Hadith #2 Humility Over Pride , The Call to Mutual Respect

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On the authority of yet even Hammad reported that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the law Oh ha Illya until all those who had to lay ability I hadn't I hadn't. Well AF Hara AHA dune Isla a hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Verily Allah has revealed to me that you must be humbled towards one another. So that one, so that no one oppresses another or boasts to one another. And this is recorded by and Muslim. The first thing is that the last one to Allah has revealed.

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When the processor says, oh, in Allah, Oh Ha, Ilya that Allah has revealed to me, reminding you that this is from Allah subhana wa Tada. And, you know, ultimate, ultimately, for us to know that the prophets of Allah who I know was salam speaks from ALLAH SubhanA wa, Dalitz revelation. But here just to remind you of the importance of the matter,

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to show that this is a very important matter in regards to our behavior for men, particularly, where humility from the aspect of strength is something that can either make you look oppressive, or look very positively dangerous. And we'll talk about it. The second point is humility towards one another. As I mentioned, if you win a competition, or you're praised for something over someone else, you walk in the conference room, and they praise you as the Employee of the Month or you get promoted, or you get the opportunity at your business, or you know, the investment over someone else. Be humble, praise the other person for the efforts that they make. You can always praise a

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person for their efforts, even if they're not good enough, and everyone knows, and they probably know, you praise them for their efforts. The fact that you're praising the person is an honorable thing. It's an honorable thing. It's something that people will look at, and they'll remember you and respect you and the man, when it comes to honor sometimes it's all you have. So it's important for you to be humble. So he says Allah has revealed to me that you must be humbled towards one another. One of the greatest practices is praising one another, praising one another complimenting someone that you and that person and everyone else knows that you're better than in a particular

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skill, or particular endeavor. When you praise them or lie that's a sign of humility.