Wisam Sharieff – Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 235-57 (Pages 6 to 8)

Wisam Sharieff
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that was gone, there was a ducal Janata Wakulla I mean how Gordon Hayes who she was

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he shut down what effort Hakuna um you know what I mean?

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As far as Lahoma shape on

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Ghomeshi on one half off Raja Houma meme Kana Fe me MAC and PHY

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work will not be able to bow Lukumi bow when I do while I can feel our worldly most delta rule why butter on Isla he is he in Fidella for demo mural Rob b He thought Darla Kong fat

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on the moon male rugby he can imagine Fattah barley in who

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here Robin algorithm non forcing our lambda Fila now what are Hamdallah an akuna nominal kasidy

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No problem morale and family please wonder how the stretch works and then let me bring it in. Let me bring it into play for you. So morale if you can write down north to south equals to east to west equals three four or more north to south equals to east to west equals four or more and then just watch what happens

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as we learn here rock Manuel Raheem Bismillahi rockburn on Rocky ordered enough vehicle mean Hodge me

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for him my dn

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mean ni Houda mean ni Hodan thermal Dobbiaco di f L Alko for gnarly him one homie axon wala Fallout four full gnarly him one

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on one Medina CAFR work at WB Tina

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eager stop. Now we have all you do. Marielle So

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Miguel, this one right here I'll get to how I'm counting it but right now you tell me is this one east to west or north to south east to west right and this one is to us as well so my ear knows my ear knows that job is to and then anything more is going to be four or more one Levine aka federal workers Babu be

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the na da da

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da boo now your ear begins to pick it up for now you can use your finger if you need if you'd like to whom fee have already dude. Yeah Bernie is on Elance guru near mature Lottie near Mattia, Lottie here's my east to west again, that East West is going to

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that East West is going to tell me to stretch for for Omar near Mati And Lottie allottee and non duality and non duality, a coma

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Oh, 4104 B, D, Goofy, Goofy bi D could be dico what he for hobble on. What I mean OB ma

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two, so Murielle just as a little side note, a little trade trick of the trade. Did you notice that when I have to stretch for four, there's a consistent well, um, you know, V Ma, so I know that in my ear, that that little quiver, it definitely is going to take me to my four range. So once you master the

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can hear that in your ear. When you can hear that in your ear. Then you can make your own a nice, clean undulation

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Don't let it bother you now it's something really that has to settle into the air. Well, I mean aubema

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Zelle to Musa de Pon me Mama Kumala tekun All while I can feed him me one Oh ALLAH caffeine in me while I touched Ruby I T salmon body Allah what yeah

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what are tell me so to help bubble bath lilywhite tech to help our dumbed down a moon wealthy Musala Zakka worker room our rock theory at that moon NASA bill will be the word

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for psycho moi that Luenell keytab were to that that that Luna Nikita fo lotta the rune

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was there you know this slavery was on? What in Hala cabbie or what? Gabby right on right on Isla little harsh airy Alladhina

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Humala Kula be him

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here on your own yeah Bernie is or II

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yeah Bernie V is on E. Yeah, Bernie knee is on Elance guru NEERA Mattia Letty Nam to ra comm one knee for one to command

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me in

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what the coup

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Nadia Thank you very much for letting me know. I'm going to I'm going to cut video then momentarily maybe it'll help the signal cutting video

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totally understand now that I'm family sometimes slow sometimes fast. So I we're swimming through the Quran sometimes you're watching sometimes you're reading along with me. But when you can't keep up just run along along mommy. Yes. Everyone with me?

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What the boy Oh man, that easy? Neff Sunan nafcillin

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che che wanna yo Koba lumen hash fr to Allah you called men while you called woman WADA whom your swab oh and five pages down How about three more friends? About three more? What if not daily nah, mean? Any fear I own

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what is not Jaina mean? And you figure out when I assume oh now come so alive.

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Use a be Hoonah

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plastiq Your nannies

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okume wolfies equal Mbala

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Rob become ALLY. Well III thought up on Bitcoin Bahasa je now called my

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little hole don't

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take your breath 50 Is the bark a lot. Congratulation. 50 versus friends

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what is the what are then Musa? Our bar ina de la

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takase to Mola Regina dar de la to Missoula anymore. So Martha una

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vida de que la laguna touch on what is Tina Musa kita bowel for Karna.

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Dune, one for Barnala lagoon

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Afternoon. What if Allah who certainly was a foreigner who said he called me here?

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Why is gone and who said he told me he called me in Nakhon in Nakhon one dome full circle

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full circle

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be to call the Khumbu region

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btw for the moon read Nyla Nadia did the audio get better?

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Or is it just because I was reading too loud? Could be what is Ana Musa? What if thought Musa and he told me he only in necom word I'm dumb

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full circle I'm btw for the culinary data for two doable for to go Illa buddy equal Felco to do

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forsure Go Daddy calm Hollywood Lancome marine Dubarry Yquem Fatah Bala you come in who who want to go Rahim what is gone What is going to come yeah Musa what is whole dome? Yeah Musa learn new Mina laka had no law had narrow law had Jawad

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AHA that como slot AICPA to tomb rune so my boss

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badimo Deikun, LOD Lancome Tesco rune

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while Walla

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Walla, one open the tongue, one one lala la como

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de equal Moon mountain now was

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Kulu. Mele believe, buddy mark, goo mill like you by the mile was up on 911 Muna one liking can

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Fusa home, Yael Lee Morden.

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A little bit better on that page

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all right. So if I'm in the middle of an IRA, it's a little bit difficult for me to answer questions, but I do ask forgiveness for looking over and not answering any questions immediately. Great job friends. I still think we've got another page in as though I think we got

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I got we got another page. So how does the east to west work? So is to us sister Leila and family and anyone else was wondering, is when you see a squiggly line, like a squiggly line like this year, if you look, there's a little line.

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The reason why I didn't jump to answer the question too, is because then I'd have to teach a lesson. And we were just trying to read. So here's your east to west, east to west equals four or more. So if I see this, I'm gonna say 5552 to two for two for two bastards for four for two boo Isla, that is to West stretch for for this north to south of a year, that little guy, he's going to stretch for north to south to so that's how that's how it works. Unfortunate. You're not getting any replies.

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Please send your email again. Hopefully because hundreds of students are getting their emails back. So I would definitely take a look. Yes, that is the study of mud.

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Thank you very much sister Sylvia and family, Sylvia and family and do anyone else in the New York area. I'll be at icoi Masjid this weekend, which is Long Island, Westbury, representing 835 Brush Hello, Rhoda Westbury, New York

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sister Nasima I never talked to you my blossom so I will not enter someone else's confusion, too.

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