The Spirit in John 14-16 and in 20-22 is not the Same

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just got the most welcome. Okay, my name is kofi, AB Rafa, Clement, I'm a senior high school graduates. And unfortunately, I wasn't able to come early. Actually, Friday I was Yeah. And I didn't get announcements. So I was called from bed right now. But I have been following you most often on piece TV. So I believe that, on that purgative, I will give some questions based on your subject matter. The few I have followed you concerning on Peace TV, thank you very much. First of all, I look, then I know that that topic you brought forth was Muhammad, in view of the Bible, like Muhammad, as written in the Bible, and you have listened to you most often. And you have ads for a

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very simple, straightforward scripture, that confess the gods ship of Jesus Christ. And you've even

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said, that if you are convinced, you are going to be a Christian. I'm also here with the genuineness of hearts, that if your answer also comes and satisfies the questions also becomes a Muslim.

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As of your apologetics is very powerful. And this is the case I want to raise for you to ask a question that

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describe church to be giving, talking about the deity of Jesus Christ as God, I believe that you have taken the case, from scriptural point of view to philosophical argument.

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you've quoted a lot of scriptures, and a lot of scriptures you have fought, and one of the scriptures you quoted, somewhere in the book of Acts, chapter three, about when Peter was addressing the people, and each spoke of the man Jesus approved of God, I know you've got a scripture as well. But you see, you are asking of scriptures, in where Jesus himself made a statement, that He is God by you went beyond the mark, and quoted things other people have said about him, that has actually opened the argument. Now you have taken it from the first person who is testifying about himself to what other people are saying about himself, then it will mean that our must only allowed to talk

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about what He alone has said about himself was also allowed to make references in respect to what other people has made about him. But let me narrow it down here. You see, this is essential reason. The first question I wanted to ask you is, which am sect of Christians? Do you actually listen to? Because if you come to Christianity in like, I attend the house of faith

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ministry, I'm also in the ksi. So every kind of Christian set, you realize that it is a knowledge that actually defines why they are there are certain particular Christian said, and as I say that the abuse of philosophy, as you know, does not nullify the philosophy. So I want to first off, Brother, brother, this is a question answer time, not a lecture time. If you heard the rules and regulations very clearly, the question should be paused in two or three sentences. If it's more than that it's a short speech, the speech is over. You came late, the lecture is over. Now, don't give a lecture. I know the background. You have already spoken for two, three minutes already for 1020

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sentences. And yet you have not posed the question. Question. Should I have a question mark?

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I've read many Christian bibles. King James Version, New International Version, Jehovah's Witness, do a version many. You ask the question.

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Simple question. Two or three sentences should have a question mark. That's it. pose your question? No salute question. Thank you.

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For the question, Mark. I know I can't write it, but I know oppose it. But the case is this. When Jesus talks about the spirit, he said, he's going to send

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as comforter, someone just like him, according to what he says in the book of John. Now if you read a book of John chapter 20, verses number 22. The Bible is that he came and he breathed upon them and said, received the the spirit. I've heard that you said that. The Holy Spirit was there before by this is how we understand it in our dogma. The case is like you being a mathematics teacher.

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Ha, I know you are capable. You have been a mathematics teacher, you have a lot of topics you can teach. You can take binomial polynomial, but all of them is under mathematics. Brother, do you understand English?

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Two or three sentences you have come here to give a speech. I think you're a teacher. Don't give a lecture here.

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Two or three sentences with a question mark. You don't have to write your question. What is your name? It's a question mark. It's a question.

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I cannot write I cannot see. Simple if you don't ask this question or given another person a chance. You are wasting your time and wasting everyone's time. pose a question.

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All you're wasting time.

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I'm being very kind. Don't test my patience.

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I love you, brother. I love you. I love you. This guy's peace be upon him said Seek ye the truth and the truth shall free you. You want to go around the bushes, bushes, bushes, word, word word without question.

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If you want to preach, you can hide the fall tomorrow. And give advertisement people will come to listen to those who want to come. Don't wish that I know about 10,000 people here. Don't waste the time. Please

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don't cause harm to all these people that have come to listen to me not to you, you pose a question or give the reply? Only two or three sentences. If you pose more than two or three sentences, I will go to the next question. Don't say anything extra Please, start.

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So. So in John 2022. He said receive ye the Spirit. So those who were there at that time received? So I want to know why you think

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it goes beyond that point to the Prophet Muhammad. Thank you, brother ask a question in John 2020. Through Jesus Christ peace be upon him said that receive the the spirit.

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But this is not talking about the comfortable different spirit is different receivers the spirit that when the Spirit was there, this is another verse of the Bible. I didn't go John chapter 20 Verse 23. I quoted Gospel of John Chapter number 14, verse number 16, I will pray to the Father to send you a comforter will abide with you forever. Gospel of John Chapter number 15, verse number 26. But when the Comforter will come, who I will send from my father, he will show you things to come, he shall testify me. Gospel of John Chapter number 16, verse number seven. Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is explained for you that I go away for if I go, No, they will the computer will not

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come for if I depart, shall I send him? You have gone to Gospel of John Chapter 20? I'm quoting Gospel of John Chapter 14, Chapter 15. And chapter 16. You're going to chapter 20.

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Are you talking?

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Gospel of John Chapter 20, talking about the spirit. I'm not talking about the Holy Spirit. I'm talking about comfort the Holy Spirit is not Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that comfort there is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Did you hear my lecture? I said I was late because I didn't know what you said. You heard on the television. Didn't you say that? Yeah. I said, I've spoken many times on TV and I can pose the question better now. So that means spirit is different. Prophet Muhammad is different. And Prophet Jesus peace be upon him said in the Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 12, to 14, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now for heaven, the

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Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of Himself all that do shall he speak, He shall glorify me, who is this person?

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The Holy Spirit.

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Mother, can you understand English? Gospel of John Chapter 16, verse number seven said, that it is expedient for you that I go away if I go over the comfort the shall come, Holy Spirit was already there before Jesus Christ peace be upon him came into the world. So this person cannot be the Holy Spirit. You say, if you can reach me, I'll become a Muslim. What language do you understand English? Yes, English. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit was there in the womb of Elizabeth. Before John the Baptist was born. And John the Baptist came before Jesus case please be upon Correct? Yes, please. Holy Spirit was there when Jesus Christ will be upon being baptized? Yes, yes, this

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comforter cannot meet Holy Spirit. Did you say Holy Spirit, you're going in circles. That's why I was bringing the issue of mathematics that mathematics I'm talking about Bible I don't want to learn mathematics here. And not from use visually. We use analogy to actually create a statement. I believe that for you to make in mathematics we use analogy to

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talking about I sat in the medical talking about where does it say you use the analogy to make a statement about somebody's book says that I'm asked him question which mathematic book says that

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Oh, no, that was a different statement that was not consent to my to my time asking you which books is that you use an analogy to make a statement in mathematics? No, I studied mathematics. I've studied mathematics and later which book says that you use an analogy to make a statement? That's it man was not part of the mathematics.

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You made a mistake? No, it was my mistake. I was making different statements. You said in mathematics to us and join me Do not do it in mathematics. You made a mistake, yes or no? Please, they were not joint statements. I was like, in mathematics to use analogy to make a statement. Is that right? Or is it wrong? In language, we are able to apply for my emphasis. So you may not have known but I was not making the same statement. I was like answering the second question you asked when I talked about mathematics?

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What are you doing?

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There's no comma when you speak it is understood whether comma is there or not? You don't have to mention it. Only when you write you have to mention when you say understood, whether it's a comma or a question, Mark,

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you have posed the question, I've given the answer. You have posed the question or Cosper of John chapter 20, verse number 22. And I answered you, the answer is over. You didn't understand it. It's your problem.

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You ask the question on Gospel of John Chapter 20. Verse 22, gave you the answer. That is the Holy Spirit. It is not Prophet Muhammad peace be upon it. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon with the comfort and which I gave the talk. If you want to know more, you go and you're my lecture on the YouTube mama Salah Solomon, the Bible, and then when you finish, then you can lie to me on the email. Okay, brother. Thank you.