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And welcome Sunday, the ninth to September 11 2018. Thanks for the patience, guys. I'm back up. And here we are with a summary of two days and we'll start now.

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Good morning. Good morning again, friends, it is Sunday morning. It is the final day of 30 J Jers. Routine recordings for this weekend. Tomorrow starts a full week. So I'm hoping that if you're watching this, you can get a chance to jump on your weekly schedule. What do you want to get done this week? Or what will be success for this week? Most of us don't have an answer. And as a result, not being able to answer that question results in well, I don't know what success is I just keep asking for it. Let's get that Sunday.

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So great. So wonderful to start the day out physical, get your cells well oxygenated. Like you're not going to wake up and do meditation and breathing. That takes a little while to get into habit. But just get up and move. Half of the tiredness is your cells not being oxygenated your body being giving you a feeling like Yo let's get up and go if we're just sitting around, then let's go to sleep. So get up and go it will help you. And here we are Sunday on our break. If you haven't seen that Tesla x the P 100. D, right, they're super hot. If you haven't seen Belaz video on what to do to hit the brakes, you have to make sure you don't just stop your body's going to look for a way out

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like I did yesterday your body is going to look for for long breaks food that will slow it down maybe I should take a nap maybe I should just hang out. So I wanted to take the moment here I got outside went walked around the complex took a long time to take in a lot of sunlight and that for me has been one of the great game changers. Some people run and work out those are great for me getting in the sunlight getting outside will change the way I change the way whether I feel tired or not. But you were asking me about the straw exercise which is hilarious because I've been doing the straw exercise for like

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15 hours. The benefit of the straw exercise is we all tend to breathe. If I told you to take a deep breath you would do

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maybe scratch your nose or take a deep breath in through your mouth you'll go maybe when you put a straw inside or a big tube

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you make the effort to pull the air into your throat so that's a big thing about it and then once you hit that

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then notice how you can gain access to the diaphragm the stomach and below and then go ah e oh a

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are you going to your first day of school

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how do you feel you're ready to go Are you all set?

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Or who's learning Amina shape or numerology as salaam alaikum Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate in all that you're doing Yes, underneath the canopy. We will be coming here quite often that would first day of nature school. So we will be coming here quite frequently. And for that we amazing May your paradise may that'd be one of the fruits of your paradise friends. It is the morning after recording. Oh my God, there's so much more Allah workbook available Avira. Hola, hola, Maruka Viera, may your good may you do good deeds like this. Essentially, we are one good deed multiplies and multiplies and multiplies. Friends, it is going to be a fantastic day we're going to

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get some stretching. I want to start our Fidra RX component. And it is today. So let's get it up. And I am now headed to pick up a boo if those of you who remember can recall that we were on.

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Miss Mila abou was on respite care. I was reluctant to show up on our team. He was on respite care for

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four or five days, I'm going to pick him up and then help in the transition home. So I figured I would let you all know about I figure this is what we're supposed to do together get through uncomfortable things. So a lot of you might not know what the inside of a lawn care facility would be. This is Parkwood where dad was for two years during post heart surgery. So that's another wing through the window. On the other side is the wing where it's long term care for people. I like rehabilitation, but here it is. That's that was a bedroom. And now you have this beautiful, this long hallway a lot of the patients walk up and down and I'll take you down

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towards the common area, but a boy and I have sat here many times and read Quran and just hung out, listen to his old watch some of his old movies and now I'm gonna go pick him up and then we're gonna get transferred over to the house

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you can have done an amazing job mashallah really, really wonderful. Have the first step in sha Allah to our next step in the journey and I know that was started we've been waiting for the announcement of your course to come that's going to help each other take these kinds of classes to the next level. So we're excited in October November to be able to Inshallah, potentially switch Dina over to that program as well. And I wanted to if you have any words that we would love to hear Sure, and before I say anything, Omar, could you start Omar Could you please repeat? What you both were able to complete?

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Yeah, we started off with just a hammer and then we move to just a barrack and we did that in completion. And then from page one of Surah Baqarah we went all the way through now and finished hamdulillah it so I keep saying we've been studying and mashallah, so she mashallah was able to accomplish all of that in just a few months of Hamdulillah. So it's been a crazy journey. Do you know how long has it been?

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I feel like it hasn't been that long, but

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I don't know how I don't know how.

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And that's a wrap friends. Take that piece that's around you and within you share it with those whom you meet and I'll see you in tomorrow's episode, which will be last week's Wednesday or onic transformation