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Al-Baqarah 83-91 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother wanna sallyann arasu legal Karim Amma birth for the belaire humulus shavon rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbish Rashi is further away acidity and the

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better melissani kuqali probenecid inner England

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lesson number 14 Surat Al Baqarah Ayah number 83 to 91.

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What if and when? 100. Now, we took mythical covenant. Bernie, children, Israel, ILA of Israel you

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do not start with Luna, you are worship in there except Allah, Allah, wa and Bill Wiley daily with the two parents, your center, do utmost good to do your son. What and the possessor alcova of the close relationship. They'll go by close relatives.

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Well, and aliannah the orphans, what and Alma sacking the needy ones waku and you all say, Lynn, Nancy to the people, her snare, good, beautiful. What and puppy move, you are perfectly establish a sonata the Salah will do and He will give Zakat doesn't care. So much, then tower Layton, you all turned away Illa except hollyland a few men come from you. Well, while until you are more a loon once you turn away.

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What is and when a hardener meterk mytho kaiako your covenant lair do not speak una you all shared deema a comb your blood while and nor do he junuh you are expelled and forsaken yourselves your own men from the article your home's some then occurred to you all confirmed you are acknowledged. What until and you are Tasha Do you all bear witness so much then. Until you are How old are these? Dakota Luna? You will kill enforcer comb your own yourselves what and Regina you are expel farrakhan a group? men come from you men from the era him their homes. de la Haruna you all assist each other? Are they him against them? Bill is me with the sin while are the one and the transgression or the

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injustice we're in and if yet to come they come to you busaba as prisoners do Fado, whom you all ransom them. Well, while who are it Mohammed Rahman, one forbidden or they come upon you? Is volume their expulsion

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do for them to me No, no. You are believe Viva La Whitson Al Khattab of the book. What and duck for una you are disbelieved disbelief be battling with some firmer than what

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man what just reward recommends man who? Yes I do. He does vaniqa that men come from you in there except his Yun humiliation fee in an hayati, the life adonia of the world. Why oma and en de lpm the standing your aduna they will be returned Illa towards a shed a most intense either the punishment woman and God Allahu Allah belie feeling in the least and aware

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about what Dharma loon you all do.

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Una eco those and levena are those who estado de bartered al hayata the life adonia of the world bill Akira with the hereafter.

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So not you have fefu it will be lightened. I'm home from them, and either the punishment whether and nor whom they use or when they will be helped, one accord and certainly, at Dana We gave Moosa mousai salon salam, Al Kitab. The book was a finer and we sent in succession, men from via D after him. Bill Wilson with the messengers. What are Dana and we gave Isa recently Salone Ebner son, Maruyama of Millennium lbnl, which here signs what a dinner who, and we strengthen him, bureau he with spirit and others, the pure

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do for them condyloma whenever Jurgen he came to you, but also learn a messenger be man with what or with that which led not that where it desires and for silicone, your souls is stuck above them. You are active proud firfer you can so a group can verbatim you all denied. You are alive. What and fennekin a group, Dakota loon you will kill we'll call you and they said coluna our hearts wolfen are covered in wrapped, but rather law I know whom he cursed them. Allahu Allah, be kufri him because of their disbelief for the lamb.

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So very little, you know, they believe what a man and when a home it came to them kita won a book, men from in the mirror, Allah He Allah will suddenly upon one confirming Lima for that which My home is with them. Well, while can do they were men from our will before yesterday, the hoonah they seek victory either upon and Medina those who care for their

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fellow man than when

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it came to them. man walked out of food, they recognized care for who they disbelieved, be with it fillerina to soakers Allah He of Allah, Allah upon al caffeine, those who the spinny

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bit summer How bad is what estado de bartered be with it? And for some home themselves, their souls? And that Yeah, coup de dispaly Bhima with that which unzila he sent down Allahu Allah, Bolivian due to rebellion

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and that Yuna Zilla, he sends down Allahu Allah, men from family he his bounty, Allah upon man, whoever, Yeshua He wills men from Eva Devi His servants, Father, so they returned, be thought of him with anger, either upon other being anger, well Katharina and for the disbelievers for those who disbelieve either Evelyn a punishment movie known, humiliating.

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Well, and either when Taylor it was said, la home for them, Aminu you all believe Bhima with that which unzila he sent down? Allahu Allah called carlu they said, Nope. minoo we believe Vemma with that which owns Isla, it was sent down. Elena upon us, work for Luna and they disbelieve the man with that which were our who is besides it what while who it will help to the truth. Masada con one confirming Lima for whatever My home is with them. Cool, say, Fatima. Then why dako to Luna you will kill ambia prophets, Allah He of Allah

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mean from a blue before? In if control you were mean ones who believe. Let's listen to the recitation.

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Hola, una

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una de

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well either

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