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Should we start

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam olam and even mo Thorin. It will finally be my limp tena was in the email John lamina Divina send me I'm gonna call effective Jana Sena LogMeIn and located my nephew I will respond lever so to Carmen and what's up bananas are heavy later on Oh do we can we share we had the Leila was sharing

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Welcome to the first night of the month of Ramadan

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it has been established now that

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tomorrow will be inshallah locked out of the first day of Ramadan for us and for many Muslims around the globe.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is the first thing

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of this month for all of us, may Allah subhanho wa Taala

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give us the strength, the focus

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and the energy that we need to take full advantage of this month, May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us any of our shortcomings or our mistakes. And on this first night, we praise Allah subhanaw taala and we thank him for allowing us to even come to this particular moment is shot lockdown. So, before I take questions from the audience, I have one very important question

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to address insha Allah doll

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what is on this particular night and before tomorrow begins

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what is the one very important technical point that we need to be aware of that we need to fulfill before tomorrow?

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before Fajr

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for the fasting of the month of Ramadan, there is a condition known as to be too near

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it to beat a knee that would you be Eternia right? What does this mean? It means that you must

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determine and you must make you must have the intention. And you must make the decision too fast.

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The next day to fast tomorrow, before dawn.

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Right well meaning overnight, anytime it can be now. Right? Obviously we all as soon as we heard, will our intention is to fast. Tomorrow, tomorrow, Saturday, the second of April, the first day of Ramadan. Right? You basically have that intention set.

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And intention isn't is a mental process. It's a mental state. Right? So all you need to do is say to yourself, yeah, I am fasting tomorrow. Right? So as long as we have that intention, you have made that determination. Right? Then in sha Allah, Allah, your fast tomorrow is valid.

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Is it necessary to verbalize that statement? No.

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Is it? Is it necessary to verbalize that intention and to make a verbal statement that you're going to fast tomorrow? Out Loud? No. Not only is it not necessary, it's actually not the sooner you just have to have the intention that you're going to be fasting tomorrow. Right? Someone might say Isn't that obvious? It may not be obvious. Or it may not be the case for some people, for some people, maybe tomorrow, they're not yet convinced. Or they haven't come to the conclusion that tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan.

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Right? So there are some some people who let's say,

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go with the opinion that it must be cited locally, or in the in the region.

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So maybe they're still waiting for a confirmed or verified report for any sighting in North America. So for individuals who follow this particular school of film, or this particular opinion, they haven't made up their mind. So there may be people who are not fasting tomorrow, that possibility is there. Right? But if they find out anytime before Fajr that tomorrow is even according to their school of fact that tomorrow is indeed the first day of Ramadan, then they must make their intention and fast. What happens to someone who goes to sleep or someone who already want to sleep not knowing that tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan and they wake up tomorrow after failure after failure time

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comes in.

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That individual will have to fast tomorrow but they will have to make it up. All right. So the NEA has to be made. You have to come to a conclusion and you have to make a determination before failure before dawn before the day.

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begins, that you're going to be fasting that day, as part of the obligatory fast of the month of Ramadan is called to be 20. This is short. And this is, then there is a debate amongst scholars do you need to do this every single night? Or is your knee at the beginning of the month that you're going to pass the rest of the whole month

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enough. And some scholars said me as a mental state, if you wake up for school, that's, that's an indication right there that you have an intention to pass that day. So you don't really need to sit every day with yourself and take a few seconds and say to yourself, I'm fasting tomorrow, as long as that's your intention. And your general general intention for the rest of the point here is that, you know, you have to basically make that intention and you have to assert that to yourself internally. Again, it's a mental process. So that is the one essential one of the essential conditions for the fast of the days of the month of Ramadan to be to be valid or to be counted.

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Yeah, I mean, pretty much unless some scholars talked about interruption was what happens if there's an interruption you traveled? Or there was a few days where you underwent a procedure and you didn't fast? So they said, you have to renew your near.

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So, yeah, so So you make your you make your intention. And you know, you know, that tomorrow you're going to be when you while you're praying throw away that you're fasting the next day. So as long as it's basically present. So the idea with the point of the NEA is that you are their self awareness, you're aware of what you're doing. Right?

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You are aware as to what it is that you're doing, why you're doing it, and how you're doing it. So it's just about being mindful and mentally present. That's the whole idea. Is it fair if that happens, the brother who were asking question if you have that mental awareness, or mindfulness or presence that you are fasting, the day that you're fasting as part of your of the month of Ramadan, linear good Shang? Wallah Anana. Does anyone else have any question regarding the past of the month of Ramadan? Or

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a swollen shell MFI my host calcium?

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No problem.

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Maybe Thanks, Molly scale as far as

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money when

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people asked me a lot No.

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It is it is an important question. And it's an important question

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Okay, let's let's just put it this way. Like

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Intentional, right.

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Intentional * does break your fast if it happens during the the daytime while you're fasting? Intentional, unintentional meaning due to a *. Right? Unintentional doesn't break the fast, that's just a very short answer in terms of breaking the fast what necessitates listen is a different subject. Right. The The other question that that was kind of thrown in there is Do you do you have to be to be in a state of Tahara at the beginning of your fast for in order for that fast to be to be valid? In other words, right. Does a person have to make listen before failure? No.

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Making listen Tahara is not one of the conditions of for the start of the fast of your fast to be valid. Right. So what's what can be done after fajr comes in? Right? We're locked down.

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We have

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the case

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does affect your first bite.

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Okay, so if you have an appointment with your dentist while you're fasting, and

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in the procedure, you're not you're not swallowing anything. Right? You're not swallowing anything.

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You're getting, you know, you're getting some cleaning though cleaning is in my opinion mcru to get deep cleaning while you're fasting Makoto because the possibility of you actually swallowing something is there so you shouldn't you should. You should

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I'm reschedule.

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But if you have a necessary procedure where you need a tooth

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pulled out, then that doesn't break your, your, your fast, even if blood comes out, right, as long as you do not intentionally swallow anything, right, so that doesn't break, your fast

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will lock down.

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Even if there is an injection, an injection in the gum does not break your fast now, if that solution or that

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that medicine that was injected is swallowed, if any, even if a drop of it is intentionally swallowed, then that does break your fast. And that is why these kinds of procedures if they're not necessary, then it's better to reschedule them. But if someone has an emergency extraction that needs to take place, their tooth has to be extracted. Right? While fasting doesn't break their fast, as long as they do not intentionally swallow anything, any substance Yes.

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You traveled on a regular basis, okay, on a weekly on a weekly basis.

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If you are traveling, a travel that actually allows you to shorten or combine your pair prayers, then that kind of travel actually also gives you an exemption to break your fast. But if that travel is frequent, right, let's say you travel to twice a week, right? Then it's it's, it's anyways, I mean, breaking your fast while traveling is optional. Right? So if you if you want to take that concession, then then Alhamdulillah it's actually it's actually something good. You can you can break your fast and make up these days later. If you feel like you know, no, I'm going to be traveling for let's say, a total of 14 days, or a total of 12 days in the month of Ramadan. And if I

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break my fast, that's going to be way too many days to make up, you know, I'd rather not do that, then that's still that you have that option. So, so breaking your fast is not is not an obligation, it's a concession that is given to you. Right? If you need to break your fast especially, you know, traveling no matter how convenient, it is, right, there is some hardship, you know, there is a chance of dehydration there is you know, there are all kinds of things. So, so you can break your fast

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Yes, yes. Can you Okay, while you're traveling, can you choose to take advantage of one particular concession and not the other? In other words, can I break my fast while traveling but not combine my prayers? Yes. Can you shorten your prayers but not combine them? Yes. Can you combine your prayers but not shorten them? Yes. Can you combine and shorten your prayers but not break your fast? Yes. Can he do all? Yes.

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Right now the only thing is with Salah you don't have to make up anything, right? With fasting any day that you actually break or any day where you don't fast from the month of Ramadan because of travel, you will have to make up that day at a later time. Now

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hold them.

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Again for those who just came what we're doing is we're doing quick q&a, to answer some you no questions, essential questions regarding fasting before we begin Inshallah, tomorrow night. And obviously, you all are aware of the fact that at hamdulillah there were multiple,

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multiple reports of Moon sighting through in the Muslim world and hamdulillah and based on according to our policy, we go, you know, you know, we we consider global sightings of the moon is cited anywhere to our, to the in the east, right? Or even in the West within

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within a reasonable amount of distance. We actually begin fasting with that, based on that on that sighting. And then Hamdulillah, the crescent of the month of Ramadan was seen in multiple places, as I said in the Muslim world and hamdulillah and we made that declaration so that the assembly of Muslim jurists in North America

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so based on that tonight is

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The first night of Ramadan Taco Bell Allah Homina Milcom fucken Hola. Hola yummy Sana and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make this a blessing month for all of us. And tomorrow will be indeed the first day of Ramadan Isha Allahu taala. So having said that before we begin our fast and before

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we began praying a chat and taraweeh we wanted to dedicate some time to answer any

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any questions that you may have regarding fasting or the month of Ramadan.

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Hola Hola. Hola. Now,

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Do we have dentists here?

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That's okay.

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Like with regards to law, you know, it's answering some of these questions is is really burdensome, it's, it's a huge responsibility.

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using toothpaste,

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is something that you need to be very careful with once you begin your fast.

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Because if you swallow any of it, you can't say it was accidental, if you because you intentionally put the toothpaste in your mouth. If you smart, if you swallow any amount of it, it will break your fast.

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And he will have to make up that day.

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So, and it's a contemporary issue, right, using slack, there is nothing wrong with using slack. Right, with the exception of the Shafi school of fish after a while, or in the later part of the day.

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The chef who is consider using Sulak to be disliked or discouraged, right. But other than that,

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if you use toothpaste, or anything, any substance, you put it in your mouth, you swallow any amount of it, it will break your fast. So you have to be very careful. If you if you need to do something, you need to make sure that

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that there are no traces left and that you spit all of it. Right. So contemporary scholars are of the opinion that it doesn't break your fast unless you swallow it.

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So since there is a risk of his wallowing it, I what I tell people is don't do it unless you really need to. Right. And you're better off using that 15 That 10 to 15 minute buffer right? before Fajr

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that's a time where where we need to take care of these things. Make wudu freshen up, brush your teeth, floss, do all of that, you know, right at that time, Insha Allah Allah

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and Allah knows best.

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Now, one advantage that we have now in the COVID era is that we wear masks. So that might be also

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a reasonable solution.

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Allahu taala.

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swallowing your own saliva does not break your fast.

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You have to what are you going to do?

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Should not Yeah, no, it doesn't break your fast. That's a very good question.

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Any other questions regarding

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Who does that say?

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That I will have to review.

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The question is injecting injections of

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injection of supplements.

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That have nutritional

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Now, we're not talking about vaccine. There's almost consensus amongst the scholars that taking a vaccine shot does not invalidate your fast. I'm talking about contemporary scholars. Right. But what he's asking about is taking vitamin shots or

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or supplements or Energy Shots. Was that

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So I would I would refrain from answering that question.

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any other any any other question? Non medical question

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Yeah, why not? You know, I'm gonna tell you my opinion.

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What I tell people if you need, and I'm myself, I'm a I'm an asthma patient.

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If you get to a point where you need to take something you need to ingest or inhale or inject something, right?

00:20:28 --> 00:20:30

Including, what was it that you asked about

00:20:32 --> 00:20:36

insulin shots, then you are, you have a medical condition.

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Right? You have you have, you have a medical condition that allows you to actually break your fast. So if you get to a point where you need to take something, you need to take medication or you need to, you know, then take the concession, break your fast, take whatever you need to take, right to sustain yourself, and then you make up that day later. Right. Now, with regards to

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diabetic people who are diabetic, right.

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And I have family members who are diabetic. And I know that sometimes people find it so hard, not to fast, they want to fast, please consult with your healthcare provider. Consult with your

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doctor and make sure that fast, you know, fasting for you is okay. before you attempt to do so, right. Allah subhanaw taala says you read Allahu be commonly use Surah whether you read or become a nurse, Allah does not intend to cause you hardship, but rather to ease things for you. This idea that somehow suffering

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is intended in and of itself is wrong. suffering and hardship is not intended, there is some hardship or some struggle that comes with, you know, fasting or any bad, but it is not intended in and of itself. So this idea that I need to cause myself to suffer or I need to feel pain and I need to in order for me to get the reward, thus, you know, then you've got it wrong. Right? Again, the idea is, if you if there is a risk, if there is a considerable amount of risk with with any act of worship, you know, that could actually cause harm to you or to your health. Right, then at hamdulillah Magi, Allah who I didn't come to determine how Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, gave us gave us concession and Allah azza wa jal specifically said in the verses that speak about fasting

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for men, ketamine, Kumari, one, suffer, and it was repeated twice. Right? Could you violate Muslim equity Valentina publikum, and ALLAH SubhanA, Allah in that first verse, talked about those who are who are sick, right? That they have a concession. Right. And in the second verse, also Allah subhana, Allah says from Academy you're gonna either suffer, whoever is ill or sick, whether it's a acute or whether it's a chronic condition, whatever it is, that Allah subhanaw taala has extended this concession and keep in mind that the Prophet wa salam said, and we will conclude with this and sha Allah, so that we can call the event the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in Allah to

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Allah, you Hibou and to Tao Rojas, su Gama, one to ta amo,

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ALLAH SubhanA, to Allah loves for his servant to take advantage of the concessions that that he gives as much as he loves for you to take His commandments seriously. So when Allah subhanaw taala says, do something within your capacity, Allah subhanaw taala expects us or wants us to do it, and to do our best and to fulfill it. Likewise, when Allah subhanaw taala gives us an exemption or a concession and Allah subhanaw taala says, right, you are not obligated to do this, you are permitted to do that, for you to take advantage of it. That is absolutely not only permissible, but it's actually

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it's actually commended is something to be to be really celebrated. Right? Because you're taking advantage of the concession and the Rama.

00:24:24 --> 00:24:30

That a loss of habitat extends to us. We'll look to Adam and for that we praise Allah subhana wa Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala again, allow you and I to have

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the best Ramadan of our lives and shall McDonough May Allah Subhana Allah keep us all safe and strong throughout the whole month. Allahumma salmonellae Ramadan was salam Ramadan, Elena will fifth Nephi Hinomoto hippo Targa Allahu manana local Jana, when are all the weekend in enough Allahumma Jana Mira taka he has shattered Kareem

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Allahumma dynamin Otakar he had a shed cream while feeling that feeling metal hip waterboy Rahmani r Rahim Subhanak Allahumma Hamdi Nash had to Allah in in the end Mr. Funeral Khurana to Lake shallow will call the then pray the Sunnah and then have a shot and shot lockdown

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Masha Allah,

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masha Allah

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Allah Allah, the Quran Allah then can that

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