Zakir Naik – How Can I Invite a Non Muslim Friend to Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the best way to invite a non- Muslim friend to Islam, using popular mythologies and techniques such as hesitation, preaching, and the use of hesitation and hesitation words. They also mention a training program for non- Muslim individuals to improve their skills.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh walakum wa salaamu huntin America. My question is how can I invite a non Muslim friend towards Islam?

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They will ask the question that how can I invite my non Muslim friend to Islam? Raised mythologies that are given in the Quran, the rage techniques and hamdulillah and I started this question answer session by quoting what's the Quran from Surah *, chapter number 16 verse Psalm 125, he says, although Allah Sabirah become LACMA, while ma little hasna, which are the military arson, which means invite all the way of the Lord, with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them, and reason with them, in the ways that best and was gracious to Allah tells us that we have to call all different types of people to Allah subhanho wa Taala with Hickman hasna with reason and beautiful

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preaching, and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that beston was gracious to have realized that we have to call or non Muslim friends towards Islam towards Allah subhanaw taala with Hickman has now. Now as far as Hickman that wisdom is concerned, it may change depending upon the situation. It is not some rule that this is the best way. Yes best way for in Quran sunnah, but the best way keeps on changing depending on situation. For example, if a patient comes to a doctor, he gives the drugs depending upon the disease the person has, or depending upon his sickness. So the best way of Dawa is to understand your non Muslim friend, and after analyzing depending in which

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field or which category he falls that we have to do that can only come with experience. That is the best, but that is hikma.

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For some people hikma will be speaking soft. Some people may be speaking with Laude. Some people speak about science about history keeps on changing. But this is the best way. Doing Dharma is compulsory. Doing the best way is not compulsory. It should be within the purview of Islamic Sharia. So it may change for the person who's new in the field. You should at least make a beginning you should not wait till it becomes an expert because our beloved prophet masala Salam said it's mentioned in say Buhari bling one Nivola Ira propagate even if you know one verse so even if you No one must have Islam you at least propagate so whatever you knew about Islam, at least make a

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beginning. Don't wait till you become like Sheikh did that and then start doing Dawa. So whatever limited knowledge you have, as long as you know it is correct, you start at least you know there's one God say there's one last minute Allah started then inshallah as time goes on, by the passage of time experience, you will learn a lot and one of the master he is the one to me. Were you given the Quran is the verse of the Quran from Sulan Imran Chapter number three was number 64. This I call as the master key for Dawa it says cool Yeah, hello Kitab say oh people have the book to Allah Illa calm within Sava, environmental come come to common terms ask us and you which is the first term

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Alana the Illa Allah that we worship none but Allah will Anushka be he show you that we associate new partners that Tim while I it is about the urban renewal Allah that we erect not among ourselves, lords and patron other than Allah for interval law, if then they turn back for collusion do say eBay witness being a Muslim moon, that we are Muslims by being able to Allah subhanaw taala. So, this is one of the good techniques which Allah recommends that come to come in terms as a sin you. So if you know what are the common terms between you and your friend, you can do Dawa in a better way. But this is later on. If you want to start at least say something about Islam. Give him a booklet you mo

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video cassette talk to him. And if you see our cassettes, the various different ways of Dawa, for example, if you're under Dawa to a Hindu you can refer to my video Cosette similarities between Hinduism and Islam. If you're under Dawa to a Christian then you can refer to my video because it similarity Judaism and Christianity if you're with our twin atheists, then is the Quran God's word depending if you can frame or in which category he falls, you can refer to the video cassette and try and reproduce at least something a best is given a book and then you can start talking and inshallah when you attend more of the talks and hear more of the cassettes we'll be in a better

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we're in a position to convey the message. We also conduct our training program this train people how to do Dawa and if you go on our website There is a DDP training program, our training program, which if you go through it, you may get some knowledge in some of them squished

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