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AI: Summary © The host recites Surah nas 10 times and gives instructions on how to record, then gives a recitation for the caller to try and explains the difference between styles of recitation. The speakers stress the importance of practicing and provide examples of words and phrases used in various situations, including loss, money, and the use of nurse money. They end with a mention of a video about reciting the Bible and a video about aowned sound.
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And let's do this. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters of all ages of all ages and children of all ages. Yes.

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What we're doing here is something a bit different. I don't think there's anything like this on the internet right now, right? Which I wanted to tell what we're doing. So as of right now, by request of Bilal, we are going to recite Surah nas 10 times for you, you will recite if you want to follow along, you can. But for me in each of the recitations or in as many of them call for, I will vary the recitation to fit the specific recital, or the Pilates or the recitation style. So if you want to, let's go ahead and get started. We're going to we're going to formally record this, but you will hear Hula, hula, you'll hear small variations. And then you'll also hear the word nice and nice. And

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you'll be able to see those small nuances today 10 styles of Ashraf Tada with myself and biller. So, folks, don't try this at home.

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Actually, don't, don't watch this video and be like, Whoa, who did it? You know, there's a lot of other things that we do. Don't try this at home. There's a lot of little subtle nuances like he's reciting. And I'm like, what was the difference? Yes. Because well, it's all or all pause. Who, right? So we're not so no one's trying to sound like a jerk and be like, No, only I get to do this. It takes a little while. And then once you're in it, you want to explain to everyone how to do it. But there's a little bit of respect, if you will, or discipline. You don't hand over the katana blade on the first go. Right? Right. So if I'm flipping it around, then we're better Yeah, you don't

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get the wooden nunchucks until you know how to swing the phone once

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grasshopper. Yeah, and then we'll get started, you're gonna see me, I'll try to get you all involved, but I'll be talking to the main camera. But for you at home, just look for the first idea to change and then after that, you'll just be like, I don't hear any difference. And that's just you keep practicing and you'll get 10 times as soon as today inshallah. So with that said, we're gonna clap our hands If you're happy and you know it.

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I said, I'm more than welcome to York. We're on revolution, something a little bit different today, something a little new. I would like to attempt and try with you in these moments to recite Surah NAS, but as I recite I'd like you to see if you can connect with the sound differently. If you don't hear a difference, that's fine. I'm going to read surah nas 10 times. There are 10 styles of recitation 10 ways or frequencies through which the Quran was related to us through different dialects and different pronunciations. So if you were today, take a posture of dignity and if you're doing nothing today, but listening please do enjoy

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Rudy will be learning he may not share your blog on your Waje team

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Bismillah he'll ra ma Neil Rahi

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hola Oh, veal being nice.

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Hola. Oh Xu Bing, bing nurse

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many King nurse Isla he nurse means SHARI LEWIS was seen on

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a levy was we Sufis are doing mass Meenal Jean naughty one mass

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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whoo hoo beyond being near as many King neighs Isla him miss militia de los wasI the look on us. A levy was we Sufis who do the NES

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Meenal gene naughty word naiise

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Bismillah ma my new rocky bone are all do Bo have been nice. Many King nurse Ilahi nurse me sharing loss was seen on

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a levy was we Sufis Lu dueling nurse Meenal Jean

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Bismillah your RA ma annual Rahim

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all are all do we all have been nurse money King nurse Isla him

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is mean she was last seen look on us and levy was with Sophie so during NAS Meenal gene that you won us, Utah join in with me for the last six Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim all our od will be a war between nurse money King nurse in

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nurse me shattering loss loss in

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the US we sue fees so do

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last minute Jean naughty one

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Bismillah your Rothbardian Rahim will also be a one being Nassima sneaking nurse Eli him knives may shattering loss loss in your car nursing lady was with Sophie so do the nurse Meenal Jean.

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Do one nurse

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Bismillah human manual Rahimi Oh there'll be a lot been Simoni King NASCI Isla him nice. Michel de los was he was one lady was we Sophie so dueling nurse Meenal Jean Matthew one

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Bismillahi r Rahmani r Rahim who all do beyond being nice. Many King nice Isla hing nice meal sharing loss loss in one NASS and levy your Swizzle fees low do mass mean alleging that you want mass? Bring it out

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim ghoul are all do we have been nurse mannequin nurse? Ila in Militia remorse lawsuit on us and lead the US resume fees low duty last minute gene

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and a final recitation

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are all to be awarded Venus buddy kindess Illa hiddenness means sheduled was was on us and let be you was we Sufis will do the nurse, minute Gina Do you want nurse.

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For those of you who are still scratching your head, it was cooler, who will be our big nurse or nurse going to be a Robin nurse. And if you try to listen to the words that were said differently, it's cool. Paula Cole will do an analysis and Ness. And in the last words are nurse, a nurse, a nurse, a nurse, a nurse, a nurse, one nurse, on the other hand was always clutton us. There weren't a lot of changes. But in the first video, you saw a few. For those of you who are wondering how to better get in tune with the frequency of the Quran. Get past all the meaning and all the vocabulary. Get closer to the fact that your Lord said these words. And sometimes what we don't understand helps

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us truly accept how little we know and how small we are in the universe. I hope that you can tune into this frequency. Maybe we'll catch up in the next video. Maybe we will. Let's see how you are respond. And for all of you at home. I do appreciate the time this evening and I'll catch up with you all soon. We'll set up money markets a lot.

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All right, cut.

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And with this it's we have a good way to prep. Yeah.

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And yeah, guys, that was it. So hope you guys enjoy. Please like this video, share it with others. And someone who's wondering what Koran is, yeah. If someone's like, Hey, what's that? What's the Muslim book about or what are their prayers sound like? Maybe there's not the first thing change

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You'd use them to but there was resonance was there after the fourth or fifth time. Were you? Yeah, no, I mean,

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you get into I mean, just just think about what other what are the Scripture? Can you recite so many different ways? Right? Which power? Yeah. And I wasn't changing the tone. No, it wouldn't be consistent as one. One thing that I would be interested in to try is what if you were to layer all 10 styles on top of each other?

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Many times, because it's more sad, more sad more say, yes, that sit set. Yeah. So if you play them all together, all occupy all the layers of sound would be full, but everyone else is gonna kind of be like, okay, nerd alert, nerd alert. Alright, guys. So Michael, thanks for joining. And I'll see you soon. Superman that was