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In Alhamdulillah indeed, our praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter who so we praise Him, monastery know who and we ask for his help. When you mean to be he and we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala with our heart and with our mind, or not our Kanwar, Lee, and we place our trust solely in Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will catch us when we fall. So we say when are we do Billahi min surely fusina Allah, we seek protection with you alone, from the evil of our own self. And we talked about that last week. What means saying say

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Lina, and we say to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, it's not just our actions. It's not just me, it's not me being lazy. That's why I didn't wake up for fudger but maybe last night, I took part in a late movie, and then my father was affected a law save me from the effect of bad deeds. Don't make me someone who blames you Allah or blame shape on or blame someone else will now be law even surely and fusina Allah protect me from from my excuses. Woman say, Dr. Medina and when I do a sin when I watch something on TV, when I disrespect my parents when I involve myself in something that I know is wrong. And then my good actions are gone a lot protect me. Manga de la who Fela mo de la

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de la

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undoubtably, we realize it is not us who affects the world, but we affect ourselves we are controlled in control of ourselves. So we say Oh, Allah, whoever you have guided, whoever got hidayah a lot of my rotten mustard team, a lot of my rotten mustard team, or law, whoever you guide so please guide us. No one can be misguided. When you're touched with the feeling of a law, no one can take that away from you. So I want you to hang on to that. Maybe it's a moment in a football. Maybe you're driving in the car and you hear a lecture and there's that one moment where you're like, yep, Islam, it works. I know that it's there. And maybe I'm not practicing all of it. But

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Allah I swear by you that you are one Allah. When that moment comes Segura, Bonilla to zil guru Bana BARDA, it had a tener will have Lana Milan karasuma in LA Candela hub and until you and that surah Ali in Milan i n number seven. But until maybe you don't find that moment. Last Friday, you heard the football this Friday again you hear the football and that moment hasn't come to you repeat the words Allahumma and him need roosh d O Allah inspire me make my heart blossom like a like a bushel of roses, make it blossom and make me find that moment. Whoever Allah guides, no one can misguide Allah make us amongst the people of guidance. Woman you believe Allah, Allah, and whoever a lot

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doesn't guide. So if Allah didn't choose me for guidance, does that mean Allah doesn't like me? Or does that mean I'm just not doing things that are deserving of guidance? Allah loves all of us. That's the key factor that we lose. If you say, well, Allah is not guiding me. You're going to hear those words today. Well, Allah, you mess this up. So I want you to think about these exact words. If Allah hasn't guided you, is it because Allah doesn't love you? Or have you not done enough to become worthy of accepting guidance? You want a fresh air in the house, right says Jamaica, you made a big dinner and it smells like some cooking. So you say oh, well, I take the smell away. You're just kind

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of standing there. Why don't you open the windows, open the doors and allow guidance to come in. Until that happens woman you'd live further hottie Allah, whoever Allah does not guide no one will be guided. Oh Allah, we ask for your guidance. And what brings us all from last Friday to this Friday. Some of us went up in Yemen, some of us went down. Some of us did good actions. Some of us did bad. All of us come to a zero access on the chart. When we say what a shadow and La Ilaha Illa LA I bear witness and testify whether I prayed salon this week or not. There's only one God and when I didn't pray fudger on Tuesday, it didn't affect a lot. When I said when La ilaha illallah wa

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You know Allah I bear witness to testify. There is no other creator sustainer there is no other maintainer there is no other rob the ILA other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to communicate with me by sending one a shadow. A number handmaiden are the dude who was who. And I bear witness and testify that the final slay the final messenger and the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest human being to walk foot on this earth. The man who when he walked in a sunny day, a cloud used to come over his head to the Jewish rabbis would say, he's not a normal young man. That can't be a normal guy, until the Christian monk said we witnessed

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the rock saying Salam ala rasulillah How does that rock jump up? Besides the Disney movie? Where could you fathom of Roxane Salam ala rasulillah? Salam aleikum, may peace and blessings be upon you. We bear witness and testify that Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is our gift. Whether we use that gift or not, whether you accept soon into your life, whether you live a righteous life or not, Allah still gave you the gift right? Like gave you the gift of the final seal of the Buddha, which is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will lead the Salah Rasulullah Who? Buddha Dini will help he Allah sent Muhammad Rasool Allah with hedaya guidance,

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spirituality, how I dress, talk, act live, what do you didn't have? And how do I as an individual Muslim, interact with people on the outside? How do we interact with people who live next to us with Muslims with non Muslims with those who are angry towards us and with those who are nice? What about our family members who aren't Muslim? Can we pray for them to? Can we pray for those who will gather tomorrow on the Sabbath to go to synagogue? Do we know how to interact with them? We say Allah we don't know. Send us the messenger Mohammed Rasoolallah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Leo Zilla who Island D and E coli so that this guidance and spirituality and if karma of our religion would become

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dominant upon all others, one Oh, Katie Han mushy goon, even if the mushrikeen and I like the looser transit when you say mushnik you're thinking about some guy worshipping a statue machinic is anyone who takes another system other than the system of Allah. So if Allah subhanaw taala told us this is how you live your life and you say, well, that works here in the masjid. Not at home buddy. I'm going to live according to my life at home and you always do whatever you want in the mustard that doesn't really system doesn't work like that. Well, okay, he had mosquito and even if you have karahan discussed and you say why do you wear that rag on your head? It doesn't look right. What

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Okay, do you have a machete qunit will come to pass, it will come to pass that a las panatela would bring this dominant system above all other systems ahead en la ilaha illallah wa shawanna Mohammed Abu rasuluh has been Allah. Last week we said Allah was sufficient. And every event every morsel of food alone was sufficient for you. Your stomach was sufficient to digest it. Your lungs were sufficient to breathe. So today again, we say has been a lot has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to wahala Bula shalabi I pray that Allah subhanaw taala descends mercy and peace on you for these 15 minutes. Last week, the hood verb I even watched it was very fast. The speech was

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very it was nonstop, because I felt like I had to get the topic introduced. So young men came to me and people ask but what was the purpose of last week's clip? Last week's football was to look at a creature a lot created named Iblees and say, Wow, he was an overachiever. He believes he achieved a huge amount. But then I left one eye out so the purpose of last week's cover was to convince you You're amazing. You're more amazing than he believes. And you'll never think about that right? But at least did a lot more than me and you combined. We are amazing. What makes us Amazing, amazing. Three acts Anita when a law said I need the best creature and then he believes was told to make such

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that to that creature. We convinced ourselves that you between now and Ramadan could make a goal you are going to learn to read hold on better you are going to learn vocabulary. Let's say you are going to collect 1000 overclocks for Syria. You could have been anything right sisters, you could have built a better relationship with your in laws, brothers, you could have been nicer to your family members. Any one

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intention, and you can say what he believes the fire creature He ascended above angels. I think that that is phenomenal. Could you any one of you say, Well, I'm going to pray more than an angel does. And there are angels who go into such that I've never come out. could you say that? No, but we could say we will attain. So today's goal objective the football is entitled, when you realize that you are amazing. How will shape non stop? When you equip yourself and say, You know what, today I might be a doctor. But you know what, I'm going to memorize the Quran I put eight years into medicine, I'm going to memorize the Book of Allah, I'm going to make more of God and I speak just to my elders,

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elders, don't we all have the intention? When I get older? I'm going to do Allah La all the time. Right? Why not? Now? What's the what makes you older? So if you've reached a place where you have children, you are settled. And now you are content with life? Why not say Allah, I give the rest of my life to you. Why not achieve greater than you could imagine? A lot I can do greater than what I believe. Waking up for fudger ask a lot to wake up for fudger then put the alarm in the bathroom. When it goes off. You're pretty dirty person. If you go in the bathroom, turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. be amazing. So we started with the amazing actions of a police and we say this as a

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negative thing. When he didn't make such that what did Allah say to him? Bala manaka Allah says Judah is a murder took what stopped you from making such that when I commanded and this is our greatest idea here. A lot told you you were perfect in your creation. A lot. swatara told you, you are amazing. Now when you don't accept that it's a need. Those other people are amazing who you're amazing to, but you just haven't picked up a goal. Whether it's on whether it's knowledge, activism, or spirituality, I want you to remember these three things. Some of us are me. So we like knowledge. We're going to take classes and report on all day. Some of us are spiritual, we're going to make a

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scar. Some of us though we want to feed the people we're worried about Pakistan about Burma, about Philistine so find your angle. Where do you fit in the puzzle of of bill of taqwa and then make lists in tendency by Ramadan I'm set this Ramadan I'm going to hit cruise control and ask a lot for guidance and ask a lot to change me and make me more amazing that he has already put the potential inside. We left our story on iron number 14 where he believes is having a conversation with Allah subhanaw taala and he says call me

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soon Allah you know what this clay creature means that much to you? Give me a chance don't punish me today. Don't stop my don't start my punishment today. Give me a chance until when Illa Yoni UVA soon. I want you to take one moment here. You know sometimes we say I have Imani up here. I don't need to pray. I don't need to do anything. You know who else has a man enough era? He believes. But his Eman in an era is a plan. He's like that guy Adam, he messed up my life. I'm gonna take you to literally I'll see you in hell. And I'll take you there too. Does a police have a plan for us? Yes, he does. Let's make a plan for ourselves. between here and Jenna are maybe 20 actions. Let's start

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bringing those actions in our life. tool number one Once you accept that you are amazing. And you say a lot. I am not going to miss fudger and winter further and winter. These are going to be my goals. The other laws are easy. I'm going to do this a lot. I'm going to read a page of Quran a day I'm going to act like a Muslim when I get outside not just cover myself like a Muslim. I'm going to carry when this happens and you realize that you're amazing The first thing shavon will do to you and brothers I dedicate this to you shavon will make you procrastinate. Afterwards, right later you can become Nick later you can become pious Not right now brother you have a 401k to worry about. The

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first thing that we accepted shavon did for himself was he made rational excuses. I'm better than clay. And your ego might kick in but to my adult males in the room. Che blonde dedicates one thing to you. Of course this could that makes sense. But we'll read Quran tomorrow will become Muslim tomorrow will become more active in the vicar of Allah tomorrow. Step number one at least says Allah give me a chance till tomorrow and when it leaves asked Allah His doors of love and mercy were still open. He said Potter in the community. Indeed you are from the one who get a chance. So he believes now is walking away saying Yeah, I got you I'm gonna mess up Adams life. But then the words of

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Cooper utter and spill out of his mouth like diarrhea and I want you to listen to what he believes says

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To Allah subhanho wa Taala after he realized Yes, I am amazing. I'm going to destroy all of the big creature. I'm going to come back to a lot as a general who soup who superseded all of the angels. And he says the words Bala Furby Ma Boy Daniella

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whom you all? Most definitely. So say you made it past step one, and you today say a lot. I'm going to read one page for and today I'm going to make to record now I feel today, just because I can and say you make it. Guess who's going to be waiting tomorrow morning. So listen to a police this fire creature standing in front of a lacing parlor for Bheema because you ally misguided me avoid any law home Sara patella Mr. Kim, can you put the words together? Does this makes sense to you? it believes that our give me a chance to the Day of Judgment. Allah says okay, you get a chance till the Day of Judgment and then at least says Allah habima avoid any Allah you misguided me? Have you ever heard

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this? People come up and say, Oh, you're religious because God guided you? I'm waiting for God to guide me. Oh, by you sound like you beliefs? You sound like Satan? Who's coming up with what if God knows everything, and I know this get recorded. So take this. Brothers, can you make a little bit more room come a little bit closer inshallah. That's to everyone, please. He believes he says to Allah. And you've all heard this, right? You've heard this in your universities? Well, if God knows everything, God knows whether you're going to heaven or hell, what's the big deal? There's a huge spot here guys just a little bit a little bit if you can, not the elders on the chairs leave the

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elders. And so he believes is saying the same words that academics say, Well, God knows everything. God knows whether that man is going to heaven. And this man is going to help. So what's the point of praying on the fibula wait any longer than 11 Siracusa team? And when you look at the word Where did one say he was gonna sit outside the cinema? Right outside the movie theater. That's where shaytan is gonna wait for you to be like, Look, you should really watch this one, not this one. Think about this for a moment. It believes set up

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a lot. I can muster team, I will sit in the straight path. So this I now talk to all of us who consider ourselves religious. I think shaylen has more fun with us than anyone else. Because his beard is this long and my beard is this long. And he wears niqab and I don't and I wear gloves and shavon please slid off Kevin was the theme. Remember? What do you ask Allah 17 times a day he did us serrata muster theme. So you're saying shaytaan bring it on? Bring it on. I'm going to this path. I'm begging this patch from Allah. I want you to bring it don't sing it bring. I'm ready and prepared to take on the challenge of shavon la Kuroda from the team. My young brothers and sisters

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who attain a path. I want to be a mother as a student. I want to be a decider I want to carry on know that shavon will play on us harder than anybody else. The people standing outside he'll just say, Oh, those religious people think they're better than you and they'll go home happy. Those who have us in the Medallia system, we have a chance shochet Tom became exhausted, I can't get this guy. I need something. Now shavon diverges. Either he's gonna make you procrastinate, then he's going to tell you you are better than other people and split off. Most of him. If you were his job, no one's gonna marry you. These are the words of shavonne they're gonna make you feel like if I get religious

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man, this is difficult. When I'm not religious and just a moral person, my life's easier. shavon is whispering in your ear. And then he says to a lot and this is a child who is now off their rocker. You know, when your child is yelling back at you, maybe he at back answered once they get shamed. It leaves now it's just running. He says so mad.

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at him, I will come in front of them. I will come in front of them. I will come behind them on a Monday morning Shama Ed him What did you do? Wrong? shaqiri. And again, instead of rushing, we'll just discuss this.

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And you will accept that you are amazing. And you will make an intention to become as amazing as Allah has created you. But now on this path, so you get past laziness and procrastination. Stay you get past this religious difficulty that we have what is religious? That's what we get into that discussion. Then shavon says four things. So malatya nobleman benei ab him woman called him shavon said I will come in front of them and I will come behind them. Can you think about it for a second? what's in front of you? here all right. And even the elders in the room doesn't hate on Oculus so far away, man. Relax. He says I will come in front of you and make ocular look like oh man, forget

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about it. Don't worry. I'll get there when I'm 60

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I'll go for hyperbaric law, everything will be okay. What? And then what is behind us though? What is behind us right now? I want you to look at the clock for a second. What's behind us is one o'clock. It's behind us. It's past what we'll say Bob do, he'll say act now. The sale is only for three hours, sharp live die here in this dunya. Because this dunya is behind us. And this dunya he will say it's limitless Brother, brother, if you don't prepare for this world, what will happen to your children? I say we will prepare but how much do I need to prepare for Akira? He said he will come in front of us make the hereafter look far away. He will come behind us and make this world

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look real. So I'm asking you a question. From one o'clock to 130. Was it real?

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So where is it now? If it's real and you can touch it, you can hold it? Where is one o'clock to 130 it's not there anymore. It's behind you. Hey, Bob doesn't want you to realize that once it's gone out of the clock, it's gone. So why bother fighting and wasting that time? But then he says one a money him one Shama at him. And he says I will come on there. Right. I will come on their left. What is on your left side brothers, your bad deeds, right. So when you watch one hot on thing, he'll say it's only one haram thing, man. It's a bunch of other people who made the video you didn't do it. When you do something a little How long? I didn't say a huge lie was a little lie. He will make your

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bad beat. Your bad deeds look very small. And on your right side, what is there your good deeds, and he will come to you and say Subhanallah you prayed fudger we should build a little statue around you and walk around you seven times. Subhana Allah, this is unbelievable. He will make your good deeds look like you're an Olia and you'll be like yeah, I did that. Do you know that what I did on Wednesday first, you know what I do to it to class here? He will make you seem bigger than you need to be. And then he utters the words that make us amazing and this is the last word for the hookah. He says wallet tangy do a thorough caffeine muslimeen Shakira.

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You will not find most of them Muslim Nope.

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He says you won't find the most of them Shaq Ed thankful conscious of Allah aware and thankful I close on this one fact we are amazing make your intention and complete it and once you're done with your goal make 10 more when you do a thorough home check in but along the way. All you need to do that at least didn't Can you imagine rewriting the story? CLAY creature standing in beliefs walks in all proud that he destroyed Middle Earth he walks in and Allah says make such that any belief goes hamdulillah Thank you Allah for for making me this amazing that not only could I make it back in time for the grand gathering, but Allah you made something new Allah that's you. That is what you

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are. You're the one who can teach 1000 people who are on feed up feed a million kids and when you're done that hungry that Allah you made me this amazing. That is what you are. And until you grab that lightning in a bottle, could bubble go could bubble come shaytan will make plans for you. You will fall into his plans and you'll be like, Oh man, I missed out this time. Allah has made you amazing before Ramadan become amazing. What did you do a thorough check at least said and Allah you will not find most of them thankful. In Arabic. thankfulness is not a noun, it's a verb. You must act on it. If you want to do sugar to Allah find out what pleases Allah and do what pleases Allah say the law

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between the sittings of the hookah remember brothers, if you make a little bit more room, there are big gaps I could lay down in the gaps that are there. So come a little bit more in Sharla and then decide if you make some more room. We know from a sound narration that the last person who enters into Jenna will walk into Jenna and Allah will say go and he will go and say there's no more room and Allah will have a conversation with him. How would you like your brother to come in and say there's no more room? So if the first row can move forward, make room you all know this idea, right? 1883 Riyadh Saudi hain where the last man is about to go to Ghana, and then it's full. Yeah, maybe

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we need to cover that next time. So Riyadh decided in Volume Two. It's beautiful. Howdy, Mo lead ensure ignition. narrated that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Musashi Salaam esta la Medina Absolutely. jannetty Monza it's a whole nother story but it's fantastic. See one smile on someone's face. No one knows this happy. Smile. So most beautiful Hadith if you want to know about what's going to happen for the for the entering last rows of gender. You know the people who sit on the bleachers. Figure out what that guy is going to get in general, the guy on the bleachers like nosebleed

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seats, figure out what his agenda is gonna be like I think it's worth it between the sittings of the club but there is a narration that the door is accepted I think a lot before you ask for me to say thank you a lot for making it amazing feeis ne de la Laughlin insanity Allah Vu perfect just make sure that you become that perfect

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hiro Bella me mein was Walla

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Walla su de Nabi Carrie

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de he was lucky enough to play the Naco headin Allahumma anta Salah

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warming Casa da da da

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da da da Sala

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He was certainly muitas Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Muhammad masala later Allah Ibrahim awana Annie Brahimi in Madrid Allahumma barik Tada Mohammed Mohammed cammarata Raja Ibrahim Ibrahim in Akemi de Madrid. If any one person in the sittings when they were making do either like well I'm not amazing. Everyone else in this room is amazing. I want to prove to you one thing I just said in no law one mother in law, indeed a law woman law ekata who used to be the sensor so when you said a lot Masada Mohammed, what did you do? You did something that a lot and the angels do if that doesn't make you amazing? I'm not sure what does. If that doesn't make you out of this world for that moment

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of truth. What makes you amazing man jumping off a cliff with the with the wingsuit or Brock Lesnar example from last week that didn't really make much sense. Does that make you amazing? This makes us amazing. This is what makes us amazing. We just need to find value in it because Bollywood and Hollywood doesn't show us making the route so we don't accept it. Take a moment stop and say in not law, Indeed Allah and the mother he can do this action. So enjoy Friday's the best day to make durood we asked las panatela for his forgiveness and for his mercy, we pray that our youth is spent in the servitude of Islam. We pray that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness or law,

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we ask that our cells are safe from cancerous mutations, and that our joints are free from arthritis of Allah we pray that we are not overcome by financial debt. nor are we amongst those who need to take loans or lawmakers amongst those who are content with our risk. And those who are able to free the necks of those enslaved to debt, or law. We pray that our children or caretakers do not find this difficult to take care of in our old age will allow us the opportunity to serve as servants to our parents. Our Lord, we ask that our last actions in this world are the best actions that we commit. We pray that we die in the statement La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah we pray

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that our time in the grave is full of light, and that our tongues are soft to answer the questions of the graveyard of the love of Allah make our graves illuminated with a window sill from a window of gender. So we may lay in our graves and enjoy the breeze of gender. Allah we pray that the best moment of our existence, the best hour of our life, the best day of our life is the day of judgment of Allah keep us away from the Hellfire and the actions that will lead us there and make us amongst those who do not have to see sense feel or experience any part of the hellfire.

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But while we asked for Jenna, along with me as Luca Jenna wha wha la Hermine holy woman Oh Allah we ask you for paradise and we asked you to make us be amongst those who have the speech and the action that will take us to the paradise to becoming a naughty woman. So you have been told the woman and Allah protect us from the Hellfire and

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The actions and the speech that would lead us to Hellfire are a lot eradicate that from our lives over law we pray we enter the paradise

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without any questioning without interacting Allah we wish to see your face. We wish to stand in front of your mercy. We wish to feel your light or Allah we wish to be submitters we wish to be accepted amongst the Muslims

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corba and in fact, it was

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one of the decode Allahu Akbar will love. We are the masters now a famous letter