Wisam Sharieff – Jummah Khutbah – 10 19 2012

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The importance of trusting one another to protect one from evil behavior is emphasized, along with the need for behavior acting with the spirit. It is also emphasized that forgiveness is key in avoiding overwhelming expectations and staying true to one's beliefs. The segment also touches on meeting prophets of Islam and avoiding disrespect. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized in a situation where a person complains about a law or song, and a woman wants to be recognized.
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Indeed, all praise and thanks are due to a law nine Mughal rule. So we praise One A Star you and we ask for his help. Boy Ameobi you're

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for help can't be until you believe completely. And your belief blossoms when

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you place your trust solely in a lot. So one of our plan why we place our question in a

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one hour rule do we live in in chivalry and fusina.

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And because of this trust, we can wholeheartedly say, oh, a lot. We're sitting here seek your refuge, your protection your sanctuary, from what makes us human beings. Greed, lust, laziness. One hour to be the guy who can truly and puzzling out what makes me

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protect me from that is that if I get in the way of worshipping you, protect me from my own self. What do you say?

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It's not just us. And it's not just a one. We say a lot. Protect us, forgive us, give us sanctuary from the repercussion of our magazines. ie when you press the gas in your car, it goes forward when smoke comes out, right? So when the smoke comes out, it's a byproduct when I see it doesn't just get written up there. He also affects me here. Maybe it's not clicking. Take one example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the book, whoever lives one day lie, a blind spot is placed on their heart as a cardiologist.

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What does that mean? That means when you black out the window of hedaya and then say why is it dark anymore? You know what, why is the dark what you turn, I turn off the lights and I expect me to everything was white and dark, but you closed everything. So when we lie, when we cheat when we steal when we miss the prayer, when we look at what we're not supposed to eat doesn't just get written there. We say a lot before us starts cleanse that missed us around.

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Cleanse that word that I sent to my spouse, my boss yells at me. So I know that my spouse

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can't take it from me. If I'm sitting here with all the windows blacked out. And the best way to take away this darkness

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a lot. whether I like it or not, whoever you guys, whenever you die, he can be misguided. But then whoever chooses to spray paint the windows shut and say I don't need Islam. This is backwards. That person. No matter what I said today, no matter what this year did,

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nothing would happen.

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If you're not guided and you don't want to accept guidance, no one can guide you. And that's why we came to tomorrow on time.

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Traffic you waved and said thanks to the people who let you in.

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Because we want it to be here to save one seconds.

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What brought us to this room, we bear witness we testify we sanctify the statement not without words because you don't speak.

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But your silence

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brings the perfection of a law. We bear witness and testify that ha there is no other God sustainer creator there is no other one who has authority and other land parties. There's no one more worthy of your love and affection other than Allah subhanaw taala How can you show that love?

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we bear witness to testify. We kisses me when we say we'll have Rasulullah sallallahu

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wasallam we bear witness testify that is the final messenger. He's asleep on the last one. Gotta

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love us enough.

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Some a lot why or someone who's so perfect that when and listen to the explanation of Allah, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so perfect, that if, and the scholars tell us some narrations of the Sahaba, you are someone who you would say on your loved one is someone who met rescued the loved ones, forget about talking about how perfect he is. If you met him once, I would say

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that's how perfect he was, when you came close to him, You became

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so close to ourselves when I said what love was?

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Two, you still ask yourself the question.

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So let's get on out it tells us twice on what this all meant. Why a lot why you have to assume a lot. He says it was twice once in Surah, slot 61 juice number 28. He says, Who are the guys

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who are a lot that we just said there is no other God, but he sent us

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some a lot.

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He sent a messenger with guidance with how to dress with how to be how to act, how to talk, how to pray, how to not break what to do. But then he also said one more component not just be good, be nice, come to the machine and forget about a lot when you leave what we have.

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So even when the Hello controller is in your hand, even when you're doing your tax return, even when your wife is agitated or your spouse is yelling at you what

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Allah sent the result for that.

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Not just for spirituality, but also for the true system of living.

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The police, this system, the purchase system that allows people like Alan gave us who will become dominant upon all other systems of living.

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It's election time. They want your attention, right? So even if the executive has a better health care plan for too long.

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What can I do good for my health. It's time for married October 15. This past placement just got in that tax deadline. All my accounting plans are saying something you don't realize you were up all night, everyone has to get their checks and balances in a lump sum.

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When it's time people are getting their effective taxes better. They're going to take care of the war overseas. As

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we listen to Obama's inaugural speech, right? Those of us on the West Coast we waited up to like one two in the morning, and no one died on his inaugural speech.

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We asked ourselves, What

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the Who should be included, is not going to be complete. So why not the people who love it, pick that pick up that message and say this is the beam. So we see as the law of your

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marriage to us that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said whoever after salah and reflect and reflect mentions the word

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Allah sufficient for me, there is no other.

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do I place my trust on him.

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That he is the love of the house.

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So ask yourself what hasn't been done?

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How much have you reflected on

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because when you start something with purpose, when you start something which function and you understand what I'm doing with this new ally, the job is not in general when I realized what I'm doing with it. For six minutes, I'm pretty useful. I think I could use this for the rest of the time. So I say unto you, the prophets of Allah gave us the reminder, to meet block to raise our hands before the bus starts and we say Allahumma

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long. How do you know

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a lot anything we have eaten or ingested from last Friday to this Friday is keeping our dog from being hurt, or anything we looked at on a computer screen or on the street that is keeping our dog from being heard a lot any words of disrespect that we utter to our parents and he will pressure on our wives or children or spouses that that would lead to our drama being not reaching the throne of Allah

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A lot cleanse that from us. All we pray that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness. And we pray that the effects of interest do not overcome us, I say unto you only because this is a new time and meeting, a set up and wanting to walk the walk, but you do not respond. You take it as you say, I see the purpose. My time is less so I wish you could take something from what we talked about today. What we introduce was the footwear translated, I could have come in and

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done why and you would have felt like tomorrow

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when he walked out Jamal would have gone away. So I'm asking you as one purpose of Juma as our D. Find out why we do things in our liberty. Why do we pray and if you can take three examples then I will complete the introduction and give you a full resume. It brought us

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a lot so we can go to a restaurant a lot a shovel love it, let's have them sit that's just one part of Salam. O Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us even more sly la

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sala its function in this world is to make Dancing with the Stars difficult to watch. It's to make Modern Family a little bit uncomfortable when you hold them in your hand, he must slide out but then

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when we pray correctly, ABC doesn't become easy to watch it becomes a

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gift teaching us everything.

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The function of Salah was to distance the function of Juma was so that if you never attended a weekend course in your life, you could finish your PhD in this year.

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And his job, its function was it putting a garment or rag on my head, but he got existing for the man and for the woman she died was a state of mind. Not a covering on the head. He job was something that once illuminated with the heart then the person said I must cover my body. But not let me put something on my head and let everything else hug my dog. When you lose the purpose of the function delegate anyone. We point our fingers at sisters, but what about us because every year our pants get tighter and tighter. The people who design our clothes, ask yourself, What is their preference males or females? The men who design your clothes? What's their preference? Guys, for girls? Then you

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With this, we realize the story of the people have moved around, you know, new hobbies around time 950 years ago 950 years. And after 900 of these years he came to a loss of title and stress 71 eight to 13 so when your wife says to me what was about 71

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after you say this, you realize new Harrison are keen to apply in a state compelled to complain when he complained 900 years later. He said you're

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for 900 years. I told my people for Hulu to

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whether you made a mistake whether you transgress whether you looked at how on a car, whether you listen to a song you enjoyed it, he said wait, I just forgot about the law.

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In Ghana

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for 900 years the message was say as long as the last forgiveness of last time I like created sec forgive us. And in this the purpose of our creation is towards the last item after he said

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Allah said don't worry about this too far in the hereafter. If you ask for my forgiveness in this world, you're seeing

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that if you ask for forgiveness here in this world, a level of rain from the sky people rain down the hall with a lot I don't need to translate

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me the law does not one tear because it's allergy season

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pours uncontrollably for the computer programmers here you know your per diem contacts you keep getting alerts if you as long as you make use the power level keep giving physicians a level keep giving you cases those who are working alone will give you over time. What you need.

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And if you're worried about if I keep saying a little law, my ego will be affected unless I die that says

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After you make this departure, I will forgive you I will bring down bucha and risk on you. Why do we need to be

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mean? And if you're worried about your kids, if your kids see you raising your hands and crying in front of a lot of good warrior lessons, well, you need to be applied in one of assessment you your children will give you increase your manpower, your businesses will increase what and why, and the money that you presently have? Don't worry, it's not a donation. Although we'll give you more why.

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And just by saying, as though laws alone will give you gardens and if you're worried about who's going to water the garden, if you're worried about when a lead gives you your Ferrari, who's going to maintain it, they'll says bumper to bumper warranty.

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And he asked one question

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he asked one man

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he was

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his mother.

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What's wrong with you?

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What's wrong? With all that translates out into? I don't you recognize your love? In the colloquial northeaster dirty language? You best recognize a lot. What's up? Do

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you think that you made a sim and a lot

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of laughter.

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So let us

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let us recognize a must cannot hide and before I sit and take one

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Salaam second one, we believe there are two narrations, both of them are sound, feel free to look it up and find one in the pockets of lost body. upset when the believer raises his hands in front of a law. That rewind actually reads when asleep says sorry to Allah. He says a cellfood a lot of Washington, Nevada, fighting

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a lot is delighted. A lot of he comes happy when you raise your hands and ask for your forgiveness more happy than if someone walks to their temple in the middle of the desert. And then out of nowhere, he finds his can imagine the happiness would roll down to the New Jersey Turnpike in the morning and there was no one there. And all of a sudden

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you turn the key and the car turned on. I was more happy. Alive more delighted to say you need something

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I asked you I implore you are right now in a bit of turmoil of Syria. We have Burma we still have bosnia we have finished

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the house we were supposed to take care of. Allah said I'll take care of the house and his house. One house we have a lot going on. All I ask him to do is make the single father for loves, loves us and wants things to be better for us. And the second thing that I make from

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that book that sits on the shelf, just like just like cookbook, just like any job. It has a purpose. Let's find out what the purpose is. And I remember the first

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I remember the first revelation to mankind was

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was it about beer? Was it about

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the first

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the first

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it will have to be small, bigger,

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make it safer

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between the cities and the province of

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narrating to have said in a weaker narrative that the sittings between the footbed lies not protected in squeezing and

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blow through your steam gargle, you're applying a spell.

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And then maybe I'll give you five extra seconds, maybe one

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and please make two are we on the sidelines of the high tech game that is going on right now. We're on the sidelines. We have to offer those who are playing the game right now. Pray that was a blessing that brings them home.

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Hold on

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me, why not?

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add enough?

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Take your writing, see and feel it a lot.

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A lot

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a lot in my life.

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Even if you

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only caught that section, the best part in the world, the fact that we were created, I'm allowed to say, blah, blah, blah, who it was suddenly good enough for me. Nothing came in a minute ago. Just say

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all everything you missed, it'll be fun to close with one example one reality.

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And I don't see this concept of turning to a bus condado working out. So I wish that you could turn to the light itself. We all have went through the loss of a lot of it is that the mountains and not even this fall when we sybilla was anxious, overwhelmed. Eating 10 is a drop off starting on I told him about the benefits immediately

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and told

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the story of mu size

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pantry tougher you

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cut in is coming at a burden is coming. And he said what we need and he had to complicate it. Don't worry, it'll be okay.

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24 to 48 a lot of time I don't know the longest story of new is about therapeutical art, and that I am number 49 he turns back to the

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Civil War.

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And he says and you had patients so

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if you open it in just Arabic. But if you were crazy enough to open a little bit of translation, listen to a little bit of a lecture

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to you directly.

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Why my kids don't listen why I have trouble. Why can't I stop doing this one since I've been doing this in for 10 years. I can't stop open the

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in Surah Yaseen where the prophets were bleeding. He was

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the perfect team. It's good enough it's the best

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person to our messenger. So today when you walk out and they call you have been lying or they make fun of you for praying at work or the internet is stuck in sync when was locked in.

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For a

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while, I closed on a small story, your

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body in the fourth of the month that we study is

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very famous, but also very he was he wouldn't take any salary for his teaching. So he was born in all essence of the work. He had two dogs. He was a scribe and he was to carry bags.

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as this came about, after David Campbell left his house and came to a mosque outside, maybe

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he stopped. He said, I'm gonna stay here tonight. And the guy who takes care of the mustard said, No, no, no, can't stay here.

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Out in the courtyard, said, bro.

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I can't

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stop outside.

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The stars and the man came

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out because I couldn't throw it all the way up. You can't speak to him. I picked up everything.

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And a man, a baker, that Dunkin Donuts that he walked by and said What's up? I got nowhere to stay humble looks over at the bakery and have nowhere to stay

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with me. Things are gonna come. They walked home the baker kept saying

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they got home and everyone knows it's time to make the donuts right. So the baker spent

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All night

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or aka and all of this, you know getting the cleanings and everything ready

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and he was talking from afar and

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the story I just told you to sell.

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He's like new headaches.

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Whatever you want. I'm happy to answer one question

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what happens or

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whatever if he said No, tell me the truth. Is there anything that you've asked for that you have never received to be?

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brushed off the sugar office, Adrian, etc.

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I can tell you the truth. There was just one thing I asked a lot.

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But never mind you wouldn't.

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said you know that guy.

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One time.

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One time, I can see he

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saw the flashback, having his stuff, the shift stuff thrown out into the street saw the flashback of what was going on. I met scholar of the meeting. He said to the man of law dragged

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and dragged me to your doorstep. So don't everything online is not acceptable.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:41

Are you

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enjoying justice is what if that will be just spend and be aware that Allah can see you? He sees us now he sees us from the remote within our hand, and he sees us when we're typing on Facebook. He said, What do you got? When you go home? And your kids say what was it about smile? When your wife says How was your nice smile what he did? And that relative that you don't like to talk to anymore? Because he borrowed something from you.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:21

I love forgive me I forget why and

00:27:25 --> 00:27:27

justice. Spending under

00:27:28 --> 00:27:33

a law says Don't worry and

00:27:34 --> 00:27:42

don't get close to dirtiness for verses when the TV shows tells you what to cut out and how long they shake side to side in that category.

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00:27:46 --> 00:27:48

One come with the mind in the sand.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:54

Allah says don't walk up to the mind and say what

00:27:56 --> 00:27:56

is it like?

00:27:58 --> 00:27:59

Don't do that.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:03

One both.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:06

And to depress your

00:28:07 --> 00:28:09

kids, your family but there's one more

00:28:10 --> 00:28:16

question yourself. If some ranking screening person made sense today,

00:28:17 --> 00:28:23

maybe read a book called love. don't impress yourself what other people want about well while we are

At New Brunswick Islamic Center

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