is to focus on the present and make sure that you're doing the right thing, then you are qualified, that is good news. The angels will come to you at the last minute of your life. And this goodness and good behavior and righteousness, trust me is going to appear during your last minute is going to appear during the last minutes because you need Allah subhanaw taala to support you, without the support from Allah subhanaw taala you will be snatched by by the Chevy because during the last moment of this life, the shelf in the comes, they come a lot because they know that this is the last chance they have with you. If they miss it, they cannot get anything from

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you anymore. So they will come along. And that's what the presence of the angels, you know is necessary. I mean, that's why the presence of the angels is necessary. Because when these angels comes in the shouting have to go.

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So only the believers and the righteous people will be given this glad tidings and good news by Allah subhanho wa Taala and so Allah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned, you know, these people will be given a lot in Jannah and he call it a loser what he gave them in China, he said this is loser. No so is is like the refreshment you're giving the guests before you give him the heavy, heavy meat. So if that is chosen, what do you expect to get from Alaska hotel after that?

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What is the big meal? All About? Allah says ALLAH Ta Ala Moana fellowmen quality our unit Jessa diva Can

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you don't know what Allah subhanaw taala prepared for you of those things that will make you satisfied because of your righteous, righteous deed?

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Karla Ferber Sharna Hula, hula Amin Halle Imam unknown we also call it a place where Allah subhanaw taala is given the good news through the angels to Ibrahim they will I mean, Halle, the child that is very patient, very kind, very nice, very gentle and also patient at the same time.

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Imagine the father just woke up from his sleep. And he told him, it's by, you know, in the era filming me and the co founder mother Tara.

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He said, I saw in a dream that I was slaughtering you. What do you think?

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Was the reply with a son?

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You have to go and check your health in the medical doctor.

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No, it says yeah, but if Alma

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it says, me, do what Allah commanded you to.

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He did not even say it's up to you.

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To think I will try to be patient. It said no. He reminded him he said this is a command from Allah just execute the command. And he goes with him. Chopin was fighting so much to make sure that he distracts him from the Father. Intention to slaughter him. He told him you're going to submit to Him and smile and the father they kept him throwing stone to that

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to that when he called Shiva.

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That's the reason why we're doing the romieu Algae Mirage, right? It's not Shavon many people think that Mary shaytan that there is no Shiva. That's why they take heavy rocks and metals and knife also they go because the chef told them shaytan every year is being brought to this place and be entirely by the angels, you know, so they think they're going to take revenge. Yeah, that's why you see people bleeding. Because when you go to the place to start to throw the Gemora you're next to the place that guy was trying to shoot what he called shaytan. With he will get you will become his shepherd. I wasn't biller.

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There is no shape. There is just a symbolic thing that allows me to Rotella tested the OMA with Abraham David. And the history behind it is that Abraham was throwing the stone against the shape and he and his mind shape and leave the place and he goes to the place where the middle gem arise. And Abraham Maslow throw this tool in case and he goes to the place where the other Jamara is and they throw stones and then he ran away.

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He tried to distract his mind but he did not succeed. Subhanallah they reached the place where Abraham wanted to slaughter him. And he asked him to lie down and he did. I want you to understand where Allah sponsored this curve is my with a patient person, very patient. And he did. Allah says fella Muslimah will tell a little bit

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Be when they both submitted to Allah subhanaw taala by tele, wholemeal JB. And Ibrahim turned him upside down. Yeah, because he cannot look at the face of his child. And he puts in his putting the knife slaughtering him is where it will be very difficult.

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So he's going to execute the command of Allah azza wa jal precisely in the way Allah ask, because the command says slaughter. It doesn't say how is the slaughter slaughtering is known to everyone. So he turned him upside down because he cannot look at his face. You know, and he's going to do what Allah is going to ask him to do. Salah when they both submitted, Allah subhanaw taala says whenever they know and yeah, Ibrahim hotset Dr. Ruja.

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We call him the tell them wait, don't consult Dr. Ruja. What is required from you you have already did.

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Allah subhanaw taala wanted to test the love of Ibrahim because he was taken by Allah Allah Helene. And that heart of Ibrahim has to be purely to Allah subhanaw taala along the way, there is no way for him to think of looking at somebody else when there is a command from Allah.

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Allah test him in many ways, ask him to take his family the best amongst them the one that can bet children and take them to the place where there is no life. He accepted that put them in the place where there is nobody that

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can see he passed all of these tests that Allah subhanaw taala Allah HTML who had an illness

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he will. He says in the Quran, who attina who had Jerome duniya we know Phil architetti let me this Sunday.

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He passed this test he passed the other one he passed so many things Allah sorta tested him with, including the one that he went into a place that was no Muslim except him and his wife, and he resisted the truth.

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Never compromise. Allah subhanaw taala says a neighbor or Hema cannot own button instead we give him his reward in this dunya that's been guidance. hedaya Comfort tranquility protection, allows water to be with him. And he says we're in the hotel activity Lemina Salim, he is also amongst the righteous people on the Day of Judgment.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says, Baba Shebna will be a Golem in Halle. So we gave him a good news with that golem young boy was who is who is Helene.

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Allah subhanaw taala says wala Khadija Rasul Allah Ibrahima will Bushra another place also, he says our Rowsell they came to Ibrahim with Bushra these are the reasons that we're going to look at A salaam on the way Allah spoke to them to pass Ibrahim and say salaam to him and then give him the good news that he will be having a child.

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So they gave him the good news. Allah subhanaw taala says we're going to call Imogen for a cat from a Shebna hubby is hakomi What is haka? Yaku. Hon Allah and the wife was there listening to the angels given Ibrahim good news that she's going to have a child. You know, Karla further haircut, you know, so when she she heard that she laughed, if you go with this literal meaning, but he could mean she loved because she was too old. It took him about 80 years, 90 years, you know, sometimes this is after 4050 they rarely have a child. She's maybe 80 or more than that. But then the Indians are telling him in a very easy way, you know, your wife is going to you're gonna have a child. So

00:23:33--> 00:23:38

she was, she was there, she heard the statement. So she laughed.

00:23:39--> 00:23:45

Love, love laughing because she doesn't know how to believe in this. A person like her having a child.

00:23:47--> 00:23:54

Some scholars said that it's different to hide. One of the names of the height is a bike.

00:23:56--> 00:24:03

Get it? Right after the angels said, Abraham, you're going to have a child hide came down.

00:24:05--> 00:24:17

What does that mean? A sign that yes, now that fatality comes back, immediately. Spiral Wallahi My dear brothers, sisters, you didn't want Allah subhanaw taala Didn't you ever lose hope?

00:24:19--> 00:24:24

Don't you ever lose hope? You know, they reach the age of despair.

00:24:25--> 00:24:29

You know, but Allah subhanaw taala gave them better than what they're expecting.

00:24:30--> 00:24:48

And you and I and everyone as long as you have this big hope in Alaska, whatever. You will never be neglected by him. It's all about trust. Do you trust Allah subhanaw taala. Do you have Eman? Do you do things to qualify you to get that which you're looking for? oximeter, biller? My dear brother sisters, Allah doesn't disappoint his people.

00:24:49--> 00:24:50


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just about trust don't try Allah. trust it. Yes, he will and go straight forward. Allah subhanaw taala is an alias to a jeweler

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Don't worry you will get what you're looking for.

00:25:03--> 00:25:06

She never expect somebody at her age to have a challenge.

00:25:07--> 00:25:12

So if we will take the second interpretation by hiccup means hey they came to her immediately

00:25:13--> 00:25:18

what does that mean? Tell us every single doubt that she has now is removed

00:25:19--> 00:25:26

because for agents who never see high amount it comes back which is a sign that yes, she's fertile too. I mean, to have a challenge.

00:25:28--> 00:25:31

Allah subhanaw taala says she was

00:25:32--> 00:25:44

in a state of surprise for soccer towards a haha or call it add us in our team she hid herself shades. This as us and our team also at the same time she said Mr. Jews, and also Aki Aki Miss Baron

00:25:45--> 00:25:53

is a person that because she has been with Ibrahim Ali salaam never have a child since she was young. That's been cheated. She is among those people who cannot have a child

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

balance person and also I'd use

00:25:58--> 00:25:59

an older woman.

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But the angels they don't care about this because they know that this is a message from who I will call their ally coalition. Allah says later Allah mu and the Lucha coalition, Kadeem one Allah at how to be coalition.

00:26:15--> 00:26:23

Call information Mojave is how warming water is happy. The angels they give a good news actually you will have a mishap.

00:26:25--> 00:26:31

A child, you're going to have a child and that child also is going to have a child Subhanallah

00:26:33--> 00:26:36

lie to hold the light. They gave a good news on top of a good news.

00:26:38--> 00:26:41

So this story of Ibrahim Ali Salah brings hope

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no matter how much you are in this life, remember, you have somebody who cares for you. And that's Allah subhanaw taala Hello. Yeah, hold upon Allah subhanaw taala and don't worry, let's make sure that you're doing the right thing. Allah doesn't disappoint his people. Allah doesn't disappoint his people.

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Allah forbid Shana hubbies hakomi Why is haka yaku

00:27:06--> 00:27:16

Carla when added to the melodica to Hawkeye in one year, suddenly Phil Mojave and Allah He was sure to caveat here. In another place also we have the case of Zakaria he also reached the old age

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Subhanallah when he sees the way Allah subhanaw taala is providing for Miriam food and there was nobody who's bringing food to her. The hope comes back to him.

00:27:28--> 00:27:34

He asked Allah subhanaw taala for Chow, Allah says We gave him a good news you know, he made a case.

00:27:36--> 00:27:38

He remember that Allah Allah cliche and Kadena

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that is nothing you know, beyond the capacity and ability of ALLAH SubhanA water

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so he says he asked Allah subhanaw taala to grant him a child. Allah says Fernanda to Mala it could work and we certainly will Mojave and Allah I was Shiva Kabir

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Angelus called Him while He was praying in the masjid that Allah subhanaw taala is giving you good news that you have a child call yeah

00:28:07--> 00:28:13

wait call it till Mala Katya Maria will in Allah Who was she will keep the killing machine me who small mercy Hawaii several Maria

00:28:15--> 00:28:23

and Maria. Allah has Salam also Allah subhanaw taala sent the angel to give her a good news that she is going to have a child

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because he met a man who a word from Allah subhanaw taala is more than Mercy who Ascender

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and she also get by their brothers, sisters, all of these sorts. They are supposed to put hope in your heart, in your dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is my personal advice that we should fix your relationship with Allah. Allah doesn't neglect or disappoint his people. As long as you're doing the right thing. Be even if you will never raise up your hand and ask Allah subhanaw taala and be neglected.

00:29:01--> 00:29:04

You get that one with others not Rapala

00:29:05--> 00:29:33

so let's all try our best to fix our relationship with Allah and always put our trust in Allah subhanaw taala and don't have a doubt when you're dealing with Allah, go to Alaska with your feet that you will be accepted. And as long as you're doing the right thing isn't as urgent, you will never be neglected. You will be given the best much more better than what you're looking for. Allah grant us Tofig and be with us wherever we are in the holy college immediate cathedral. Subhana Allah Morbihan assured Allah forgot to be late

00:29:34--> 00:29:35


00:32:57--> 00:33:06

Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim was salatu salam ala Musa Ramadan and alanine and a vino have even mo harmony so Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah He was talking he was telling him about

00:33:08--> 00:33:20

there is a question about how do you reconcile between this hadith of of the live Masood. And also the other Hadith that says that a person who is not righteous is evil the go into

00:33:22--> 00:33:26

they're going to affect him at the last moment of his life.

00:33:27--> 00:33:42

This is only applicable on somebody who did not repent to Allah subhanho wa taala. As for the one who repent to Allah subhanaw taala sincerely, and he maintained his karma will never get into trouble with his evil deeds in the last minute.

00:33:44--> 00:34:00

Unless if he decided to change completely before he sees the Angel of Death, take another path. That's something else. But a person who repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was sincere in his repentance will never get into trouble.

00:34:01--> 00:34:43

Look at the companions of the Prophet sallahu alayhi salam, many of them, if you go back to the past and see their past was no good that they accepted Islam, they became very dedicated, and they were our heroes. And we know how Allah subhanaw taala concluded their life. So it doesn't matter who you were before. What matters is who are you right now? Are you willing to change to go back to Allah subhanaw taala doesn't matter. A person might be a prostitute person, a person might be a gangster person might be a murderer. You know, a person might be the one who disturb everyone that is no sin on earth that he didn't do. The point is, is he willing now to change the fixes affairs with Allah

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

subhanaw taala and come and live with the community peacefully. If he does that, or Sula, he said Allahu Allahu selama said at Toba to the jimboomba Kubla. Well Islamia, jimboomba Kubla, Toba erases whatever comes before. What is he raising means is removed

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Just completely, it removes it completely. And even on the day of judgment, He will be surprised how come he knows that he committed a lot of sins but now he doesn't see them in his account.

00:35:10--> 00:35:22

Allah subhanaw taala will say that these are the ones that you've Abdullah who say ATM has a net, because of their righteous deed Allah subhanaw taala replace the evil deed with the righteous deed.

00:35:23--> 00:35:56

So my dear brother or sister, whoever the question might be, the most important thing is to make sure that you repent, from whatever you did, and every Muslim is invited by Allah subhanaw taala to do the same. Repent to Allah subhanaw taala fix your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala and focus on your presence as kala said narmala Fatah while mama label while a casa Tality interfere Allah that's the only solution we have. If you keep on thinking about the future future you're not sure. It might lead you to do in what test suite

00:35:58--> 00:36:07

you have some people who delay go into Hajj. Why because they believe that they are so young. They did not commit enough sins for the Hajj to be erased.

00:36:08--> 00:36:17

Yeah, that's why we're told that some people they don't go for Hajj because and they don't advise young people to go for Hajj. Because we will ask them what sin you have is too young.

00:36:18--> 00:36:20

Hajj, erases everything even to waste.

00:36:21--> 00:36:21

You know.

00:36:24--> 00:36:29

So he waits until the last minute you know when when he is too old when he goes to hajj

00:36:30--> 00:36:33

Subhanallah how many people left this life without the Hajj?

00:36:34--> 00:36:40

You have people in Saudi those who live in Saudi can tell you you have many people in Makkah they do not go for Hajj.

00:36:42--> 00:36:46

You Allah some people Subhanallah they left MK

00:36:47--> 00:37:01

they left the Saudi completely they used to live there. They never went to hatch. And now they left and they don't have any valid reason to stay there because they cancel their karma in that place. Even though they regret a lot.

00:37:03--> 00:37:04

They did not make much denigrate.

00:37:05--> 00:37:08

Yeah, that's why focusing on the present is always good.

00:37:10--> 00:37:24

Tell yourself angel of death might come at any moment. Let me look at my life and see the relationship between me and the last one too late. Is it good or not? If it is not good, just fix it and always check and see, are you really upon a good relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

00:37:26--> 00:37:46

then you will be doing things in on time. Rather than thinking about the past which will not benefit you What do you benefit from the past one is when you when you reflect upon it. And so how Allah sometimes it distracts. There are some people who commit sins. The sins trust me in which the your buddy will shiver when you hear it.

00:37:47--> 00:38:13

But they refuse to stop remembering that said, after the elephant, it distracted them a lot. Which is very wrong. When Europeans you should focus. You already know who you are. Now is a time for clay, cleansing, whatever happens in the past, be good in the present. Just focus on that don't remember the past just keep on being good. Allah already told you that as long as you change and you are good, isn't it?

00:38:14--> 00:38:24

Allah will take care of you and He will forgive the past. And he will take care of your future. And if you fix the present, the future is going to be excellent, isn't it?

00:38:26--> 00:38:28

Allah subhanaw taala grant is good atrophic.

00:38:37--> 00:38:55

You don't need to make sure that Toba is accepted because you don't have access to this. Your job is to repent, to stop committing the sin sincerely for the sake of Allah to have a good class and to to to have good intention that you will not go back to the sin to regret and to ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you

00:38:56--> 00:39:33

and increase your righteous deed. That's your job. As for whether Allah accept or not, this one, you don't have access to this. Your job is just to move forward, make sure you're not committing that sin and stay away from it and regret and show Allah subhanaw taala good behavior. You know, that's what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you not to have access to, you know, Oracle, where Allah subhanaw taala I mean, the low hanging fruit to see what that last one will accept you toboe Not you will never have this. So your job and my job and our job is to repent to Allah subhanaw taala and fix our behavior and keep moving. May Allah guide us to the truth

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

No, they have to seek forgiveness from the people they oppress. He's asking about somebody who repent to Allah subhanaw taala so you need to ask people to forgive him those whom he oppressed. Yes, he has to. He has to ask them to forgive him because this is their this is their right. This is part of his repentance. Allah grant is good until he can deal with us.

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

wherever we are in equilibrium