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The segment covers various celebrity and media accounts, including a video of a young woman named Jenna and a brief advertisement for a book. The importance of having a partner in one's life is emphasized, along with the need for a message to be conveyed. The god's mother and father are also discussed, along with the god's father who is the father of all children. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and a photo of the god's father.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And the others as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013. day six, there's in hora, hochma CLC de

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Perak iljin

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and username in Medina sofa Tata para cada homina not with an agenda if you had a shot Mubarak probably had a shot Mubarak Shah Lama dancehall cm

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Chavo command and you to fill in and gentlemen baby of a young lady who Illa saw him

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a linear hibino sia for

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ccxr Yo, yo Michelle low to Allah Minato Ausubel allottee to Filipina and Jenna or to add the vanilla Jenna, una casa de Pon Avi him, Allah wa who bevo every day. My brothers and sisters we're still talking about the pathways to Shana

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and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to save us in this recent month of Ramadan and to make us amongst those that will enter Jenna from the gate of our young brothers and sisters. We're still talking about the pathways to gender and today's pathway to gender is one of the greatest paths in fact, and it's called the bellwether worldleading honoring the parents kindness the parents, kindness of the parents is Patrick Seville irreligion

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks in and in many areas, he talks about the the the the obedience of the parents in parallel to his tail hit by the laminar shape and it was in Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah subhana wa tada Well God Allah buka Allah

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Kalki Baba huduma alki la Houma La Paloma

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tonhalle Houma he is in China hotel tada

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we don't know how to ship UI she will be the world leader in the Santa

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meetup I Bernie is a law at la buena Illinois how

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Santa Monica I needed to call him Luna and validate the one word he didn't mean Apollo Bertie ilala woman album a sibling allottee to Luna. You know Jana, there's so many irons in the fire and the talks about the kindness of the parents. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah Allah, Allah has decreed that you worship not about him and that you'd be good to your parents. We'll call that a book a letter

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would be the word he Dania Santa. Allah subhana wa Taala also said, Well, I would allow you to cobija worship Allah and do not associate anyone with him and be good to your parents. And another. I have no mythical buddy as long as we took covenant from when you're slightly not to worship anybody except Allah, what we do every day near Santa and that you'd be good to your parents. A man came to the Prophet Mohammed, Allah is awesome seeking, seeking, going out and striving and struggling for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Prophet asked him, like, do you have a mother? He said, Yes. The Prophet says azim ha for them metal agenda. The Prophet asked him, do you

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have a mother? He said yes. So the Prophet says stick to her thumb metal Jenna in other than the ration stick to her feet, there is gender stick to your mother accompany your mother fatimata gender there is gender A man came to the Prophet allows you to enjoy it. Also the lady salatu salam, you they do a GFP sebelah but it is sad to set up. Karla Nam

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salatu salam, and Zim ha for some meta agenda. Allah. Allah Allah hoonah Zima. O. Additionally half item Mata l Jana kumbhakarna. Li Salatu was Salam either either to

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turn off to hit Jenna, either either.

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Sam or Murphy dounia MANOVA. Sasha Sasha, what do you think if

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I was alone, I have Mr. Attend summit as I was at La he headed to LA Wakata for Zahra in the afterlife that best is the

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best. I like

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Canada hoonah color filson omec Benedetti Casa de la laguna and bearse Yeah, Bella Lima this if they want an ami for your polar bears them as you cheat yet the Avi Illallah five min. Yo yo me? Allahu Akbar oxonian bo Leo me. A man came to Atlanta best and this man

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In love with a woman, but she married somebody else and he felt so much jealous that he went and he killed her. He killed her. So he repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala he reached out love that person. I've lived my best will that the Sahaba the companion? Yeah, Bella, I wanted to repent to Allah, what should I do? What do you tell them?

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I want to repent of love. And I asked him,

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he says, Do you have a mother Abdullah and the men said yes. So he said, okay, stick to her stay with her is Emma. And then one of the lovely business students asked me Abdullah, what did you ask him about his mother?

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a beloved member said I could not find anything that he can that can can get him closer to Allah, other than his is getting close to his mom or then being obedient to his mom. I cannot find anything that can get him closer to Allah other than Him being obedient to his mother. This is what I love. Best, you know, talk about the Allahabad mocha mocha macatawa where there were 30 Hema, now

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there were 13 even after the death, you should you know, maybe even if they don't make it to have for them head to back they will give it to him.

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a gentle Buhari, we should the monster better hydrated feagin kalliopi he had

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he had had him after he had Corrado subhanho wa Taala.

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Carlos Carlos Pena O'Hara before

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the how he was different when they were even a kanak. Before Billy is defining, like, what is the kalloch a man found himself in a very high level in general be how did I reach this level in general? The Prophet Allah subhanaw taala told him through the stuffer of your son to you today is the father of your children of your your chapter you is the father Huma, Huma,

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Huma, Kamara, biani Kamara, biani, Satya

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Rama, Rama who he is happy to hear that you know?

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Yeah, Bella Bella.

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Yeah, and he would elevate to the Hara. Mata the hatchet to him, you know if Omaha soumaya hermina halakhah de

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cada La, La La

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live sachet makuta Sophia on what kind of determine the La Jolla.

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nessa she can look up into my purse or a

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shape what I can determine the landmarks of la

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mina Abdullah

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Ahmed came to him carrying his mum used to take her tubbataha to look after her need, like you know, there were no washrooms. So he would take his mother out into the into the field. So she will do her thing, and then he will wash her and then he's carrying her bring him back. And then he told Abdullah, have I fulfilled her need obligation have fulfilled all her obligations, Abdullah said no, she still did the same thing to you when you were a baby when you were a kid, you know, wishing your life and you're doing the same thing to her now, but you're wishing her death.

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May Allah forgive us, our mothers, our parents, our fathers, and worried also about religion, or chemical ERISA to center and when we do our subtle agenda, the father the parents are one of the gates the middle gates of the middle gates agenda. The parents, if your parents are alive today, go to them and ask them in this blessed month of Ramadan to make up for you. Maybe there are inshallah huhtala can be the vehicle that can drive it agenda. Either way you take any I did hire either end the Homer What? Libman Houma Doha, it would mean Houma de bas, don't worry they they will come in. And it's not to say that two out of the parents shall never be returned by Allah subhana wa Taala

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isn't that that is granted by analysing kinda what data is. That can lead us to Shana inshallah Tada, a coder Cody Huddleston

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until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. I say Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh