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those law need how

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many Mina most need me hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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we perform Hajj once in a lifetime. We do the cat once a year. We fast and Ramadan once a year. But our daily Eman booster is the salad

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and many of us complain that we do not feel much in the salad. And I gave so many talks for the past six seven years about the salad today in sha Allah Tala a recommendation from our beloved chakra not to lie on a shadow they mean he gave this recommendation in order to achieve or to increase the possibility of sure in the solid.

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What is that? It is a 10 We're

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alternate alternating and changing things in the salaat as long as they are authentic. Okay, let's go one by one from the beginning. Allahu Akbar i cannot change I cannot say hamdulillah Subhan Allah Allah Allah, Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, right? But after Allahu Akbar is the list of that

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95% of us Allah Allahu Akbar, Subhana Allah, Mohammed, what about a customer with halogen? Right? Which is nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, the Hadith said, this is the most beloved dua to Allah. But do you know that there are five or six authentic is stiff that

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authentic 100% So the more I change with something authentic, the more I get my brain involved. Now I'm concentrating more on the salaat that's number one. And second, I am reviving the Sunnah.

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For example, today, I'm gonna say Subhana Calama behenic in the visual salon, I'm gonna say Hola. Hola de bien. You have enough data you can edit them in then Michelle and modem. I'm not going to mention all these in the fortress of the Muslim or inside Muslim. You have to look at this inside Muslim this. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Okay. VIERA Well, Hamdulillah he cathedra was Subhan Allah hypocretin wa sila. This is diets that were genuine, he had a Lady Fatima Sana Awatea. And the more I get my brain involved, the more I am closer to for sure, otherwise it will become mechanical Allah who has plentiful over hundreds of articles.

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So this is the first one this is the second most of us again when we finished the 30 because we cannot change the 30 but we can change the SUTA after the fattier most of us after the finished call who Allah had nothing Nikhil Kota or maybe you call out the verbal falak any acid which is again these are the words of ALLAH there's nothing wrong with them. Absolutely. But when becomes mechanical without thinking, there's no feeling I sometimes ask yourself this question when you finished the salah. What did I decide in the first Allah He I'm telling you, you're going to notice that you do not remember and you just finished this a lot. So but if I tell myself Oh, no, no, you

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know what I usually recite an acid and

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today I'm gonna recite the Kathy rune. And they'll Korea for example, I'm going to recite so that you know by heart, of course I'm not, you know, Okay, second, third, Allahu Akbar and I go down to ruku Subhan. Allah the no change, right? I can add to it. This is, by the way, and these things are not from me. There are from Rasulillah Salam, Cebu, Han could do some rubble, mela kathua Rua. Aditya, he added, you're praising Allah azza wa jal. You get a semi Allah halimun Hamidah

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What do I say after saying Allah Allah Mohammed or bene? Local hand? Right? Okay, but then Allah can hunt. Next raka I'm gonna say you're a beginner. Well, I can hunt authentic. The third raka Allah humara bene Allah Cal hum the fourth raka Allah humara bene, well I can hand I changed over a banana can hunting for rock as and I kept my mind thinking all the time. Allah can try it and see the difference in your salad. I went down now we finished we going down to Suzhou similarly Subhana Allah three times and after that, you can say Cebu and prodution Subhana. Allah humara bene webI handig Allahumma fiddley Muslim and Bukhari. A social Salam in his sujood Subhana Allah humara bene

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will be 100 Allah homophily Allah homophily them because the CO who was Allah Allah, Allah Allah Yetta was good go to that car, but these things are 100% authentic. I get up from the sujood between the two sides. This is one of the most and the fastest positions in the salon.

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people rush. Hola.

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Rob bitterly trouble Philly, the next trucker a bit fiddly what honey? What zucchini? Why Feeny was Bernie were funny. All of them are authentic from Rasulullah Cicilline and this is I gave you a step in every I gave you an alternative in every step of the Salah, even in the Salam.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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So get please Jaquan This is our salad. This is the first thing we will be questioned about. Just takes a little bit of time to learn and memorize few things and Allah you will feel a difference in your Salat. May Allah make us from the people who in their Salah has shown May Allah subhana wa Taala make us from the people who every time they listen they apply or sun Allah and Muhammad Ali of Siberia, marine, Subhana, Colombo, masha Allah Allah he learned the stuff you recover