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The importance of practicing positive advice pieces of advice given by Allah for his life is discussed, as it is meant to help individuals live and practice these advice pieces. The history of WhatsApp and Facebook's "monoline" message have caused people to feel angry and fearful, and they are now living in fear and panic. The importance of verifying messages and avoiding discomforted actions is emphasized, as it is a sign of dis collaring people and causing problems. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be aware of their actions and not give excuses, and the importance of monitoring oneself to see if they follow their desires and actions to avoid becoming infected.

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salatu salam ala. mousseline

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salatu salam, ala Sleeman, Kaziranga

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mavado my brothers and sisters,

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we are in our second session of a flock of the Amati and as I told you,

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I have taken from surat for this, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this full of higher and Baraka for all of us, inshallah, the purpose of all of these sessions is for us to actually live and practice these

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beautiful advice pieces of advice that Allah subhanaw taala has given us so that our lives become a means of guidance for others, life become our our lives become a means of najat for us, a means of deliverance from the anger of Allah for us, and a means of

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blessing for everyone who comes into contact with us.

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Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you Hello Dina Armando inja confessio kombinieren fatawa Yunnan until Cebu Coleman beija holla tin photos bihu Allah file to monogamy. Allah subhanaw taala said, and then Allah, which means Allah said, Oh, you will believe it for the various evil person comes to you with some news verified, lest you harm people in ignorance. And afterwards, you become regretful about what you have done.

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And then as I said, we're Alamo unaka vitamin D calm Rasul Allah, lo UT Okun fee Cassidy mineral, Emory la honey Walla kena, La Habra, la como Lima was a no fee lubicon or cara de la como. co for our for su coalition, who like Omar rasheeda, Allah subhanaw taala said, and no Viola mo and know that among you, there is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If he were to obey you in much of the matter, you would surely be in trouble. But Allah has endeared the faith to you, and has beautified it in your hearts and has made disbelief wickedness and disobedience hateful to you. These meaning such people they are the rightly guided once

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and then Allah said for one min Allahi wa nehama Allahu Allah moon Hakeem, Allah says, Allah does this, meaning this condition of the heart being purified is a grace from Allah subhanaw taala and it is His favor and Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing all wise.

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Sisters in the US government knows all of this ayah these ayat

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we know that these are this ad was revealed about alwaleed

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bin Wyatt, the resource of Salaam

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sent him

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to collect the Zakat for the ban almost Alec. However, there was an old enmity between him and them in the pre Islamic period.

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When these people heard of His coming, they came out to receive him out of reverence for Allah subhanaw taala and also Salah.

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But he got scared of them. He's got scared on seeing all these people coming out and didn't realize that they were coming to welcome him. And shaitan whispered to him that they wanted to kill him. So he ran away and he returned without meeting them. And then he went to Solo Solo Solo and he said the one who must have refused to pay zakat, and they tried to kill me.

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Now visa Salam became angry and was about to send troops to attack the one almost Alec

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to punish them for trying to kill his messenger. Meanwhile, when they realized that the emissary misura salaams person had gone back, they went to a restaurant, they came to him and they said we heard of your emissary. And we went out to receive Him and honor him and give him that which is do upon us have the right of Allah but

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Your emissary went away.

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And we feared that what sent him back might be a message he received from you because you are angry with us.

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And we seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from his loss and from the rot of the messenger, Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla who then revealed this and said Oh, you will believe if rebellious evil person comes to you with a news verified lest you harm people in ignorance. And afterwards you become regretful about what you have done.

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You know, the first thing that comes into my mind when I read this ayah today

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1400 plus years after it was revealed, is the

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the virus of WhatsApp.

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Now, I'm not not talking about the Coronavirus. I'm talking about the virus of WhatsApp. today. This is one of the biggest evils of our lives. And this is one of the major reasons why there are many people today who have

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gone into depression, there are people who are living in fear and panic and so on, because of the WhatsApp messages that keep coming. And we forward them without verifying them. And we believe them without verifying them. Now, this is this is a huge, huge, huge evil. And I strongly recommend that first and foremost, tell whoever your friends and so on are not to forward you messages without verification. And if a message comes to you, please do not send it to anybody without first verifying it. And if you think that verifying it is too much trouble, or you don't know how to verify it, no problem, just delete the message, just delete the message I get the messages that I

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on my WhatsApp are repeated at least five times, almost any message is repeated or at least five times. So if you delete your message, then you are doing people like me and all your friends a favor. So instead of getting five repeats, I now get four repeats. So please don't do not Allah, Allah saying this, and how many times has it happened to us? It certainly happened to me as well, which is that I would get a message and you know, it looks so

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it looks so believable. Right? That I think oh my god, you know, this is absolutely correct, I send it to somebody, and then I get a refutation of that from someone else, or I verified after having sent it. And then I have a lot of egg on my face. And I'm very embarrassed because I have now sent something which was false to somebody else.

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And for many people because it comes from me they believe it which means that the evil that happens is even more than what would have been the case. So please, this is beautiful advice that Allah subhanaw taala is giving us do not believe

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anything evil for without verifying it. Allah subhanaw taala said if somebody who is evil or you might say, Well, you know, how do I know that person is evil? So okay, no problem. You don't know that. But verify the message. That's the most important thing. In this context. ressourcer salam advise us and he said that if a man and see the beautiful advice officer some

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of them said that if a person comes to you complaining about another person and says that that person attacked me, and that person blinded me in one eye,

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what you saying he's making a complaint he's saying so and so attacked me and blinded me in one eye, and said and when you look at that person, you can see that his one eye has been damaged, his one eye has been blinded. So the statement that the man is making is obviously correct, and it is verifiable right there. Rasulullah Sallam said even then, don't believe the man until you have verified his statement. Now. The man says so and so blinded me, attacked me in blind and me and he is blind. He is blind in one eye. What is it verified there is no said go and check it out. For all you know, this man may have attacked the other man first and he may have blinded the other man in

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both eyes.

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So this person is now complaining to you and saying I am the victim is actually the aggressor. And also Rossum said this is possible it may have happened. So don't give a chance to that. Go and verify that

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That's why I'm saying that, you know, how many times has it happened in our lives, that someone comes to us with a story about somebody else and we believe that person and form a negative opinion about the other person without verifying their story. Now, in some cases, you don't verify the story, because the story seems so,

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so believable. The person that who's telling you the story is your your own

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experience with that person is that is a highly reliable person. But you know, we all make mistakes, we are all victims of shutdown and shutdowns, shutdowns, misdemeanor misdemeanors, so therefore, we end up with that situation. And then many times also the ignorant among us, they hear a story. And again, as I said, the WhatsApp is a is a very big I mean, obviously, it's like anything else. It's a it's a convenience, but it's also an evil potential is like a knife, you know, you can use it for good purpose or bad purpose. So what we do is we keep forwarding stuff. So therefore, now, we are slandering vilifying people. And as you know that this means you are giving away your good deeds to

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the other person. And then one day you meet that person or you find out the truth of this thing and you find you feel highly embarrassed and ashamed of what you did. And that's why Rosaura sort of warned us about this thing, which I mentioned to you about a person coming in complaining about having been attacked first. Now this is also one of the many which show that Masuda Salam did not have knowledge of the web. Otherwise, he would not have believed alwaleed story and there would be no need for Allah subhanho wa Taala to reveal this ayah However, a lot smarter I wanted to teach a lesson to all of mankind, and he did not reveal the reality of the incident to his Nabhi and then

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corrected his impression by His revelation, Allah subhanaw taala then emphasized for us, the position of Rasulullah saw Salah as a divinely guided leader, who it is our job to follow. And Allah subhanaw taala said and know that among you, there is the Messenger of Allah. Now think about this. Did the Sahaba not know this? I mean, they they they brought a man on Rosaura Salah there they entered Islam by saying Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah, Masha namaha MOTHER OF THE hora sudo. So they knew that Rasulullah Sara Salaam is the nature of Allah, this was the man This was their faith, then what was the need for Allah subhanaw taala to say this again. Now this is even

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when we speak and so on and so forth. Sometimes you might say, for example, if you see that a child is misbehaving in a particular place, you might say to the child, do you realize where you are? Do you realize where you are now the child knows where he is. But it is not proper, the mind racking realization or ignition for him. And so he's behaving in a manner which is inappropriate to where the person is where he is. So he needs that reminder that I was remember, I remember, I was sitting in others. And there was one young guy, for whatever reason, I don't know, maybe, you know, his knees didn't bend or something. But he was sitting in front. And he had both his feet legs extended

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towards the, towards the chef who was giving the lecture. And he was sitting there like, you know, I don't know, like how you would want to watch a football match or something. So somebody told him I said, Dude, do you realize where you are, this is a must, if you are sitting in other soccer and, and you're sitting there like this with your legs extended in this way, which is highly disrespectful. Right? If you're, if you have a problem with bending your knees, go sit on a chair, I mean, that's more appropriate rather than sitting like this with your feet extended in this very highly disrespectful manner. So sometimes we need reminders and Allah subhanaw taala, saying here,

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know that among you is the messenger of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. And then Allah said that if he were to obey you now, See, the thing here is that, you know, we sometimes or a lot of times, we like, people who we like leaders who do what we want them to do. So we even where we, where we elect leaders, we how many of us are willing to follow the leader, when the leader is telling us something which goes against our own desire, very few, almost nothing and that's the reason why today these you know, that leader which are elected today are toxic for us because we have converted them into little

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into into into little puppets that we want to play around with, rather than electing leaders who are watching

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than us who are more experienced than us who are more knowledgeable than us, and, and having the humility to accept their leadership, and even if they tell us something which goes against our desire, then we say no, this is good because I am listening to a person who has more experience than I have, who has more knowledge and wisdom that I have. So I let Ellison let me not, you know, try to tell that person what to do. And to give you an example, if you go to a doctor, if you have a problem, if you go to a doctor, do you go into the doctor, doctor, give me this medicine. There are people who do that as well, which is very ridiculous. But the sensible person will go to the doctor

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explained his symptoms. And then when the doctor says, do this, do that you don't argue the doctors, okay, fine, I will follow your advice, because I want to get well, and I don't want to remain sick. So some of the advice of the doctor, maybe things which I like to do some other things a doctor might say, you know, don't eat sugar, don't eat carbs, and so on, which I probably don't like to do, but I still do it because I know that the doctor knows more than me, and therefore the advice of the doctor is good for me. So I went to the doctor, let me take the advice of the doctor

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saying here that if Rosaura Salah Salaam were to follow you, you would be in trouble because then he would agree to whatever you want. And whatever you want is not necessarily good for you, because you don't know. He knows because he is divinely guided because he's getting where he because Allah subhanaw taala speaks to him, but you don't know that you are not in that situation so you can end up creating trouble for yourself. And then unless it's a very beautiful thing Allah, Allah, however has purified your hearts, beautified he, Allah has endeared the faith to you and has beautified it in your heart. And Allah has made disbelief and wickedness and disobedience hateful to you. Now

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us the description for us to verify our own hearts. Right? They think about it like this, Allah gave us this description to verify it in our hearts to say what is it that we want in our lives? So we are saying here that in our hearts, if we find that we are disobedient, if we are

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rebellious, whenever any order of Islam gums we feel oh my god you know this is an operation on me. Why must I do this, then this is a sign that my heart is not purified, not verified, and that the faith is not an is not dear to me. On the other hand, when I find that Alhamdulillah all the

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all the orders of Allah subhanaw taala the son of a salon, when I find that all of these are

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good for me. I like them, I obey them. And I do that I don't do that. You know, reluctantly, I don't do that dragging my feet like we say rudabeh de la hosta but we do this with with with enthusiasm with joy, this Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has made Salah for for me I love to do Salah I keep on repeating these beautiful stories because repetition and reminders good for us. The story of the live near busca de la Noir. When somebody asked is seven desert please describe the life of your master for us. The servant says my life on life of my master is that he waits from one Salah for the next salah and between the two he resides for our he is doing his business is going to his to his

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office is going to his to his country he is doing whatever work you used to do. But in that process, He is waiting for one come from one command of Allah, He is waiting for the next command and that He is waiting with great anticipation and great joy. And he is reciting Quran meaning that he is also reminding himself of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanaw taala orders between these two commands. Now see this is this is a classic picture of the ideal Muslim somebody who not only obeys but obeys without a struggle obeys with joy obeys with enthusiasm. And this is a sign that their heart is pure and their heart has been purified and their faith is dear to them. And that obedience

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to Allah subhanaw taala has been endeared to them and disobedience they hit on the contrary, as I mentioned earlier if I if I if I look at my heart, then I find that disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala is dear to me. I like to do that. I try and find all kinds of excuses about that.

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Don't try don't even see it as disobedience. If it happens, it's one thing for something to happen,

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you know, by mistake and then you make Tavares too far, and it for the same thing to happen to be to do it deliberately, or this is a different ballgame altogether. Think about this, what is the difference between a mistake and a crime? It is the same thing. The action is exactly the same, but what is a crime? What is the mistake for example, if you're driving down the road, May Allah keep you protected always and may nothing harm you and you May and May and May you never be the cause of harm to somebody or something else. But if you are driving down the road, and a person suddenly steps off the curb and you are not able to stop your car, you hit that person accidentally and that

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person dies, this is a mistake. And when this mistake is proven court, you walk free, there is no fine on you, there is no punishment on you, because this happened completely

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as a mistake and you had no control over it. On the other hand, if you are driving down the road, and you see this person that you hate is standing on the curb side and as that person steps into the road, you accelerate and you nail the person, you kill the person that is murder. Now, effectively the same thing has happened, but one is done completely the wrong deed is done totally without the intention of doing it purely by mistake and the other one the same wrong deed is done deliberately. So, if you This is the difference between the two one is a mistake one is a crime. One is not culpable, it is it is forgivable and the other one is culpable and punishable

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in the in the eye in the sight of the law. So therefore Rasul Rasul Allah subhanaw taala is saying here, that Allah subhanaw taala beautified the faith in your hearts and Allah subhanho wa Taala made obedience something that you like to do, and Allah is saying that this is a sign this is a grace from Allah subhanaw taala and his favor and Allah is all knowing and all wise

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is just a large amount of data. You know that please Allah subhanaw taala said well as an Takahashi Woohoo.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, Cairo la comida and Boucher, Chateau la comme la jolla, La Plata Alamo, Allah subhanaw taala said that there is it is possible that in some cases, there may be something that you

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do dare to dislike, but there is benefit in it for you. And in some other cases, there may be something that you like, but there is harm in it for you. So,

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understand this that Allah knows and you do not know. Allah subhanaw taala sent His messenger sallallahu Sallam with a way of life, which takes into account not momentary satisfaction of desire, but the long term result of actions. No intelligent person will dispute that it is necessary to judge every action in terms of its long term effect, and to do something which may well give momentary pleasure, but which has long term harm. Long term harm is foolish and detrimental. So what about actions whose long term effect is not only harmful, but that harm is permanent and everlasting. Now, that is what ship is that is what are disobedience of allies. It is not only

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harmful, but the effect of that harm is forever and it is it will not change if we die with that. And that is why to save mankind from this kind of mistake, this kind of crime Allah subhanaw taala Sandy and Bella masala, it is to this favor, that Allah subhanaw taala refers to

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drawing attention to something which was obvious which is the Presence of Allah, but Allah is drawing attention to emphasize that look among you is the messenger of Allah Rolla mo Anna coffee or soda and a few Kuma Rasul Allah, Allahu

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Allah know that among you is the messenger of Allah, meaning that you are so blessed that you have the Messenger of Allah among you, and therefore, treat him with the respect that is due to him, meaning obey Him, and do not contradict him and also understand that the fact that he does not obey you in many matters, but he advises you to do something which goes against your own desire. This is a sign of the favor of Allah and this is a sign that he

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He knows and he wishes the best for you. The fact that you are still able to do that is a sign that your hearts have been purified. And the fact that even though Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam advises you sometimes to do things which go against your own desires, yet you do not rebelled against him, yet you follow what he tells you to do, you obey Him, Allah swatara saying respect this value this because this is a sign that you are good people. This is a Mashallah for the Sahaba Rwanda heritage vine, Allah saying that this is a sign that Allah has purified your hearts.

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And Allah saying that don't get distracted by the fact that also here it means that and then this is saying the Sahaba even more in the Saba never had this but I'm saying this is what Allah is emphasizing for them. I've mentioned it before to you as well. People like Abdullah Abdullah, for example, was the cousin of Rasul Allah says Allah. Yet, the way he treated rasulillah salam was completely and totally as the Rasul of Allah. He never treated him as he, I don't know of any time when Abdullah never would have even addressed him as Oh, my cousin.

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He always dressed him as Yara Salalah. Take Ayesha Siddiqa. delana How many times the way she used to address Mr. Salah was jasola right? I'm not saying she never called him by by some other India but maybe she devala ha. But always whatever we get is Yasser Allah, Allah Garcia de Yasser Allah, people who are the closest to him, who knew him as an ordinary person, people who are related to him closely related to him still refer to him with that respect and that is what we get from the Sahaba. So Allah saying don't start considering him as an equal to you don't argue with him. And don't forget who he really is valuable enough eco masala, Allah saying know that among you is the Rasul of

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Allah. He may happen to be your cousin, he may happen to your uncle, he may happen to be your brother, your nephew, your husband, whoever, but that is not the relationship. The relationship is that he is the Rasul of Allah, He is the Messenger of Allah, and you are subservient and obedient to Him, because you have broad faith in him so therefore obey Him. Even when he tells you something which you don't like doesn't matter know that he is telling you that for your benefit, he is guided by Allah subhanaw taala you are not guided. So look in your heart and don't feel sad or bad or glad or mad. Look in your heart and say Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has purified my heart and

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has made

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obedience. dear to me. Allah has made obedience dear to me. Allah has made disobedience hated to me. And this is something that I thank Allah subhanaw taala for

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my brother, sisters, just a large amount of data drew our attention to the fact that all guidance is from Allah subhanaw taala and we are on the right path not because of our talent, but because Allah subhanaw taala was merciful on on us and guided us unless they were like in Allahabad illegal cama de mana, was a Anna houfy Ruby Kuma Cara ha, la kumoko for a while for so called ACR like Omar Rashida for the la mina la he won Yamato la hora de mon Hakeem, Allah said but Allah has endeared the faith to you, and as and as beautified it in your hearts, and has made disbelief and wickedness and disobedience, hateful to you. These meaning people with this attitude, people with these kinds

00:28:49--> 00:29:32

of hearts, where the faith is dear to them, but obedience is dear to them, where disobedience is hateful to them. These are the two conditions we look in our heart to see. Is my heart pure pure or not? How do I know? his obedience, dear to me, is disobedience. hateful to me. And again, as I told you, we must obey whether we like it or not, that's a different matter. But the point is that when we obey, do we do that joyfully? Do we look for ways to please Allah? subhanaw taala? Do we go out of our way to please Allah subhanaw taala? Or are we on this minimalist thinking? I have done the file I have done what I need to do beyond this. I'm not going to do I don't care which one is it?

00:29:32--> 00:29:58

Now obviously, even if someone is only fulfilling the virus Alhamdulillah This is good for the person, they must continue to do that. I'm talking about something superior to that. I'm not talking about the basic minimum that is required. I'm talking about what is more analysis rather saying what is more is that remember that all of this guidance comes from Allah subhanaw taala. So make sure that you don't fall out of that and make sure that you

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thank Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:48

rantala for guiding you. This is a great reminder for those who open their eyes, eyes to Islam, and they make major life changes to become obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and follows us on officer Salah shatta and in his inimitable style proceeds to lead them down his own path using their newfound piety as the bridle and halter shaytan gives people an inflated sense of their own importance, they acquire permanent backs well under the nose. So they look down on other people, he tells them that it is their job to give his ire to other people. And so they walk around finding fault with everything and everyone and they lose their sense of humor and become highly irritable

00:30:48--> 00:31:08

and irritating. Now, this is unfortunately the situation of people who quickly newly come into Islam. Now I'm not even talking about I have not seen this so much with the reverse. I'm talking about Muslims, who suddenly become conscious that they are Muslims and hamdulillah they start obeying Allah subhanaw taala you know, the men start following the Sunnah of

00:31:09--> 00:31:21

the women start following the son of Solomon and the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. So the women start wearing Hijab the men started wearing beards to cover their heads and so on and they pray five times a day they go to the masjid, once they do that

00:31:23--> 00:32:06

shaytan brings into them arrogance instead of humility. shaitaan brings into them this feeling of of being critical of everyone and everything else. And then the shaitaan takes it further and divides them into groups and sects. And then their whole job seems to be to grow up or now stockfeed on on everyone else except themselves, or to criticize people to malign people to you know, to somehow show that they are better as Muslims than other people or this is the shortest way to get to Jannah Believe me, there's nothing that will get you into the Hellfire faster than Picabo faster than arrogance. So be aware of this shaitaan has a way of

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of deceiving us in multiple ways. There's no single way in which he does that. So for example, people like this who have come become conscious of Islam shaitaan will not even tempt them with some of the openly haram things that maybe even they used to do before they became Muslim. On the other hand, shatta and puts them into this frame work of arrogance, which is the fastest way of destroying their their piety, and destroying all their armor. So please be aware of this I remind myself and you let us be aware of this. If humility is not coming in our hearts, then it means there is something seriously wrong with us. The Sign of the person of knowledge the personal piety, the

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person of taqwa the person of Kashi of Allah, is that they are humble. They are not arrogant. There's no one that we know who was a person of taqwa. And also who was arrogant is nobody. Everyone we know as people of taqwa are people who are humble, the most humble of them was Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself.

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cabeza just just Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Chose the Sahaba because of this, and Allah prepared that generation for the support of a sola sola Salaam by purifying their hearts. I want to remind myself and you that if being obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And hating all that is his disobedience is a sign of his favor and grace, than what is the tendency to disobey Allah and to follow our desires. What is that a sign of, if obeying Allah, and following what Allah warns against our desires? If this is a sign of Allah's grace, then the opposite of that, what would that be the sign off, and that's why it's very clear for us that we must make is the far and we must correct our ways, even before it is too late. Allah subhanaw taala

00:34:12--> 00:34:59

mentioned this issue of following desires and Allah subhanaw taala called that shift and Allah subhanaw taala forbade rasulillah salam for in from interceding with people who do that Allah subhanaw taala said, Amanita Salah illa Huwa antetokounmpo alayhi wa keila Allah Azza wa sallam Have you seen the person who has taken as his ILA, this is the word in the Quran. Allah said he's taken his as his ILA meaning as his object of worship, his own desire. Have you seen such a person who has done that? And then Allah says, Would you then be an intercessor for such a person? Would you be somebody who will intercede for such a person meaning what

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Listen, this is these are people you should not intercede for. And then Allah subhanaw taala said,

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an actor who miss Rona Yaki role in home illogical Anna me balumama Mousavi Allah Allah said, Do you think that these people even here or they understand? No, they are only like cattle and they are even further astray from the path meaning they are worse than cattle, marbling sisters. Really, if you think about this, and we say that Where are we going? What are we doing? One day we will meet Allah subhanaw taala who asked Allah to make that the best day of our lives and to give us a life which takes us closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make the last of our days the best of our days, and the last day when we meet Allah subhanaw taala I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that

00:35:57--> 00:36:41

the very best of the days of my life and your life, our sisters, we need to keep monitoring ourselves. And Allah subhanaw taala give us this meter, what is that meter? continuously monitor yourself to see obedience to Allah? And what is the what is the framework obedience to Allah? following us on the following the Sunnah is the physical manifestation of obedience to Allah. Now ask yourself, Is this dear to me? Not that do I do this? willy nilly, you know, reluctantly law? Is it dear to me? Is it something that I love doing? Is it something that gives me a lot of satisfaction? Is it something that I look forward to? Is it something that I run behind? How is it

00:36:41--> 00:37:31

if that is so Alhamdulillah tag Allah subhanaw taala remain steadfast on that path, if there is not so and if I'm following it only because of peer pressure, only because of, you know, very reluctantly, moaning and groaning and complaining, or Worse still, if I don't follow it, if I leave it aside, if I pick and choose what I want to follow, I do obedience selectively. If I find these are the character characteristics in my character in my behavior in my heart, then this is a very major danger sign that I need to correct myself very, very rapidly before I meet Allah subhanaw taala my brother sisters, we are living in the middle of this Coronavirus thing. Everyone seems to

00:37:31--> 00:38:11

be in a panic and what is the panic about that I might contract this disease and what will happen if you contract this disease 98% 99% of people are getting cured. So Alhamdulillah nothing will happen you will be fine. But even if you are in that 1% what is the worst that can happen to you that you will die, but you will die anyway. If you don't contract diseases, you will die of some other cause anyway, it's not the question of death. It's the question of what happens after we die. When we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala will we meet Allah subhanaw taala in a state where Allah is pleased with us? Or are we willing to meet a lineup in a situation where Allah is not pleased with us, allies

00:38:11--> 00:38:57

displeased with us? That is the final criterion which will decide whether our life is successful or unsuccessful. And that's what I lost. That I said, well my UT la Rasulo godfather has a receiver who is the person who will be who will get final success, the one who obeyed Allah and His Messenger, Salah Hollis. And as I said, what is the what is the measurement criteria for that? Do I follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah, the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salaam is the physical manifestation the demonstration of the orders of Allah Subhana Allah, the One who follows the orders of Allah is on the Sunnah of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked Allah subhanaw taala to

00:38:57--> 00:39:28

enable us to develop the lack of Rasulullah Salah ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to live our lives according to the Sundar Moussa setup, so that our lives become a means of higher and Baraka for whoever comes into contact with us in whichever situation in whichever role, ask Allah to be pleased with you and never to be displeased or Salalah harana will Karim Allah Allah He was hobbies may be erotica. Meanwhile, hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato