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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The importance of studying the meaning of the Quran and the church's rules is highlighted, along with the importance of praise and thanking the creator and giving oneself into slavery. The "immaterial man" and "immaterial woman" are also discussed. The three natural things that human beings cannot identify on their own personal level and the importance of following a global governmental system and identifying the most important three natural things for human beings to consider is discussed, along with Surah Fatiha's journey to look at them.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah in vigil, Kareem All Praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanaw taala who gave us the opportunity and the ability to be here as Saramonic monumental ly welcome everyone to our continuing journey through the study of the Quran. We would like to consider our class to be a presentation of the study of the meaning of Quran, we are only aiming to study the book of Allah so that we may be better versed in that which Allah subhanaw taala said to us, and we do realize that this is the onset. So anything we say that is good is from Allah subhanaw taala any mistakes misrepresentations are our own, I will ask you to refer

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back to the previous video the previous lesson, which was on the introduction to the Quran. And also if you have the opportunity, we will you can look over your Surah Fatiha notes. But what I would like to do is take a quick revision of Surah Fatiha and then as we said, buckle up for we will be trying our best to complete as much of the information as we can today. Our rules will be law he may not show you one you'd want gene Smilla immune Rockman umahi l ha Alhamdulillah here on Villarroel me in, in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful and as we said before a Rahim is the Mercy giving not only as Allah subhanaw taala merciful but he's the one who gives you the

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ability to have mercy. Now I want to highlight some of the main points here. Al hamdu All Praise and thanks are for Allah in parentheses whether you worship him or not. All Praise and thanks are due to Allah whether you praise and thank him or not. Why? Because he is repelled Alameen because everything else in the heavens and everything else in the earth is already praising Allah subhanaw taala so us 6 billion human creatures, we really don't make up a huge population when we don't praise Him. It doesn't make any difference. So we have to jump on the bandwagon and begin to praise Allah because he is a rock man, the one who gave us all of our facilities, all of the faculties are

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health, the ability to have mercy on others the ability to love to understand, to care to see to breathe, Hula, hula, the unshackle Masha Allah como Sama, I will have a surah will have either Collegium dish Quran Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of the senses that we have and the fact that we think very little for them. Now, not only is your man but he's also Rahim, the one who get mercy giving. Now not only does Allah give us faculties, but what is one of the mercies that we have? Everyone who's taking this course everyone who's watching the video and everyone who wants to understand one of the greatest Mercy's that the people sitting in this room and the people 97 People

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at home. The people that are taking this course is the fact that your head lifted off a pillow this morning, and that you were Muslim. The fact that you were Muslim was a gift of Allah subhanaw taala. So the next step after this, whether we praise him or not, we realized that the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the Giver of Mercy, Maliki Mateen, for if he created all and he created me, I'm going back to him and he owns the Day of Judgment. Maliki owe me Dean whether you realize it or not, so if you have a doubt whether there's a God or not, don't gamble and wait to find out on the Day of Judgment when he is the owner, the master the king, it's not worth this concept of all we'll find

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out later on the next logical process after you realize all praise and thanks are due to God the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful owner master king of the Day of Judgment. Is er cannot you alone only you God only you Allah subhanaw taala nah good we worship and we placed emphasis on IACA only you we willingly give ourself into slavery.

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When you say worship, when you say worship, the issue that you fall into, is you automatically think Salah namaz Rosa Gianni mas dopey does VBS you think that these

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a child you think of the signs, but the greatest issue that we tend to have is we don't realize or good yet forgiving ourselves in servitude to Allah is something that's done consciously. When you give yourself into worship and into servitude to Allah subhanaw taala consciously, then you tend to find that the deen is a complete picture up to here, you realize that it's between you and Allah subhanaw taala what a year kind of starting starts the story between you and creation. Because the reality is, is I needed help to set up for these recordings I needed to help to prepare for these things. So how do I ask Allah subhanaw taala What do I ask for Allah subhanaw taala so you come down

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to this conclusion. If I'm only putting myself into servitude to you. There's no way I can

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Ask someone else, I have to only ask you a question. What do I ask for? What is the most important thing I can ask for? And we highlighted three natural things that human beings can't figure out on their own on the, on the personal level, not between you and the creator. What are the three things that we highlighted? There could be more? Number one, what's the relationship between a man and a woman? If I dictate it, then it's going to be you know, chauvinism. If a female dictates it's going to be feminism, who gives the balance whose role is who the One who created you Eliana moment, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala knows, and he is the greatest creator. So we now move to the next thing.

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What about employer employees? What do I know about splitting up finances? Say for example, that one person has gave the capital the other person is doing the labor? How does this economic structure break down? Up till now until the end of time man will not be able to set these things. Now we go to the third. What about on the grand scope? Do we follow a economic global governmental system democracy Do we follow Marxism? What do we follow up? Do we have a king Do we have a prime minister up till now we don't have the solution to this while Melania can be Mandela Allah for Allah equals Monica if you don't, but Allah subhanaw taala has the complete system of living. So not only does do

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I realize that my relationship between me and the creator is solidified. But the relationship between me and the creation can only be clarified through but you can assign. Now, next logical progression, if you're going to ask him for something and all of these three things can come under one word is the inner slit all blood and Monster theme. You ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, you are asking him requesting him for guidance that is consistent that is staying with you. Next, you continue and you ask Scirocco, let you know what type of guidance what type of path do you want. So now you see this highway, you realize that this highway is going to be straight and that you want

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consistent GPS signal, you want a continuous stream from the One who created this path. Along the way you start seeing Hey, you see billboards, things are going right. So you want set up a Latina and now

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you're the ones that you have bestowed Your favor the ones who went on the right path. I want their path I want most steady and consistent. I want the signal to be strong. Next step. But along this path, I see some broken down cars. I see some dead corpses I see Death Valley. I'm worried about this, oh, creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who sustains everything that I know about and I don't know about so, Lady Mel Looby I lay him then don't leave me on the path of those who got your anger because I see their corpses lying here. I see them left on the road. Nor along the path I'm traveling and I see the concrete here but into the jungle as he footsteps laid in Dubai lay him

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what a ball lean. I don't want these people who said wow, look at the billboard look at the shrubbery and they kind of just stayed there and they will get lost in the jungle because the drive to Jannah is so beautiful. Somewhere along the way. They're like, Oh look, there's a garden. Let's stop here. We didn't do biotic bonding. This is where we left off. This is what we touched. And this year our focus is a journey through the Quran. As it is describing Surah Fatiha I want to look at Surah Fatiha, I want to look at Surah Fatiha and reflect the entire next 500 600 pages on Surah Fatiha and see what it is. Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala chose to open this book so I need you

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to keep Fatiha with you the entire time. In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful or praise is for God alone. Lord of All the Worlds The Merciful The Mercy giving Master of the Day of Judgment. It is You alone we worship and it is you alone, we ask for help guide us along the straight way, the way of those upon you whom You have bestowed grace, not upon whom there is wrath nor those who have gone astray. Now we're about to start the next Surah but I need you to keep this in mind I need you to keep the step by step process that we are going to now reflect each verse as we walk through the Quran to Surah Fatiha Bismillah

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