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I will be lurking in a shame on it logy team.

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Smith, Yoon ra ma Neil Rahi

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Whoo hoo Allahu Ahad

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mongoose Ahmed lamea neither moolah

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logged on to Sarah woman Catherine developed the other jewelry prom hyena was in Dar Salam yada yada you we praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala for this opportunity for this specific type of opportunity was seen outside of much luck saw about 600 years ago, where the other man would come and prepare their notes where their scribes used to sit next to them. And the people used to stand. And the people of the time of Imam Bukhari, for example, would literally have to listen. So imagine before he would speak, and the person who sat about 50 to 70 students away the one in the white shirt with the stripes, he used to listen, then he would go and tell the group that was 6070 people

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away. This is what Mr. Bahari said. And then from him, a person from the group that you told he would carry that and he would go till the people said it would reach the outskirts of the city. So we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for this opportunity. So where you see discomfort, I see history where you see and that guy stepping on me and Dear God, he didn't use deodorant. That is something that the people of the past could be honored to be a part of brothers and sisters are set on wanting to love.

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Now, I said my only and my final comment that should evoke any type of laughter in this topic, which my time is already a little bit premature. I want to set a scene very quickly. It's the burning abyss, I need at least six minutes of your attention before the burning abyss. So before I tell you about the creatures of Hellfire, and the types of fire in Hellfire, and the fact that lust, Allah put six creatures on this earth, and there's a small paper I wrote on the nine types of venom that are found on this earth, before we touch any of that, I need you to do something that was not done before our time. And that was understand the concept of jahannam at something real. Now we said this

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and I kind of touched it in the talk before that during the time of I titled The along with Donna. Remember she said if the first is number and said don't commit Zina, then every people would buy a lot of people would come in and as a first eyes were about not drinking, then what would the people do? If I were to drink? I mean, it really doesn't make much sense. Yes, some Boogeyman is gonna come get you. And I want you to know what john how jahannam is perceived in other concepts. For example, Bill Maher, you guys know who Bill Maher is? Bill Maher. Yeah, okay. So he said he used to write comedy. Now he writes that he wrote political satire. Now specifically, he writes, I was the name of

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the documentary made religious. Okay, so he wrote a movie and just he basically marks the concept that we're about to dictate to you. So when you leave this room, and I'm very excited to hear the shifts, explanation of Jenna, I grew up listening to him or during my still studying time, I listened to him growing up when I was in Vegas, so I'm very excited to listen.

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Speaking of hell,

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things happen there. So again, no speaking of Vegas, very specifically, people there will tell you, they're just trying to scare you into your job. He's gonna tell you about some burning place that you can't see that doesn't exist so that you grow hair on your face so that you won't do and at the end of the day so that you'll give a little bit of money to the Zakat fund. And you'll make this is how it's portrayed in other religions that Hellfire is portrayed so you won't do what mom and dad don't want you to do. Now, before we go there, we need to do two very quick things and I've spent three of my six minutes. The first and most important concept of jahannam is the fact that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala in Surah. 100 refers to the hereafter the day of judgment in the past tense. So Allah subhanaw taala when he talks about in sort of an idea when he talks about jahannam, or Jenna or the Yeoman tiama you know what form he uses, he says

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about it like it's done already. Why would someone? Why would a couplet be written in the past tense when you're in medical school? Right? If you went to someone and said, Well, I'm a doctor when I was in medical school, what are you inferring to people? how certain it is right? A lot of Suhana wadala, who didn't refer to us in our mother's womb in the past tense, he still spoke about it. You're definitely going to be born from your mother's womb, you're alive now. But the only thing he spoke about in the Quran in the past is the only event that hasn't taken place yet. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala remember the last talk, not what's being said? Who's saying it alone. So when

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about human Fiamma when he tells us and he defines to us, the men who in Surah Allium Ron, this is the one point you take into my talk. Is that man in Surah REM Ron io 191 91 192 that's audio marohn third surah a 191 91 192. He goes through this epiphany, all about the hellfire. He said, Well,

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we all see this as some blah, some guy saying, oh god, you didn't create all of this in vain. No friends. This is an intellectual epiphany.

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This man walks around 2010 and he goes 50 cent. He sells drugs. 50 cent rhymes words talks about fascia, and people pay him hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Okay, but he's not following moral law. He's not being moral. Right? Remember what he said about the kids who are getting bullied? It was on his Twitter. He was like, yeah, I'm blank, blank, blank, blank. I can't even say one word of what he wrote. But you can get a gist now that his moral law is 50 cent breaking moral law. undoubtably, yes. He breaks moral law. Now a 50 cent by accidentally drank poison or anyone in this room by accidentally drank poison? Would they? What would happen to them?

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They would die. Whether it was a mistake, what if they just did it? mistakenly?

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They would still die. Because according to the laws of physics in our world, when you follow any law, if it's broken, there's a reaction. So hear me out here. When we break physical law, when I kick this, I could keep kicking this table. Eventually. If I kick it hard enough, I'll break myself. There's only one set of laws no matter what. If I lie to you, all of you right now, and I tell you something, and it's a complete lie. Will anything happened to me right now? Nothing will happen. As a matter of fact, if I make up some story, some really nice spicy story you know, I saw oil fire. Right? The right mushrooms and the right hookah pipe will show you anything you want.

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But what I want you to understand here is in that essence that Allah subhanaw taala talked about the Hellfire in past tense. I want you to realize that he also told us physical law will break and laws will break here. physical law, excuse me, when physical when someone drinks poison, they're going to die. If someone breaks moral law, when will that law be rectified?

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Before you go to do judgment, that person said oh banana salata has about today. He comes up with the point, there's no way that I'm going to backbite about that guy, and just get away with it. And that's where Muslims come in. Maliki Boumediene, the master Owner of the Day of Judgment. That's where Hellfire comes in. So when anyone says to you, oh, there's gonna be fire and a pit for a moment. udia kitabi Ameen. bishamon This is not a story friends. I gave you the first three eyes of surah Yusuf today what was the fourth Ayah na na ko swastika SNL tosfos friends These aren't stories to get you to do what your parents want. So when I visit these ayat, I would like you to understand

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this is the manifestation of physical law being broken. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave me five senses and I use them to do good or bad, I will have to pay for what I used. That is a rational, clear and emotional statement that if I don't follow the laws of moral code of a human being the fitrah of a human being, undoubtedly what will happen, I will have to pay the piper that date is the day of judgment. Now while that we start this very specific journey I need you to follow along we're now going to open a second section of Quran Surah 39. Now

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The Real Talk is going to start in two or 39. Allah subhanho wa Taala starts in the 52nd verse. Now I'm praying that you can follow this follow along with me. If you can't, then it's fine 52nd verse if you want to come along with me, this is really important. Friends, I'm going to be blunt with you buckle up, I prepared at least to give this talk for an hour if I was going to give it somewhere else I over prepared. So we're gonna move, but you're going to see that this is not an abyss of this is our unknown. This place is known, it is real and it is alive. And it asks a loss of Hanwha Donna in Surah of hell Nemazee. Are there any more? So before we talk about the brink of Hellfire I asked

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you one question, regardless of age, gender, race, Mahabharata, whether you're a good person or bad person, what is the single most sought after thing that takes you to hell? Think about it friends.

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What is it?

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Do people seek shares? Do people seek arrogant money? power comes through money. This is fairly it's very good job.

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If someone said we seek women quite frankly, it's a small period of your life if someone said we speak seek fame, we seek fame through what you say. Get Rich or money cash when the Dirty South sun butthead Don't talk to me about y'all don't know. Young. Let me tell you about your money.

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Here's the issue now. This pursuit of money Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it very clear to us in Ayah number 51. We're going to go up to 72 surah Zoomer ayah. Number surah. Number 39. I have 52 of lust. Donna says Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. We seek refuge with a law from shape on the curses In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, our lumea lambu aren't they aware? Do they not know?

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That Allah, Allah gives his risk, finance, money, cash, the Benjamins, the dead presidents to whom He wills way up there. And he restricts from who he wants. So the number one component that's going to get us to the abyss of Hell is something that's written the hadith of gibreel makes this very clean, Allah subhanaw taala has written there is someone will not be able to die until he receives all of the risk. Now I need you to separate this money that I put in my pocket is not in my wrist. I could literally have put $150 in my pocket, and someone could have robbed me, it's not in my wrist. So what the food the sustenance that's meant to come to me will come to me and Allah gives,

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unbelievably to whom He wills, and he holds from whom He wills. So the number one thing that gets us into the Hellfire is it worth playing the game for enough he

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told me, you know, indeed, in this rat race of money, cash and everything that we pursue to get to that theme to the power, all of that is a sign for people you mean who believe now, Allah subhanaw taala has not mentioned Hellfire has not said anything. But he says the game that you all are playing in pursuit of having someone notice you because your shape up is nice today or because your job was pressed a certain way, by the way that's going to expire in a little while. You're all going to worry about the bottom dollar. And that Allah subhanaw taala said for people with the sign of intellect who believe in the law, they won't have this issue. Now we're going to start summarizing.

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I am number 5354 and 55 Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, buddy, oh my sleeve, he starts telling you about having mercy and that Allah subhanaw taala in the room that Allah wants to forgive your sins. You hear any Hellfire yet? No, by the way, money is going to be a danger. I could forgive you turned back to me. And then he uses the word us us refill.

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And then he says, Don't turn away from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and now we see here I want you to see this exact word. When he says la de la now to me Rahmatullah that don't turn away from the mercy of Allah guys, you're gonna fall I fall I go, I know that can make overtime at the hospital. So you work a little bit more but brother you're supposed to be here. You can do more. We will slip up Don't give up in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala any mention of

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I don't have anything yet. Let's keep moving through the aisles here. And the last one, we're one over food. And he is Rahim giving us a chance, telling us that we're if we overstep our bounds, Allah subhanaw taala as rafiu. Allah is the one who if we have made transgressions, he's going to forgive us. Now, at Isaiah 55, for the first time, Allah subhanaw taala says, If you tread this path, I'll forgive you. But if 55 he gives us three excuses, and the first time that we say, and the colon is that oh less that you might say, that you might say that your soul What has my soul done? What have I achieved for the Hereafter, and these three excuses come up, and I will give it up to

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you to read them on your own, but I will only take one excuse. He says in the third in is number 57. He says, el tiempo la la.

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Lord had done me or someone would say, Man, I just wish God had had guided me. Up to now Allah subhanaw taala hasn't showed our true colors. But when we make the mistake of saying, Allah will guide me, I'll wear hijab I'll follow Islam, I'll do what Allah wants me to do. later on. If Allah once there's your first excuse, and this is what I think is so dynamic about Quran before telling you how fire burning a let's, Allah says, These are excuses that you are going to give me and these excuses won't hold firm. Finally, an iron number 58.

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The last result the guy lived his whole life. He did whatever he wanted. He went he did. And he came and now he sees. He sees the azab he sees the punishment. He sees the fire and he says, Yeah, les Tommy. He says, Yeah, he told me

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that. I wish I was nothing. Friends. I want you to listen to that here. Close to Buckhead. I want you to listen to that. Because everything they say everything that they dignify and sanctifies how amazing they are, how beautiful they are, how powerful they are on that day when they have transgressed Allah subhanaw taala and said God would guide me when he wants to what do they say? Had Allah subhanaw taala guided me had a lust parent, Allah saved me I wouldn't be here. Then they say oh, the hula pinata Lhasa. When they see the other, then fire becomes fire and water becomes water. Meaning all of the excuses of the Alo Forgive me God knows what's in my heart. Allah, Allah knows

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what was gonna happen to me. There's no sun, not everything's dark if we only follow Quran, like all of these big intellectual decisions that we have now, or the Hadith or all that if you really think that guy believes that, you really think that God really he's gonna take that look, Allah I sorted it out, I figured it out. 600 years of scholarship didn't get it. I've sorted it out. No, these are excuses to stay away. So we paint one picture. And I said, I would point out nine things. So this person comes surah, 69, surah, 39. And also we have, these are all the places that we're visiting. We have this person who comes up to the brain, and the book is handed to him. His checks and

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balances are done every day. As of last night, at two o'clock when no one was looking. Everything was written down. And in Surah, Allah, Allah reminds us law, you want the room that they will be handed this kit, this kit up. So the rotten Wada Bureau, and they'll see in this book, there wasn't anything tiny or anything big. Everything is written here. When I turn to that girl, and I said, Man, why does she get it? And I mocked that person, everything was written, and the book will be handed to them. And they will say, I wish that I never was all the arrogance, all the beauty, everything that they had, and they will be handed their book and Allison tonda will instruct to the

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angels, Hulu, Hulu, that they will be strapped together, their feet will be bound, not their face. Because what do you treasure the most? Your face? Of course, if anything, he's a very dignified person, the feet will be bound together and there'll be thrown healthfirst face first into the hellfire. And this person will say, Oh Allah, why didn't you give me a chance. And Allah subhanaw taala will reconstruct the earth it won't be a plasma screen. He will reconstruct the earth. You will watch yourself sitting at that lecture sitting at that moment where you're driving your car, you're listening to a CD and it makes sense and you're like, man, maybe I should do the right thing.

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Maybe I should follow what this Schafer saying on his cassette, and I'll say you didn't get the chance

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and the people will

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Hello, we didn't understand it was in Arabic. And Alas, I don't I will reconstruct the earth and say you didn't understand. Well, my son Nana rasuna illa, Billy Sonico me, you didn't have someone who spoke your language, you didn't have someone who came and said money cash, you didn't have someone who came and said, Look, guys, we really need to wake up now the goings getting tough. And in this time, there'll be thrown into the hellfire. And at this moment, they will pass through three levels of fire. And as they fall, Allah subhanaw taala. And for those of you who are medically oriented, points out that the skin will burn immediately. First, the first layer of skin will burn I want you

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to think about this, that the Quran is pointing this out. That inside the skin, there will be a burning what what part of the skin is going to burn away.

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There's seven layers of skin on your hands, two layers of skin, five layers of skin on your face and to around your eyes. This is really important. Remember, I'm not here to scare you, I want you to leave here and say How does he know that because Allah subhanaw taala gave us the science, seven layers of skin here five layers of skin here, two layers of skin here. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that the subcutaneous, the top layers of skin will be burned off, when you get a little paper cut, what happens?

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The nerve, it stings a lot more when you even blow on it. So Allah subhanaw taala points out that the skin will burn. And then when they reach to the bottom, where the skin that protects you know, when you get a small paper cut, and you blow on it. And that stinks. When that area of the skin is opened up, the punishment will be stopped, it will be held that will continue to burn just like this. And then the ayat of Surah mulk come to pass.

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And this is something we we we didn't read in the eyes, but it's up to 72. So the people just like this auditorium,

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the shouting will gather inside who are being tortured. But the person who's meant to be tortured will come to the bottom of a pit. And above will be those who are instructed to torture him. And I want you to put yourself there they're waiting, they're thieving, they want to be amongst those who can have a piece because they've been told those who transgress the law you will torture them. And one of them will come and say

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Did someone come and tell you about all this stuff?

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Didn't someone come and say look, we're supposed to follow this religion? Yes, you might not like some of the rules. But at the end of the day, it's going to work out and the person will utter the words which are uttered throughout our hearts every time we hear them. So the angel will come and say did it somebody tell you this was gonna go down?

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And the person will say

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man Oh,

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man who

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else have is sorry. orlu low Good. Now, if we had just maley ness ma listened. Oh, now Tito just thought MK una de serie. And upon the utterance of these words. They're waiting and they want to entertain you. They want to have some part of what they've been waiting for. And I won't share the punishments of the Hellfire I will share nine punishments of this world. So in looking through this various stuff is here. Some of the other men who are interested in zoology wrote on the poisons of this world so everything I'm mentioning to you is not existent. In Hell first, you're gonna see it here. And then you do the math.

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Allah, Allah gave us known to man right now nine types of poison in nine different animals. A will take one animal one of the animals is called the spitting Cobra. This spitting Cobra can grow 10 to 14 feet. The interesting part of this Cobra and the head of the Cobra is about the size of a tennis ball from a 10 foot that the length of a basketball hoop it can spit acidic venom directly into your eyes and that's kind of crazy. How does the how does that animal know where your eyes are snakes barely have a pupil and are exactly spits into your eyes from 10 feet. Once the that acid and I've seen this in Vegas, that is specific acid mixed with mixes with your eye, the top of your eyes

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starts to burn off. And remember the snakes not going to eat you friends. You are blind and a 14 foot black Cobra is just going around you and your eyes. This is this world friends. a cousin of this is the Viper it's the longest tooth snake in the world. It's one and a half inches is its thing.

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When it bites any part of the skin. It bites the skin and steps off and the amount

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acids that secreted from it melts through the first five layers of fat, not skim. I've actually seen in the hospital patients who come in they have gaping holes. What happened? A a viper bit him like a viper did that there's a chunk of his flesh missing not enough of last parent Allah describes to us the creatures of the Hellfire to be serpent like lizards serpent like lizards. So this is to me come at comparable to Can anyone guess what it's comparable to? Komodo dragon perfect. The Komodo Dragon has something that they found out this was just a year and a half ago, everyone believed that the Komodo dragon had venom. They did an MRI in the head of a Komodo dragon. It doesn't have venom, we

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did this once. What is it have? Komodo dragons do a very simple ambush technique, they will run out to you and they will bite you put yourself in a burning fire, they will bite you and nine of them will walk away.

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The bacteria found in their saliva decays your flesh slowly. And there's something called You know, when you take a lot of Advil, they say don't play a lot of sports, you could bleed out, it bleeds you out. So you get this little cut and you're like, oh, wow, come on, oh, Dr. JACK, and you start to bleed, and it bleeds and the second day goes by and the third day goes by and the fifth and keeps bleeding. And now it gets asked to see and pissy. And by this time this is all found in a documentary, you can watch it in life. So the new one. They explain that when the animals reaches the sixth or seventh day, it keels over the venom is not a venom, it's a bacteria. And when it's

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alive, withering and shaking on the ground, it will see fuzzy creatures in the distance because the blood it's kind of going out of the frontal lobe of the brain. And it sees from the distance.

00:26:57--> 00:27:36

Nine creatures coming 14 feet in length, 275 pounds in weight, and they come and they toy with their prey before they eat it. They lick it. They toss it around a little bit but you're still alive. Remember the scenes in Jurassic Park when they said the Raptors come and cut here and they eat it. These are things that are alive today. And after your are literally because they start from the center of the body. They eat starting from the intestinal tract, you can live without your intestines, narrating the books of their media and will end on this Hades. A man will come into the Hellfire be tortured, he will accept his mistake, his intestinal tract will be removed remember

00:27:36--> 00:28:18

Braveheart style will be removed from his body. And it'll be made like a noose around his neck. And he will be dragged and followed like a dog through the Hellfire and the people while they're being tortured. And this is the characteristic of ayanami he's being tortured. And he'll say, Yo, what did that guy do? What did he do would have such a humiliating his punishment is being dragged around. And the angels will tell him that is the person who said something and didn't follow what he said. And he will be dragged around with his own intestines. Why do I tell you this? When those animals eat your intestines first? You're alive. And you feel serrated edge teeth come in. I asked Allah

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subhanaw taala not to let you leave here and be like, Okay, that was kind of scary. But I could watch $100 million movie and get a lot more scared than this. That's my issue. They're mocking us friends. The latest ghost flick is called chicken you know the name of the movie. Qian. j. i n the opening scene to this movie is a law created angels from light. A law created man from clay a lot created fire fire so he could make gin and they have a whole horror film. Friends they're toying with us. This is real, the rest of their stuff and their Resident Evils and that's not real. That's where when you get diluted, you're like well the talk wasn't scary. I didn't get it. No. To talk

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shouldn't be scary. The talk is real. But there's only one great part of this 114 sources in the Quran and find this out, look at it. Find it out. I never got to ismb to I really wanted to do it. Please read it. Please read it a lot. But

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the most amazing part of this book and anyone who pulls out to you and says Hellfire look you guys are our our book says about love, love, love. And I'll be done just in a minute.

00:29:38--> 00:29:42

Then tell them you know that every time Allah subhanaw taala says jahannam What word proceeds gentlemen,

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

Jana, and more over in Surah the Han Solo 44. Whenever you hear the word it's done numb comes a lot. As many times as it comes in 44 immediately after and before it Allah subhanaw taala talks about gender and I only asked you to think about one thing. Do you

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you genuinely want a book that only says good job. Do you want mom and dad who only say Good job you did great in school. But when you sleep in that day and you don't get up to go to class, they don't wake you up. Do you genuinely think a book that only came with motivation was going to be enough? friends think about that. Then why aren't we nice to our parents? Why do we have to feel bad and then be nice to them? Remember that Allah subhanaw taala opened doors of mercy and I'm very happy to talk happened first because the description the magnitude of description of the Hellfire is smaller compared to lead to the out of the Hadith 101,883 or the other side of him where the description of

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Gemini comes to pass. So no this much that this Hellfire that we talked about, it's already done. Let's find out what we're going to do about it for a Manta moon. So where are we headed? La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in economy Nevada mean all that is cleaning peers from Allah know that this much will not be enough for you. Seek out the books that tell you about both. And know that Allah subhanaw taala can give people who can run words, mansions, people who pray fast love, fulfill the rights of what he wants, what can he give them, or Sarah Marie come to LA.

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inshallah, give as much attention as you can to say, I'm going to really appreciate it as well. brothers who are standing alone make you stand less on the Day of Judgment. When you wait sisters, when you wait on the Day of Judgment, may Allah make you stand less be isn't Allahu taala on the day of judgment when we have to stand for 50,000 years or Samadhi