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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh May Allah's peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you. I'd like to welcome your viewers to another in our series, the best in Islam. In this episode, we're looking at what is the best

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amongst us with regards to the Quran.

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Who among us

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is best with regards to the Quran? The Prophet was narrated by side two of said

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Cairo calm Manta alamin Khurana for a lover. The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. This is a very sound Hadith authentic collected by Imam Bukhari as well as the other scholars of the Sunnah.

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This hadith contains a wealth of knowledge that we should reflect on

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the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him

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did not say the best of you are those who learned the Quran. It didn't say that.

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He said the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.

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This is what makes us the best. That the knowledge that we learn, we pass it on to others. If you can remember, a number of episodes back we had another Hadith, which talked about the best human being the best among us with regards to benefit in which the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him it said Kaito NAS and Pharaoh whom Lynas, the best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.

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So it's about the benefit. benefit you take is one thing that's for you, that's good, it's good to take benefit. But what makes you the best are better than others, is when you share that benefit with others.

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So that's the statement of the Prophet may God's peace and must be upon them. So when you apply it to the Quran, being the best book, The best source of guidance, then, the best amongst us would be those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. So, that is the basic picture.

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However, if we go back

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to the beginning of this statement, the best of you are those who learn the Quran.

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Note that he didn't say the best of you or those who memorized the Quran.

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Because for now, when we look in our society, we will say the best of us, you know, hydro comb, man, half of the Quran or half father.

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The best of you are those who memorize the Quran and teach others to memorize it. That's how we have understood it.

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But that's not what the prophets Allah Salam said. It didn't say the best are those who memorize the Quran. Were the best of us those who memorize the Quran. Then, the righteous caliphs would have all memorized the Quran, but they were not known to have

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in the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sansan. When the Prophet SAW Selim died

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the numbers who actually memorize the whole Quran out of the 40,000 Plus companions who were with the Prophet and the last Hajj of his life, a few months after which he died.

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less than 10 of them had memorized the whole Quran.

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So had the memorization of the Quran been a goal?

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A goal for all Muslims, then be sure that the vast majority of the companions of the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him would have memorized the whole Quran. But that's not the case. The vast majority of them did not

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At Rasul God, instead what we hear from Abdullah bin Massoud is that

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they used to learn the Quran 10 verses at the time

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and they would not move on to another 10 verses from the Quran. Until they had understood everything that was in the first step and they had tried to implement it, then they would move on. So he said we used to learn knowledge and practice at the same time,

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knowledge and practice at the same time. That's how they learn the Quran.

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That is why it is more advisable for you

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in Ramadan

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because this is the time when Muslims tend to be most connected with the Quran. During Ramadan.

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They will take the Quran off the shelves, blow off the dust, open it up and read through the whole Quran. Ramadan once twice, five times most amongst each other, who read it not just number of times. But

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what was required of us is reading the Quran with understanding. This is why Allah says in the Quran of Allah to the Brunel Quran will they not reflect on the meanings of the Quran?

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Allah, Lubin UK follow her or our hearts locked up. That is the case of the majority of us. We read the Quran without reflection.

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So then what is the value of that reading?

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Zero. We are like what Allah describes in the Quran. Hey, Mr. Miller as Farah,

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donkeys carrying books on our backs.

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The Quran may be in our heads, we have memorized it, but it has not affected our hearts it hasn't gone in and affected our hearts.

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Because the goal of the Quran

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is to

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modify our behavior and for us to live

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the Quran

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when I share was asked, What was the character of the prophets, a lot of Salah like she said, Kana Hello qu Al Quran.

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His character was that of the Quran. That's what the goal is to have the character of the Quran

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that is what we should be striving for, to be a living manifestation of the Quran to bring the realities of the Quran into our lives. This is the learning of the Quran. Whoever learns the Quran in this manner and then teaches others to understand the Quran in a similar manner. They are the best of people.

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And that is what is worth striving for. As to blindly memorizing the Quran not understanding a single word of the Quran

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memorizing for the sake of memorizing,

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memorizing because you have been designated by your family to be the one who memorize the Quran. Because once people who memorize the Quran are supposed to be able to take their family members into paradise.

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So everybody else in the family goes off in the dunya doing whatever they want to do. But you have been designated to memorize the whole Quran so that on the Day of Judgment, you will be able to grab the hands of your relatives, your parents, your brothers and sisters and their children and carry them into paradise with you. This is a fake story

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is not true.

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It's a story which has been circulated and because of that, we find people you know forcing children to memorize the Quran simply in order to save the family.

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this is a distortion of what the learning of the Quran means.

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The learning of the Quran means understanding the Quran living its teachings.

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So, Allah has told us through his messenger the best of us are those who learn the Quran

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and teach it

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To others,

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to learn it, you have to be a student to teach it, you are a teacher. And that is in keeping also with the statement of the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him that this world is cursed a dunya Mallanna.

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And everything in it is cursed Mallanna and my fear

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if we are addicted to it, if we're addicted to the dunya, then it's a curse for us in the crolla, except for the remembrance of Allah. If we're addicted to the remembrance of Allah, that is the greatest blessing that we could be blessed with.

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Who am Allah and whatever helps us to remember Allah, wa lemon, Ramadan, Dima,

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the teacher and the student. So we shouldn't be throughout our lives. Either teachers or students are both

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learning and teaching,

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seeking knowledge and conveying the knowledge. This is what makes us the best. And this is what we are encouraged to make a part of our own personal lifestyle to live that learning and teaching. With that, dear viewers, we like to thank you for being with us. In this segment of our program, we're going to take an hour brief break, and we'll be back after the break.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome back from the break.

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And prior to the break, we were looking at the statement of the Prophet with regards to who is the best amongst us.

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visa vie the Quran itself. And he informed us that the best are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. And we said that learning the Quran meant not merely memorizing His Verses, but understanding, understanding the Quran, understanding its meanings, so in Ramadan, rather than trying to

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repeat the parrot reading of the Quran

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umpteen numbers of times, it is better for us to have read

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Surah Al Baqarah

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understood its meanings.

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Reading the tafsir along with it grasping for the first time in our lives.

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What is Allah saying in the Quran, in Surah, Al Baqarah,

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two and a half Jews of the Quran.

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And you know, the Sahaba related to us, that one among them who had memorized Surah Al Baqarah, was called have faith

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have faith today, so that means you is a person who has memorized the whole Quran to say to somebody who has memorized only So Al Baqarah, That is half of that would be considered like

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blasphemy, you should not say that don't call him half half it is one who has memorized the whole Quran. But that's not how the early generation understood it.

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So it is better, if all you can get through. And that's plenty, if all you can get through is swirl Bacara so bathra contains virtually everything that's in the rest of the crime is there and so

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if we can memorize who Al Baqarah if we can learn the meanings of soil Bacara read and understand soil Bacara in Ramadan, it's far better than parrot reciting the whole Arabic Quran time and time and time again.

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Which has no impact on our lives, which has no real meaning to us.

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Only a ritual that we do our family does our parents did and our children will do.

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It's just a custom

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a meaningless custom. We have given it value

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made claims about it but reality is that it is a meaningless custom

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Going on

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what may be considered the greatest chapter in the Quran

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and we already looked at the best part of the Quran

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I will say it Ibn Al Mala he related that the Prophet SAW salem said like what? The man NACA of them or saw rotten mineral Qurani

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Kabul an aqua Raja min al Masjid

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kala pull two years will Allah

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Kala Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa he has sub I told my Thani

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allottee Lottie ot to

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well Quran who loves him.

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Let me teach you the greatest chapter from the Quran before I leave the mosque. As we were leaving the mosque, I said, What about what you said when they were leaving? He said it is. All praise is due to Allah the Lord of All the Worlds which are the seventh after repeated verses and the Magnificent Quran.

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The greatest chapter in the Quran is the first chapter of the Quran itself,

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what we call Surah Al Fatiha

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and that is why Allah has made it the

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prayer leader the head aspect of our prayer core elements of our daily prayers that we do 17 times every day Surah Al Fatiha. So it is important that each and every one of us understand it, understand its meanings.

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recited with reflection.

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It is a dua for us. It begins with the praise of Allah. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen a Rahmani Raheem Malik Yama, Deen, all of that, praising Allah.

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Recognizing Allah's greatness, His mercy, and the fact that he will hold us to account

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it is an expression of our commitment to worshiping Allah alone, he cannot do what he can attain.

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And it involves

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reaffirming our belief in the Oneness of Allah and that he alone should be worshipped er Kinabalu

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as well. It involves

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calling on Allah for help as being the only one who can help us where he can abstain.

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it teaches us the most important thing that we should ask for in life, it didn't assaulted him, show us the straight path Sirata leadin and I'm telling him the path of those on whom

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is your blessings right in my Adobe, Allah him and not the path of those on whom is your anger, what a Dali nor those who have gone astray.

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And the Prophet Muhammad Salam had informed us that those on whom is Allah's Anger are the Jews who had the teachings, but didn't follow it.

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And those who have gone astray other Christians who lost the teachings, and don't know where they are and what they're doing. So they've ended up worshipping Jesus as God, instead of worshipping the God of Jesus. So, this daily prayer contains in it

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the elements of life for us,

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which involve gratitude to Allah that we've spoken about earlier, praising Allah,

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recognizing His mercy and our lives,

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recognizing that ultimately we will have to answer to him,

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worshiping Him alone, and seeking help from him alone, rejecting those who propose that we worship others beside him, or calling on others who are not able to help us and striving to stay on the straight path, that path of Islam,

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we ask Allah to keep us on that path.

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of Islam, to give us an understanding which would touch our hearts and cause our hearts to be

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attached on a continual basis to the teachings of Islam.

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And know that those who are pleasing to Allah, the righteous who went before us, there are they were on that path they have died on that path. And those who are to be righteous, who will be righteous will all be on that same path.

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And we have been blessed with knowledge,

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we are obliged to act on that knowledge. If we don't, then Allah's wrath will be upon us. And if we're ignorant, we have to seek knowledge. Rather than continuing in our ignorance and misguiding others as a result of it, we need to seek knowledge and not be amongst those who have gone astray.

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So, the greatest chapter from the Quran is none other than Surah Al Fatiha

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it is something that

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has been used

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to remove

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It's recitation

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can drive away evil forces sickness can drive away possession.

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Jinn influence demonic attack etc. The Sahaba used it in this way. So, when we have people with issues, we recite Surah Al Fatiha over them on a regular basis after reciting we blow away

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after reciting or on them.

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So, it has value not only in our daily prayers, but also it has a value as an instrument for exorcism an instrument for protecting the family individuals from spiritual attack.

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However, the practice have some by writing it on paper and washing the paper and drinking it and you know people have gone overboard we should stick with what was done by the Sahaba and was approved by Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam recite it that is sufficient as the reciting it over water, giving it to others and charging them for it. You know, depending on who recited over it, you know, you know people have developed, you know, pharmacies, you know, for exorcism, where you can buy different bottles of water different scholars have recited over this is all nonsense. This is not from the deen this was not the practice of the Sahaba just recite the Quran. It works.

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Allah has called it she fought on the maphis to do

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a cure for what is in the hearts.

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So with that, your viewers I'd like to thank you for being with us in this episode of the best in Islam. With that, I bid you farewell. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato