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This Pandemic Has To Strengthen Our Eman

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

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Episode Transcript

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You know, I've lived the life or if you were to ask someone, what do you consider his greatest success, depending on their inclination, I mean, if they're not believers at all, or if their belief is weak, or perhaps they may not believe in the hereafter or in preparation for the eternal life, for them, it would be materialistic things. And if you notice, a lot of people are drifting and shifting in that direction. But this pandemic has shaken people and brought them back to reality because life cannot be so short. There has to be something beyond that, you know, a child is born, you love the child, the child grows up in front of you speaks to you communicates with you builds a

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relationship with you, you're emotionally connected, you're sometimes your spouse, you're physically connected, you're connected in so many other ways. And you know what, you cannot just disappear into thin air just because you've died, you know. So, what would happen is a person who believes would actually consolidate that belief during a time of pandemic where people are losing loved ones at a young age and those who were with them like yesterday and the day before and suddenly you hear this person is no more in gnarly now here in LA Hello, john. We belong to Allah and all of us will be returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala. May He bless us