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What we decided to do was to go through some of the comments on YouTube and get well we saw reacts to these comments kind of thick, or if it's a question to answer the question, and why did it take seven years? Because I'm super sensitive. And I had to stay away from the comment section until seven years later builds it. Would you answer some comments? Six kids and a wife later? Sure. I'll do it now. Get your comments in now. And seven years later, I'll answer them. No guys only answered questions more often. All right. So the first focus, yeah, okay, cool. All right. So the first question is from Katherine. It's not a question. It's a comment from Katherine Roman. So Michael,

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I'm a convert from New Jersey and attended il festive 2010. Yeah, I remember you recite it and explain a sort of thought. Like it was never been explained before a lot. In that time. I was new to Islam. That is why I say that. I attended many classes that day, but I don't remember much other than the recitation that you gave. It was powerful and touching. It changed something in me thank you so much for this. May Allah bless you shower has mercy on you and your family and give you the highest level of Jana Allahumma Amin Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Sister Catherine greatly appreciated. Took a long enough time to get back to your comment. Yes, I distinctly remember the

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Elizabeth. It was Elizabeth Elizabeth, New Jersey, Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was an amazing experience. My friend Rashid Patel drove me there. And yes, I had read that exact passage, it's 124 of surah Taha, and now I can share it this many years later, on the ride, they are there while preparing. I read it to my mother in law, and I broke down in tears. And my wife didn't get it per se, but my mother in law completely understood. Because remember the last part it said, the person who turns away from the remembrance of Allah, it's the person who has it. And so that section might have sound really dramatic to you. But I was talking about myself and I think that's what affected

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the one who is given the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala but then turns away what is the greatest punishment for him it's not hell or, or pain, it's not being able to see and being able to see Allah subhanaw taala as I think is what affected you that day? So thank you, Catherine. I will take your dogs I'll take them to the bank and in sha Allah, I hope to be creating more things what below and I can ask from you all know is pray for more running translation whatever happened in life there was just a little bit of a gap. We stopped doing it it didn't happen. Whatever happened in kind of do it at events. Yeah, absolutely. I just don't promote it anymore. It's a it's a way to

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hide from the world again. So let's get out there. You've been busy. I've been busy. Yes. Memorize and also Yeah, I guess it's a better way to look at it. But Katherine one last one. I hope that you're able to do running translation recite and dynamically present thank you so much for your comment. I'll see you on YouTube inshallah.

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Or presentation, which

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means that the opportunity to study with

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beloved brothers, sisters from my father's my elders, we lose at one side of the coin, how to increase our Eman and the greatest of Allah

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is what was required of Allah. Quran

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more than when you receive Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will come to the law. So law we received from Westchester.

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So the other side of this coin is a very clear trailer.

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And this trailer starts with a healthy person. Maybe someone who's sitting in this room right now. A healthy person who heard along the platform here, and maybe a two week class from theory. He heard a lot you've heard the picture of a wall

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one more do. I seek refuge with ALLAH SubhanA wa Darna from

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shaping upon the accursed sneaky love you

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Rafi with in the name of Allah Medina who Who is this Allah Allah, the Most Beneficent if I ever benefited my older brothers who drove me here today, so I benefited from his right here and I benefited from him because Allah beneficent in him. So anything that I benefit from is connected to a Walkman

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The Most Merciful. So when the Messiah gave a young person the opportunity to stand here, they gave him mercy. It is their blessing that they received from Allah, the Most Merciful. Next time you say,

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man, he, you say, the name of Allah, the One who if I ever benefited from everything, it's because it's the most sentimental. And if I ever had mercy, someone my mom changed me. She didn't throw me away when I wet myself as a child. It's because she had

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given from Allah

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whosoever the trailers, whomsoever turns away from the remembrance of Allah, the One who turns away from the remembrance of Allah even though he was reminding for

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he's gonna find difficulty in this world. He kept you in week in and we get out we can class year fifth of somebody, he kept

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Ramadan to Ramadan. We can't remember the book of Allah. But

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but he not only turned away from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. But inevitably, he found obstacles.

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He found difficulty you know, my parents don't allow me that will give you the chance to study we found obstacles, who is this person, the one who turned away from the remembrance of Allah, but he thought that these obstacles in this world are tough

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one, who and really the one who was reminded and turned away from that remembrance we will race on your one day

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and he will come to Allah Allah

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Allah will be the one who turned away from rugby he said today

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why am I blind today? I was healthy hell i 2020 vision I knew everything of the dunya Allah

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when a human

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is raised blind all over the world

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when I previously had the ability to see what I previously had the opportunity to attend and learn to function and be humble, why am I blind today?

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the verse the word

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just like this last response column,

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just like this, so the man has Why am I blind Allah? Allah answers only as Allah subhanaw taala but why

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Allah subhanaw taala response to the one who will be turned away from

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it turned away from the remembrance all

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my signs came to you fantasy.

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My IR they came to you.

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You forgot them

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today, you came to me.

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So I have forgotten

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the greatest day of judgment is not gender.

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It is one function

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that we all can talk about.

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It is the ability the opportunity to see Allah subhanaw taala senses my IR

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they came to you sometimes hear sometimes hear my I came to you with Arabic

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grammar classes also the fifth class and they came and P the thing for now fantasy

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what can

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what can

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Luca, and just like that,

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what can I learn in Kanuma?

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You came to me

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and I forgot you.

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We ask ourselves this one question by just taking our eyes away as Allah forgotten us, even in his punishment to us there is mercy. Because if Allah subhanaw taala forgot, is sitting in the pit of hell, he just took one thing away. And he called that forgiveness, we turn away from the Ayat of Allah every day. And that's a complete forget that's completely rejected completely forget it.

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What can

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what can that can let you see look at the wording and this is how we pay back if I may use the word reward, this is how we reward what Kedah candidacy us.

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this is how we pay back that we reward the people who crossed the line in the sand between

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who walked up to that line and said well let me blurred a little bit with Hanafi Shafi let me blur it a little bit with the bleakie sellafield's up let me blur it so I really don't have to do anything. I just have a hate

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worker then you can notice in the manifest

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this is how we pay back the people who blurred the sign the line in the sand the good Hello. And they don't want you believe me I

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we ended this last sentence with profound one hour

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and the punishment of the Hellfire. I shudder to what other call. It's not.

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It is not severe and lasting. It is more severe and more or less.

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So I asked you that much more severe than what I get. You're more inclined to religion leader for in Malaysia than Bonga. He found obstacles in this world.

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You think that's the difficulty? It'll hit the fan in the hereafter. Don't wait till then. But the sisters, you feel this auditorium? Because we think we have fulfilled the rights of the book of Allah.

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Let us now fulfill the right of the book of Allah