Muhammad Salah – Fiqh Of Love Episode #6 Legal Status Of Marraige In Islam

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The importance of marriage in Islam is discussed, including the desire for more money to get married and the need for a natural wedding. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying in a good culture for a better life. The importance of not allowing non- believers to enterecca ob crunch and not allowing non- believers to visit the city is also emphasized. The importance of finding a good proposal for a woman to marry, support her family, and not allow anyone to get married to God is also emphasized. The speaker also discusses the importance of helping poor people through their financial needs and offers support for those who are not able to afford it.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Alaikum and welcome back to another episode of the thick of love. I'm John Fontaine and we're here with Sheikh Dr. Mohammed salah, Salama Hampshire who Alikum Salah more rahmatullah wa barakato. And thank you for having me no GS, aka Hamdulillah. So far the series mashallah we've learned so much about the thick of love. And I can honestly say that I love you for the sake of Allah show, I have baccala, the ACA attorney, he made the one whom you love, love you as well check on the last episode we was discussing the different types of you know, when, for instance, marriage could be permissible

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or recommended, or even in some cases actually forbidden? Absolutely. Can we just recap on this topic? Yeah, it was said that it depends on the situation of the individual. And so it could be a mandatory if you have the means, and he has the desire, so he then should get married. And we said, it's recommended if you have the means, and mashallah you can afford it and your physical effort, you are healthy. So it's a commitment to get married so that you would form a family and have kids and so on share. So if you said if you have the means, yeah. What about if you're poor? Is marriage only for rich people? Well, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which we've discussed

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earlier in one of those episodes, he said Yeah, Mashallah. Chabad manasota Amin, Kamal, Bharat affiliate as a watch. You gotta be very honest with yourself. He said, Oh, young people, whoever can afford to get married, whoever have the means, they let him do so. So affordability

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varies from again, from one culture to another one family to another Jonnie if you graduated, you garage up even you are new in the job, masha Allah, yeah, you have an income that can take care of you and another person with you. Right away, go ahead and propose the girl. I mean, if you if you have somebody in mind, if you know a decent family, if you like somebody go ahead and propose to her. The family of the girl must understand that, you know, it doesn't have to be

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a very wealthy person doesn't have to be a millionaire. I read in some of the matrimonial ads that, you know, our daughter is an MD and she's looking for an MD like her, and he must be 123 and one of the demands that he must be rich. So it's okay to demand a rich person but we're talking about if somebody who is decent, Superman, can a man demand the rich woman as well. You can always demand whatever you want. But you will get whatever Allah has this thing you for. And you know, whenever there is love, all those factors actually disappear, they dissolve. So what happens is the Prophet salallahu Salam said, if you can afford to get married, I don't really have to own a house who

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rented, you know, I don't have to have like three bedroom flat, they can be just at our studio. And eventually she and you will grow bigger together. And you will make a fortune together by the will philosophy not Allah because the Quran refer to that

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in Surah, and Nora and Surah and Nora which means the light is full of etiquette and address the matter of marriage. So Allah subhanaw taala says is chapter number 24 In verse number 32 Allah Almighty says we're incapable Am I Minko masala Hanuman a baddie como Ma. I just love this verse. A Gu Cara I only him Allah whom in fugly wala who was he on it, I won't use your I don't explain the meaning of this at you. And I want you to keep it in mind for a moment. So the Almighty Allah commands and recommends to marry of those who are single from among you, boys and girls, men and women. Thank you Hello, I am also single

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from among you. So marry them have helped them to get married and fascinated marriage for them. Then he said well, solid Hina min a baddie, coma MA and all

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So, marry off those the males and females from among you, for Mama Your servants. Then you said a goon or for Cara, in case that they are poor, you asked this question earlier, in case of the poor, you will need him Allah whom in foglia indeed Allah will enrich them out of his boundaries. Then he ended up the IR by saying well Allah who was here on the alim, wasa expansive, sufficient for all the needs of his servants. So, in the light of the other ayah of Surah Azaria in Allah who are resemble Zulu Coworth in Mateen. The rest comes only from Allah provision the source of provision is only one the Almighty Allah and that's why it comes from heaven. So the one who provides the ever

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provider a summit promised that if a couple wanted to get married and they don't have enough means, like you know, they're not well off, but he can barely get married. Maybe I only have a rug or I have enough money to furnish one bedroom I don't have a kitchen where I don't have you know, the silver I don't have the China I don't have the blender. I don't have the sofa and the couch, we have the basics you have a job, yes, shake you know in some cultures, you know, around the world you know, somebody may have enough money to actually get married, but the particular culture actually imposes more burden on them. You know, they want to spend so much money on a natural wedding. They

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want a certain level of living you know, things like this which actually make marriage difficult, okay, they just may look for the person who can afford it. We're talking about from an Islamic perspective. If I want to marry off my daughter and give her image to somebody if somebody proposes to my own daughter, Mohamed salah, what am I going to look for in that particular person? I figured out that Masha Allah, He is a righteous person. He is an honest person. He looks nice and Masha Allah He has a good job but not enough income. Okay, his flat is a little studio and the thing the person is is really a jewel, then I'm going to accept that proposal, no doubt why because I look at

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it from the perspective of what the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said and Allah is promising disregard in Anima 32 Chapter number three, when you for the Almighty Allah promises that those who get married, if they have pipe means Allah will enrich and then out of His Bounty with a rich them out of His Bounty here that means is a result. So he promised and he said, Allah is in this sufficient for all the needs of for servants, alim or knowing he knows that you want to get married in order to protect your chastity. He wants that you want to get married in order to lower your gaze. And because you liked the girl, you liked the family. It's a wonderful opportunity. You would

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love to have a good family and nice kids. Meanwhile, you you trust Allah's promise, you anticipate that Allah will deliver, and he will give you a better job, he will increase your income. Keep this in mind for now. And I want to take you into another area of Surah a Toba chapter number nine and number 28. It's an entirely different story. But there is a very interesting link between the two eyes, or the two verses.

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In Anima 28 chapter number, Mayan Surah Tao by the Almighty Allah addresses the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions after the conquest of Makkah, particularly on the Mayans here after the migration, so it says yeah, you have Ludhiana Avenue in them and Moshe Coonan edusson fella caribou Masjid Al haram, da da da, me him harder. We're in fifth to Milan for Sophie Oh Nico Mala Humann fogli in shad

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in Allah Hi Yvonne Hakeem.

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The IR means Oh, who you believe indeed, the emotionally keen or impure? So this is the last year that they can come to Makkah to the Haram they cannot enter the Haram anymore the Haram essentially, it is exclusively for the believers before and before the conquest of Makkah. And before the revolution of this AI on the ninth year after the emigration. People used to come from all over in order to visit the house. Sometimes you will perform tawaf in the newt completely in the * men and women and

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Of course, Mecca and the Kaaba was surrounded with idols and statues. So they would perform power, and they would supplicate to the idols and touch the statues seeking the help and so on. So Allah subhanaw taala commanded the believers to purify the Haram from anything that is all the theists and all the idols and statues said you want to come to Mecca, you gotta be a monotheistic, you gotta believe in the Oneness of Allah. Now the McCanns even though they've accepted Islam, they will still new to Islam. They were very concerned. Concerned about what concern that if we were to kick out the non believers, and do not allow the non believers to come to Makkah, the tourists. This is like the

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only source of income for the Mexicans, Mexicans do not have factories, they do not plant fruits and visitations. They make trade and they host the tours, they sell them items and stuff like that. So that is the only source of income, what is going to happen. So the Almighty Allah said after this year, non believers and the Mushrikeen are not allowed to enter the haram. And in case we're in crypto, I let him and poverty for so far you will need to allow him and follow indeed Allah will reach you out of His Bounty. But he said in chat, if He wills he didn't say that in the other IO surah. To know chapter number 24 Verse number 32. Rather he said a * Fukumura Yoni him Allah

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Humann fogli he will Allah who was here on Alim without even saying in chat. So there was a clause in the case of the makin story, and fear of the you know, the income being affected, but Jonnie which means if he was he will reach you out of His Bounty, but it's subject that he may not if he doesn't want to, but in the case of a couple getting married, and they can barely afford it, they are literally poor. So Allah Almighty says Most certainly, he will enrich them out of His Bounty. And guess what, he is sufficient for the needs of Subhanallah absolutely beautiful. Subhan Allah shirk, we're just going to take that as a pause so we can just take a short break, and inshallah

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we'll pick up after the break, join us after the break.

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Salaam Alaikum salaam Welcome back to the fear of love, share just before the break Subhan Allah, you gave a very nice example in the Quran, where Subhan Allah Allah is actually promising that he's going to increase the provision of the married ones. SubhanAllah. So are you saying that we can actually have full faith that as soon as that once we get married, that Allah will actually increase our risk? Well, I'm just quoting what Allah have said. So it's not my statement, the believers have Yochanan Allah has certainty. And as a matter of fact, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam confirmed that when you say, Salah satin headcorn, Allah, Allah, Ya know, that's another lovely Hadith to encourage

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the youth. I mean, I wish we can spend more than one episode addressing this matter because guess what, this is the biggest obstacle on the way of getting married for most people.

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Whether the family of the girl accepting a proposal from a person who's not really well off, and whether from a person who wants to marry a girl but he believes that she's coming from a very poor family, and it will be like a financial burden on me, I have to shoulder lot of responsibilities. Look with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, have to say in this respect, he said, that are three types of people whom Allah Almighty

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promises, vows to support them. And he said, selesa to happen Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, allow or the help or support, could be financial, could be more could be physical, and could be all of that based on your needs. So those three people or the three categories of people whom Allah Almighty promised by himself, to help us support them, the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah cinema said, number one,

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he said, anarchy who Ebrill alpha

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and nakki, who is

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a man who wants to get married in order to guard his chastity. He wants to be a modest person who has a desire, he has a physical need. So he is struggling to get married so that he doesn't pursue anything and haram doesn't date doesn't find a cake.

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So he's, he's looking forward to get married to God His chastity, the prophets Allah Allah Allah cinema said Indeed Allah will help him out. So what kind of help here he needs most the financial help, he will help you if that is your intention, Elmo Khattab you ever will Adam. And vocab is you know before during slavery, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Quran as well recommended freeing the slaves. And if you don't have the means to free your slave because you need the money, so you can actually strike a deal with him, go and work and pay me on installment that much if you set up the payment you're free. So if a person made that deal, and he concluded a contract with his owner

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during slavery, to be freed,

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Allah Almighty said he vows to help him financially so that he would free himself opening the doors for freedom. And he encourages us through this a car fund through the voluntary charity to help and assist those kind of people to settle the payment so that they will be free while Mujahid roofie sebelah somebody who went out in order to protect and support his Deen his country, his people and defend all of that. So the Almighty Allah also promises to support them physically and financially and to look after his family on his gun, and all of that. Remember those three categories of people and Nike, who you every laugh, why you want to get married, drawn? Because I'm a Muslim. And I

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understand the virtues of getting married forming a family trying to please Allah having good kids, educating them about the deen making them good Muslims pray in fasting making dua supporting the deen teach and others. This is my acid that wouldn't benefit me in this dunya. And in sha Allah in the life to come, me and my wife, I will earn I will earn an immense word as a result of that. But I don't have enough means if somebody proposes your daughter whom your trust his Dean and his manners, and you have the financial means it's okay to sponsor him. It's okay to help him out. Can we pay from Desica money to help the poor people to get married? Yes, of course, this is one of the

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categories are eligible for these Academy mandatory the care. So buying the appliances, the furniture and furnishing the apartment, helping him through paying the dowry and all of that it can be covered from the Zakka fun side of the mosaic was one of the most precious tab in the second generation of this OMA, you're such a great scholar, everybody loved him. And his daughter was such a learned person, beautiful God, and everyone desired to marry sides, daughter, he is the greatest scholar of his time. So Happy is the one of the princes proposal, his daughter, in order for his son to marry her, but he realized that this is not really the best place to put his daughter on. And so

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he declined this offer. And while he had a student, the student was a bachelor. So what did you get married? I said, I cannot afford it. So don't worry about it. Would you marry my daughter? That is obviously after consulting his daughter, and asking whether she would like to marry this person. He's talking about his character, his traits and his qualities? Yes, of course, daddy. Okay. So would you like to marry my daughter? What? You know, you just turned down the proposal of such and such, would you like to marry my daughter, but I cannot afford it. Don't worry about the affordability. I'm buying a man

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and he and man. Money will come Allah promised money will come. Again. I'm not saying look for a poor person. Don't misunderstand me. Don't even misquote me. But what I'm saying is, if the person who's proposing so far, is a very good person, but he doesn't have enough means I have a multimillionaire person, why not help him out? While I assisted him even giving him a loan? That is perfectly fine.

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But if the person who's proposing I have several proposals, and as a woman, you have several proposals. You have a rich man who is Masha Allah, religious, right? Yes, nice looking, have a decent job or a businessman. And you have another person who is nice as well. But he doesn't have the means. Choose him every like. I'm not saying that. You gotta choose a port. But what I'm saying is, so far you don't have any proposal. In all the proposals you have rich, but he is not righteous, rich, but he's working in a conventional bank and he's earning with riba but I have another person whose job is barely sufficient for himself. Maybe he can support another person. So we really know

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except that we really need to make it easy for our children to get married, you know, the poor people and not make these unnecessary financial burdens, you know, on the newly married couple, you know, asking for excessive wedding, you know, parties and things like this worthy spending. Sometimes in England, people can spend 50 to 100,000 pound on a wedding. And you know what happens?

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If you spend in this in Hala luck, you're feeding the poor in the walima perfectly fine, the ads your marriage qualities, but if it is a means of showing off the family of so and so their wedding was over a million I have attended similar weddings, but it did not last for a whole month. Suppose for a month it didn't last. The actual wedding, it was simply there isn't Yes, the broken and lots of problems and Sue cases and you know, and cold cases. And on the other hand, I remember maybe like more than two decades ago, when I was given a hookah in the masjid and I was talking about the importance of facilitating marriage. And if you are rich enough to, you know, to support and her

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financially help somebody who cannot afford to get married to Maria Dora do that you will never regret. So at least couple of families who might know.

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The proposal came from a student he was in a medical school, he was still a student. He picked up the offer no problem. The guy is good, He's righteous, but he needs some financial help until he graduates now mashallah is a very good career Is he is he has his own house paid, fully paid for decent job, he can support the family and another family with along with another family. You know, who are rich, they supported the, the their son to get married when he was still a student.

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So he picked up the offer, he went to his son and he said, you know, the son felt that it's eminent I want to get married. I'm afraid that I'm living in the States. I go to school, surrounded with a lot of pretty girls, and I don't want to do haram. So that here is a situation. Most people would say shut up. How dare when you capable to feed yourself first, you can talk about marriage. Now before you have your master's not before you finish your PhD. Many families demand that

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a PhD, which means you're talking about 30 or even 30 years old, or even more that's old enough to have grandchildren.

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You know, I know, examples of this as well. People have seen one brother, I know Subhanallah he was he only had like six months ago, until the end of his is University. He studies where he got married Subhanallah he told his parents look, you know, I want to get married. You know, he felt like he needed to get married. And subhanAllah there's been so much barakah in that in that marriage. He kept it very simple. I would love to reach the point where the children would feel very comfy around their parents so that the girl can go with full confidence and comfort and chat with her mom and said Mom You know I like this boy in the class, masha Allah He leaves us and the prayer is

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resuscitation so good and he's very honest, and Masha Allah in the class is the top of the class and he's coming from a very good family. Can our mother really listen to her daughter and cannot do to trust that her mother would listen to her and she would not scare her off or shout in the face and say your dad would kill you. If you dare to talk about not before you have your

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you know be a graduate or have your masters whenever it is do facilitate it. And keyhole aim income this is a divine instruction and keyhole Ayana Minco masala Hina mini Baddeck ima eco study is number 32 Chapter number 24 Marry of the singles among you facilitate this process for God's sake. shuddered. Ignace was a great companion.

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Towards the end of his life, he lost his sight. And he said please help me married to help me to get married because I have heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam put it put in a lot of emphasis on the importance of getting married. I'm afraid I will die before I get married, you know, because he wanted to get married during this time. Ma depreciable why depreciable is one of the most knowledgeable companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on his deathbed. Well, he doesn't know that he's gonna die. But he said please help me to get married. I'm afraid that I would meet Allah as single said he didn't have

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a wife at the time. So he's concerned about

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The quality of being married at the time of leaving this dunya is really to show the importance of getting married, and I'm delighted Nimbus road or the Allah Allah said the same thing. He said if I know there is only 10 days left in my life, and I don't have wife I would like to get married because he comprehended the meaning from the Prophet sallallahu JazakAllah herscherik Subhan Allah great advice, get married and if you're not married, get married and if you might get married again Insha Allah, I don't know about that. We'll talk about inshallah.

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Inshallah, we're going to leave it there. Subhanallah great advice from the sheiks upon looking at some of the stories or some of the companions went through as well. Subhanallah join us next time for another episode of the thick of love. Salaam Alaikum salaam

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