How Does The Prayer Encompass All 5 Pillars Of Islam

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You see the first pillar of Islam is seeing a shadow Allah Allah, Allah, masha Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah. And when you pray, you are praying only for Allah assertion. Why should you under Muhammad Rasool Allah because you are praying in the manner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught you. That's the first pillar. The second pillar is a solid and you are in a solid. The third pillar is fasting. And in a solid, you are fasting. You're not allowed to eat, you're not allowed to drink and no sexual activity in a solid. The fourth pillar in Islam is zakat. How is this zakat found in a Salah because Zakat is giving a portion of your wealth feasable Allah to purify the rest

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of your wealth was solid is giving a portion of your time to Allah to purify the rest of your time in the day and the night? Because that's filled with filth and sin and heedlessness. And the last pillar of Islam is an homage and you know, so that we face the Kaaba, when has literally is to go to the house of Allah and perform certain deeds