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So I just watched like a whole conversation between Ali and Ali down with his

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Tommy Robinson,

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someone who's recently lacking islamaphobe a right wing islamaphobe who's had who's trying to be antagonistic to the Muslim community and to

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really embodies a verse in the Quran, or tai chi lunaris. Kakuma come together to cut the bone, that you make your risk, you make your, your provisions that you are belying the forearm. So there are some people out there that make their provisions that they'd be like,

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what I saw as part of that discussion, or that this goes between Ali and Tommy was that, and he was continually asking him to debate him. What I'm asking is for a discussion when you go off to look at G that they were doing the same thing, I confronted them in their own much, I went to the police station, they stopped crying and run through the back door on you know, your own photos.

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Tell me what's going on, Tony, Tony.

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Yeah, exactly that silence is enough for you. And Tommy Robinson has been going around people's houses and kind of chasing.

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I'm not gonna sound educated Muslims, but people that maybe are not les Muslims, let's call them a Muslims, to try and kind of pressure them to answering questions that they don't know how to answer whatever it may be. We have been trained on the basics of Islam to some extent, and I believe that if either merely to be honest with you, or have a discussion with you would clarify some of the misconceptions. And what happened was, is that Tommy Robinson continued to challenge it to a boxing match. Man to man, listen to the man's man, man, I'm challenging you, as far as

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I'm challenging you.

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To go hand to hand fight.

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Me, let me let me

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Okay, on the

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left box,

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and things like that he's actually agreed to it. He said, we'll have the debate one day in the box, and make it very explicitly clear. He actually at one point, Tommy Robinson, actually, one point said, If anyone calls me and challenges me to a one on one combat, I would accept them.

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In nine years, one, in nine years,

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I will kill you. Okay, instantly kill you. So let me make this very, very clear, I am challenging you to a one on one combat of three rounds in an MMA ring with four ounce gloves.

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And we can debate on the same day on a different date. We can we can debate before after you said it can be done for charity. So it can be a charity of our choosing. I'm going to choose a charity, which is Rohingya, the Rohingya crisis has been a very, very tragic one, where literally people have been decimated, left, right and center in in Burma. And we want to raise money for that particular charity. So I accept your challenge, I want to go forward when I do a comeback, whether you want to do the bill on the same day, a different day, whatever, let's do it, don't back down. Because if you do back down like you did with rheas, or the other brother who done a boxing match with you, and

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then you had to pull out, then it will be seen as cowardice on your behalf. Don't try and continually ask the Muslim community to do something when they come forward and actually accept your challenge that you're backing away, accept your challenge and move forward with it. I don't care if I'm much bigger than you in size. You're five foot six, I'm six foot six and a half. No problem. I'm probably heavier than you. But you've said anyone and you've made it generic. So no one's gonna come and say you probably the same way as me actually, to be honest with you. You know, I can go down to 105 kilos or something like that. I could go down to that way. So we can find out that particular

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way. And if you do want to do it, we'll arrange it. And we will let you know but I just want you to formally accept this challenge on video. So that you can look and see if you're actually a man of your word. If you're, if you're just speaking for the sake of speaking or if you're in fact

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really, you know if you if you really are intending to do things, so we'll see what you have to say.

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Stop acting like a jihadi a violent guy.

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So violent. I'm gonna send it to Piers Morgan. You can find it here.