Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 19

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the name" Alaska" as a way to express one's political stance and their belief in the church. They also mention a recent bill in Milan that references the name " handy" and a session on how to mimic the name " handy" in a daily life.
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And also to some as soon as salam aleikum wa barakato the others as he would come in to another episode of Ramadan 2017 day 19 and we're still talking about this beautiful name of Alaska team and how to be abdelkarim we still, you know, explaining the various notions of this beautiful name as Kenny, what does it really mean for a lot of us, Kenny, we said that Allah has created us you know, this has come from Ally's notion made us human beings made us believers you know, Muslims and believers. This is often the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala had a

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look at the Prophet Mohammed Salah modius Lim says, which is very very sound authentic reported by reported by Bill magia. And I met in his Muslim hacking a Buddha it's a very wrongheaded and the Prophet.

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In Lavoie carry on Hey, Allah is he carrying Allah is is Karim generous, and he he means that also in terms of China's you know, what does that China's mean? But let me explain here Yes, definitely without a D and a yellow Hassan II is shy and caring for him when his servant raises his hand to bring them empty handed yeah and he Allah is so caring that he would not want you to raise your hands you know and that making that and he would not answer yes that is another current of loss of Hannah with data. A little example of the current of Allah Subhana Allah Karim Allah

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He is caring, caring generous in his giving subhana wa tada get him in his forgiveness of Hannah who tada you know, Karim Allah subhana wa tada says in and out of the dilemma ship I was insulin dependent.

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It caught up Bismillah pika lady Holla Holla can

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stand I mean Allah ephah wobbu can come from Karim Allah. Allah bill padam had lemon in an MLM

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lead, lead this middle became the name of the Lord and Lady hallak. The one who created harakat insulin

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account you need the name of your load. Current Account is is is is in fact is another meaning of the name of carrying but in more intensive way it's more visitor to mobile and it's a more intensive meaning of the name of Allah I'll carry a carry and then the more intensive you know, I come across this Milan because alethea Halima bill Callum The one who taught you. So the fact that

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he taught you and

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you know, he revealed

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and so that we can get close to him is another notion of this beautiful name of Allah and carry this carry.

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In shallow Tata in the next session we will talk about how to live with this name to our daily life and have a little bit of a let's say a calendar, you know, a daily program on how to mimic this name and bring it into our lives and till then I say I set out more headache later.

Allah swt Gives Most Generously

Daily Reminder Day 19 – Allah swt Gives Most Generously. Al Karim (الكريم) The Bountiful, the Generous. To just look at something as simple as food, we need certain nutrients. Our food could be bland and tasteless, and simply fulfill its function of helping us survive. But food is also a pleasure, and this is also from the generosity of Allah swt

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